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  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  2 days ago

    Section Six starts in 1.75 hours. That will be 7pm CST (GMT - 6).

    Good(ish) characters of LEVEL 10 or below.

    We will meet at the Iron Minogon in Webster's Landing. Just assume that your character received a mysterious invitation.

    I will be IG as Taran if you have any questions!

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  1 week ago

    Happy Turkey Day (i.e.Thanksgiving Day) to all our US players. And Happy Thursday to all others!

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  2 weeks ago

    Uh, what happened to my message? Two paragraphs now random impulses across the interwebs ...

    Take care, Scratch.

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  2 weeks ago

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  2 weeks ago

    RL calls me away from Section Six tonight, folks! sad

    Should any of you want to go ahead and run it, please feel free to do so! smile

  • Crayzee4dnd
    Crayzee4dnd  3 weeks ago

    Sam and Hugdish's wedding will begin in about 4 hours from this post. Yay!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  3 weeks ago

    Section Six starts in 2 hours. That will be 7pm CDT (GMT - 5).

    Good(ish) characters of LEVEL 9 or below.

    This week will be a bit different, with time being "frozen" at the end of the last event.

    There will be a portal in the Iron Minogon that will take your character to the very start of the Temple level in the Yuan Ti caves.

    If you did not join last week, that is perfectly ok. Just assume that you caught up with us like we do whenever someone shows up late.

    If your character has never been on a section six mission, you can assume that you stumbled on us while exploring !

    It is a little unorthodox, but we will make it all work! biglaugh

    I will be IG as Taran if you have any questions!

  • Squidget
    Squidget  3 weeks ago

    Edrick and Vae in the same day? heart suprised

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  3 weeks ago

    Hello Edrick and Vae!

  • Oberon
    Oberon  3 weeks ago

    Seeing you here makes my heart smile! heart

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To rise from the ashes

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LAN_402 LAN_403
4:59:45 pm GMT 08/02/21
Shade Registered Member #24916 Joined: 2:58:00 pm GMT 01/23/19
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To rise from the ashes

Of all things one could show the one who had cursed the Seldarine..

[ image disabled ]

The sacred queen by a river. Her three children. The princess whose remains he played a big role in stealing. The prince he had always worshipped, yet knew nothing of. The princess he only recently heard of.

All four reaching out to him.. Him.. The destroyer.. The one who is nothing without his cause.. The one who delighted in the war.. The one who littered the city in impaled and incinerated corpses.. For them to still reach out for him.. It changed him..

To rise from the ashes and walk the path of Elisara.. This is the second part of Elarion's story.
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6:40:23 pm GMT 08/02/21
Shade Registered Member #24916 Joined: 2:58:00 pm GMT 01/23/19
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To settle in Greenvale had been a challenge.. but in many ways, it had not been that different from what he was used to.

Mages were not particularly well liked in his forest, all due to an ancient rule of a leader Elarion now knows was driven mad, first trough worry, then by rift energies, who did not want his rule challenged. It was not until Elarion performed as he did in the war that he became an accepted figure, so having frowns and insults uttered at him. People spitting at his feet, and those who looked at him like they wanted to pick a fight. A questionable decision on their part, seeing how he performed in the war. Elarion also has access to Mora'chel, where he got just the same treatment, so things were not all that different for one who never had eyes for anything but his cause.. But then there was the comradery of "Estel." Those who lived by it showed him a version of kinship he never would have imagined. He would not let it be seen, but it humbled him.

His following days in Greenvale was spent going trough the books of elven history. The image they painted gave a far different picture from the stories he was told. There were still parts he did not trust, or found vague, so his mission to find the truth is still ongoing. He would often enter the school of magic too, where he would either read history books in the lobby, or stand on the roof where he would watch the sad sight his old home has become.

Socializing with people had been relatively easy, though when more serious matters came up, he would often catch himself being about to claim indifference, but would remember how his words would reflect on Elith. He does not want that, so he would often take a moment to think about what Elith would say.

When not studying history, he would either be found on top of the school tower, gazing silently over his old home. Worrying about its future while being angered at how they are the only ones not rebuilding from the war. They have an army that does not tire. They have a Queen they long to see returned. They should rebuild! They should build their Queen a castle! But no... They do nothing.. The more he saw of how much effort the Elisarans and those in Taureglond put into growth, the more he felt like he was the only one who cared in his former home.

Or he would be found in the chamber of Elisara's tears. Many would likely ponder why they would let one of Syfana's court this close to the top floor, but those of higher rank patrolling the Queens tower likely knew of the agreement, and that he went trough the ritual. Of course, they didn't trust him, and many looked ready to strike at him, but they left him alone, just as he did them. He would spend hours just staring at the four statues that came from the ritual. The royal family that reached out their hands for him. It was hard for him to put words to how it felt to have their mercy. Touching? Moving? Humbling? Perhaps a word that would never be uttered in the Poisoned Woods? One thing is certain. It is their path he is now walking.
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6:36:54 pm GMT 09/02/21
Shade Registered Member #24916 Joined: 2:58:00 pm GMT 01/23/19
Posts: 484
Days passed as Elarion remained in Greenvale - the city of Elisara. The tranquil city that now knew peace, with the people walking about seemingly without a care in the world.. Or at least that is how it seemed to Elarion. Sure, the guards were busy, but even they seemed to have it relatively easy. There were a couple stationed near his new favorite sitting area, and he would often catch them glancing back at him. Some with curiosity at the Ashwoodian who turned and joined them, others looking at him with scorn.

Still, he had a pretty good social life. There were the occasional visitors to the city. They would sometimes sit down and chat with him. He would sometimes meet people when he stood in the entry hall of the school of magic too, so there was nothing lacking in his social life, but this tranquil life was getting to him. Not having his powers and leaving him unable to safely travel more or less kept him restrained to Greenvale too, making him rather restless.

Sae-lòr would sometimes come check on him, and the two would share words of the state of Taureglond, or his new path. Ilyrana, perhaps the person who understands him best would come down too, and the two would speak of his path and the next move in regards to his home. Everything would be long term plans, but it was good to have someone to talk to. Then the day of reunion came, when Teron brought him to Taureglond, to be reunited with his oldest friend and companion. The pixie, Sae. The familiar that received a lethal wound, and he left under Teron's care, now fully healed. They had met a couple of times while she was under Teron's care, but this time, it was time for her to rejoin Elarion and join him in Greenvale.

Then came the day he would first show his dedication to his new path. He had promised to take a new member of the school of magic to Taureglond, to see Inica. The day finally came, and he sat out with Ashley and Loriah. The trip had started out just fine, but as they came just over halfway trough the bog, patches of darkness appeared first before them, then behind. Things really couldn't be worse as the figure that created it stepped forth. Kallista D'Mora. She strangely seemed to know of his new path, and even his goals. Curious that she did, as he couldn't think of too many he has even mentioned them to, yet here she was, even offering him a clue.. but at the cost at the lives of the two school members. This was not an option for him. He has a good thing going in Greenvale, and he did absolutely not want to disappoint Elith.

He gave her reply in form of blood magic as she had her back turned, and a fight broke out. He knew the two students wouldn't stand a chance against her, and without his own power, his sole chance was her not knowing how to defend against blood magic. If she did? Well, they would be doomed. Their chances of making it trough the encounter alive would go from minimal to zero.

They lucked out though, as flashes of green came beside them, just as it seemed Kallista was about to finish them off. Elarion thought it was the signature poison of Sae-lòr, but when a strange figure wielding a pair of axes appeared, things took a strange turn. It was clear D'Mora was confused by it as well, so it could be their chance. Sure enough, this axe-man was a great danger, but he considered the bog they were in to be a holy site. If they chose their words carefully, they just might have made it out safely. Unfortunately, not all of them did. Ashlyn was promptly beheaded, but Elarion and Loriah were both allowed to leave. They would not throw away that chance, and gathered Ashlyn's body and head, and left for Taureglond. D'Mora's fate would be up to her. They would not remain to find out.

Still, having two of them walk out alive was better than they could ever have hoped for. He did not expect to survive the encounter with D'Mora, and he considers them lucky they did. It does trouble him that she knows something about Syann's remains, but the price she wanted for it was just not one he would pay. They were lucky, and D'Mora is no fool. She could tell he was without his actual magic. He did not cast any of his potent destructive spells. He has no doubt she will take advantage of this if they are to meet again, and now that he has established he will fight for Greenvale, he will need to be prepared. He has fought her a couple of times before, with varying results, but those times, they fought as enemies of convenience. A battle because there was something to gain, with nothing personal being involved. That will not happen next time. He will face her as true enemies, one fighting for the city she wishes to destroy. He will need to be ready. Meeting her has shown him he will need to regain the power he once held. He will need his destructive magic.

There is only one problem. He gave that up for the cleansing ritual. He lost his connection to the Poison, which was always assumed to have blessed him with his power. He has never handled the weave by itself, and learning everything anew would put him back at square one.
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12:47:53 am GMT 09/03/21
Shade Registered Member #24916 Joined: 2:58:00 pm GMT 01/23/19
Posts: 484
To learn to walk again, that is what it feels like for Elarion. He had such talent. Such power. Now all he can make is crackling sparks that fizzle before any form of magic can even be formed. It frustrated him to no end.

He had let Teron know he needs to learn magic again, and what will come of that remains to be seen. Teron had contacted Elith trough letters, though with the elder away from Greenvale, it would be hard to learn anything from him. Teron was swamped in his own dealings as a Keeper as well, and would likely not have time for him.

He then recalled a man in the tower, the apprentice to the headmistress herself. This might work out well, as he knew Elarion's situation, and has already made it clear he would aid Elarion learning to control magic again. It took some days before they would meet again, but as they happen upon each other in the stairs of the school of magic, Elarion was direct and straight to the point. He told the mage he needs aid, and the two went upstairs. The mage, despite being an apprentice handled it well, and the two discussed how it would be best for Elarion to start back with evocation, as it is what he knew best, and they both agreed it is what he will be most likely to pick back up again.

They started off easy, and when Loriah started off with Ray of Frost, Elarion was caught off-guard. He would never even consider using such a weak spell, but Loriah wisely told him there is value in small spells. Elarion told him how he would never hold back, even with minor enemies. That holding back would be a weakness that should not be shown to an enemy, no matter what.

Loriah then started showing him how he would pull on the weave while explaining how he would feel it. He told him to reach out, and trough his own words of power and incantations, make his will and purpose clear. To give it shape. To command, coax it and convince it... Then release it. As Elarion remarked on how needlessly complex such a minor spell was, Loriah told him it is important to realize that they are only ever conduits for the magic they use. Elarion did not understand what he meant by this, so Loriah explained to him either they are a blood mage or wizard, they merely provide shape and direction to the weave. Elarion told him how he used to treat it as a tool he would use the Poison to draw forth, like the Poison was the point between him and magic, where he would draw on it to force magic to do his will. Loriah told him it sounded like he was used to the Poison doing the retrieving for him, and he now needs to learn how to do that himself.

They spoke briefly on the matter of magic having a will, where Loriah assured him it does not, and the two started their practice. Elarion lifted his palm, and sparks flared and crackled under his fingers as he tries to force a connection. While studying him, Loriah found Elarion was trying too hard to force his magic and told him to ease up. That merely a third of what he was trying to pull would be enough. They spoke on how Elarion was not used to restraint. He would never hold back, so when Loriah told him to do baby steps, he was not happy. It frustrated him to no end. That the magic he could toss with a flick of his wrist is now something he has to struggle for.

The young mage was patient with the former destroyer, and supported him well, even as Elarion clearly voiced his distaste with such weak magic. He still took in what Loriah told him, and as he tried the weakest attack spell he could think of, he had to focus and really hold back. He took long, slow breaths to focus, and soon, a cone of flames would burst from his hands.
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12:04:37 am GMT 09/04/21
Shade Registered Member #24916 Joined: 2:58:00 pm GMT 01/23/19
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"..that's it! You did it!" came from the excited apprentice, and Elarion opened his eyes in surprise. It was good he was able to cast a spell again, but he was disappointed by how weak it is. As the two spoke, it really came trough just how different the two were. Loriah was positive and encouraging, while Elarion was frustrated by his lack of power, and quick to anger. The poor apprentice was given a few glares, but Elarion also told him he appreciated his aid.

As the session continued, Loriah wanted him to perform a incineration spell. As Elarion shaped the magic between his hands, it would crackle again but remained somewhat stable between his fingers. As he channeled the weave and held it, he just.... stopped. He looked awkward as he stood there and realized he has never cast the desired spell. He simply had no idea what to do! They did learn something from it, though, and that was Elarion can likely handle second circle spells. If he handle them well... Well..

He tried to cast one of his most used spells of that level, and as he tried to make himself invisible, he lost control and misfired it completely. Instead of vanishing, he was glowing like a beacon within the window-less practice room. His face twitched in frustration as Loriah was guessing which spell he had just cast, before realizing it was an awkward misfire. The twitching got worse as Elarion tried to wave off the misfired spell, but nothing happened. How he wanted to throw a ball of pure destruction at a wall... But even a fury ball is far out of his reach. He can't even dispel a glow by himself. Loriah picked up on what it was and did it for him.

The next misfire came as Loriah tried to show him how to cast Magic Missile. It went as well as could be expected from one who has always been used to unleashing a barrage of missiles, often at full strength. As he tried to imitate Loriah's magic, while really holding back, he tried to let go of the spell, and.... Nothing. The most minor version of the missile spells were out of his grasp. It was too weak for him to have ever have considered, and he didn't even know there are three variants of the spell. He tried to use the greater form while holding back as much as he could.

After some more talking and a display of Flame Weapon, which Loriah recommended to him a spell he could use to show good will to others, the idea came to test out an old simple spell Elarion knew well. Grease. After Loriah showed him how he cast it, Elarion tried to imitate it and cast the spell. He put too much power into it again, and it exploded, covering both mages and the area around them in black filth. Luckily Loriah had spells to clean them both.

Loriah went on to tell him how he pulls too much at the weave. That the Poison made it too easy for him, and he can no longer just yank at magic, and it will do what he wants. He needs to pull and channel just as much as he needs, and do so carefully, otherwise, he would just misfire again. He told Elarion to imagine himself as a branch of a river. That he is not taking the weave, he s only directing bits of it. That it is not his to take, but rather be its guide. He told him if he would focus less on taking and more on easing it along, it would make it easier. All of it just sounded needlessly complicated to Elarion, but Loriah pointed out it seemed the Poison used to be his conduit. That he didn't have to worry about these steps himself as the Poison just handed it to him. At least that was his theory.

Loriah explained it well with his analogy of comparing it to guiding water along a stream and making little streams with his fingers, though he completely lost Elarion when he brought up watching children play. How they would make little streams from a river, and how they are used to working with something small, which is something Elarion never had to do until now. There was one problem with that comparison. Elarion has never seen a child play. In a strange turn, this became Elarion's homework assignment. To watch them use what little they have, and what they can imagine it to be. To observe the power of imagination, and to translate what they can do with the basics into how he would work the weave. It sounded incredibly silly, and the point was almost completely lost to Elarion with the way he has always seen the world. It was a little embarrassing when Loriah ended up pinching his nose, but he was able to explain it in a way Elarion finally understood.

When Elith saw Elarion, he saw potential in him. He saw he could be something different from what he used to be, otherwise, he would not vouch for him as he did. Just like he did, Elarion would watch the children play and imagine their future potential, and see them trough Elith's eyes. It finally made sense, and Elarion had his first assignment. One that would totally not look creepy at all.
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12:00:09 pm GMT 09/20/21
Shade Registered Member #24916 Joined: 2:58:00 pm GMT 01/23/19
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And so Elarion, being the different man he was, simply obeyed his task and went out into the city to watch children play.

It was not a good look. Many knew he was of Poisonwood. Others even knew who he was, and they were not happy to have him watch their children. Still, he had a task, and so he became more subtle with his means once "concerned parents" voiced their "worries" about a "strange man" watching their children.

Loriah had given him an impossible task. Not only was it hard to accomplish, but he was unable to imagine like he wanted him to. He had tried to see the children trough Elith's eyes, but to do so without consulting Elith proved to be a rather grand challenge. All he saw when a child fell over and wailed and cried a river of tears, all he saw was a child that would not survive a moment outside the safety of Greenvale.

He even had help from Teron, who showed him a memory of his own children, but even that didn't help much. One memory made Elarion think Teron's children weak, but the other impressed him. It was still a wasted effort, as Elarion was no closer to really understanding his task.

He had to rethink his methods. Learning the weave trough this new... or rather, old means, was still a great challenge, so Elarion had to think of something new. Loriah's lesson would have to wait, as Elarion thought it best he tried the methods he knew best. To put himself in danger, and let the threat of his life force be what drives him to grasp the weave. He set out for a place he could likely escape if he used his gear, while still proving to be a challenge with his limited capabilities. He went into the lady's tomb where he fought undead he could barely handle with his limited ability. His sword arm was not much to brag about either, so he had found the prime location. Sure enough, putting his life in danger proved to be more fruitful than lessons he did not understand, and he was soon able to draw on the third circle.

When he then later spoke to Loriah again, he wanted to blast him. The man had not intended for Elarion to complete his lesson in the first place, so it was no wonder it went poorly. They spoke on how using his old methods was what worked best for him, and Loriah agreed it might be best to go with what Elarion already knew, and relearn by putting one's life in danger. After all, Elarion had decided the best course for him would be to refocus on evocation. It is what he knows. It is what he was good at. It is what will be needed to shield the south.
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6:13:00 pm GMT 10/08/21
Shade Registered Member #24916 Joined: 2:58:00 pm GMT 01/23/19
Posts: 484
As time went on, Elarion rediscovered the means to pull on the same magic he once did. He was still bound to the lower circles, but he was finally able to unleash flames like he once did. He was able to do so with stability and increased power. After all, it is what he knew best.

Still, there is much that could be improved, and his progress was far slower than he cared for. It frustrated him to no end it took so long to get a proper feel of the weave. No matter how much he tried, it still felt foreign. Like a power still evading him. It is then he got the idea to return to the Altar of Aether. He discussed this idea with a few mages, and him, Evangeline, Loriah and Teron went to find the shrine. It took some searching, and it was agreed on it is lunacy for anyone to settle in the climate they walked trough. In the end, they found the entrance, and it took some doing for Teron to gain access.

They all went in and took in their surroundings with awe, as they made their way for the alter. The first one up was Loriah, who had never touched any of the altars. He was struck in awe, more so than earlier, as he was granted the gift of limited control of the aether. Elarion went up to it next, but he did not touch it. He stood before it with his hands stretched out. He let sparks fly between his fingers and the altar, as rays of magical plasma shaped between them. His focus was on the energy itself. Not what it could give him, but how it felt. His goal was to find the weave, and here he was connected to the purest magic. It was like his first time in the Abyss, where he learned how to home in on this realm of sin, wrath and chaos. It is how he became able to summon the powerful demons he did, having something to feel for.

Now that he had it, he felt the weave far better than before. He tugged on the strings he could sense in the air, and shaped it into flames in his hand. He sent it behind him, beyond the group, and was satisfied with the result. His task theory worked.

The others did not do much, though, as beyond looking around this incredible place yielded little beyond taking in the sights, as without knowing what to search for in a place so alien, there simply was not much to be found.

Some days passed.

As he was walking the heightened walls of the Queen's hill, he heard troubled civilians speak of murder in the city. He did not care at first and kept walking. It was likely just some rogue demon or dragonkin. It happens.... but as he kept walking, he noticed just how many were talking about how people kept going missing. As he walked, he counted five different rumors. This sounded a little too weird, and he stopped to think. Disappearances are not rare. They happen. The Tel'Mordere could have caught a snack, or his own could have spirited away some unfortunate soul to be devoured.. but he remembered who his actions now reflect on, and he does not want to disappoint him. He listened in on the streets until he had a clue to where the newest case was, and he found himself by the noble estates.

In one of the inner corners, he came across three elves. Two in the common uniform, with the clear lead investigator being in all black. On the ground was a dead dward, with two nearby unnatural flames that instantly caught Elarion's eyes. It was not long before another elf Elarion had encountered when ghosts walked Greenvale, and shortly after this, the Queensguard, Kellendill. After some questioning, the hooded elf took the three aside and read out several names, and asked if anything striked them as interesting, and it was noted how none of them were elven. They were the names of the recent murder victims. After a little more talking, the four went back to the scene, and Elarion, Kellendill and Sylmare went to investigate the body of a dwarf.

They first learned how clean the cut across his throat was. It was clean and precise, it is hard to imagine what could have caused it. Next they noticed a strange ichor on the body, and in his blood. Elarion scraped some of it on a knife to inspect it, and he found it to have some magical properties, same as the nearby flames. They caught his attention again, and he knelt down to examine one again. The magic in them seemed.. strange. Otherworldy even. Not something Elarion has any experience with. It is strangely potent, and as Kellendill left, Elarion and Sylmare realized what the magic was. The lost art of High Magic.

Neither of them wanted to believe it. It was just so unlikely, and the known practitioners could be counted on one hand. The hooded elf commented on them having arrived at the same conclusion, and told them they must understand his growing concern. That somewhere, closer than they would like, is someone possessing magic beyond mortal ability, and is flaunting them in the streets of Elisara. There were questions to the crime scene too. Why slit the dwarf's throat? Why make it so clean, and why leave what seemed like a signature?

The hooded elf told them he was already aware of their discoveries, and he did not ask them to be enlightened about what occurred. When Elarion asked why he would let them go this far, and asked what the hooded elf needs, he answered he wished to put them to a test, and told them they answered with excellent results. Sylmare asked if it was to see if they could be of use, and the hooded elf confirmed. He told them to consider themselves important assets to an ongoing investigation, should they both wish to be of further aid. Though they have to be thorough, careful, and deliberate in their conduct, as they are potentially opposing an enemy with impossible magical aptitude. The hooded elf told them he does not think they can, or even should, try pit themselves against this enemy. Even combined, their abilities will not suffice, but then, direct confrontation is not the goal. Anticipation and cunning is.

Before they would depart, the hooded elf said he had a task for them. He wanted them to learn if this dwarf and the other missing citizens had done anything to invoke the attention of their antagonist. He told them to speak to their relatives, friends and acquaintances. To garner what they can. Sylmare told him she is an unknown that they may not trust, and Elarion simply gave him a flat look and asked him if he knows Elarion is the most hated person in the city. The hooded elf seemed to smile at this, and told him "Not anymore, Elarion, once of Ashwood. It seems someone is competing for that title." before he moved back into a shadow and seemed to vanish.
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10:01:22 pm GMT 10/14/21
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Days passed, and the Hooded elf approached Elarion again. He was sitting in his new favorite spot where the hooded one soon joined him. They discussed matters of elven history, and as Sylmare soon joined them, the conversation shifted towards the recent ongoing problem. Much were discussed, yet little was truly planned. They learned this was likely connected to Queen Yu'syu being absent from the throne, and the killings are to do with one of her heirs. Who is unclear, though there will be a ball hosted soon, where the hooded one would like they to attend. How would be up to them. Elarion and Sylmare talked about this much, but neither was really sure what to do, as it is out of the element for them both.

In the following day, a raven flew down to Elarion as he sat reading in his favorite spot. It was a curious thing to have a bird land so close to him, and be so comfortable.. then he saw the note tied to it's leg. He unwrapped it from the clearly tamed bird, and read it. "Evoker, I will arrive in Greenvale via ship. Please meet me at the docks, I need to talk with you. ~Elith."

A curious note, but meeting Elith again would always be welcomed. He knew the elder was busy with something in the north, and there would be little interaction between them for a while. He closed his book and moved down from the little strip resembling a garden, and down to the docks where Elith later disembarked. The two shared greetings and shared the basic gist of what they had both been up to, before Elith told Elarion to come. He had heard Elarion say something about his connection last time, and Elarion explained his former connection to the Poison, and how it helped him cast. He explained how he had gone to the altar of Aether, and his reasoning for doing so. Elith nodded and told him he was glad Elarion had established a new connection to the weave, and commented on it being reckless, but they were lucky that it worked.

He then pointed out Elarion's affinity to fire, and asked if he had been able to restore it. Elarion told him he has been able to restore some of his own powers, but he is not nearly as efficient as he once was. He can still cast, but he lacks the power he once held. Elith told him how it is time they strengthen his control over his magic, now that he is properly connected to the weave, with a better understanding of it. He told Elarion they were going to the Azers. A creature Elarion had never even heard of.

Elith gave him the basic explanation of what an Azer was, and told him they need to get below Hammersong. After a brief back and forth in finding the best path, Elith guided Elarion down trough the kup-toa, and trough Duergar lands, and up into the mines below Hammersong. They were both a little disoriented, as any elf would be, but they found it at last.

After rushing trough the heated cave, with Elith blasting the unsuspecting mephits, the elder grabbed a strange gem burning with an inner fire, and brought Elarion along to a different section of the cave. "Let's see if we will manage to make your innate affinity for fire resurface.." He said as he seemed to melt the floor with the point of his staff. He went on to carve runes on the cave floor, and Elarion could only watch curiously as Elith made a serious of runes. As he finished, the design began glowing slightly with a purple light. A long moment then passed as Elith drew more runes. Elarion recognized most of it as some form of conjuration spell. One seemingly amplified by the location. "Fire", "energy", and "release" were all runes he easily recognized.

Elith then handed the fire gem to Elarion and told him to hop into the center of the runes. With Elarion inside, Elith began to mutter in an old form of elven. "Das feur brennt machtig und stark in dir. Es hat viel verbrannt und zerstort, aber es wurde gelost und jetzt brennt es nicht mehr. Von der raum des feuers wirst du jetzt gerufen und wieder wirst du in dem elbens hertz brennen. So ist es gesprochen!"

As Elith spoke the incantation, tongues of flames began to surround Elarion and danced around him. The purple runes shifted to orange, and then to a fiery red. Elarion's eyes widened as he remained in place at the center. Flames danced around him as the runes glowed, and the crystal in the young mage's hands began to crack and splinter, as it absorbed the flames dancing around him. With a final outburst, the crystal shattered, completely overcharged with the energies conjured. As it did, Elarion felt the raw energy of the plane of fire investing him and it was not up to him to tap in and accept part of the flame, to restore his legacy, or to let it be.

He was naturally surprised as the gem shattered, and he was caught offguard for a moment, before he remembered why they were there. He reached out for the flames while remaining safe within the circle. The flames danced in his direction as he drew on them, with his own hands surrounding themselves in flames, as if guiding them to his hands. The white flames engulfed them as if feeding on his flame. It was a terribly painful experience, but the runes triggered and protected him. It still hurt. It hurt a lot.. but he has to push trough. He got an intense look in his eyes. He was the damn Poisonwood Evoker. He was Onta Crona! He was the one who lit a whole damn city on fire! ....but this hurt!

The memory and the arcane in his blood woke to life as he kept drawing on the pure flames from the very elemental plane of fire. It will be a journey to completely recover, but this was a solid step in the right direction. "Genug! Es reicht jetzt!" Elith shouted, and the flames retreated back into the opened portal. Gritting his teeth, Elith slowly moved his hands together, as if compressing an invisible ball. Slowly following in sort, the flames pulled from Elarion's hands, and the portal closed, leaving behind only a lingering wind. The elder lowered his hands and looked to Elarion. "So?" He asked expectantly.

Elarion held out his hand, with his palm pointed up, and a flame burst out, surrounding his hand, with Elarion altering its size from large to small, to large again, experimenting with just how much he could control it, and how much he can do without hurting his hands. He could tell he is still not as powerful as he once was, but he was getting there. Elith told him he will need practice and a deeper understanding of it. He proceeded to tell him he has been touched by the raw flames of the plane of fire, and warned him to not be consumed by them.
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Days went by, and the School of Magic's Room of Evocation became a busy place. As Elarion could sense both where he now should draw magic from, and where he should seek the flames, the protected room quickly became a furnace of roaring fire magic. He is still not back at his full potential, but the the flames he can once more bring out is still not something anyone should speak of lightly.

Satisfied with his progress, he went out to the city where he took out his book, and found a place to rest against a pillar so he could listen in on the busy street. Soon enough, he heard a woman yelling for people to watch where they walk. The voice stood out enough for Elarion to glance back at a woman who caught his eye. A radiant elf, dressed in gold, with golden hair. A radiance he had never seen in the forest, or in Elisara. A sun elf.

She soon met his gaze and asked if they had met, to which Elarion closed his book and told her they have not. That he has never met an elf with features such as hers, and asked if she was from the mainland. She approached him with graceful and somewhat dainty steps, minding the spot of dirt on the cobbles. She said she could ask him the same, and pointed out him smelling of Poison. He dipped his head and confirmed he is formerly of the woods. She pointed out how "Of the woods" would mean something different, and what a shame it was that their people decided to branch out.

They spoke a little of the past, but then the woman asked Elarion where his steps would take him. He does not know. Like with all things, he sees the future with logic, and knows that fate is unpredictable, and only fate itself knows where he will end up. The woman straightened her dress and batted her eyelashes with feigned modesty. Beneath the veneer of grace and etiquette, he suspected a dangerous and seductive predator laid waiting. It was something he knew and recognized, but kept it to himself. He still kept eye contact as the woman asked him why he clings so much to what was. Why he clings to Syann, Talyrenne, and even Elisara. She asked him why he walk in their steps, only to repeat their mistakes, to which Elarion simply told her it is their heritage and identity. He told her he has seen first hand what comes from discarding ones identity, to which she corrected him by saying he has seen what happens when an identity is shed, with no other to replace it.

When she asked him "Fate, you spoke. Are you not the champion of your own?", he mistook "his own" as his people, to which he frowned and told her to be a champion, there needs to be a people behind it, and told her his own would not even bother rebuilding. She told him that goes without saying, and that one elf can pick up a single stone, but a thousand can reshape cities. That if they were to agree on a similar fate... Elarion turned this down. He has seen how the Elisarans and his own cannot even agree on their own history. They cannot even agree on when the Poisonwar started.

Her voice was ambrosia, delivered by a tongue coated in honey. Swords can fell a man. Magic a thousand, but words, if delivered well, can change destinies. Elarion knew this well, as it was not actions or his battle with Elith that changed his own fate. It was when they spoke. This woman, too, gave off an impression that she could well do the same, if she put her mind to it. When she started saying "What if...", Elarion knew it was something he should listen to. The woman gave a strong impression of reflecting on her own words well, and her words, even if he was getting a strong feeling she is somehow involved with the recent killings he has been tasked in helping to investigate.

"..We let the past be the past, and instead set our gaze on the future. What do you want for your people, handsome outsider? What do you want for yourself? A hundred years from now, a thousand years, what legacy do you wish to leave behind?" And just like that, she had lost him. The past is something that can not, and must not be discarded. Still, he went on with the conversation. "Hm. I want to see my people rise from the ashes. The forest regrown. Our heritage saved.. But that cannot happen as long as Queen Syfana excists.. In a thousand years.." He leaned back to look to the sky. "A glorious green wood.. A strong people.. Ancient, surviving lineages.. House Hanolen restored.." "Yet why do you seem so immersed in your book, perusing tattered pages on times long past? Why not take up a pen and write down what will be, not what was?"

It was a damn good question, and one that carried great weight, but Elarion cared deeply for tradition. "Ignoring history is simply something no elf should do. Leave that to the feren.. but I suppose you may have a point." He looked up at the Queen's tower, while the woman narrowed her eyes at a human shooting Elarion a dirty look. She appeared as a coiled serpent at that moment.

Elarion's fingers drummed at the hilt of his sword, something he often does when thinking. He pondered the royal bloodline, and the two contenders for the throne, were Yu'syu to pass. If it would bring a new era for the elves.. The woman relaxed meanwhile and regained her composure, once more appearing like a gentle female enjoying a stroll under the sun. "The past defined what we are, at this moment, but not who we are meant to be." His gaze moved back to the cobbled floor as he took a moment to consider who he is himself.. then he thought of what the elves in their entirety are, and he frowned. "Hrm. What we are would make the royal family turn in their tombs."

The woman went on to further explain her words. "For example, this city by its erstwhile Queen's and her daughter's willingness to prostitute elven history to outsiders. But is that the wish of this city? Of our people?" Just like that, she confirmed what Elarion suspected... but her words make sense. She is likely someone he could get along with well. Someone he can really work with. But.. For now, he will see how things progress. After all, he did bring forth a point that had frustrated him to no end during the war. How so many outsiders had just joined Elisara without even knowing anything about their long history. How Greenvale had so happily brought them all in. "Hrmph. Had she not had them, Elisara would be a ruin.. It is rather embarrassing, yes. Issues between elves should be solved by elves. As for the city's wishes.. That, I cannot answer." "I do not look upon this place and see a city. I look beyond. I look at our forests- yours, mine, ours - and see there a future that may take us down a different path."

"Maybe we can talk more over a glass of wine." She gave him a beguiling smile. "I might even host a ball soon." "I think I would enjoy that." He smiled back, with a smirk following. "Just don't expect me to dance." ..... Was that really his best choice of words? This is something they had planned and worried over, how Elarion would get into the ball, and here he is, talking with someone who can get him right in, and perhaps someone he can have a long conversation with. If not something relevant to their research, he does enjoy her company. She seemed well reflected and intelligent. A strong woman who can achieve much. Even if nothing come of it, it should still be a fascinating evening. "Or.." he drummed his fingers on the hilt of his sword again. "..I think a dance would be a lovely follow up to wine.. Would you not say so?"

"Say that Silelmera invited you, and you might enjoy yourself." She turns on her heels, but cast a single glance back over her shoulder. "Oh, dancing is mandatory." Elarion watched her leave with a smile, though it faded once she was out of his sight. Shit. Now he has to learn how to dance! He knew exactly who he would ask, but he has to do so fast, so he went straight to the school of magic, and penned a letter to Nicolette.

The White Rose
From Elarion Hanolen

White Rose, I am in need of your aid. I have been invited to a ball, and I need to learn how to dance. I hope you are able to teach me this, and do so soon. I will naturally pay you well for your efforts, either in riches or favors. You can find me in Elisara.
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It was a nice, quiet day when Elarion heard a horse trotting up beside him. It was an unusual sound, so he glanced curiously over to see Nicolette on her white steed. The two shared greetings, and she joined him by the quiet campfire. The two spoke about the differences between Elarion's old home and Greenvale. How it was the complete opposite from the core of the forest, and of Queen Yu'syu, who Nicolette found inspiring, but Elarion brought up how he was disgusted with her for not realizing why the recent war had happened.

The conversation shifted to leaving ones home behind as Yu'syu had. Nicolette said Elarion must now know how hard that can be, and he told her how those of the core of the forest never saw Yu'syu as anything but a disgusting traitor, who brought with her the fools who believed her lies and excuses. Had he only known. He brought up how the Elisarans only saw their eternal king and glorious prince as a corrupt, foul man, who they wish to erase from history. They spoke on the story Elith had told the week before, about the rise and fall of Syann.

Elarion believed him to be one who did what he had to for his people, that he sought power for a good reason, but ended up dealing with powers he did not understand. It was a mindset Elarion could relate to, and he hoped this was what happened. Nicolette brought up that Syann sought power over anything, even his own daughter. She asked him when he surrendered to Greenvale, if he had ever asked if it would make him stronger or weaker. He told her he did it because it was a necessary step to ensure the future of the woods. It was never about power. Nicolette remarked on how that made him differ from Syann, that Elarion wanted to find the path that was necessary, even if it was hard. The conversation changed toward Kallista, but as he saw this was making Nicolette uncomfortable, they both changed the subject.

She was the first to speak up. She asked about the letter Elarion had sent, and if he really was attending a ball. This seemed to amuse her and she wanted to hear all about it.. Not that there was much to say, so he just told her that he got invited by an elf he had met on the street. This seemed to make Nicolette excited, much to Elarion's discomfort. He simply did not understand the implications to being invited to a dance, much less why Nicolette's eyes would be gleaming so. Her excitement was short lived, and was swiftly replaced by disbelief and confusion at Elarion never having danced before.

In his century of living, he had never danced once. Five times her age, and he had never snuck out to dance in secret. Not even once. This was hard for the young bard to believe. She just could not grasp how someone would respect the rules so much they would not grant themselves this simple pleasure. But where would Elarion ever sneak off to dance? Elarion was sure this was going to become a disaster, but the young bard tried to assure him. She thinks he just has to learn, so she told him there are rules, but he will have to break them sometimes, for dancing is about expressing emotion, and emotion that respects all the rules isn't emotion at all. The conversation then shifted to music, and Nicolette asked him if he has recovered enough magic to echo the sound she plays, something he is fairly certain he can. He knows just the location.
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