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  • Forgiver
    Forgiver  15 hours ago

    Yeah - both of those are just byproducts of my old-man eyes not seeing well from the toolset and thinking there was a path down from those ledges that there turned out to not be. There's also a bug with a pitfall in one part of the dungeon Blue told me about that is a similar "Stuck" point. I got one fixed last night, but never heard of or saw the second one until now. I'll get it fixed when I get home tonight!

  • Dogbert
    Dogbert  15 hours ago

    Forgiver, my dude. Falling into the gap on the way TO the dungeon is AWFUL. One good change today, not requiring a jump or a portal to even enter the zone, A+. But now if you fall (even if roped, because it doesn't actually work), you get stuck in an area you can't leave without a jump or portal.

  • C_McG
    C_McG  2 days ago


    After years of saying I wanted to get a telescope my wife made the "mistake" of buying me a 102 f/12.7 Orion Maksutov-Cassegrain. Love it for planetary and brighter deep-sky viewing so far.

    Of course that just made the bug worse and want to get a larger scope for viewing fainter objects.

    So I am curious what other use.

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  2 days ago

    Working telescopes (atm): old Celestron C8 SCT I purchased back in 1979, new Celestron OmniXLT 150 6" f/5 Newtonian, cheapo Meade 90mm f/8.8 refractor sniped off of eBay for $30 (these three I use on a Celestron AVX mount). Also a homebuilt 10" Dobsonian put together in 2010 and a homebuilt 6" Newtonian I made in H.S. c. 1966. Main imaging camera (atm) is a Canon 60D DSLR. The new camera is the SVBony SV305 Pro - plan to use it as a guide camera and for moon/planetary imaging.

  • C_McG
    C_McG  4 days ago

    What telescopes do you have? And camera?

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  4 days ago

    I'll likely miss Section Six tonight. Got a new camera for my telescopes and it looks like the sky will be clear. So, I'll be outside doing astrophotography stuff.

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  4 days ago

    Oh! I will be IG as Tarok tonight instead of Sol!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  4 days ago

    Section Six will take place at 7pm CDT (-5GMT) tonight, which is an hour later than last week.

    We will meet in the Iron Minogon. Good(ish) type characters of level SEVEN or below ! Just assume your character got a mysterious letter inviting them there !

  • Squidget
    Squidget  1 week ago

    They receive the DC benefit from items, but not from spell foci, since alchemist gas clouds are not spells. They also don't receive the bonus from the wild magic robe specifically since gas clouds can't wild magic.

  • Dogbert
    Dogbert  1 week ago

    Are alchemists' clouds affected by spell focus/GSF or items/enchants that increase spell save DCs?

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Discussion on the evolution of PVP

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11:05:01 pm GMT 01/08/21
Kat Registered Member #25300 Joined: 6:37:11 am GMT 06/04/19
Posts: 153
Fair enough, pretty obvious that most people give the impression that they don't want to be pick pocketed and like the rule. I can totally understand losing personal memento's sucking. It put a smile on my face reading about how important items have so much meaning to players and their characters. If i ever get around to rebuilding Xu I will get rid of it, doesn't really fit with her now - she developed differently to what I had originally envisioned and I have never felt comfortable or enjoyed it as a skill.
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11:35:19 pm GMT 01/08/21
Eijji Registered Member #24784 Joined: 3:41:16 pm GMT 11/26/18
Posts: 201
scratch_flannigan wrote ...

Just popping my head in regarding Pick Pocket.

I absolutely think this should be by permission only.

As others have said, there are items that are very valuable and even irreplaceable.

Malam has a wand that was made by Willow (it was gifted to him by Krin). To think of that thing being taken just for kicks and sold off and eaten by the server is insane.

Please also keep in mind that many players, play less, adventure less, farm less, etc. and this makes losses much larger to them than someone who can easily just buy a replacement item.

OOC tension and risk is all great, but in the end, this is a game played by fellow players trying to have fun. I think that is more important than any RP or immersion.

This is what I mean. Also I really hope no one has been going around pick pocketing players without telling them. A couple of my items -have- gone missing but I just assume I sold them by accident....
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2:23:20 am GMT 01/09/21
C_McG *lurks from behind the screen*
Registered Member #682 Joined: 11:18:25 pm GMT 01/09/06
Posts: 2832
My biggest thing with PvP is making sure people know something may happen, even in a player run event. And knowing the people are open to having something happen.

When you're 1 on 1 or even RP'ing in small groups, the tension is usually enough to know something is potentially moving towards hostilities. And I feel this kind of an atmosphere usually meets the rule.

"Player run events" are where I think people need to make sure they are communicating and explicitly following the rules. A simple note "setting up an event that will start with hostilities, you ok with it if you're in the area?" would be great. Other player knows something may or may not happen, but at least they are not completely off guard because they didn't see the "C_McG now dislikes you!" message.

I know there is a desire to make "Thain feel more dangerous", but knowing the audience and what they may be seeking in their time IG is also important. Someone may not be in the mood for conflict today, make sure they can avoid it.
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3:57:26 am GMT 01/09/21
DavidtheGreat Registered Member #23821 Joined: 6:18:34 am GMT 03/19/14
Posts: 132
Regarding Pickpocketing, I find it is neat for PvE getting a bit of extra cash, however due to the absurd random lack of control on what you get I would never use it on a player in raw mechanics. However I love it as more of an RPed tool, where a player can shoot some tells, Discuss an idea, and /pickpocket barter trade the item while RPing instead. As a mechanic it is terribly noninteractive and boring. As an RP/Event tool though; I think it's amazing. Also can help you farm phat lewt!

Regarding PvP, hard to cover what hasn't been said. Communication is always key, whether it is IC or OOC. Trying to make sure everyone is good afterward can also be a good call. Personally I've always considered attacking a "neutral/goodguy" faction has always made someone fair game, though realistically that could be extended to 'any' faction, it tends to be a bit more murky when it is a naturally hostile area with phat dungeon lewt.

Just do your best to make sure everyone is having fun. Especially when dealing with someone you don't know super well.

David, The Great!
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9:14:26 pm GMT 07/09/21
Blue_ Registered Member #25414 Joined: 5:49:38 am GMT 02/06/20
Posts: 141
Note: I had a fantastic time last night (7/8) in the Hamley PVP encounter between Hamley and the Iron City! This is also the most recent PVP-focused thread I could remember - so I am throwing my ideas into this thread!

I had a few things that stood out to me I wanted to post my opinions about regarding last night and a specific portion of “Team PVP” rules as they stand on Thain!

It was a breath of fresh air to have a PVP encounter where the plot was at the front – and being allowed to have everyone fight and battle with their characters was background/midground of the story. There was not an instant end when either side had a character fall during one of the fights – and the DMs did a great job keeping the story moving forward! I would personally enjoy more chances for something like that to happen so PVP can be approached without the threat of being RP’d at on the ground while your character/another character has fallen very quickly into a war setting or group conflict!

Further – approaching the Team PVP rules! I had one portion in specific I considered a bit odd after some consideration with the last night’s fight – and actions I had made to use Divine Intervention before trying to raise members of Hamley’s defense.

-Resurrecting people mid-Team PvP is not alright. Wait until there is a clear break in the fighting before you resuscitate fallen allies. The exception is a cleric character who has resurrection spells prepared. Keep in mind that while resurrection spells/items have very short casting/use times to allow for PvE content, they are not necessarily meant to be viewed as instantaneous in all circumstances.

I am leaning more toward not enjoying the wording of this rule. It speaks how a cleric should be allowed to cast resurrection in PVP if they have prepared the spell, and I think that is a fair approach! However, it comes with some concern from someone playing a cleric at this moment. Celestine has and makes use of the Scribe Scroll feat and prepares scrolls for battles where she would need to pick up her allies so they can continue to fight.

I am of the mindset that if a character has created their own scrolls specifically for a situation where they would need them – it makes sense to allow their use in a PVP setting/Team PVP. Further, she also has an item with two casts of resurrection on it per day, and through this rule that item is also disabled for the sake of PVP-based encounters – which feels odd to me!

Is the charm – Phoenix Tears – also to be requested as a non-use during such a situation even though a character has given up their charm slot to have the ability to pick up fallen allies? Something to consider in my opinion – unless this is meant to have exclusions or variations in what should be allowed.

Personally, I would be curious if other pre-fight preparations should be allowed in PVP settings if this rule is maintained as is. Should characters who have invested in Craft trap/Set trap also be discouraged from using their tools in the same way Scribe Scroll is with resurrection? Should wands created through craft wand be eligible for use?

I personally lean more toward all of them are fine to use! Further, I would say that scrolls of resurrection, if crafted by a character and used by the same character, should be eligible for use in Team PVP battles. I understand there is bias with this though, so I was looking for other players' thoughts on this!
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9:41:45 pm GMT 07/09/21
Alanonas Registered Member #24078 Joined: 3:40:59 am GMT 05/14/17
Posts: 1150
I think clerics being able to get their teammates up is part of their job and appeal in a party.

I think the system works in the context of raise dead (which raises folks to 1 hp) but not so much with resurrection (full health) starting at 1 hp requires a bit more planning (can't raise in an AoE, near enemies, etc) and a few rounds for the fallen to heal back up. It also forces them to fall back a bit to do this.

Hopping someone up to full sorta skips that delay and if there is a stack of 99 scrolls ready to go it can be a bit meh.

I think the move forward should Include an element of choice. Do I raise them and then cast a heal spell to get the front liner back up and swinging? Etc.

The same can be said for spellgems and the like too for other casters. I think there should be a limit to the number a character can carry, similar to the reusable potion bottles. Make them reusable, but cap the number you can hold.
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10:33:33 pm GMT 07/09/21
Cuchuwyn Registered Member #24041 Joined: 4:19:01 am GMT 01/24/17
Posts: 1667
I tend to agree with Alan here- as we saw last night, Greater Sanctuary into Divine Intervention allows a cleric to be effectively undetectable, run up to downed teammates, make themselves completely immune to damage for 2 rounds rez a bunch of folks, and then greater sanc or just run out, and there's really nothing the enemy can do about it. That's fine, if all those spells are coming from the cleric spellbook, and you can get them to run out. But if I was consistently in PvP with a cleric that has spent hours farming gems to make stacks of scrolls of resurrection and gems of GSanc, and can just do that pattern until they run out of level 9 spell slots, it does get a bit old haha.

And I say this as someone who enjoyed the PVP last night, and it made a lot of sense for it to play out the way it did- but I do wonder in a larger fight, especially if there's more than 1 cleric running around, does it just become a game of who farmed the most rez scrolls before the fight? The rule you're highlighting Blue was actually meant to try to cut down on that very effect- people just hoarding rez scrolls/lifestones and PvP coming down to who happened to have the most resources. I don't think it's unreasonable to have those prepped for PvE stuff, but I'd like PvP not to come down to who happens to have a cleric or druid on their side who is the only one allowed to use rez items, even if they've crafted them. I'm not against rezzing someone if you have those spells slotted, but otherwise it feels like those already strong classes have one more advantage nobody else has.
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11:57:35 pm GMT 07/09/21
Squidget !
Registered Member #20 Joined: 8:30:40 am GMT 02/25/04
Posts: 6936
Personally, I don't think Clerics casting Resurrect is any better than anyone else doing it with scrolls. If the spell is too strong in PvP, it's too strong, and it's not as if Clerics aren't powerhouses in other respects. It seems like a really strange rule to me and I don't understand what it's trying to accomplish.

For my part, if my character goes down in PvP I don't usually charge back into the fight after that. Obviously this depends on the event context, but I would tend to take it as an opportunity for consequences, etc. I think it's important that characters, especially powerful characters, feel like they can still get hurt.

I remember large PvPs where the larger group would just insta-Resurrect anyone who went down, and the smaller group could never win because you can't reasonably deal with a 350 HP swing every round. It was as if the person just tripped on a log and their friend helped them up, instead of being picked off by their enemies. I didn't like that mindset at all.
I like it when kills feel more meaningful and you have a reason to want to stay alive.

I'm fine with rezzes in PvE, and I usually don't play death as being as big a deal there. I like rezzes okay in PvP if you're losing and it's to help your ally escape the field (TPKs are generally a pretty bad outcome.) If the person just buffs and charges back in, well, I can't think of a situation where that ever seemed like the right call.

I think other rules can be okay in special events dedicated to having special rules (like the necro night PvP-fest a while back), but these are the onesI generally follow in the absence of others.
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12:04:26 am GMT 07/10/21
DavidtheGreat Registered Member #23821 Joined: 6:18:34 am GMT 03/19/14
Posts: 132
Good answers, but I think maybe one key question Blue brought up was missed!

Blue Wrote...
Personally, I would be curious if other pre-fight preparations should be allowed in PVP settings if this rule is maintained as is. Should characters who have invested in Craft trap/Set trap also be discouraged from using their tools in the same way Scribe Scroll is with resurrection? Should wands created through craft wand be eligible for use?

Should these other prepreparations be allowed? Crafted traps? What about items that have uses/day, are those okay, or considered 'prepared' since they are limited in nature? And what about scrolls or wands that are /not/ of a Rez nature, for that matter? Like what if someone prepared like, twenty IGMS scrolls, are those okay because they aren't rezzing and just making people need to be rezzed? All questions to be asked!
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12:54:58 am GMT 07/10/21
Shade Registered Member #24916 Joined: 2:58:00 pm GMT 01/23/19
Posts: 449
I have seen people state rules for PVP events before. General rules would be good for run ins with ones enemies, but for events, why don't we make it commonplace to state the rules before we begin? "No rezzes, no evards, no gold items, etc"?
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