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  • Forgiver
    Forgiver  15 hours ago

    Yeah - both of those are just byproducts of my old-man eyes not seeing well from the toolset and thinking there was a path down from those ledges that there turned out to not be. There's also a bug with a pitfall in one part of the dungeon Blue told me about that is a similar "Stuck" point. I got one fixed last night, but never heard of or saw the second one until now. I'll get it fixed when I get home tonight!

  • Dogbert
    Dogbert  15 hours ago

    Forgiver, my dude. Falling into the gap on the way TO the dungeon is AWFUL. One good change today, not requiring a jump or a portal to even enter the zone, A+. But now if you fall (even if roped, because it doesn't actually work), you get stuck in an area you can't leave without a jump or portal.

  • C_McG
    C_McG  2 days ago


    After years of saying I wanted to get a telescope my wife made the "mistake" of buying me a 102 f/12.7 Orion Maksutov-Cassegrain. Love it for planetary and brighter deep-sky viewing so far.

    Of course that just made the bug worse and want to get a larger scope for viewing fainter objects.

    So I am curious what other use.

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  2 days ago

    Working telescopes (atm): old Celestron C8 SCT I purchased back in 1979, new Celestron OmniXLT 150 6" f/5 Newtonian, cheapo Meade 90mm f/8.8 refractor sniped off of eBay for $30 (these three I use on a Celestron AVX mount). Also a homebuilt 10" Dobsonian put together in 2010 and a homebuilt 6" Newtonian I made in H.S. c. 1966. Main imaging camera (atm) is a Canon 60D DSLR. The new camera is the SVBony SV305 Pro - plan to use it as a guide camera and for moon/planetary imaging.

  • C_McG
    C_McG  4 days ago

    What telescopes do you have? And camera?

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  4 days ago

    I'll likely miss Section Six tonight. Got a new camera for my telescopes and it looks like the sky will be clear. So, I'll be outside doing astrophotography stuff.

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  4 days ago

    Oh! I will be IG as Tarok tonight instead of Sol!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  4 days ago

    Section Six will take place at 7pm CDT (-5GMT) tonight, which is an hour later than last week.

    We will meet in the Iron Minogon. Good(ish) type characters of level SEVEN or below ! Just assume your character got a mysterious letter inviting them there !

  • Squidget
    Squidget  1 week ago

    They receive the DC benefit from items, but not from spell foci, since alchemist gas clouds are not spells. They also don't receive the bonus from the wild magic robe specifically since gas clouds can't wild magic.

  • Dogbert
    Dogbert  1 week ago

    Are alchemists' clouds affected by spell focus/GSF or items/enchants that increase spell save DCs?

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My Thank You. Or The Thank You Thread??

LAN_402 LAN_403
10:14:54 am GMT 11/11/19
o_chadon_o Registered Member #1763 Joined: 2:09:42 am GMT 10/24/11
Posts: 78
I started out knowing very little about the game and my youth, immaturity, and inexperience didn’t do me any favors. I had, of course played the campaign, but hardly knew what I was doing. My first character was a fighter who I made with Vaeltava. I don’t remember the characters’ names; I never played the fighter again and I doubt Vaeltava played his. Which is to say, part of this post is a thank you to you dude. He was the one who suggested Thain in the first place and I hardly regret my decision.

Time passed. I tried different servers. I always came back to Thain. My first favorite character I played was actually my first MPC. I was so proud the application went through. Azulix Stonefang the Great, wizard and arcane trickster. I like to think it was because of Azulix the Trade guard has See Invisibility but maybe that is me being hopeful. Unfortunately, I had a series of encounters that I played with Azulix and my immaturity soured those experiences. So uh. Sorry to anybody who was involved with those. Even if you don’t remember them.

More birthdays passed. And I moved away from Thain to a different server and played there for a couple of years. Made a few friends and I grew up a bit. And finally Beamdog released Enhanced Edition for Neverwinter, cutting me off from my usual server. So for some time I was somewhat hollow. Neverwinter was a big part of my life. I watched my father play it when I was four. I watched my bro play it on his crashy computer. And finally I gave it a try. But I have to thank Beamdog for not only enchancing this game but also giving me the push to return to Thain.

At first, I had a bit of trouble. Thain was different from my usual server (Amia as it was, was a very different feel). But eventually I started to play more and more. I made one of my more recent favorites, Felix Reldan, a dragon monk. I played him until I got back into the feel of things. Then I requested another MPC, my past mistakes with Azulix coming to light, I was told to wait a bit. Even if I didn’t have to wait, I’m so glad I did. I waited through a few months of golden roleplaying and shortly re-requested after the battle of Greenvale Heros vs Darkfey Villains (thanks to you all there. That was the best Neverwinter experience to date). And I got a hold of my current favorite, Orn Shashti’ternock.

I watched Paladins get the fad spotlight, then Dragon Disciples (they never truly went out of fashion), blackguards, arcane archers, and now Shadowdancers. I know I’m hardly the oldest player here but it’s been wonderful to watch them all come and go to their spotlights.

All of this through a span of what. Eight, or seven years. I was a young age when I started here and now, I’m typing this letter out at 4am in my college dorm room. The point of this entire post is to say thank you.

People of Thain, I have not always been here through it all, but you’ve all been a friend to me somehow, even though I have barely seen any of your faces. One third of my life has been spent at a computer here through some degree. You’ve played a huge part in my life, and shaping my personality. This server means a lot to me, and even writing this now I’m tearing up a bit. You’re all fabulous. You’re all amazing. And it is wonderful that we all get to gather in a forum(literally on this forum and the forum that is the game and server) to frolic in creativity and comradery.

People of Thain, Thank You For Existing. It means more to me and other people more than you know.
Sincerely, Chaddon.

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1:07:21 pm GMT 11/11/19
Corlupi Awooo
Registered Member #2942 Joined: 4:48:33 pm GMT 11/27/12
Posts: 2965
Your post sums up what Thain is ultimately about: kinship and congeniality. I have played all manner of online games, but none have come close to Thain in terms of fostering a genuine community where you feel right at home. We have amazing players here who go out of their way to be inclusive, both IC and OOC. It's truly something to be appreciative of, so consider this reply my own thank-you to Thain and our little family. heart
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1:40:26 pm GMT 11/11/19
Jandari Registered Member #1320 Joined: 10:38:49 pm GMT 06/23/08
Posts: 1004
Thain's players and its atmosphere is what keeps bringing me back, day after day. I LOVE meeting new players, getting to know them, and seeing them become a part of our family here. I have, in this playerbase, some of my best friendships. Thanks to all!
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1:58:52 pm GMT 11/11/19
Vaeltava Registered Member #1761 Joined: 10:05:21 pm GMT 10/13/11
Posts: 434
I'm deeply moved that Thain has had such a positive impact upon you. It's certainly had a similar impact upon me.

Having the opportunity to explore the world through RP alongside so many thoughtful people from all different parts of the world have taught me more about myself and others than a decade in the school system ever did. It's incredible to me that a place such as Thain can exist.

I know that not everyone who's ever logged into Thain has had the same experience as myself, nor even a similarly positive one, but I'm immensely glad to know that even one person could enjoy it as much as I have, myself.

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Just Miggen
3:11:05 pm GMT 11/11/19
Just Miggen 💅
Registered Member #463 Joined: 1:37:12 am GMT 03/10/05
Posts: 7872
It means so much to see stuff like that and often your sentiment is shared I believe. My 30th birthday was this year and I realized I started Thain when I was 15... half my life here and I wouldn't change that at all. Thain is home to us and it says something that it pulls us back time and time again.

One thing I always strive to do is never branding someone for their past behavior or listening simply to the perception of someone's actions when I myself did not experience them, and finding that balance of trying keep an open mind against past general trends you notice in certain roleplay lines sometimes is not an easy thing. My roleplay didn't start out perfect here, far from it, but I was able to grow and learn because people kept giving me a chance and it's only fair I do the same.

Chadon, thank you, it's posts like this that make me realize what I truly love about Thain and why the game world does matter even beyond the screen.
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9:28:49 pm GMT 11/11/19
Rafa Registered Member #25305 Joined: 3:52:33 pm GMT 06/10/19
Posts: 72
I played this game off and on (mostly off) when it first came out. Probably like most of you I was encouraged to try it by my gaming buddies who knew I LOVED the tabletop version but it just took to long to play. Dropped a few bucks on NWN Gold, played it a handful of times but only the single player version which lacks the real RP magic of the game so I dropped from playing it. Fast forward to earlier this year I found the Beam Dog version on Steam while looking to kill some time with a video game and thought "HEY! I remember this, let's give this old dog a try".

I came to Thain in a roundabout way while looking for a server to test the game on. I started doing the quests and enjoyed it so much I decided to stick around. While I'm still learning the ins and outs of the game mechanics just hanging out and role playing with folks in various places in the server has made sticking around a decision I don't regret.

Thanks to everyone for letting me hang out and have a good time with you all.
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