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  • Jandari
    Jandari  10 hours ago

    Nexus did it!!!!!!

  • Naerwen
    Naerwen  3 days ago

    Ahhh. That's what I did. I didn't know how to transfer characters over so I just created Naerwen again. OOps! Thanks, David!

  • DavidtheGreat
    DavidtheGreat  3 days ago

    Hey! Give them some time, old characters can be brought over from pre EE most of the time! What is actually linked database wise is names, so if you made a new character with the same name, you will not be able to complete any old quests you did!

  • Naerwen
    Naerwen  3 days ago

    I would love to play, but my characters are messed up and can't take any quests. Are the databases from the old game and EE linked?

  • Wraitheus
    Wraitheus  6 days ago

    People do not game here ~~These are not the gamers you are looking for~~

  • Blue_
    Blue_  1 week ago

    hello gamers

  • DavidtheGreat
    DavidtheGreat  1 week ago

    It has wrapped up I'm afraid! Though Felicity has a comission box still open at her stand she will check later!

  • Dogbert
    Dogbert  1 week ago

    I forgot to ask when I got on my computer about an hour and a half ago, but is the craft fair still on?

  • Crayzee4dnd
    Crayzee4dnd  1 week ago

    Hellshire craft fair in about 2 hours!! Come and enjoy the festivities!

  • saadow
    saadow  2 weeks ago

    Hey guys, we don't have a traditional outing for nature night planned, we're looking to gather and talk about what was found and experienced with ashwood and see what we want to do about it. It'll be 4 pm EST (two hours from this posting)

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Module Update Now Running VI

LAN_402 LAN_403
6:24:13 pm GMT 12/09/20
Squidget Registered Member #20 Joined: 8:30:40 am GMT 02/25/04
Posts: 6886

  • Wizard hats added as a cloak model.
  • Bane crows have been driven away from the Crossroads West Trail thanks to the efforts of the Wild Grove, though adventurers may still find the crows deeper in the wilds. In their absence, other wildlife has begun to frequent the trail, now that the murderous crows are gone.
  • The amulet Seryn's heart has been changed to 2/day death ward instead of permanent death magic immunity, as we felt it was too easy to avoid certain areas by simply wearing the amulet and rushing through.
  • Over 130 items have been upgraded throughout the module, across 30+ merchants. The purpose of these upgrades is not to make a whole plethora of new best-in-slot items, but rather to help fill the gap between early game items and late game items. I had noticed a trend where there were many +1/+2 items for the early game, and many +5 equivalent items in late game, but very few items in between. This overhaul is meant to help address that, and hopefully allow mid-level characters to feel less rushed to be able to farm +5 chests looking for the best items for their class, as they will have some useful equipment throughout the character's level progression, instead of the majority of it coming at the very end.
  • In addition, 26 new items, designed with the above criteria in mind, have been added to the module in various merchants.
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7:24:49 pm GMT 12/25/20
Squidget Registered Member #20 Joined: 8:30:40 am GMT 02/25/04
Posts: 6886

  • A chill winter has blown in from the north, blanketing much of the central island in snow! Even the terrain seems to have changed.
    This is a preview of Miggen's rebuilt Thain world, and should give an idea of what our server might look like using the new tilesets Beamdog has added. We hope you enjoy it, and feel free to send any feedback our way!

  • Snowball fights have returned to the Crossroads!
  • Those who log in on the 25th or 26th will receive a holiday gift!
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6:24:04 am GMT 01/30/21
Squidget Registered Member #20 Joined: 8:30:40 am GMT 02/25/04
Posts: 6886

  • Adds new abyssal bounties at level 4! A new Abyss area can be reached by sacrificing a riftstone to the southern abyssal gate. Thanks to -Forgiver- for his work on bringing these to life!
  • Corrects (hopefully) an issue where the weapon feats for custom weapons were all swapped around, resulting in them not working correctly.
  • Adds some dimmer light gems.
  • Adds some new areas, carefully hidden away!

Portal Updates:

*Portal stones and transportation packs have been reworked. Portal stones are now compasses, and portal packs are now mapmaking kits.

Context: While there are many of the uses of portal stones and portal packs (for example, setting up a player events or quickly leaving a dungeon after a long session), we've found a lot of story problems result from giving every character instant access to portal magic. Characters often operate under the assumption that they can create portals to/from anywhere, instantly escape from danger, or simply ignore the long distances and relative locations on Thain.

We want to keep most of the convenience uses of these items, while encouraging a slightly lower-magic environment where portal magic is substantially more rare and costly. We also specifically wanted to make Schadelstein less of an option for free fast travel for non-Shadowdancers. It's a scary, dangerous, and often hostile place, and travel to there should be a little more difficult.
Portal Stones: Renamed as compasses. For example, "Crossroads Compass." These will be swapped out in inventory automatically.
*These items function essentially the same as portal stones, but without a lightning VFX. Your screen will fade to black, and you and your nearby party members will return to where the compass points. ICly these are "fast travel", skipping the travel home.
*The description will describe these are as a "fade to black" option for scenes, allowing players to conveniently assume the travel time of leaving a dungeon or faraway plays. Players can still RP them in other ways if they wish.
*Use of portal stones as an IC escape during dangerous scenes is discouraged unless all players involved have agreed.

Schadelstein Portal Stone: Removed, bone coins refunded.

Portal Packs: Renamed as Mapmaking Kits.
*Cost reduced to 500GP.
*No longer has a chance to give a free gold item.
*Using them creates one each of a Blue and Gold map pin placeable. These placeables allow players to create area transitions between two points, as portal stones do now. Move On/Move Back placeables created this way do not have a portal VFX.
*The item description will detail these as an OOC device for creating events and setups, rather than an IC means of magical transportation. Travel time between the zones can be assumed as players wish.
*Use of these items as instantaneous transportation (like magical portals) should be agreed on with the players involved in the scene. Use of these kits as an IC escape from danger is discouraged unless all players have agreed.
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3:48:09 am GMT 06/08/21
Cuchuwyn Registered Member #24041 Joined: 4:19:01 am GMT 01/24/17
Posts: 1586
Less and update and more a PSA: In the last patch, Beamdog removed item AB/EB from adding to ranged touch attacks. This primarily will affect warlocks, so if you're not seeing the same numbers as before, that's likely why.
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