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  • Payne
    Payne  12 hours ago

    It's Giles!

  • Giles
    Giles  13 hours ago

    Sometimes I wish I could go back and experience Thain the way I did as a teenager, but with the maturity I have now. The people and experiences I had here permanently shaped who I am today and still think about it and all of you and those who are no longer here all the time.

  • dontyouknow
    dontyouknow  2 weeks ago

    Heck yes, you did good.

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  3 weeks ago

    Thain has brought me a lot of joy over the years. Thanks for founding something so great, Handover.

  • Izral
    Izral  3 weeks ago

    Hello HOP, if only you could see it now. You gave us the foundation to create something truly spectacular. I wish you could see how much the lore you left us with has grown, and how much the mod has taken life. 20 years some years later, there are many of us who are truly passionate about it.

  • Handover
    Handover  3 weeks ago

    Good lord, still going. I think I might have done good.

  • EcoTec
    EcoTec  4 weeks ago

    Be back in 2 mins Ghostfish

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  1 month ago


  • EcoTec
    EcoTec  1 month ago

    Cheers mate

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  1 month ago


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car trouble and new novel

LAN_402 LAN_403
12:16:12 am GMT 11/08/22
Winterhawk99 Registered Member #25663 Joined: 9:54:01 pm GMT 10/11/22
Posts: 48
Howdy everyone,

I ran into a small disappointment today. Those of you that know me know I work very far from home. About 300 miles and stay at work where I cannot play due to security reasons. I can post on forums, discord and Facebook but that's about it.

About a month ago a hit and run driver swiped my fender going to work. Did a small amount of damage. I just took it to the body shop, and they told me it will be two weeks. So, I have to stay at work for 2 weeks without playing. I'm already Jones 'in.

I did just find Brath's notes so will be able to post another section or two of his thread and do up the hin sorcerer Zacks story while I'm here. Thats some good news.

The very good news is I'm also furiously working on my 3rd forgotten realms fan fiction novel I have about 120,000 words finished and plan to finish it before Christmas. For those that have red my Children of hell novels this novel is not related. I'm still only on the 2nd chapter of Children of Hell: Resolution.

This is about a review character I had that lived through 5 servers and I tried to make very consistent throughout her journey. Her story over four of those servers is posted on my forum threads and have a bit more than 115,000 views so I thought since its very popular I would wrap everything in a novel, add some stuff about her growing up and a hole of 2 centuries between two of the servers. Thats so people can download it and have it to read at their leisure or to reference for their own campaigns.

I will let everyone know when the novel is finished. It should wind up at about 190,000 words or 370 pages of a standard paperback novel.

Thanks, see you all in about 2 weeks (hopefully)
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