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  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  2 days ago

    Section Six starts in 1.75 hours. That will be 7pm CST (GMT - 6).

    Good(ish) characters of LEVEL 10 or below.

    We will meet at the Iron Minogon in Webster's Landing. Just assume that your character received a mysterious invitation.

    I will be IG as Taran if you have any questions!

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  1 week ago

    Happy Turkey Day (i.e.Thanksgiving Day) to all our US players. And Happy Thursday to all others!

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  2 weeks ago

    Uh, what happened to my message? Two paragraphs now random impulses across the interwebs ...

    Take care, Scratch.

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  2 weeks ago

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  2 weeks ago

    RL calls me away from Section Six tonight, folks! sad

    Should any of you want to go ahead and run it, please feel free to do so! smile

  • Crayzee4dnd
    Crayzee4dnd  3 weeks ago

    Sam and Hugdish's wedding will begin in about 4 hours from this post. Yay!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  3 weeks ago

    Section Six starts in 2 hours. That will be 7pm CDT (GMT - 5).

    Good(ish) characters of LEVEL 9 or below.

    This week will be a bit different, with time being "frozen" at the end of the last event.

    There will be a portal in the Iron Minogon that will take your character to the very start of the Temple level in the Yuan Ti caves.

    If you did not join last week, that is perfectly ok. Just assume that you caught up with us like we do whenever someone shows up late.

    If your character has never been on a section six mission, you can assume that you stumbled on us while exploring !

    It is a little unorthodox, but we will make it all work! biglaugh

    I will be IG as Taran if you have any questions!

  • Squidget
    Squidget  3 weeks ago

    Edrick and Vae in the same day? heart suprised

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  3 weeks ago

    Hello Edrick and Vae!

  • Oberon
    Oberon  3 weeks ago

    Seeing you here makes my heart smile! heart

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To rise from the ashes

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3:30:12 am GMT 11/23/21
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Elarion brought the young bard to the top of the School tower. Nicolette instantly marveled at the incredible view, and ran right up to the edge to stare out over the woodlands. Elarion walked in behind her and pointed out the landmarks. The Queen's tower, standing taller to the right. The burned remains of his home, the death aspect of the Poison to the north-west, and the life aspect of it south-west of it again. Taureglond. It was like seeing all of history at once for the young bard, and Elarion pointed out the place where time stands still. The Moribund bog.

But they were not here for a history lesson, they were there to dance. Nicolette closed her eyes and focused on the sound, as if she was letting the music carry her. Her fingers flowed freely across the strings of her harp, as the sound filled the air. She played for a few minutes, enough for Elarion to weave his spell into effect. He focused his magic on the sounds in the air, and used an old Poisonwood Spellsinger trick of recreating sound, and made it travel around them. As she kept on playing, more and more light was seen building around his fingers, then as she eventually stopped, Elarion guided the magic around them, and made it sound as if the wind itself was carrying the music around them in a beautiful circling echo that never ceased.

With the music going around them, Nicolette wrapped her hard in her cloak, and laid it safely aside so they could focus on their dance. She told him that there are many ways to dance, but the thing they all have in common is how ones movements match the music. There is a rhythm and timing to the notes, and when you dance, you move to the rhythm. Each song has its own movement. She told him to put his hand around her waist as she took his hand. He let her take the lead, and let her guide him into these new movements. They matched the music with the grace of one who had danced hundreds of times. She let him feel the movement and guided his shoulders and hips first. She could feel Elarion was stiff and clumsy, as was to be expected from a first timer, but he had an analytic mind, and he listened to the music and he could tell when to move, even if he didn't move that well.

She mused as she stepped with him. "You're getting it.. But you're thinking too much. Try it like this. Close your eyes. Imagine I am your elven girl, the one you'll be dancing with." "How can I be thinking too much?" He obviously was, as he followed her movements with his eyes, but soon did as she suggested, and closed his eyes. "Think of a strong emotion. A strong memory... something this music makes you think of, and let that feeling... guide your movement.." This was a difficult comparison for Elarion. "..I have absolutely nothing to associate this music with." "The stronger the emotion, the more real the dance will be..." Her brow furrowed. "There must be something. This music, it's a little melancholy. It makes me think of moments I've lost someone.. or had to say goodbye." This mystified him. He had never heard much music. "This is melancholy? It sounds like any other song to me.." "Do... all songs sound the same to you?" She blinked and Elarion opened his eyes. "Err... The first time I saw you sing was the first time I had heard anything beyond the Spellsingers' hunting songs.. Not counting hymns to Syann.." "This song.. It's meant to be sad. It's slower, softer, but it's not just that." She took a moment to think about how to best explain it. "The sound, it's building slowly. The way sadness feels like it's building inside you. It's not dissonant, or urgent. It's slow, but powerful. Because sadness feels like it will last forever when you're in it." "I think I understand that.." "So.. focus on a time you were sad. Let the music carry you there. Let it guide your steps..." "With eyes closed?" "If it's easier to remember.." "No. I remember everything well.."

His head lowered as he considered her words. He had plenty to be sad about, and he recalled the first time he had truly felt lonely. He thought back to when he left his sisters in Sylvox's care, and he returned alone to his woods. He thought back to how he felt when he stepped alone out of the barracks for the first time without his sisters. After a few seconds, Elarion was leading Nicolette instead, moving aside at first, then moving back in toward the large floor circle, as if he was tracing movements of his past. She allowed him to do so, and moved easily to match his pace, stepping opposite of him as he moved trough the ring, reacting with grace. "That's it.. There's power in these feelings. They'll take you places logic never could." "Hrmh. Music is needlessly complicated.. but what do I do if the music is.. happy?" "It's complicated because we are. Would you like to try a happier song?" She smiled. "I'm sure you could find a happy memory somewhere."

"What would I do then?" She grabbed his waist and smiled, spinning him around. "It's faster. Full of life. Like this!" She whirled him, a sudden playful step taking her nearer to the edge. A playful movement that spun them past the green woods below. "When you're happy, you- ..see.." she breathed as she danced. "All these possibilities." His eyes widened as he is easily spun, and he almost tripped. "Ah, so like Sae." He smirked and grabbed her in turn, spinning her with him. He took complete charge as he had something much better to associate this music with. His oldest friend and companion. He didn't know if it fit the dance or not, but he sure showed energy.

"And you see the world stretching out before you. And you move faster because you want to meet it!" "I still say it's needlessly complicated!" "You would!" She laughed and whirled with him again. Her own movements bringing her perilously close to the tower's edge. "But after a little while, it's the simplest thing. It comes naturally, like a smile, if you let it!" "Smiles are a strain on the face!" He grabbed her wrist to pull and spin her back away from the edge. "But I do prefer my sisters smiles over seeing their sadness!" "They are not! When you're finished dancing, you won't feel strained!" She moved with energy, breathless. "It feeds a part of you that's starving! It's holding all those feelings back, that strains you!" "How does my feelings strain me? They make me what I am!" He took charge again and spun them both down along the edge of the tower, moving almost parallel to the patterned tiles.

"Of course they do!" She laughed, not the least bit troubled by the huge drop right beside them, seeming to trust in her and his steps. "Faster! Don't be afraid!" "Any faster now, and I'll fall!" "Would that be so bad?" She had a playful laugh, though didn't urge him closer. "Dancing is like falling. Or maybe it's like flying?" "Stop complicating it! If we were meant to fly, we would be born with wings!" He huffed, and it seemed all the dancing was making him dizzy. He was used to much running, but the constant turning and spinning is something entirely different. She laughed, out of breath herself, and finally let him go. She stood at the edge of the tower with her arms spread. "There! You can catch your breath now. It's good, isn't it? You were doing well by the end!" "You are a dangerous woman!" "And don't forget it!" Her eyes shined, as if what he said was obvious.

His eyes were narrowed at her for a few moments, then he started chuckling. "You'll learn the rules as you go. Every dance it different, but you've got the impotant parts of it now." "The trick is to read the music and find a feeling to connect it to?" She nodded. "If you dance with feeling, they'll feel it too. The one you're dancing with." He nodded. "And by the end, they'll know you better than they could with just words. That's how you'll get your elven maiden to fall in love with you." "Wha..?" His mouth dropped with a brow raised, and she tilted her head, curious. "Was that not the point of this?" "What? It is?!" He stared at her with the look of one who had no idea. To him, this had all seemed like the staging of some manner of political game. "Yes, of course.." She blinked as if surprised he didn't know. "She asked you for wine, and to dance.. Well.." She smiled then. "Perhaps it's different for the elves. I won't judge." She went to retrieve her harp, and he cleared his throat.

"At any rate, thank you, White Rose." "Of course. I thought you deserved a dance after all you've endured. I know a little of what it's like." He nodded. "Let me get the doors for you."
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6:27:24 pm GMT 11/24/21
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Spyder. The spymaster.

Elarion had met him once during a war meeting. It was a figure his sisters and kin had always spoken fondly of. It was someone Elarion never thought he would see again, but during one of his walks, when he came across him in an unexpected place. Elarion had an errand in Grauer Suden, and figured he could as well drop by the grove and see if there were any sign of activity. There was no reason for it, he just wanted something to fill his day with.

Inside the grove stood a dark, hooded figure. He had heard Elarion come, and turned to demand to know who he was. Elarion had recognized him, and the two got to talking. He told him of what happened at the end of the Poisonwar, and he updated Spyder on Elarion's new path in life. Spyder made it clear he would normally have killed him for siding with Greenvale, but after their home fell, and Elarion told him of the new possible air, Spyder agreed it might be best he stayed in Greenvale.

What set this meeting apart from others between those of the Poisoned woods is it was not one where they plotted. It was genuine catching up between two who had come to terms with having lost their home. They would meet again later, where Elarion again updated him on how things were going. For Elarion, it was good to speak of someone of his old home, who did not see life trough the eyes of a druid. One who had no doubt mourned for their home in private, and also knew they will never get back what they once had.

Then Spyder told him a most interesting story. One that might be of use sooner or later. It was of the first elves of the island. A tale
Elarion had never heard. One that he said the Elisarans tried to bury.
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1:36:17 am GMT 11/25/21
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(( Heads up! Huge elf lore spoilers! ))
(( Music: -Clickedy- ))

The grand lie.

Elarion had heard of the failed battle against D'Mora. After all, it was hard to miss a full unit march into the Portal of Hope, only to return with less elves than he could count on one hard. It did not take long for word of the overwhelming destruction to reach his ears. This had to be seen in person.

Nothing could prepare him for what waited in the cave.. or the fact that Greenvale and Feywood does not talk together, and he was still outlawed there. It gave him the workout for the day, as Feywood's finest saw trough his magical invisibility, and chased him out trough the Fey Barrier. It hurt him, but it was nothing compared to what the fierce savage that chased him would have done, had he followed.

The destruction had him staring in awe. The great pit, the energies in the air. The spires all over the place. Someone had been busy retrieving bodies, but it was obvious to him that it had been the scene of a massacre. As he walked among the corpses still impaled on the strange spikes, he came across a cave. A curious thing, as he had not heard of one being there.

Matters got curiouser and curiouser as he walked among the tight, narrow corridors, and past columns with a language he did not understand. Even stranger was the sight of a statue he did recognize. It was carved by an amateur, but it was clear it was Nimmeril. Still, there was not much for him to learn in that chamber, so he walked on. The next chamber... now that caught his interest. He did note how the bodies were not elven. He had seen enough dead to know this. These were human..Strange.. He had not heard there have been humans in Feywood, and certainly not at this scale. There was a statue too, but he did not recognize the figure. All he could make out was it was one of these Titans he had heard about.

"Lies upon lies..." A voice came from the darkness. He glanced back, but there was nothing there. "You come to seek the truth.. don't you?"

His brows furrowed. Spyder had told him a different and unknown story recently, so the chance of learning more was not one he would pass up. "I have."

"The elves of Feywood and Greenvale. All your sundered brethren..."

"And the true elves of Thain. The history the Elisarans buried."

"I am Leima's voice... I remember the elves. So noble, so beautiful. Yet their paths were darker than any could imagine..."

His eyes narrowed. Was someone playing a prank? Is it D'Mora screwing with him? Or is this genuinely a long dead titan speaking to him?

"So many lies they have told... so much darkness..."

He looked to the numerous skeletons scattered around them. "These are humans. What did the elves bury? What did they do?"

"The Feywood tell a story of their exodus. Nimmeril's light, guiding them into a new home, within the north. They will not tell you that the humans were already here."

His eyes took an intense look as he glared into the emptiness before him. "I was told of the ancient elves.. The ones who were already here when the ships sailed from Arvandor.. How much of this is truth?" His teeth gritted, but he realized his anger. He took a deep breath. "..my apologies... Go on..."

"The first elves... they came to this wood for their exodus. They slaughtered my people, my flock... The blood on their hands of a dozen Kallista D'Moras... But it is nothing compared to what Syann did."

So many questions ran trough his mind. How does this fit in with ANY documented history? Who were these humans? Was Syann ever this far north? "What did he do?"

"The greatest lie of all..."

"The story they're afraid to tell..."

His fists clenched. He dreaded hearing this as much as he needs to hear it. "Tell me.."

"Kallista D'Mora wields high magic. Magic that only an elf can possess... and yet, no elf remained to teach her.

He has seen dots connect. Too many things connecting to his suspicion and greatest fear. He knew where Kallista got her magic, and he had searched for so much evidence to counter his fears.... then an image of Syann and the lich both appeared before him..

"Uultak... I have come for my legacy."

His shoulders eased as he saw Syann addressing Uultak. He had long feared they had been the same.. It was... almost a relief.. but the voice claimed there was still another dark twist..


Syann fell to his knees.

The lich spoke with a cracked laughter in his voice. Elraion knew this was an image, so he stepped forth. Syann had been preached to him like a god for all his life, and this would be the closest he would ever be to see him in person. It was not a chance he let slip by.

"To wield the power of High Magic... You must give up everything... Your family. Your people... You will betray them all."

"...you...you really did betray them...?"

Syann looked up to meet the lich's lifeless eyes. "So be it.."

"We will deceive them. You and I..." Uultak reached his hand to Syann.

"You disgusting vermin... you had everything and- YOU ALLIED WITH HIM?!" His face was twitching in rage.

"They will never know..."

"...We are one and the same..."

"No... No, no, no, no!"

Elarion stared on in equal rage and shock as the two blended together, and the image of the lich faded. The end result he had feared the most, now confirmed before his very eyes.

"You see it now... do you not?"

"Why... Why would he... Why did he...?"

"Lies within lies within lies.."

Kallista D'Mora's voice greeted him. Uultak's image had left, and darkness had risen around him.. covered him.. He could barely even see the platform he was standing on, as the next image was one of the witch of the north. "Not the time, D'Mora..." His teeth was gritting so much a breaking sound was heard.

"The wars of the elves in the south. All the things you believed in, were only ever the games of a mad lich. The elves of the north, butchers. The elves of the south deceivers."

"And the Poison? What was it's purpose?"

"Power is never without price. To become immortal, Syann cursed his own people to the venom. And then they ceased to amuse him, he let Syann die and left them behind."

His entire body was shaking. It was so very much to take in. Everything he had ever known was proved to be a lie before his very eyes.

"This is the truth you have sought. The first elves you so revered. No grand legacy... nothing to believe in. Only the rising dark..."

He just glared at her. Just listening... He knew she was right. Everything is a lie.. everything deserves to burn. Even with the darkness rising around them, he kept glaring at Kallista. Elves.. Greenvale, Feywood, Poisonwood.. his home.. even drow.. They all deserve to be purged from this realm.

"Do what you will, D'Mora... I will not stop you.. but I will incinerate you if you stop me from having every answer I seek.."

"My fate was sealed the moment I took Syann's hand... We fight so hard, to change what we are. But in the end... it always consumes us.."

"I have no interest in your high magic, if that is what you are aiming for... such a disgusting power... from a despicable... I will have nothing to do with it.."

"You'll die with the rest. The pale elves, I am their reckoning. For all their lies. For all they have taken from me... They will die."

"And you expect me to care?"
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10:37:03 am GMT 11/25/21
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The grand lie pt.II

(( still spoilers! ))

The darkness then consumed him, and he felt something moving on his chest. He opened his eyes to find himself on the ground in a section of the forest he was not familiar with. A forest rat had crawled onto his chest. He simply blasted it away and stared up into the canopy, going over everything he heard down there in his head. He knew D'Mora knew something, and that she would not give it away for free. The last time she offered him, she wanted him to kill two of the School's students. The only reason she would tell him now is because she knew he was a destroyer.. If this even was her. She knew it would bring him a deep hatred for the other elves, and that he was fully capable of murdering thousands.

And he knew she told him the truth because that is exactly the strategy he would use. Tell the enemy a dark truth so they turn sides. Tell them so they too would cause a genocide. Everything she had done, he would do too. It is how he knew it was lie. She had yet to lie to him, and she had far too much to gain from him learning the truth. He knew this.

But looking down, he saw his mithril chain. The colors of the old Poisonwood, preserved to keep part of his legacy in his new home. With everything he now knows, seeing those colors on himself disgusted him so much he wanted to vomit. He burned all color from the leather, charring them into the darkest black. The mithril stained black by his flames. The colors of the old Poisonwood would never ever touch his skin again.

As he eventually returned to the south, he walked to the top floor of the School of magic. It was a place where he would often go to stare over the remains of his old home. Often in grief. Often in sadness. Often in rage at how history had played out..

But as he watched the burned forest from afar, the rage he had in that cave was starting to fade..

Reality was starting to sink in..

Everything he has ever been told...
The reason he is the last living member of his line...
The reason his parents were executed...
The temple he was raised in...
Their Prince...
Their eternal King...
Their zeal...
The reason they loathed Greenvale...
The reason they fought...
The reason HE fought...
That he called his own zombies "redeemers.."
WHY he called them Redeemers...
Why they stole Princess Talyrenne's ashes...
The reason his home burned...
Queen Syfana's revenge...
The reason his kin still succumb one by one...
The reason his home is steadily becoming an undead ruin...
The reason he betrayed his Queen...
Their legacy...
The reason for everything...

A crazed look overcame his eyes. His hands lifted over his face, and he scratched down over his skin as he fell to his knees. A maniacal laughter was heard all throughout the school tower and the streets below.

It was all for one grand lie.
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4:33:09 am GMT 11/26/21
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The grand lie pt.III

(Same spoilers)

"Ha ha ha ha!"

How many times has Elarion had random fits of insane laughter since he came back south? It was hard for anyone to know, and even those of Greenvale who would look on him in scorn looked in worry as he walked with the smile of a jester and the eyes of one who just lost it all. The guards paid more attention to him, for they feared he had truly snapped. There were many breaths of relief as the evoker eventually left the city.

How many had Elarion spoken to along the way? He does not remember. All that went trough his head was everything he has ever done. Everything that has ever happened. He faintly recalls meeting someone at the road north, and he thinks he spoke to them? But it is hard to be sure.

At some point, he ran into Teron Dian. The Keeper and friend was instantly worried at Elarions expression and his random laughter. It was not hard to tell something was wrong, less so for someone who knew him. He even spoke in a manner Elarion had never done before. Teron showed a flash of concern, but quickly went back to his neutral expression as Elarion asked him if he had seen what became of Feywood. The elf walked along with a big smile, and had little laughs now and then as he guided the Keeper to the forest, claiming that the elves had been hiding something. When asked what had caused the shift in his mood, Elarion merely laughed more and told him he found the truth.

Teron followed him into the Feywood, casting protections as Elarion suggested he should. He went into Watchdog mode as he followed Elarion trough the hellscape that had become of the weald. His eyes moved between the surroundings, to Elarion who walked trough it all with a smile, and back. The elf would at a point stop to look back. "Is something the matter, Teron Dian? You are falling behind." "Nothing.." "Okay." Elarion smiled and had another chuckling fit as he walked along the bloody spires and to the newly uncovered cave.

As they walked trough the cavern and down to the man made section, Elarion commented "Ironic, isn't it? This path reminds me of the tunnels of my home." Teron nodded. "An unfortunately common condition as of late." "Indeed.. Ha ha.. Can you read Sylvan, Teron Dian?" "Not as well as I might wish." As they walked along, Elarion smiled at the bodies littering the cave. "Look how similar it is.. There are even remains.. Ha ha.. We had few humans, though." He just kept chuckling as the two walked along. "So the recent conflict uncovered this place?" "Recent? No, this is old. It turns out Feywood has... Ha ha.. Skeletons in their closet, as you humans say. Ha ha. Welcome to Feywood's closet!" "Right, but access to it from the weald was not known to me." "I have only been there twice, so I could not tell you."

The two stopped in the second last room where Teron tried to make sense of the texts and the statues. Elarion was still chuckling as he told him he had not learned much from the texts, or why there was a statue of Nimmeril there, or who the fey statue was of. When Teron said he was hoping that inspiration would jump off of the rock and smack him in the forehead, Elarion laughed some more and told him there was no need. The next room will tell a pretty clear tale. He told him he does not know what is written, but he knows what happened.

As they reached the final chamber, Elarion threw his arms out and smiled to Teron. "Welcome to what remains of Leima's flock, massacred by the elves of Feywood!" "This narrow walkway?" "Yes, her statue. She spoke to me. Ha ha. Told me what happened here. She knew I was seeking the truth, and she told me -everything!- Ha ha ha!" It must have been so hard for Teron to keep his neutral expression. He was at the scene of a massacre, with an elf that has gone mad from hearing a dark truth. It was truly to be admired how he kept his face. "I visited her tomb..." Elarion leaned back on the nearby pillar. "And now you have seen the tomb of her human followers. Funny, isn't it? How desperate the elves have been to make us of the Poisoned woods the villains of their tale.. and they hide this! Ha ha ha!" "You mentioned she spoke to you?" "She did! Ha ha!" Teron tried to do some things to the statue. Elarion did not know what he did, he was just not able to pay much attention. The elf raised a hand to his own forehead, pressing into it. "What did she say to you?" "The truth about Syann!"
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4:47:27 pm GMT 11/26/21
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The grand lie pt.IV

( Still spoilers )

Teron leaned on his staff. "Go on..." "Ha ha ha! I have looked for so much evidence against it.. I didn't want to connect the dots.. Ha ha ha ha! But I was right! I didn't want to be right! Ha ha ha!! Syann... Syann and Uultak.. Are one and the same! Ha ha ha ha!!" "The lich is Syann?" "YES!!" Elarion broke into maniacal laughter as his fingers pressed and dragged firmly down his face, leaving red marks from his gloves. "He has always been Syann! Everything has been a lie!! Ha ha ha!!" Teron looked down, eyes racing back and forth, considering the tales, years, powers... "The traitor Queen.. The Prince.. The Eternal King.. The man we worshipped.. The people we fought.. Ha ha ha ha ha! All of the Eternal Conflict! The Poisonwar! Ha ha ha! Everything over a damn lie! Ha ha ha ha!!" "That.. I do not even know what questions to ASK at this point." "Ha ha ha!" Elarion just went on.. "My parents execution! My upbringing! Everything I did for my forest.. Ha ha ha! Princess Talyrenne's ashes! The demons I brought to Elisara! The guards I impaled on your light gems! Ha ha! The "Redeemers"! "Redeemers!" Ha ha ha! I called them Redeemers! Ha ha ha! It was we who needed redemption all along! Ha ha ha ha! Queen Syfana's revenge! The burning of my home! Ha ha ha ha!" Teron just watched on with concern, but did not stop him.

"All of it, Teron Dian... All of it!! Over a fucking lie! Ha ha ha ha!!" Tears started streaking down his face as he laughed. His mouth spread into the greatest smile while his eyes showed the greatest despair. "All of it.. Ha ha! All of it! Ha ha ha! One giant lie! Ha ha ha ha!!" Teron moved a step closer, concern/empathy/pity all played at times on his features as Elarion just kept laughing as the pain of it all came trough so clearly. His entire life, based on a lie. He could barely even breathe among his hysterical laughter. Teron let out a slow exhale as he reached into his pack and brought out a wand, which he maneuvered gently toward Elarion. The magic activated and Elarion's laughter became less hysterical, and faded slowly. "Ha ha... Hah.." His head and gaze drifted down. His hand moved back to his forehead. "My entire life.." "I... while I cannot know all that you feel right now, I hope that this might help." He motioned to the step. "Come, sit with me."

Elarion's smile faded, and his whole demeanour took the shape of what it should have been. Of the man who had the darkest revelation. "...yes.. Yes, let us sit.." Teron looked visibly relieved as they walked away from the edge. "I don't know what to do, Mister Dian.." Teron quietly sat there, watching him process it. A friendly presence. "If you knew what to do among such turmoil, I would question your decision, Elarion." Elarion nodded. "Purging all of elfkind might not be the best decision, no.." "And do call me Teron." "Teron.. There is.. another tale.. Teron.. Unspoken among Elisarans.. Spyder told me.." "What did Spyder say?"

"That there were already elves here before Queen Elisara sailed from across the sea." Teron nodded. "I wonder whether this fact was obscured on purpose and what might be gained from such an omission?" "In the days the titans shaped the lands, and dragons soared the skies, the elves appeared from the forest.. They were primal and simple compared to the people we know now.. but the ancient dragons taught them magic, and High Magic was born. Well, when Queen Elisara and her people came, they brought technology and their own culture.. and as Spyder told it.. "As all colonials do, they removed all traces of the original inhabitants." They forced their culture upon them. Forced them to become their own, for there can be no people before those sent by their gods. Syann spoke up against this, for he had taken one as his wife. A queen, in a tribal manner of speaking. It is why many of the first elves chose to remain after the first separation." "I see. I wonder if any of those absorbed by the newcomers still walk the Island?" "They might, for it is believed the Tel'Mordere were originally elves who fled into the mountains. It is a tale Spyder found documented in Syann's old tower, hidden away in a secret attic.. Though with what I now know of him.. This is either a tale to mislead and cause turmoil between us elves.. Or I might be a descendant of those first elves myself.." "Which would explain their enmity and cultural difference." "It would.."

"What became of Syann's wife?" "I do not know. I wish to ask Queen Yu'syu." "If you will, what came next for Syann?" "Beyond his wife being the one to teach him High Magic, I do not know.. but as the tales have all told.. all but the ones from my home.. He gave everything for power.. Even his own family.. The Poison was to make the people depend on him. It was there to strengthen him.. Queen Yu'syu.. He even planned to sacrifice her.." "Even his own mortality and identity, if I am putting things together correctly." "He did." "Which would explain her suddenly leaving his service." "The stories say Princess Talyrenne was the first to see trough his madness, and it was when he slew her, that the then Princess Yu'syu woke up to everything that was happening."

"What drove a man from being the sort that concerns himself with the welfare of a foreign people to a power-mad lich? Sorry, not man, an elf. Apologies for the verbal habit." "That, I do not know.. Perhaps it was always there. His people just did not want to see it." "All the cast of any story are the heroes in their own mind, especially the villains. There must have been some sort of motivation, even a deranged mind has some sort of driving purpose." "I want to believe he sought power for his people.. Perhaps he even sought it for his wife.." "Perhaps." "But all I can see him as now is the filthy traitor behind everything.." Teron let out a slow breath, then shook his head. "But I prattle over ancient minutae while you have just wrestled with the sort of turmoil that shatters the mind of lesser beings." "Is that not what happened..? I feel like I shattered in more ways than one.." Teron looked him over. "No, not shattered. A shattered glass is unsalvagable without remelting it. You have been rocked, and are likely still reeling, but you are still here." "..Thanks to you." "If I assisted in some way, you are welcome." Elarion nodded. "I cannot hope to know what to say or do to help, but I am open to suggestion or requests." "Right now I want to hear Queen Yu'syu's side of the story. Perhaps from there.. I might forge a new path.."

"My likely-ignorable advice is to give yourself a few days to gather yourself. Write down what you wish to say. Mull the words over, make changes, restart if you must, but have a definite course of direction for your entreaty to the Queen." Elarion nodded. "I think I will.. Thank you.. Though for now, I should get back to Sae.. She must have been worried.." "Very likely." Teron nodded. "I cannot have you worrying my little friend." He chuckled. "I shall give her your regards." "Thank you. For the present, I will continue to try to take in as much as I can regarding this place." Elarion nodded. "Good luck. Be safe." "You as well. Remember that you are valued regardless of any other consideration." "Hm." Elarion nodded after a while before he took his leave.
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