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  • Shade
    Shade  22 hours ago

    Have to pass. Got an early morning tomorrow.

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  23 hours ago

    Necro Night will be starting in a little under 2 hours from the time of this post, meeting as always in Jerrit's tomb!

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  3 days ago

    Nature Night will be starting around noon PST (the usual time), though we may be a bit delayed depending on how long another event goes. Look for Dele or Kelvon this week!

  • Squidget
    Squidget  4 days ago

    NP list will be back tonight! There are players logged on even if you can't see them.

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  5 days ago

    Update: The server is live now! Please bear in mind there may be some hiccoughs in the next 24 hours; for more information see -Clickedy- . We will do our best to warn people if we need to take the server down again!

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  5 days ago

    We are having some technical difficulties with the server. Please stand by.

  • archgrendel
    archgrendel  5 days ago

    Sorry for the last minute notice - Dwarf night is cancelled for tonight.

  • Shards
    Shards  5 days ago

    Thain fall down go boom?

  • Shade
    Shade  1 week ago

    We went to look at a tree.

  • saadow
    saadow  1 week ago

    I'm sorry I missed necro night, hope you all had a blast! A lot of life happened and I ended up going to bed early, I was exhausted!

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6:48:21 am GMT 11/06/20
Shade Registered Member #24916 Joined: 2:58:00 pm GMT 01/23/19
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Two stood in the operating room, watching Lily's body aflame on their table. The father with crossed arms, and a friend watching with concern.

"What.. is that..?"

"They call it "the blood." From what I understand, it is a form of a life stream running trough the island of Thain."

"Strange.. It seems to burn her, yet she isn't.... Wait.." she leaned closer. "Is it healing her?"

"It does seem that way. She told me it used to cause her intense pain before, but we know it has already saved her from death once. If I had to guess, I would say it has accepted her, and is trying to save her again."

"Then shouldn't we get her back there?"

"Perhaps... but.. It seems to work just fine here. Perhaps there is enough in her body for this to work itself out. Besides, we do not know where we would appear on Thain. The two of us randomly appearing could cause problems."

"I guess.."

"There is one thing that worries me, though.."


"They got out far too easy."

"You think? You know how strong your daughter is, right? And those friends of hers are no joke either"

"I am well aware... but there should have been more opposition."

"Do you think they knew?"

"Someone did. I suppose it will be revealed in time. For now, we should ensure she has a safe haven to return to. Thain is... hell. Gather the others. We will need to bind her back here. Her deal is broken, and her soul will have nowhere to go."

"Sure, but what about this blood?"

"I will monitor it."

The woman nodded and took her leave, leaving the father to watch his daughter being restored in a blazing inferno.
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1:29:50 am GMT 11/21/20
Shade Registered Member #24916 Joined: 2:58:00 pm GMT 01/23/19
Posts: 277
Her return was nothing short of heartwarming. She had just gotten back trough the gates of Hamley when one of her dear friends ran into her arms for a tearful reunion. It was like a knife in the gut to know she brought someone so much pain. It had been one of Lily's greatest fears to leave someone behind to grieve her like she did when Cassia died. It hurt, but having someone so happy to see her back made it all worth it.

The three others who were chatting by the campfire welcomed her back as well, with a special offer there was no way she would turn down. It seems Dace had left the island, and the others were unhappy with her being fired, so she was voted back in. With her problem with the Keepers being gone, she was happy to once more wear blue.

The following day had even more warm reunions with her loved ones, and there was no doubt to Lily she had made the right call. Even so, while she was surrounded with love, she knew well what they did to get her back. It was not something they can overlook. Sure, they have time to deal with it, but it will not be fun when she does. She understood the magnitude of it all too well, and would only tell a few she is loosing sleep over it.

She now has a new demon to deal with. A new form of anxiety.

Even when the night of arts came up at the Opera, where everyone could come and present her work, her thoughts went to her time in the fugue. To when she felt three paths calling, with her unable to reach either one. She didn't want to, but with some encouragement, it ended up the piece she put up. Three lights with fog in the middle. Something that would go over most people's heads, so she put up a sign to explain it. It was hard, and she broke down in tears when she was writing it in the backstage area, but she still put it up.

"The trials of Purgatory."

"You are stuck in a dull, grey landscape.

You see three lights around you. One grey, one orange, and one blue.

You recognize grey as your duty, your promise, and your fate.

You recognize the blue as your new home and place you have come to love. The place you would die for.

You recognize orange as your old home. The place you can always return. Where you know you are safe.

But no matter how much you run..

All three are out of reach."

Gods, she wanted to break it down. It was so dark and depressive, but as Deayn and Nicolette told her, such emotions sometimes make the finest art, and Deayn told her she was proud of her for being vulnerable. At least hers wasn't the only piece of dark art there. The piece that truly stood out to her was Deayn's song. She had told Lily her song was done, and would perform it that night. It was a beautiful song, but it sounded like a song about the old elves. She knew Deayn liked to put deep meanings into her songs, so she was trying to piece things together... or she might be overthinking. It still sounded like a song about the elves, until she heard a foreign title Deayn had used on her the night before. Bahoja. It was like a complete shift after that, and everything was relatable. She understood it, but still sat there after the song ended, clapping her hands as she tried to understand the rest of her song. At some point, she will likely seek out the lyrics.
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