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  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  21 hours ago

    Reminder: no necro night tonight! See you Saturday for the big event!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  3 days ago

    Unfortunately, I have had something come up today and I will not be able to run Nature Night again today.

    Hopefully, life will get back to normal next week, and we can return to our regular schedule.

    Feel free to get together as The Called and have an adventure and/or some great RP. smile

  • wisdombeyondages
    wisdombeyondages  4 days ago

    Orc Night in 2 hours! Meet at the Hellshire camp! Portal will be available for travel!

  • Payne
    Payne  5 days ago


  • Wraitheus
    Wraitheus  5 days ago

    Story Night at the Tin & Tankard in three hours! Hope to see you there.

  • archgrendel
    archgrendel  5 days ago

    Dwarf Night! Dwarves Assemble! In about 2 hours from now (8pm est)! Meet by the main gate to Hammersong

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  1 week ago

    Meant to get this out earlier, but there is a Necro Night tonight, starting in about 7 minutes!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  1 week ago

    I have to go into the office today, so I will not be able to host Nature Night. frown

    The Wild Grove is set up and ready to go, so feel free to meet up and spread Nature's Blessings if you wish! smile

  • Alanonas
    Alanonas  1 week ago

    Brimstone Knight Tournament begins in a lil over 3 hours (1 pm EST) from this post! There is a portal at the transition between the Long Road West and Drakamyre Rise.

  • wisdombeyondages
    wisdombeyondages  1 week ago

    Orc Night starts in 30 mins!

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3:55:31 am GMT 08/12/20
Kagali Registered Member #1318 Joined: 4:57:57 am GMT 06/17/08
Posts: 366
"Chase me, mother, chase me! You'll never catch me!" The young elf boy laughed confidently as he took off across the fields, the legs of his pants already getting wet from the dew still clinging to the grass.

I chuckled, shaking my head and turning to his father. "You hear that? That sounds like a challenge, my love. If you don't answer that challenge, our son will learn that he can walk all over us, and then his life would descend into a spiral of shenanigans and debauchery. And you know where that leads, right?"

I smiled and poked his nose. "Since that sounds precisely like you, that will result in him finding and getting married to a nice girl like me, would it not?"

He laughed - oh, how I miss that laugh - and prodded me onwards. "Go, catch up to him. It is almost time for us to eat, melamin."

I've seen this scene so many times now. And it never changes. Oh, if only I could change it...
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4:57:41 pm GMT 08/14/20
Kagali Registered Member #1318 Joined: 4:57:57 am GMT 06/17/08
Posts: 366
It was early in the morning, with the sun just starting to climb up above the horizon and line of trees in the distance. Aolis was preparing his supplies for his regular woods patrol, and our little Tamsin was still asleep in his room. But there was something different about this morning. Looking between the two, I was possessed with a somewhat selfish desire, wishing to spend just a little more time together before my husband left for the day. So I started preparing a basket full of simple but wholesome food items for breakfast - breads, some baked tarts from the previous evening, fresh berries, boiled eggs, and some cheeses chopped into small, bite-sized chunks.

While I was preparing, Aolis' arms slid around me as he hugged me from behind. "What are these for, melamin? Are you preparing food for travelling somewhere?"

I smiled, closing the basket and placing my hands over his, leaning into his warmth behind me. "We are going to have breakfast together, the three of us, before you go on your patrol. We haven't done that in quite some time, have we?"

Aolis chuckled lightly and placed a kiss on the back of my neck. "True, we haven't. And you need to make sure to eat plenty, melamin. You're not just eating for yourself, right?"

I nodded, then pulled his hands away from me enough to turn around in his grasp, draping my arms around the back of his neck. "Indeed! You've been quite productive." Smirking, I leaned up and placed a quick kiss on his lips. "Now, finish preparing your supplies - you can depart as soon as we've finished. I'll go wake our son."

Oh, why did I insist on doing this? Things could've been so different if I just waited another day before doing this...why...
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