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  • Jandari
    Jandari  10 hours ago

    Nexus did it!!!!!!

  • Naerwen
    Naerwen  3 days ago

    Ahhh. That's what I did. I didn't know how to transfer characters over so I just created Naerwen again. OOps! Thanks, David!

  • DavidtheGreat
    DavidtheGreat  3 days ago

    Hey! Give them some time, old characters can be brought over from pre EE most of the time! What is actually linked database wise is names, so if you made a new character with the same name, you will not be able to complete any old quests you did!

  • Naerwen
    Naerwen  3 days ago

    I would love to play, but my characters are messed up and can't take any quests. Are the databases from the old game and EE linked?

  • Wraitheus
    Wraitheus  6 days ago

    People do not game here ~~These are not the gamers you are looking for~~

  • Blue_
    Blue_  1 week ago

    hello gamers

  • DavidtheGreat
    DavidtheGreat  1 week ago

    It has wrapped up I'm afraid! Though Felicity has a comission box still open at her stand she will check later!

  • Dogbert
    Dogbert  1 week ago

    I forgot to ask when I got on my computer about an hour and a half ago, but is the craft fair still on?

  • Crayzee4dnd
    Crayzee4dnd  1 week ago

    Hellshire craft fair in about 2 hours!! Come and enjoy the festivities!

  • saadow
    saadow  2 weeks ago

    Hey guys, we don't have a traditional outing for nature night planned, we're looking to gather and talk about what was found and experienced with ashwood and see what we want to do about it. It'll be 4 pm EST (two hours from this posting)

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The Bulletin Board in the Trade and Tackel IV

LAN_402 LAN_403
5:34:55 pm GMT 06/04/20
Damnoth Registered Member #1000 Joined: 5:04:21 am GMT 03/08/07
Posts: 159
*a note is afixed to the boards with 4 tacs engraved with black shrukins in their center*

Jewlery and clothing crafter looking for special components and materials to aid in the creation of exceptional custom pieces. Will compensate any for quality components. *gives a description of herself bellow* (Nathyria)

*signed* Nathyria maiden of shadow..
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9:04:07 pm GMT 06/09/20
Foxzor1337 Registered Member #1699 Joined: 4:08:46 pm GMT 03/08/11
Posts: 129
A small note is hanging at the bottom of the board:

X, I've got it.

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3:18:14 pm GMT 06/11/20
Damnoth Registered Member #1000 Joined: 5:04:21 am GMT 03/08/07
Posts: 159
*a fresh note is afixed to the boards with 4 tacs engraved with black shurikens over a black cloud-like background in their center*

Nathyria's crafting and alterations services available. Everything from weapons to clothing and armor to jewelry. Anything the weave touches can be altered or improved. Engravings are also available if you want to personalize a gift for someone.

No formal shop established right now but I can usually be found in Steinkreis.
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4:01:05 pm GMT 06/14/20
Avatar6666 Registered Member #23774 Joined: 10:02:38 pm GMT 01/31/14
Posts: 163
*A note is placed on the board*

Looking for a good set of priest bracers, will pay well, Contatct Tristan. I wear black and green armor. ((ooc you can send me a pm if you wish.))
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9:21:13 am GMT 06/26/20
Foxzor1337 Registered Member #1699 Joined: 4:08:46 pm GMT 03/08/11
Posts: 129
A note is pinned at the bottom left corner:
Looking for a skilled tailor and enchanter. Will pay handsomely, can provide some materials.

Signed: Tad

PS, I can be found here or in a pub in the city
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8:39:01 am GMT 07/10/20
Kat Registered Member #25300 Joined: 6:37:11 am GMT 06/04/19
Posts: 153
A note is placed in the middle of the board.

Skilled Stonemason required for a commissioned piece of some significance.

Please contact Dele by leaving a note at the Dragons Den or leave your details on the bottom of this piece of paper.
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10:51:47 pm GMT 07/25/20
BlackNRose Registered Member #1189 Joined: 1:04:10 am GMT 10/20/07
Posts: 798
[ image disabled ]
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6:57:36 pm GMT 07/31/20
dontyouknow Registered Member #1120 Joined: 4:36:33 am GMT 07/27/07
Posts: 455
Posted at the temporary Trade camp:

In my efforts to counter the new and powerful magical threats to our Island, I am seeking artifacts related to or originating from the Aether. The larger, the better, and I will pay handsomely in either crafted goods or coin.

Teron Dian
Instructor, Greenvale School of Magic
Keeper of Thain

((Looking for the Aether Chainmail))
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Warlord Kro
10:26:42 pm GMT 08/08/20
Warlord Kro Registered Member #1272 Joined: 10:59:54 am GMT 03/18/08
Posts: 604
posted around the place:

Wanted to purchase:

Scroll of Blade Thirst.

Mastersmith Seth von Hendricks of the Hammersmiths of Thain

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11:48:36 pm GMT 08/08/20
archgrendel Registered Member #673 Joined: 1:05:08 am GMT 12/22/05
Posts: 316
Posted within the Trade and Tackle:

Looking for Aether Dagger. I will pay generously for whoever can supply one.


Meribo Hill
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