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  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  18 hours ago

    Necro Night tomorrow (1/26) will start at 8 PM PST (so 3 hours later than usual).

  • FlowerGolem
    FlowerGolem  2 days ago

    Nature's Night starts in less than a hour now. Meet us at the Grove, in Grauer Süden. Send a tell to Lola Brown if you have difficulty to find the place.

  • FlowerGolem
    FlowerGolem  2 days ago

    I will prepare something for Nature's Night today (in 3 hour and a half from now). Kat will continue her plot next Sunday. smile

  • Squidget
    Squidget  2 days ago

    Hey Lily! I've restarted the server, which might help. If you DM me on Discord too I can set up a manual download for you!

  • Kat
    Kat  2 days ago

    I am an idiot. I was going to run Natures Night Sun afternoon but i realise i can't. It's my son's birthday and family tradition is birthday breakfast in bed which totally clashes with the start of natures night. I have let Flower Golem know and fingers crossed she might have something for you. I will do next week!

  • dontyouknow
    dontyouknow  2 days ago

    And welcome!

  • warspingle
    warspingle  2 days ago

    Bummer! Come join the discord, people here might have the answer you're looking for:


  • LilyDew
    LilyDew  2 days ago

    Hi, I'm trying to join this server but I've been trying to download the bits and pieces for a few hours but it keeps disconnecting me, other servers haven't done this. Is there something I need to manually download? Thanks. :3

  • archgrendel
    archgrendel  4 days ago

    No dwarf night tonight! Still getting a handle on my scheduling.

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  6 days ago

    No Necro Night tonight! We may end up needing to adjust the start time back a few hours to reflect our new jobs/time zones in future weeks, so stay tuned!

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