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  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  21 hours ago

    Necro Night will start in about 1.5 hours!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  2 days ago

    The IC posts over the Crater Lake events for Nature Night are finally finished!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  2 days ago


    It really was something..a bit like a can..that the Sandworms went into !

    Magic and Gnomish Technology to the rescue!

  • Vaedryan
    Vaedryan  2 days ago

    *chuckles* Love the name of the most recent NN, Scratch!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  3 days ago

    Nature Night will start in about 2 hours!

    Please join us in the Wild Grove in Grauer Suden.

    I will be IG as Dauken. Feel free to shoot me a tell with any questions. smile

  • AmberOfDzu
    AmberOfDzu  4 days ago

    Hi Scratch!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  4 days ago


  • AmberOfDzu
    AmberOfDzu  4 days ago

    *wave* @Vaerdryan grin

  • Vaedryan
    Vaedryan  5 days ago

    Omg! I spy an Avarith!!! grin

  • Jandari
    Jandari  5 days ago

    DORF night has kicked off with epic bouts of arm wrestling!

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Belladonna - The Beautiful Lady, a poison that can cure or kill. - Vincent Coll assassin for hire

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Rodgr Thunderguts
3:34:59 am GMT 07/19/20
Rodgr Thunderguts Registered Member #1050 Joined: 7:35:50 am GMT 05/11/07
Posts: 350
Lying on the boards in the attic watching the drip of flayer blood as it trickled down the cotton he held dangling above his target, the Grey Man pondered how long it would take the debilitating effects to work. Vincent had used this method only once before, but ironically his target was run over by a horse and cart before the poison took effect. In theory, it would send his mind spiraling, the power of the mindflayers blood too great for his body to overcome sending his mind reeling into madness in a week or so unable to recover. Punishment enough according to his Client.

With the contract completed, he slipped out through loosened roof tiles edging his way along the Steinkreis skyline hopping from rooftop to rooftop making sure he was not seen or heard. His destination now to the North.

The contract from the young songwriter was now complete, with various small conflicts in between time being a small hindrance to his work and in need of sorting. However, Vincent sat opposite the opera house in the Iron City, wondering what had happened at the event that was supposed to highlight her talent and praise the Iron City, but had turned to a disaster of sorts, for some anyway. Having his own had his theories about what had happened, he had shared them with the Inquisitors, what he had seen and heard at least, there was more to investigate. Being a shadow on the wall able to hear what others did not was an advantage he possessed after all.

Suddenly broken from his thoughts by a couple of the Cities commoners approaching him, he flipped a gem to a young girl and told her to buy food or something. Sometimes charity bought loyalty, sometimes it did not something he was all too aware of. An older rough looking boy approached and snatched the gem from the girl saying it was his now shoving her aside. Vincent’s eyes narrowed, he wondered whether he should interject, though before he could decide the girl produced a wicked stiletto blade which she stuck in the back of the boy, snatching the gem back and disappearing into an alley. The kitten had claws it seems, the City reminded him a lot of Grey Town in that moment, though a nearby Hellhound reminded him how far from Grey Town he was. Stepping over the thug who karma had bitten, he wondered if the nearby Hellhound would get its next meal early.

Almost on autopilot he headed to the shadow gate, drawn to the realm for some reason he could not quite understand. Peace perhaps. It was quiet and his body seemed to blend into the shadows when he was there, he was almost a part of I able to talk to the shadows when others could not. His hands passed through the shadow mastiff he had left to watch and listen who came and went through the deep shadow, so far from the chaos of the dragon kin he thought, a City of Order, where she was literally bubbling with chaos, most likely due to her condition he laughed to himself. He was glad for the distraction by Hagrim, normally Val wanted him around she obviously cherished him, though when he had delivered the soggy note, she did not seem best pleased, in fact he thought he would get more than a kick in the shin this time, thank the realms Hagrim had called her a bat. He should probably find her at some point he thought, he had something he needed to do and she would be the perfect accomplice.

For now though he had to head to the south, another client waited for him and why she had asked for him intrigued him more than most. Stepping into a shadow, he put a hand in his pocket and held the ring he had made smiling and he hoped he would finish the next contract and be able to deliver it.
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Rodgr Thunderguts
1:09:01 am GMT 07/31/20
Rodgr Thunderguts Registered Member #1050 Joined: 7:35:50 am GMT 05/11/07
Posts: 350
Vincent had spent quite a bit of time searching for the book that was stolen, but there were no takers it seemed and little information, even the offer of a hundred thousand coins had not shaken any trees, well perhaps one. He thought if he could somehow get it back it would help with his push for his next venture. He had narrowed it down but not worked it out. Such was the life of one in the shadows, who knew, maybe he should up the reward?

Vince had found the Pirate too and some of his associates it seemed, oddly that was easier than he expected. He would pass that information to the Inquisition, along with some other things he had found out as he was contracted.

The book puzzled him as to who had it and why, but he shook his head thinking of what the young girl had said. The poem he gave her “The Secret” clumsy by her standards he knew, but pointed, for him and her at least. She asked him a question one that someone her age should never have to ask and his answer as always was the truth. “Yes”. He told her he was going to the Underdark, not about Hunzrin, that did not concern her, but for another reason, he smiled as she stated he hoped he would return, a similar hope to his it seemed.

Then there was the small matter of a contract that could end the Isle should he find the other piece, he had two parts already and it seemed the dark sorceress was interested in that, very interested, maybe he should just bury them and walk away he thought, say he never found them?

He mused that she made sense in some ways if not for the fact she was a megalomaniac. A very intelligent dangerous one, but most were, until they slipped up. Her touch on his skin made him shiver, most likely due to the suggestion he be flayed for what he knew, which he knew was no idle threat.

He'd thought his life was void, but out of nowhere he'd found something that filled that void, perhaps not redemption but something to lead him to a new path, he could not help but smile as he thought of the road ahead, no longer a lonely one.

He would find out soon enough what she had gained, the offer she suggested made sense to him. After all he was contracted to a Brood Queen spider and the void after all.

He wondered if any in Grey Town would remember him, if they were still around. He had gone back to Cormyr to look for Cayla, he had to know, only to find Xoren had indeed killed her as he suspected, maybe she was in the mirror now? He was glad that task was complete, as much as it was, he knew it was not over by Xorens last words and what he had recently seen gave him pause.

The Grey Man had decided to retire from independent work except where it suited him,he found some personal interest, or even perhaps to help a friend, which he seemed to have quite a few of recently. People thought of him as a cutthroat it seemed, those that knew him knew his word was his bond. He was not some footpad for hire, he was just truthful and truth can hurt even the most stalwart.

Knowing his next move was the only one that made sense given his destiny if that is what you could call it, fate perhaps, or just mere choice? He would run for Senate in the Iron City.

The offer was made to him, he had spoken to some of the Senators already. The Senate was a den of snakes he thought, but a mix of stupidity and arrogance, he could see the games they played so easily, he knew how Thorne made such a game of the others, her mind was sharp as her wit and looks. It would be a good fit and perhaps one that could build relations for the City with others, due to his worldly experience, unlike those holed up inside the walls. Maybe with trade and the like it could prosper? Become something, who knows, he would need a seat first.

Sitting up at his desk he read the copy of the poem he had given the young bard and wondered which choice she would make, crumpling it, he threw it in the fire and left to make preparations for one of the biggest decisions of his short life.

The poem:

Secrets can kill, I know that it will,
And the secrets I keep, the price isn't cheap.
I bottled them up, I hide them with agony,
I waited and watched them eating my sanity.

Secrets can kill,and eventually will,
And the secrets I hide, cannot be denied.
But there's a certain safety that I feel,
When I hide behind a mask I least want to reveal.

Secrets can kill, though I don't want to instill,
That the secrets I suppress, will mean my distress.
Secrets I shouldered so deep, that I drowned,
Secrets so restraining, it cannot be unbound.

Secrets can kill, and will eventually spill,
All the secrets that I conceal, isn't something ideal.
All I have is secrets of a cold hard life,
It's harder to reveal, than to take a knife.
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Rodgr Thunderguts
12:23:41 am GMT 08/11/20
Rodgr Thunderguts Registered Member #1050 Joined: 7:35:50 am GMT 05/11/07
Posts: 350
Looking into the fire as Vincent sat on the chair by his desk. A half drunk bottle of Rasdovian red wine nearby, his favorite, for good reason. Vincent wondered to himself, if in his lifetime he wrote only one book, the one he was looking at right now would be the one. Why did he start it? Did he write it so as not to go mad, or on the contrary, to go mad in order to understand the nature of the madness he was embroiled in? His story perhaps or the story of others. A journey?

Tearing the page out of the book he was writing, he looked at the words, crumpled the fine paper it and threw it into the fire watching the sienna ink and bone white paper turn red then black then grey. So far, nearly a hundred pages of the book were similarly missing. Such is the fate of the Grey Man. No trace no evidence, no existence. The Senate would have to wait it seemed. There was more to life than being tied to a system of politics, besides, until they had an ambassador a connection to the outside of the City, they would stay the same, trapped behind their walls. Being trapped was not his aim.

Stretching his back, he mulled over his contracts looking at the small collection of Vanta stones on the desk others he had given to Clients should the need arise to be contacted. So many contracts he mused. He had spoken to Baron Mohrg, which had raised an eyebrow, interesting news indeed, the fact the Baron knew his name gave him a little hope, perhaps he could help with the shadow, the void even, though later when he wandered the streets of the Shadow City he would come to that maybe try and barter again.

For now there was the matter of the Orc Enseric, a contract he had gambled much on and one that was played well by the elf, Nataleena , she was far smarter than he had given her credit for, laughing she had played him well. Though he knew her secret as he did others. A contract was made, his word his bond.

It was time to go to the Abyss it seemed, free the orc, return the book, or keep it. He had not decided yet. It was clearly important beyond measure. Though not as important as friendship between others he thought. A soul for a soul. Vincent hoped this would work. If not, complications were not what he needed. Not now.
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