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    Cuchuwyn  22 hours ago

    Necro Night will start in about 1.5 hours!

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    scratch_flannigan  2 days ago

    The IC posts over the Crater Lake events for Nature Night are finally finished!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  2 days ago


    It really was something..a bit like a can..that the Sandworms went into !

    Magic and Gnomish Technology to the rescue!

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    Vaedryan  2 days ago

    *chuckles* Love the name of the most recent NN, Scratch!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  3 days ago

    Nature Night will start in about 2 hours!

    Please join us in the Wild Grove in Grauer Suden.

    I will be IG as Dauken. Feel free to shoot me a tell with any questions. smile

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    Hi Scratch!

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    *wave* @Vaerdryan grin

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    Omg! I spy an Avarith!!! grin

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    DORF night has kicked off with epic bouts of arm wrestling!

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The Sons of Fhelkorn

LAN_402 LAN_403
11:38:05 pm GMT 07/31/20
Shade Registered Member #24916 Joined: 2:58:00 pm GMT 01/23/19
Posts: 223
(( Figured we could need a common thread for this. ))

No one could have expected what suddenly happened. The trade was attacked by an organized group of kin calling themselves "the sons of Fhelkorn." Tedya, one of the island's peaceful reds were quick to react, and make her stance known. She wants kin to be able to live in peace too, but this is not the way. What they were doing here would do nothing but to prove them right. Perhaps that was their intention. Chaos. There was much speculation on what the game was, but as information presented itself, she made her way to Rianna's trading post, and had her ship out little notes trough runners.

Anyndel and Dele of Greenvale were sought out, along with Darren of the Celestial Order, and Teron Dian of the Keepers. The message was simple. "Vital information has come up. We need to talk." The messengers said it was from someone named Tedya, and went on their way to their next task.


It had been a line of calm days in Greenvale for a certain seamstress. Business had been good, but only one customer had requested something special, so the small woman was getting restless. She went to the Crossroads area, like she usually does when she is bored, and found the place barricaded. This did not sit well with her. She liked the trade. It was the place she went when standing around in Greenvale was driving her mad. After getting a little information on what had happened from people standing around, she walked right in and let her arrows fly. Did she disagree with their cause? No, not really, but they messed with the trade. You do not. mess. with the trade.


The news had reached the south coast too, where certain individuals once associated with Poisonwood, now on good terms with the new group had met at Ridgeshield. Two kin and a necromancer had gotten to talking about the development, and it just sounded so ridiculous to the kin. Something like this had to be seen with their own eyes. Perhaps they should give them a little display of proper kin pride. As they went north, not a single guard were disturbed. Elves, halflings, dwarfs, and Brotherhood were all left undisturbed. It was not until they made it to the trade that they let old habits come out. These "sons of Fhelkorn" got a solid taste of daddy's belt, and it was a truly amusing day for the two chromatic. Seeing metallics coming in to defend the chromatics that took over a place that allowed them, and had killed Bence, the most loved man on the island! What a time to be alive! Even if they went down more than a few times in the chaos, the black kin was well amused trough it all. There was just so much stupidity and insanity, he could not help smile as pole-arms were driven trough his gut.

But all good jokes must come to an end. As both sides of the conflict retreated to their own sides of the spears, a little copper walked in and tried to talk. A brave thing for such a small thing, and Alton had really planned to let her choose her side, but marauders saw her and ran in for the kill. As those outside of the fence moved in for the copper's protection, the metallics inside moved in as well, and another round of chaos ensued. In the end, Alton grabbed the little metallic and left with Kasia. It was one thing to amuse themselves with the stupidity of this movement, but the little copper was frozen and in shock. He didn't care one bit for those who had picked their side, but he was sympathetic for kin wanting to life a normal life. This little copper was one of them. An unfortunate victim.

He brought her to a place his daughter and her friends had gone once. A secluded part in the mountains which just so happened to be the little copper's name. They laid her in a pile of pillows and spoke with the little one. Made sure she was alright, and had a conversation about their own experiences as kin. A rather enjoyable end to an otherwise strange day.
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4:59:15 pm GMT 08/01/20
ShroudedSun Registered Member #25436 Joined: 1:59:54 pm GMT 03/22/20
Posts: 29
Avaggdu was there the day that the Sons of Fhelkorn overtook the crossroads, and heard a little bit of their reasoning for the carnage. Their leader was furious over the killings of dragonkin that occurred across the island, and even in the crossroads. He cited an incident when dragonkin were killed by trade guards and burned, while the guards laughed at their “accomplishment.”

At first, the whole mess angered Avaggdu- it was NOT the end that Bence deserved! And then, when he saw Valfire cross over to speak with the Sons, he almost felt like laughing. Just a week or so prior, she had threatened one of the called, a drow named Izzy, solely based on her race. It was hard for Avaggdu to have sympathy for Vale at first…

However- the half-orc’s big heart would soften as he had time to contemplate the whole situation. The Crossroads were supposed to be a neutral ground! And yet- dragonkin were killed and burned on that very same ground. Valfire, a friend who he had gone on many adventures with, helped the Sons hold onto the Trade- perhaps she had a good reason?

Later on, the Kralshaman of the Hellshire Clan assembled the Clan’s champions at the Crossroads. He had been attacked walking by the barricade, and wanted to retaliate. As was his duty as a clansman, Avaggdu helped to keep the Sons at bay, creating pools of slippery mud, summoning writhing briar and furious winds… Eventually, the mighty dragonkin pushed back the Hellshire Clan. After the skirmish, Avaggdu tried to explain to the others that the Sons were seeking vengeance for the killings of dragonkin across the island, though it seemed to fall upon deaf ears. The Kralshaman admitted that he partially wanted to “measure the clan against them.”

A flex of muscle? Is that what this was about to the Kralshaman? Is that worth potentially creating a new enemy right after the Clan was still recovering from the last war? As the rest of the assembled Clan regrouped to make another strike against the Sons, Avaggdu walked off towards the sacred grove, disappointed at the rashness of this action and questioning why the Kralshaman, one of Gruumith’s faithful- the patron of outcasts, would not first try to understand these outcasts, the Sons of Fhelkorn.

If she would let him, Avaggdu decided that he would try to speak to Valfire to better understand her side of the story.
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