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  • Forgiver
    Forgiver  15 hours ago

    Yeah - both of those are just byproducts of my old-man eyes not seeing well from the toolset and thinking there was a path down from those ledges that there turned out to not be. There's also a bug with a pitfall in one part of the dungeon Blue told me about that is a similar "Stuck" point. I got one fixed last night, but never heard of or saw the second one until now. I'll get it fixed when I get home tonight!

  • Dogbert
    Dogbert  16 hours ago

    Forgiver, my dude. Falling into the gap on the way TO the dungeon is AWFUL. One good change today, not requiring a jump or a portal to even enter the zone, A+. But now if you fall (even if roped, because it doesn't actually work), you get stuck in an area you can't leave without a jump or portal.

  • C_McG
    C_McG  2 days ago


    After years of saying I wanted to get a telescope my wife made the "mistake" of buying me a 102 f/12.7 Orion Maksutov-Cassegrain. Love it for planetary and brighter deep-sky viewing so far.

    Of course that just made the bug worse and want to get a larger scope for viewing fainter objects.

    So I am curious what other use.

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  2 days ago

    Working telescopes (atm): old Celestron C8 SCT I purchased back in 1979, new Celestron OmniXLT 150 6" f/5 Newtonian, cheapo Meade 90mm f/8.8 refractor sniped off of eBay for $30 (these three I use on a Celestron AVX mount). Also a homebuilt 10" Dobsonian put together in 2010 and a homebuilt 6" Newtonian I made in H.S. c. 1966. Main imaging camera (atm) is a Canon 60D DSLR. The new camera is the SVBony SV305 Pro - plan to use it as a guide camera and for moon/planetary imaging.

  • C_McG
    C_McG  4 days ago

    What telescopes do you have? And camera?

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  4 days ago

    I'll likely miss Section Six tonight. Got a new camera for my telescopes and it looks like the sky will be clear. So, I'll be outside doing astrophotography stuff.

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  4 days ago

    Oh! I will be IG as Tarok tonight instead of Sol!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  4 days ago

    Section Six will take place at 7pm CDT (-5GMT) tonight, which is an hour later than last week.

    We will meet in the Iron Minogon. Good(ish) type characters of level SEVEN or below ! Just assume your character got a mysterious letter inviting them there !

  • Squidget
    Squidget  1 week ago

    They receive the DC benefit from items, but not from spell foci, since alchemist gas clouds are not spells. They also don't receive the bonus from the wild magic robe specifically since gas clouds can't wild magic.

  • Dogbert
    Dogbert  1 week ago

    Are alchemists' clouds affected by spell focus/GSF or items/enchants that increase spell save DCs?

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Where does your character live?

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LAN_402 LAN_403
1:53:17 pm GMT 03/15/21
Shade Registered Member #24916 Joined: 2:58:00 pm GMT 01/23/19
Posts: 449
In the spirit of other threads, where does your character live?

It is something I have thought about. Logically, characters would likely run into each other off screen, or at least see each other in passing. This thread could be used as an IC ice breaker, to set up stories or events regarding certain places and people. Things like people saying "I have seen you around XXXXX, but never talked to you. I am YYYYY." (if you consent to this, of course.) A way to know who is involved where, or you just want to tell people where your character lives.

I think this would help make the server feel more alive, so I'll start.

Alton lives in Taureglond and serves as a healer for the Arben. He would be impossible to miss for those who live there just from looking like he does. The "#1 dad" mug of coffee he always has really stands out too. It is such a small place anyone who currently lives there can say they have met him.

Ashe goes back and forth between a place in the mountains, and Sandburrow. She is not the most involved with their community, and isn't all that interested either, since so few of her rightsized friends are around anymore.

Darkania runs a shop in Greenvale and lives nearby. She would be easy to find, and anyone who has been to the market would have an idea of who she is.

Elarion is currently in hiding due to recent RP. Prior to this, he lived in Ashwood and bore the colors of his home. One needed only look at him to know where he is from. If you met him there, though? Well, that couldn't have been pleasant... Those of Greenvale definitely knows of the Evoker. Those of Taureglond would too, as he did stand out during the war, and chose to remain with Syfana at the end.

Lily is a common figure in Hamley. She stands out and most locals would have seen her. She is tall, lively, and goes to the Roadhouse a lot. If you are from Hamley, chances are you have seen one of their tallest women, and she bought you a beer at the Roadhouse.

Those in Sandburrow would know of the Twigfold Apple Farm, but may not know the owners son, Meruppi. Like so many others, the family was torn apart during the Thayan destruction of Davenshire with both Mr. Twigfold and his daughter passing that day. Mrs Twigfold and their son both survived and still carried on their livelihood in the new Sandburrow. If you are from Sandburrow, consider this free knowledge.

Shade just goes where his boredom takes him. Say his name three times?

More each day hear of a camp somewhere in the mountains where a kin houses outcasts of society. Most kin brushes off the rumor of a safe haven as a naive dream, and those who hunt them dismisses it as a thing that would never work. What do you think? Are the rumors about Tedya's hideout true?
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1:58:47 pm GMT 03/15/21
Eijji Registered Member #24784 Joined: 3:41:16 pm GMT 11/26/18
Posts: 201
Pippa lives at Tedya's camp.

Arthir lives wherever he can find a bed.

Dunavir sleeps safely in trees I assume.

Alexa sleeps in the flying mug.

Brixon sleeps on the hardest stone he can find.

Stinktooth sleeps on a bed of rotted meat in his clan's tunnels.
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12:29:31 am GMT 03/18/21
warspingle Registered Member #23785 Joined: 7:24:15 am GMT 02/20/14
Posts: 223
Malaka Sako lives in Steinkreis. Initially in the barracks, and later in his own house.

Lionel "Fake Magic" du Salva lives where he fake pleases!
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12:56:37 pm GMT 03/18/21
Vaeltava Registered Member #1761 Joined: 10:05:21 pm GMT 10/13/11
Posts: 434
Lucy has a home in Steinkreis, in Uptown. She is more often seen around the Tin Tankard than anywhere else in the city, though.

Chief Garagnavagh lives in the Oguf In the Gerdamish Swamp, generally barking orders and living it up as the big dog.

Acanthus doesn't seem to have a home. He travels from place to place and stays wherever there's room, but he never journeys further south than Sandburrow.

Darvin, meanwhile, has firmly established himself as a resident at the Minogon in Webster's.
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5:29:15 pm GMT 03/18/21
dontyouknow Registered Member #1120 Joined: 4:36:33 am GMT 07/27/07
Posts: 475
Teron maintains offices and residences in both Greenvale and Hamley, which ends up being rather convenient for him considering the distance between those places and the different resources available to him in the Keepers’ Hall and the School.

Zenaide resides at the barracks in the Warband’s compound.
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2:38:36 pm GMT 03/19/21
Zhymm Registered Member #191 Joined: 2:06:27 pm GMT 07/31/04
Posts: 418
In a van down by the river ...

No, seriously - for my main characters: Cobble keeps a room at the Trade, Dawson has a room in the Feywood stronghold, Morgan (Shando) has moved around but currently resides in the bunkhouse in the Black Merchant Guild, Tagnus on the floor of whatever tavern he happens to find himself, and Scatos in an undisclosed locale.

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Just Miggen
4:36:48 pm GMT 03/19/21
Just Miggen 💅
Registered Member #463 Joined: 1:37:12 am GMT 03/10/05
Posts: 7872
Korander & Arella live in the Crossroads South countryside. When coming to Thain they hid Korander (who was much younger then) away in the Northlands Village, then as plots developed and there were more threats they were slowly pushed south. From Kallista to Bloodguard, the North was no longer safe for them and now the south remains their most consistent, if not a little too humble for Arella's liking, home.

Pooba Brimm hasn't disclosed her whereabouts, though I always imagine it's somewhere tucked near Feywood. She has a tiny cottage where she grows toes in her garden and offers children from the local villages candies to fatten them up.
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8:58:48 pm GMT 03/19/21
Alanonas Registered Member #24078 Joined: 3:40:59 am GMT 05/14/17
Posts: 1150
Aldorian lives in a lavish dwelling located -somehwere- in the Iron City. I say somewhere because it can only be accessed via a special infernal portal he alone can open.

Morton "lives" in an old tomb alongside a ghost named Jerrit and another named Mors. He can sometimes be found propped up in one of the corners collecting dust as he dozes somewhere between being awake and being half dead.

Hal'ir drifts between the more woodsy dorms in Taurglond Hollows and under random mushrooms that grow in the Lumenshire. He owns very little and is generally comfortable sleeping wherever his whims take him.

Val haunts the sewers under Lowtown, decorating the slimy depths with his "art".

Rhan currently lives in the canopy of a mighty white tree that has recently grown in the Crossroads east woods. He is often seen killing pretty much anything/anyone who tries to touch it.
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Rodgr Thunderguts
10:57:45 pm GMT 03/19/21
Rodgr Thunderguts Registered Member #1050 Joined: 7:35:50 am GMT 05/11/07
Posts: 408
Vincent: Most of his time is spent in different "safehouses", though he mainly used to live on his ship off the coast of Dragons Watch when not in the Iron City he now spends most of his time in the Shadow Plane where he has a house.

Mithas: Since the treachery of the Hellshire Orcs, he now spends most of his time in the North (near the Split Rock Clan) where he has a band of Ogres, Giants and of course goblins banded together to destroy "the lesser races" and hopefully help to win Baphomets favour and get him back to the Abyss and his true home the Eternal Labyrinth.

Krug: Where there is ale.

Dave: His magical hat that doubles as a tent, a bit like Baba Yaga's hut on legs.
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4:11:01 pm GMT 03/20/21
FinleyM Registered Member #23874 Joined: 5:20:25 am GMT 08/20/14
Posts: 22
Merum is making his home temporarily in the Black Market below Steinkreis for now, though he'll probably find more private quarters fairly soon.

Bognus makes his bed anywhere that's dry and somewhat warm. He's a bit of a wanderer, so nothing nailed down.

Davis keeps a room at the Flying Mug. Its an interesting assortment of characters and there always seems to be interesting stories floating about.

Sigrin has hung around Hamley ever since the war ended. He goes home to visit the Bay every once in a while.

Besek has found a wonderful little house down in Greenvale. He spotted the symbol of Bahamut hanging outside the door and he thinks whoever kept it before may have got along well with him.

Arcon shacks up in the Hunter's Haven. There always seems to be work about and its a fairly cozy place.
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