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  • Payne
    Payne  11 hours ago

    It's Giles!

  • Giles
    Giles  12 hours ago

    Sometimes I wish I could go back and experience Thain the way I did as a teenager, but with the maturity I have now. The people and experiences I had here permanently shaped who I am today and still think about it and all of you and those who are no longer here all the time.

  • dontyouknow
    dontyouknow  2 weeks ago

    Heck yes, you did good.

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  3 weeks ago

    Thain has brought me a lot of joy over the years. Thanks for founding something so great, Handover.

  • Izral
    Izral  3 weeks ago

    Hello HOP, if only you could see it now. You gave us the foundation to create something truly spectacular. I wish you could see how much the lore you left us with has grown, and how much the mod has taken life. 20 years some years later, there are many of us who are truly passionate about it.

  • Handover
    Handover  3 weeks ago

    Good lord, still going. I think I might have done good.

  • EcoTec
    EcoTec  4 weeks ago

    Be back in 2 mins Ghostfish

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  1 month ago


  • EcoTec
    EcoTec  1 month ago

    Cheers mate

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  1 month ago


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Module Update/Patch Notes Thread

LAN_402 LAN_403
10:40:25 am GMT 06/07/22
Forgiver Registered Member #25529 Joined: 3:52:11 pm GMT 10/09/20
Posts: 128
Mini update with some bugfixes!

Fixed TFS Bounties not correctly resetting after 8 hours
Fixed TFS Allegiance not setting when you declare faction allegiance.
Fixed Faction auras/shouts not having appropriate uses per day.
Fixed Political Student feat missing an icon.
Fixed a sad scholar boy in Bevolkere not reappearing correctly after a fire.
Fixed a wardrobe in Bevolkere sometimes not correctly affecting the entire party.
Fixed a path out of a lonely hall in Bevolkere taking you to the wrong place.
Fixed a broken heart in Bevolkere not mending itself correctly when the players are finished with it.
Fixed shadow fiend not summoning correctly from the Condemnation helm (thanks Wages of Sin!)
Added chat commands for mobile users to move around in climbing/swimming areas:
(These mirror the buttons you get in the UI when swimming or climbing.)

New/updated TFS chat commands:
/tfshelp - Summons a book that gives details on the TFS system.
/factionpoints - Shows your current points with each faction.
/homeland - teleports you to your home city after acquiring 25 faction points.
/factionarmor - Creates a customized faction armor if you are at 150 faction points or above (1 per character)
/factionchest - Updates the chest armor of your clothes to show your faction symbol if you are at 75 points or above. Only works for base armor 0 clothes.
/factionshield - Updates the appearance of your large or tower shield to show a symbol of your faction. Only works for Faction Knights of level 3+.
/factioncloak - Updates the appearance of your cloak to show a symbol of your faction. Only works for Faction Magisters of level 3+.

Some other things that were fixed that got left off:

  • Fixed Faction Knights not being able to wear Knight class equipment
  • Fixed Faction Magisters not being able to wear Magister class equipment
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8:01:57 am GMT 08/09/22
Squidget !
Registered Member #20 Joined: 8:30:40 am GMT 02/25/04
Posts: 7059

New Intro

[ image disabled ]

We’ve wanted for a long time to improve on our starting experience, so we’ve rebuilt the Thain intro. The broken entrance from the schooner hold into Websters didn’t excite new players or give them much of a chance to learn about the island or how its lore has evolved. This is our first step of updating the new player experience, which will continue over the coming months.

New characters will now load into an OOC lobby, where they can buy starting gear and read about Thain. After entering the IC areas, a new intro has been created where characters will get a glimpse of the new main quest currently in the works.

In addition, new characters will be able to choose from a selection of boons on character creation. These boons will give you a selection of bonuses (or penalties) on character creation, which can help define a starting character and give them a boost through the early levels. If you have logged in on an existing character over level 10 after the update, you will unlock a few additional starting boons, including the ability to start a character at up to level 10.

Titan Stars

[ image disabled ]

When starting a character, you will now be able to use a titan star. These stars represent the titans, ancient and legendary creatures who fell from above to help shape the surface of Thain. The titan star associated to your character will give minor buffs when touching a bindstone. Your choice of titan star may also be important in the (in-development) main quest.

New characters will be able to choose a titan star during the intro cutscene. Existing characters can select one through the conversation that appears when touching a bindstone or home point.

Updated Areas

[ image disabled ]

In our ongoing war with the Rural Golf Course Tileset of old, the following areas have been rebuilt with new visuals:

  • The South Coast
  • Mara’s Point
  • Moribund Bog
  • The Longroad West
  • Drakamyre Gorge/Canyon (now a single area)
  • Drakamyre Rise
  • The Iron City gates
  • Crater Lake
  • Crater Lake: Overlook (now Wyrmfall Lake)
  • The South Coast: Tidal Caverns (now the Auzoa Caverns)

Updated Sea Monsters

[ image disabled ]

The sea monster, Ssusyrissus, who dwells beneath the south coast has spawned children, and his caverns have been reworked with a new boss fight. Travelers in the south coast speak of great beasts within the water, serpentine monsters capable of encircling and devouring whole ships. Will adventurers answer to the call?


  • Adds various quest bugfixes in Bevolkere, and new music tracks for less repetition.
  • Fixes hook horror shifter shape not having a creature weapon (thanks Antimatter!)
  • Fixes Faction Magister classes not counting towards additional caster level (thanks all who reported this)
  • Fixes bug infestation quest in the Flying Mug not being completable
  • Fixes Steinkreis Sigil of Imprisonment not having a radial.
  • Fixes Dismissal/Banishment dispelling Beastmaster pets.
  • Fixes Bladethirst not working on Falchions
  • Fixes Yuan-ti priestess still having a riftstone, and requiring one for the yuan-ti portal system.
  • Fixes Muris quest still demanding a riftstone from the player.

Coming Soon:

  • The first steps of the updated main quest
  • Reworked low-level dungeons and gameplay
  • TFS Housing system
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9:44:10 pm GMT 11/13/22
Squidget !
Registered Member #20 Joined: 8:30:40 am GMT 02/25/04
Posts: 7059

[ image disabled ]

Thain Player HUD, Accessories, Updated Content, and More.
Patch 7.27 brings new life to Thain in a wide variety of directions. It is the most expansive and broad time investment we've ever put into Thain in a single patch, and it's part of an ongoing effort to create a new, modern, and more approachable server for new and old players alike.

[ image disabled ]

Thain Roleplay HUD

[ image disabled ]
See video here: -Clickedy-
The player HUD is accessed through a small icon that can be found next to the player portrait. It offers a player easy access to a wide variety of previously chat-commend driven tools. This version of the HUD incorporates
Dice Rolls,
Player Character Customization,
Player Accessories.

Player Head and Accessory System

[ image disabled ]

The Player accessory system is managed through two separate HUD windows. The first is character customization, in which the player can customize standard NWN options like Hair, Skin Tone, and Eye and Tattoo color, as well as Cloak and Armor dying.

It also has a window pane for Custom Heads- containing a huge variety of custom head and hair combinations for every gender and race in Thain. The customization does not stop here, however: Some heads have alternate stubble or cosmetic (makeup) options, and heads have access to personalized accessories including: Head-showing Helm models, Hats, Beards, Mustaches, Earrings, Necklaces, Weapons (Sheathed), Scars, and Wounds. There are also often racially specific personalized accessories, like Dwarven Beards and Orcish Tusks! Additionally, every head for every race now has access to hood models that map directly over it.

Hundreds of the new custom models were made specifically for our server by our own Forgiver and outside artist Stitch. These will work with any character, but are recommended for use with Beamdog’s HD pack (with community fixes) which can be found here. If the ugly heads dissuaded you from your first try at the HD pack, consider giving it another try. -Clickedy-

In the second HUD window, the player has access to four broad accessory slots. The accessories available here are even more expansive than the personalized accessories: A variety of backpacks, potion belts, pipes, masks, quills and flowers behind the ear, brooches, scarves, shawls, circlets, carried bottles, and much more.

These assets represent a huge volume of time by our community builder Forgiver, and by our out-of-community partner Stitch - many were custom created specially for Thain, and all were managed into NWN over an intensive process by our build team. Through them, and through this HUD, character customization is put foremost - and your character is made individual and unique, to your vision.


[ image disabled ]

Thain now has a over a hundred emblems (achievements) to unlock - a few are account-wide, most are character specific. These are awarded for exploration, player / community participation, personal accomplishments, and more. Unlocking many of these emblems also unlocks more of the cosmetic options found within the accessories HUD! These can be found within the stats page of the HUD. Explore, collect, and grow!

Updated Areas

[ image disabled ]

This patch features updates to a large number of areas both in the start area and around the server. The early game experience on Thain has been left behind by a lot of the build quality now available to us, and is part of a renewed focus in build effort. Over the next few months, we will complete the update of the new "Starter Quest" beginning at Arham's Cures and exploring the areas near the Crossroads in a new narrative light. To this effect, this patch many areas have been updated, and expanded:
-The Goblins beneath the Crossroads have finally made a bitter mistake with their black powders, exploding and flooding much of the Goblin Caves. The Blacktooth Goblin clan that has arisen to dominance in this place provides an utterly new and unique approach to both leveling and exploration in this area.
-There is a new nest of Fire Beetles below the Long Road Northward, and a Bloodguard Chaplain not far from there interested in what you will find.
-The oozes near the Badger Glades have had their caves visually updated
-The Lady's Tomb has grown and evolved from what it once was. As one of our older dungeons, it was overdue for both a visual and a narrative overhaul. Its story has been turned forward from the repeated completion of Jerrit's Quests by players - his memory has been restored, and now he has a new quest to set you upon within the Updated Tombs!

Skills: Heal and Herbalism

[ image disabled ]
The Heal skill has been a mess for a while. It was taken by most characters, but its use case has shifted over the years. Some wanted it for tanking damage, some for healing others, some for the easily available selection of herbs that it granted in the /craft menu.

To resolve some of these problems, we’ve made the Herbalism skill.

Ability: Intelligence
Requires Training: No.
Classes: Alchemist, Beastmaster, Cleric, Druid, Favored Soul, Magister, Ranger.

The character has spent time learning to gather the local herbs and plants. She has knowledge of herbs, and a keen understanding of how to find and apply them.

Increases your chance of harvesting the local herbs of Thain. An Herbalism check is rolled when harvesting an herb in the environment. Herbs can be found throughout the island with a variety of effects.

For a common herb, the check is made against a DC 12.
For an uncommon herb, the check is made against a DC 22.
For a rare herb, the check is made against a DC 32.

Instead of purchasing herbs in the /craft menu, the new Herbalism skill now allows you to gather herbs that you will find throughout the island. Herbs grow all across the island, and a huge variety (over 30) new herbs have been introduced, some common and some rare. These can be sold, traded, or consumed, allowing herbalists to parley their valuable knowledge.

Since we now have herbalism, we have removed the healing herbs from the /craft menu. Instead, the Heal skill now grants an additional point healed for every three ranks when healing others with magic. In addition, the missing item property bonus from healing kits has been fixed, making them more valuable.

If a character of yours wishes to move points from Heal to Herbalism as a result of this, this can be done by a DM while logged in.

Race Balance Changes:

-Added: Intelligence +2 to Half-elves
-Removed: Intelligence -2 to Half-orcs

Two of the least played races on Thain are also two of the statistically least-played races in NWN. Much of this play rate is down to poor available mechanical options for these races, due to the somewhat unique mechanical limitations on them. We decided to alleviate this problem on Thain in the form of both of their approach to skill points - which often limit a character's Role Play options by negatively impacting their pools. For half-orcs, being doubley punished for their bonus stat felt unfair, and for half-elves there was no comparison either physically or in RP between a Half-elf and a Human with "Half Elf in the Subrace field" earning + 1 Skill per level and +1 Feat at 1. These changes should make them more attractive as character premises.

Other Changes

-Healing changes scale with level. The heal-over-time change made earlier this year was especially punishing to low-level characters. To remedy this, the healing now scales with level - characters get 75% of their healing instantly at level 1, scaling linearly down to the existing 25% at 20+.

-Reduced Skill Checks - Lowered multiple high skill checks in certain high level / endgame quests as part of a continued effort to make this content more accessible to all characters.

-More Reasonable Sphinxes - Simplified the sphinx puzzle in the Wastes (now can use an instrument of any upgrade level, no longer requires a riftstone)

Bug Fixes

-Fixed a bug where Tergan Redcloak was not spawning in Hammersong after a server restart.
-Patient boon now warns that it is incompatible with other leveling boons.
-Fixed creatures chain-spawning in the Feywood caves
-Probably many other fixes Kira made and immediately forgot
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2:16:19 am GMT 11/20/22
Squidget !
Registered Member #20 Joined: 8:30:40 am GMT 02/25/04
Posts: 7059

[ image disabled ]

Bugfix + Soundtrack Updates

Some quick fixes and new items added for this week.

  • Adds 30+ new songs to the OST, primarily in exterior areas and settlements. Greatly reduced the presence of generic NWN music in cities, roads, and common areas.

  • Fixes some bugs around the Lady's Tomb quest.

  • Fixes an issue where the blacktooth shaman could mass-spawn minions.

  • Adds some missing textures that caused many accessory earrings to appear white.

  • Fixes accessory unlocks not correctly re-loading after a restart.

  • Fixed an issue that caused 10+ seconds of lag when a character logged in for the first time post-reset.

Known Issues:

  • The new HUD still does not work at certain resolutions and UI scales. This has improved somewhat this week, but is still an ongoing issue and should be fixed soon.
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