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  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  2 days ago

    Section Six starts in 1.75 hours. That will be 7pm CST (GMT - 6).

    Good(ish) characters of LEVEL 10 or below.

    We will meet at the Iron Minogon in Webster's Landing. Just assume that your character received a mysterious invitation.

    I will be IG as Taran if you have any questions!

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  1 week ago

    Happy Turkey Day (i.e.Thanksgiving Day) to all our US players. And Happy Thursday to all others!

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  2 weeks ago

    Uh, what happened to my message? Two paragraphs now random impulses across the interwebs ...

    Take care, Scratch.

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  2 weeks ago

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  2 weeks ago

    RL calls me away from Section Six tonight, folks! sad

    Should any of you want to go ahead and run it, please feel free to do so! smile

  • Crayzee4dnd
    Crayzee4dnd  3 weeks ago

    Sam and Hugdish's wedding will begin in about 4 hours from this post. Yay!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  3 weeks ago

    Section Six starts in 2 hours. That will be 7pm CDT (GMT - 5).

    Good(ish) characters of LEVEL 9 or below.

    This week will be a bit different, with time being "frozen" at the end of the last event.

    There will be a portal in the Iron Minogon that will take your character to the very start of the Temple level in the Yuan Ti caves.

    If you did not join last week, that is perfectly ok. Just assume that you caught up with us like we do whenever someone shows up late.

    If your character has never been on a section six mission, you can assume that you stumbled on us while exploring !

    It is a little unorthodox, but we will make it all work! biglaugh

    I will be IG as Taran if you have any questions!

  • Squidget
    Squidget  3 weeks ago

    Edrick and Vae in the same day? heart suprised

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  3 weeks ago

    Hello Edrick and Vae!

  • Oberon
    Oberon  3 weeks ago

    Seeing you here makes my heart smile! heart

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Orcs of Hellshire III

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10:21:38 am GMT 05/02/20
wisdombeyondages Registered Member #1009 Joined: 7:04:13 am GMT 03/26/07
Posts: 529
No one seemed to know truly what the altars were. There were rumors from everywhere. Twin Gods who existed before Andarus and Zhentarus, or that it was tied to the Blood of Thain. No matter what anyone speculated on, everyone did agree on one thing, it was a place of power. And like anything with such rumors it needed to be understood.

To understand something, first one must obtain knowledge. There was a book, Death of Two Gods - A new age for Thain, written by Elithruldor Leonally, an elven lorekeeper before Elith who had recorded many of the island's events during his time. He wrote of an incident involving two gods who had switched powers and battled each other. They died to prevent further destruction. Unfortunately it wasn't clear if the altar belonged to those two. However, during the search for any other material on it a problem arose. Another lorekeeper by the name of Hayleigh Faldanis-Lightheart had also made records on the history of the island, but none of her works were present in the library. Most noticeable was the fact that none of the four books on the Aspects could be found. A conversation with Tobias was quick to reveal he was unaware of it, and apparently he had "misplaced" his library catalog which held a master list of the all the books in the library's collection. A more thorough search revealed that other books too were missing. Ones which had definitely been present in the past. Greenvale had its own collection and yet a thorough search there revealed they too were missing many books. Even a search of more remote and isolated collections failed to turn up the books that were missing.

[ image disabled ]</div>

It seems that no one had been aware to the scale of the situation, or simply did not care to expend the effort. Though, perhaps someone had sought to rectify the situation but found no success. Surely something of this nature wasn't an accident. Books being misplaced and lost is one thing, but when it occurs at the same time in so many places far from each other, that is another. There was no way that such a thing could happen by coincidence. The island had a past and a part of it had simply disappeared from the shelves of every known library on the island. It was woefully apparent that many who traveled the land knew almost nothing of it. Perhaps because they chose not to read, or the stories they were told had decayed by the telling and retelling and they simply felt that alone was enough.

The discovery, however, was perhaps an opportunity. Sure many knew the Kralshaman as a leader of the Hellshire Clan, his reputation as a necromancer was growing as well, but rare few perhaps knew the extent to which he was also a collector of Lore. He had spent considerable time with people who were knowledgeable about the island's history and there was much that wasn't written and had been lost. Now it was an opportunity to gather both a collection of books for the Clan and also potentially uncover forgotten history. Copies would of course be sent to the Libraries as it was, after all, their mistakes which had brought about this opportunity. But, without a doubt, it was clear that the books found must be retained by the Clan. Surely whatever had caused them to disappear would attempt to do so again if they turned up.

However there was still the matter of the cavern and its fiery chamber. To understand the Altars and their potential connections, some were sent to collect items that might be useful as offerings to the Altar. Once the items were gathered, Lomir and Avaggdu were beckoned to join the Kralshaman in the chamber. It was explained, to the two, that previously a presence of some sort had asked the question, "Are you Beast or Man?" Something that was rather clear for others, but was not so for Jiztroyir. It asked the question with anger, as if Both was not suitable. Each of the others spoke beast. Perhaps this is why it drove them to try to kill each other, or perhaps it was always going to try. Fortunately many present were of sound mind, though Karadash and Mithas had not been so and succumbed to their blood lust. Both had been contained until the madness had passed.

It was this fear of possession that concerned Jiztoyir and so he made sure that both of the others were watching over him as he began his meditations before the altars.

[ image disabled ]

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10:34:41 pm GMT 05/16/20
ShroudedSun Registered Member #25436 Joined: 1:59:54 pm GMT 03/22/20
Posts: 55
((First Pic)) Avaggdu tells the clan of a pact that he has made with the pixies on the shire. They will help gather poisoned truffles from the border where Lumenshire and Poisonwood meet and bring them to the protected garden in the Lumenshire, where Avaggdu can collect and dispose of them. In return, Avaggdu will be collecting weather-changing flowers (fog flowers, tears of auril, storm blossom, and day blossom) to present to the pixies as prizes for digging up the poisoned truffles (he places them on a barrel table next to the garden). Avaggdu believes that if the poisoned truffles are continuously removed from the edge of the Lumenshire, that the advancement of the poisonwood may be slowed further- perhaps even halted- thereby protecting the shire in the long-term.

((Second Pic)) Visions of the past, visions of the future... these experiences have left Avaggdu's mind stretched and his perception expanded. He begins to spend more and more time on the outskirts of camp in contemplation and meditation. He is trying to understand the shifts in perspective and new lessons learned. Simultaneously, these mystical experiences blurring the lines of reality have seemingly opened his mind further to communications with the fey spirits around the shire.
<div class='spacer'>[ image disabled ]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[ image disabled ]</div>
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12:30:08 am GMT 05/26/20
o_chadon_o Registered Member #1763 Joined: 2:09:42 am GMT 10/24/11
Posts: 80
Days ago a couple of Hellshire, the Kralshaman, another warmblood and Orn had ventured worth and acquired a book from darks depths, the location unimportant, but rest assured it was fatigue-enducing enough.

The only book they managed to bring back was still in terrible condition. It had come time to get to the work he had been pushing to the side. The cover's letters were barely eligible from age, and mold had nearly rendered the surface unsaveable. However, it was curious that it seemed to be impossible to open, or at least from force.

Scaled hands moved over the ancient book. Orn leaned into the chair that sat at his worktable, a small sigh. Book restoration was not his specialty, however neither was his ability in battle. His skills were more suited to this work, behind the scenes. A weapon, a suit of armor, or this book.

. . .

Unmoving, the lizardfolk had sat in the same place for several hours, working with his tools and what he could to restore the book's covers. He wished silently that the insides were saveable, unable to open the book still.

The cover looked much better then when it had entered the lizard's care. The mold was non-existant (to Orn's annoyance, there was more then likely some inside). The words were faded, but almost eligible. Perhaps the Shaman would know more.
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10:26:50 pm GMT 08/04/20
o_chadon_o Registered Member #1763 Joined: 2:09:42 am GMT 10/24/11
Posts: 80
Once again the Hellshire's Craftmaster found himself in his shadowed little corner of the caverns. Spread out on the table in front of him were several chunklets of ore. Tumbaga.

There were several problems that the tribe needed to tackle if Orn was to do what the half-orc had recently asked. Not that the lizardfolk wasn't glad to get away from the tasks of late. A skirmish here, full-out war there. It was nice to be working with material.

But they needed more ore for one. What they possessed was too little in quantity for one. Second, the stone anvil they made needed to be replaced every so often. That would hardly do for working the metal. Thirdly, their forge was poor as best. Orn was sure how to make a better one, but lately had had neither the time nor the resources. Perhaps later . . .

The Craftmaster reached for one of his remaining bottles of rum and looked over a different project that he had long completed. The blueprints for the docks the Kralshaman was interested in still sat unused. What with recent happenings and the Callings, he doubted they would use any version of the plans. It was starting to look like a prospect that wouldn't come to fruition for some time now.

A sigh, and swig of rum.
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4:03:30 pm GMT 08/06/20
ShroudedSun Registered Member #25436 Joined: 1:59:54 pm GMT 03/22/20
Posts: 55
((Just posting this link to the Half-Orc Hostage thread, as requested: -Clickedy-
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4:26:01 pm GMT 08/09/20
ShroudedSun Registered Member #25436 Joined: 1:59:54 pm GMT 03/22/20
Posts: 55
Avaggdu was waiting in the Hunter’s Haven for some other bounty hunters to arrive- perhaps they would go on a hunt with him?

Suddenly, a somewhat familiar voice started speaking through the divination pool- it was most peculiar. Avaggdu raised his voice as he greeted the speaker, as it seemed she had trouble with her connection.
Eventually the wizard Iss’en projected herself out in some sort of energetic form through the divination pool! She had news regarding her research into a cure for the Clansmen who had been bitten by wereworgs.

Avaggdu informed her that they had been treating the Clansmen with a mixture of the last brew that she prepared for them and some potions that the Clan’s own potions master, Guunak, had prepared. The treatments were delaying their first shifting; however, the Clansmen were almost constantly in pain. It was no way to continue living. Avaggdu told her that she had not tried to teach any of them shifting techniques, because he did not want them to hurt themselves.

Luckily, Iss’en believes that she has discovered the final ingredient for a possible cure! Powdered moonstone. However, such stones are incredibly rare- found mostly amongst the elves, who mount the stones on their most prized possessions. The wizard suggested that they search in the ruins of Old Poisonwood. The only other sensible option would have been to ask an elf from Feywood, Taureglond, or Greenvale to have one… which might have been highly unlikely to succeed.

Vroshnak entered the Hunter’s Haven just as Iss’en was finishing her message- perfect timing! Avaggdu and Vroshnak set off immediately for the Poisonwood. On the road through the bog, they found another Clan brother, Guunak, traveling along the road.

As night fell, a surge of howling worgs assailed the three, including a rather large Alpha Wereworg. They fought most of the pack off valiantly; however, the Alpha Wereworg was a very fearsome foe. In hopes to drive off the beast, Avaggdu summoned a furious storm to lash out at the wereworgs. Luckily it was enough to drive away the beast for aa few moments. The three Clansmen ran at full speed into the Poisonwood Hollows, the cave which leads from the bog to the heart of Old Poisonwood….

Immediately upon arriving in the cave, they were greeted by one of Syfana’s necromancers… who naturally ordered a horde of undead to kill them. The three Clansmen battled undead and Syfana’s loyalists all the way through the cave until they reached the exit into the Old Poisonwood. As the drew closer, what appeared to he a high-ranking necromancer revealed herself ((I cannot remember how to spell that name!!!)). The Clansmen pursued her into the heart of Old Poisonwood.

A final battle with the necromancer occurred just inside the burned city as ashes fell from the decaying treetops… The necromancer fell amidst a pile of putrid gore, and even amongst that, the beauty of a moonstone sparkled through. Guunak spotted it and took it from the corpse. It was mounted on an amulet that the necromancer was wearing. Shouts could be heard from deeper in the Old Poisonwood and that was the Clan’s sign that they needed to get out of there… fast.

They immediately set off for Iss’en’s Tower to deliver the ingredient to her. She informed them that it would take her a few days to finish the preparations, but that she would send word when it was ready. She noticed that Guunak was extremely interested in her work, and generously offered to share her research with him. The three departed Iss’en’s tower after that, their spirits lifted after helping to progress the journey towards alleviating the suffering of their kin.
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9:02:48 am GMT 08/15/20
saadow Registered Member #23976 Joined: 1:31:54 am GMT 11/30/15
Posts: 140
[ image disabled ]

The Vision, The Faith, and the Future

"K-Kralshaman, I've h-had a c-concern, ever s-since we s-shared the vis-vision." Stuttering from the impact of magical induction of processing power to his mind, the half-orc Gunnak said to the leader of his tribe, the Hellshire Orcs. Avaggdu was present, and the other kin had settled in for the night, after their adventure in the deep waters, hunting terrible monsters from within. "T-the vision, it showed t-the children f-forgetting our God, f-forgetting G-Gruumith. I c-can't allow that t-to become the t-truth. T-that can't be l-let to pass. I must s-save my God. O-our god." The Kralshaman, had stood and listened to the words of his concerned brother. Gunnak was usually very quiet on matters of concern to the tribe, though only recently a vocal opponent of the engagement they had at the Crossroads, this matter had been put off, and put off, until he could no longer wait, and made this opportunity to speak, after their adventures.

"I-It is, m-my intention to change that, to change the t-truth the vision shared. To do this, I m-must f-find a p-partner, a m-mate, as I'm g-getting no y-younger, and, passing my p-prime after years of w-war, and s-sickness. After a-abusing my body w-with potions, u-use after u-use, that I do not k-know how long I have l-left on this world." Even as skilled of a healer he was, Gunnak could not be sure if his use of so many droughts would actually impact his longevity, he was also not normal among half orcs, he had less than perfect health, his body had been abused in warfare for Thay, and nobody truly knew his actual age. The Kralshaman knew what Gunnak was hinting to, and the distinct possibility that he might not live to see that vision either. However it was evident his faith was strong, in the Father of the Fatherless, the Unloved and Discarded, that he must do all he can for his patron, for their God. "You should know, your family will stand behind you in this, Gunnak." The broad figure nodded slowly.

Gunnak shared his plan first, expressing the idea that he might be strong enough to impress women of the Poisonwood Orcs. though addled and more bestial, he had very little confidence in his own abilities and assumed that, of all the tribes, they were among the weakest and thus he would have the best chance to defeat their males and appeal to their females. Avaggdu chimed in, leaning on his staff, "I think you're actually short-changing yourself, Gunnak. You are quite strong, I've seen what you can do. I'd like you to keep your options open. Have you thought about the Yethey?" The Yethey were a tribe of orcs that reside on the slopes of the Hammersong Mountain, past the treeline up the snowy caps. Gunnak did not know this, he didn't know they even existed. Regarding him, he considered the possibility. Gunnak was not intelligent and processing information took time, but he had considerable wisdom. The frozen mountain was an inhospitable domain, with freezing cold temperatures and difficult terrain. If he could appear strong to one of their women and attract her, she might find the comfort of the tribe's location a blessing, ideal for rearing children. "P-please show me where the Y-Yethey reside, A-Avaggdu." The druid grinned, "I thought you'd never ask." The kralshaman looked between them, "I would go with you, but I will trust you to be fine by yourselves. I have things to attend to here at the camp. Good luck, Gunnak."

"D-do you think, we will find them?" He asked Avaggdu as they walked up from the South Coast, having gone through a portal Vroshnak had set up for them to return from the very same coastline after their adventures. "I'm not sure, but we'll have to see, won't we?" They walked and talked, Gunnak shifting to his heavy Arbalest "Stonepiercer," that Teron Dian, bolt after bolt was racked and fired off, arrows from the brigands were returned but the fighting soon came to a deadly silence, as their attackers lie dead on the cliff face. The battle between the Elven soldiers with the help of the caravan-guards and the half-orcs of Hellshire ended with the deaths of the Highwaymen that attacked from the cliff sides. The two brother clansmen walked along, passing the orchard of fruit trees just outside the southern coast trail, wrapping around the Cobblewall Inn as they strode up the hillside. "Gunnak, why do you think it is that, you and the Kralshaman see things so differently, regarding Gruumith?" Gunnak stammered in response, trying to find his words with the help of the magical aid of his Wand of Foxes Cunning, "I t-think l-looking at G-Gruumith is l-like looking at a person. S-see how I s-stand behind you? From h-here, I see your shoulder and c-cloak. If the K-Kralshaman stood be-before you, h-he would see y-your f-face, and yo-yo-your ch-chest. It's d-different p-parts of the s-same thing. B-both are s-seeing c-correctly, just, d-differently." Avaggdu seemed to think about this statement for a long period of time, "Do you think you have it wrong?" Gunnak looked confused, and asked him what he meant by that, "I don't know," the half orc responded. Gunnak considered this for a moment, and answered carefully, looking to Gruumith for guidance of his words, "I t-think that, G-Gruumith w-will speak h-his will t-through the voice h-he needs to be he-heard through." He knew this wasn't perhaps the answer Avaggdu was looking for, but it was the answer he himself needed. He had faith their God would know who would carry his message as it was intended. "Do you think, Gruumith is a good father?" The druid rested on the side of the bridge spanning just past Hammersong. Gunnak stood beside him and nodded slowly, "Father t-to the f-fatherless. H-he is w-what we n-never had, and h-he demands us t-to be better, to be o-our best. I f-feel he is l-like a m-military father, t-that he le-leaves his e-expectation f-for us, but w-when he r-returns, it is f-felt and p-powerful." He smiled to his kin. "S-some day, I w-want to be the f-father I n-never kn-knew, but a-as Gruumith t-teaches. I w-will be there for my c-children. I will t-teach them G-Gruumith. T-they will k-know faith, e-even if it's not th-their calling." The statements seemed to draw tears from the druid, who felt much the same way. Using his cloak, he offered it to him, and the lumbering half orc put an arm around him, and squeezed him for support. The two continued, breaking into daylight from the forest that surrounded the Dwarven Stronghold.

As daylight shone around them, Gunnak and Avaggdu walked up the cliffs. An errant Ogre attacked, but with a staff in his hand, the druid stuck the ogre and it fell into a slumber. The two walked further into the caves and up into the mountains from within. On stepping out, wyverns swooped in from the sky, gliding down and landing around them. Gunnak reached, and grasped his two ripping hooks from his boots, Avaggdu did the same, and the two danced to the beat of the war drums Gruumith kept pounding in their chests. Adrenaline and blood were high, as the combat finally settled over the heaps of their enemies. The healer he was, the half-orc began to pick through the fallen corpses, for their useful parts. Glands, and hearts, vials of blood, and other useful designs were found. "You know," Avaggdu began, "It would be an impressive show of strength that you fought wyverns to see the orcs. They may appreciate your strength more." Gunnak's eyes widened, and he nodded, "Y-you are right. L-lets, lets see. I'm g-going to use t-their blood as a f-face paint, and, I will offer one the heart of th-the wyverns, as it will s-show strength!" Using the blood vial, he drew lines under his eyes, and a line down his nose. Lastly, he colored his tusks with the blood, to seem as though he had bitten into the creatures with his fearsome teeth. As the two walked into the progressively colder and colder cave, the Druid stepped ahead, "Let me see if the coast is clear, I am going to assume the shape of an animal, that way they focus on you. Besides, I'm not looking for a mate right now." Gunnak searched his face in that statement, and knew Avaggdu wasn't telling him everything, but he also respected the druid enough to know that if he wanted to say, he would tell him. Time passed, and the Half-orc heard the call from outside, "Come up! It's clear!"

Blood on the Snowfield

Rising from the mouth of the cave into the whipping wind of the mountainside, the trail ahead lead on away, beside a polar bear was resting. It winked an eye at him, and lumbered up to follow the half orc into the snowy storm around them. On a dock here, overlooking a flowing river, a snow white orc was staring into the water. Gunnak knew, just looking at her, that she was the one. Gruumith had blessed him with an opportunity, and he needed to do his best here, to realize the chance. There was no guarantee, but orc mating rituals were brutal, and usually in Orcish tribes, the women were not treated well, and usually forced to the whims of the men. Gunnak in the back of his mind prepared for violence from the female, but he also wanted to show her he was "strong enough" to not need to do that. He was not particularly given to beauty, or grace, but his strongest attributes were his lithe, albeit large frame, and his wisdom. He had to use these things to try and win her attentions, if he could. Talking to her would be a start.

Yagash of the Yethey stood overlooking the water, she was injured from her hunt against a wolf and had taken a few injuries. They'd heal over time, but her attention lifted when a foot placed onto the end of the dock. Her eyes narrowed as a male with olive skin and brown eyes glared towards her sternly from the end of the dock. She turned and lifted her bow, an arrow nocked and ready to be released. Her Orcish was guttural and direct, "Who are you, why are you here?" There was only one problem. Living in Thay from home to home, Gunnak was not intelligent. The baseline of common was told to him enough that he could speak and understand, but he couldn't read or write, he couldn't count, and he couldn't speak his own native tongue, Orcish. His heart pounded, and he closed his eyes, offering a prayer to Gruumith, Please help me, my father, please show me the way that I can save you from this terrible vision. I need her. The bow string creaked as she drew the bow further, but Gunnak looked to her, and didn't back down. He managed to with just enough of his personal connection--poor as it was--to show his intentions to do no harm. The string was relaxed and she was no longer aiming the bow at him. However, there was a dire howl from the cliff side. Faces of ashen snowy white stared over, tusks bearing. Barbarians, wielding great dire maces, began to charge down the hillside. A shaman watched as he slowly followed them down the hill, backing off and away from the fighting. One orc? What could he possibly do, he didn't seem like much at all! With then his bare hands raised up, the Orcs charged him. Dire maces swung with violence, with the intent to maim or kill, but his strikes were well placed. His hands were weapons that he chose to use for their mercy, to knock them unconscious instead of slaying them. Anyone could kill, but they had to see first that he had strength without killing, that he could meet their lethal force yet mete out punishment of a different kind. His hands flew, grasping the haft of the mace, striking a jaw and causing a crick in a tusk. Blow after flurry of blow landed as the orc brawled and fought back against these distant kin. The shaman looked shocked, and charged in to try and heal one of the barbarians, only to feel his face crumple under the weight of a fist burying into it. Strike after strike bobbling his head around like a child's yard ball, before a kick to his stomach laid him down, and strike to his jaw insured he stayed there to sleep off his poor decisions. The last barbarian fought hard, turning his mace and hitting Gunnak in the face. His blood mingled with the wyvern's. His tusks flared, and he grasped the barbarian by the arm, kneeing his stomach, and striking his face over and over until he stopped moving.

He beat every single one of them with his bare fists. Some of those warriors wanted me, they could have taken me. Yet here he stands. She watched as the hulking figure stood back up, corded muscle not exceptionally strong, but lithe and though bulky, he moved fluidly back into a stand at his full height. She could see the insignia of the Hellshire Tribe on his back, his face turned to look at her, bleeding from the wound in his cheek. Striding back up to her, he reached out with a hand and extended the heart of a wyvern to her. "I have fought these to come here, to find you." Gunnak held his stance as she stepped over, and grasped the heart. "For me?" she said in Orcish, pointing to herself. The gesture is what tipped him off, he nodded, the still twitching organ held for her to see. Grasping it in her hand, she bit into it, and blood from within gushed out across her chest and body. She ate the heart and stared at him, ad he watched her, looked over all of her. Something primal about this beat in his chest, something that felt entirely right.

Peace was not to be had though. Arrows came flying down, piercing cold arrows that bit into his flesh. He could feel the searing pain, and murmured a prayer to Gruumith for stone skin, that he may harden as their hearts must in the face of disregard. That prayer was heard, and the next arrows glanced off, sending chips of stone off of his frame. He ran full tilt up the hill, and he began to engage the huntresses who attacked him. His hands grasped his ripping hooks and with the ferocity of a wild animal, he gave into his Orcish blood. Screams echoed across the snow as crimson lashes painted the cliff wall. Arrows flew, but so did souls, as this former soldier waded back into battle. Magic began to fly, and he heard the call of pain from the woman down below, as ice fell from the sky on her. He howled his fury, and used the magic ring he carried to wrap a field of silence around from himself. He dove on the shamans, who choked as they tried to cast their spells, their voices robbed from them, and soon after their lives. Forced to fight with their hands, they could not compare to the former Thayan slaver, who lashed and ripped until it was done. In such ferocity, the other huntresses stopped, they fled the battle, walking away from the cliff-sides, only three remaining to fire on him. His lungs filled with fire, and his voice rose with fury into the night sky, howling his anger at their gall and tenacity. The trackless steps carried him up to the level, before the huntress who went wide eyed. As those implements came down, glinting in the night sky, she and her last two sisters fell into the snow.

He is still standing? How, how is that even possible? She looked up at him with awe, as he heaved heavy breaths, coming back down the hill after finishing the last three of the war party. He stepped up onto her dock, his footfalls heavy. He looked at her when she was wounded, stepped forward, and began to treat her injuries with masterful hands. She looked astonished, as he began to bandage and help staunch her bleeding. She was amazed that such hands which could kill could also heal, she could see that he had much wisdom, and much skill that he could provide. She also could not deny the fire to watch him in battle, like seeing a cornered fox lash out in a frenzy. Her hand went to him and she beckoned him forward. He watched her eyes, but stepped in. You are mine now, I am choosing you. Her hand reached out, she grasped his lapel of his cloak, and she pulled him in close, kissing his face. The half orc was stunned to silence, eyes falling shut, before grasping her lower back and pulling her closer. The moment passed, and she nodded to the cave, in Orcish she directed him, "Take me to your tribe, now." The three rose together, and walked from the caves, down back into the valley, where they fought valiantly and nearly lost Yagash to the wyverns. Prayers to Gruumith were given and life returned to her eyes. She looked up at those soft brown eyes who watched her with concern, she grabbed him, and she kissed him again. The two were off, passing through the crossroads in the cover of night, that no overzealous ones would fire on her for being different than he was.

"Did you see? The white orc woman in the caves?" one member spoke to another, guarding a Rothe as he ate, "I did, she is quite stunning and lithe, of the Yethey orc tribe. She was with the Healer, Gunnak." The man looked surprised, nodding to the other half orc, "Was she sick, you think?" He shook his head, "Absolutely not, she seemed in great health. I think she came with him?" The other looked surprised, coming to the only conclusion they could; "Gunnak took a mate?!" It seemed true, in the back of the caves around the fire, though they could not speak yet, there was genuine affection held for them to each other. There wasn't often in this first night they were found far from each other, whether laughing, or watching what the other did with fascination, and trying to use small words to share definitions of what they were doing.

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There Will Be Bees

Since becoming a member of the Hellshire Clan Hugdish always tried to do what she could to make the clan prosperous. She was approached by the Kralshaman one day and he made mention of not seeing too much mead on the Island. It was a drink that he had tasted long ago and thought that it might be good for some business in the Shire. Hugdish's first thoughts were of a magnificent party celebrating her accomplishment of making a fabulous mead. Then she shook her head and went off in search of the things that they would need for this business. The first thing they would need would be bees. She knew that there were probably one already in the shire but she was not able to locate their hives so she set out in search of several hives to transport to the Shire. After searching the Island for several weeks she came upon an old abandoned farm. Back in the back of a field were several beehives that were just sitting there. They did not seem to be tended to by anyone in particular and since the land was abandoned she thought it would be fine to transplant a few of these to her own lands. This was not going to be a job that she could handle by herself so she called on a few of the clan and some good friends to help her with this task.

The day had come to collect these beehives and Hugdish was joined by Jiztroyir, Vroshnak, Perrin, Cidlir, and Avaggdu to help her with these bees. They talked along the way about the bees and how she had found them abandoned. As they arrived they found that this was most definitely not the case.

[ image disabled ]

There on the field surrounding the beehives were several large dire bears and three humans who seemed to be watching over them. Hugdish at first was shocked to see this and was worried they would not be allowed to have the bees. Avaggdu, being a druid, changed into a bear to hopefully speak with them.

"What are you doing here on these lands?" Hugdish asked

"Why, we should ask you the same thing!" said one of the humans drawing his sword.

"Why we thought these lands were abandoned and we have come to hopefully transplant a few of those lovely beehives to our lands." said Perrin, who became the voice for the group as Hugdish struggled with what to say.

The bear herders all looked at each other and frowned. "Well, that would not be beneficial for us since then the bears would not have their honey every year." The main spokesperson said as he sheathed his sword.

The group all looked at each other confused about what to do. These beehives were an important part of starting the meadery but what could they do for these bears who visited but once a year? Avaggdu approached Hugdish and, after changing back into his half-orc form, suggested we plant some kind of berry for the bears that they could enjoy with the honey. Hugdish thought that was a great idea and so it was shared with the bear herders.

"What if we plant several Fenberry bushes around the field to allow the bears to have a treat of another kind when they visit? We will only take 3 of the 6 hives and you will also get Fenberries for your bears." Perrin was quite good with words as he shared the plan that he was told by Hugdish.

The bear herders all looked at each other and shrugged. "The bears do love Fenberries as well as honey. Those do not grow in our homeland either." They paused before speaking again. "Very well, You may have 3 beehives in exchange for planting Fenberry bushes in the area."

The group looked at each other shocked at the news! They skirted around the bears hopeful that they would not attack them as they went to move the beehives. Avaggdu changed shape once more into an earth elemental to hopefully allow the bees to be comfortable on their journey back south and grabbed up two of the beehives. Hugdish, trained in the art of ignoring pain, grabbed up the third and the group headed south. The bees stung Avaggdu and Hugdish several times along the way but when they arrived in the shire they knew that it was all worth it.

Discussion about where to put the beehives was the next issue. Where would they be best placed away from the bustle of the camp but close enough to guard? The group decided on a place that they could place them for now and see if there was a better place later on down the road. Hugdish and Avaggdu placed the beehives down and watched them come alive with learning their new surroundings. Hugdish knew that this would be a wonderful meadery.

[ image disabled ]

After settling the bees in Avaggdu headed back to the farm to plant and nurture 10 Fenberry bushes for the bears. He made sure that they were rooted and thriving before he left. Hugdish visited the field to see his work first hand.

[ image disabled ]

((OOC: this happened earlier just finally getting the post up))
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Adventures in Starting a Meadery

The next thing that Hugdish had to do was to find the perfect recipe for her mead. She would not accept anything less than the best and she knew that it might cost them greatly. She had searched all over to find someone who knew how to make the most perfect mead and she heard from a few sources that there was a hermit in the middle of the Feywoods that had an amazing recipe for mead. All she was told was that information. She came back to camp and spoke with the Kralshaman about what she found out and it was decided they would travel to the Feywood and see if they could find this hermit.

The day of the search had come. Along with Hugdish was Jiztoryir and Sam. The three of them would find this hermit and try to persuade her to give them a copy of her recipe. They traveled north and went through webster's landing so that they could take a boat to the Feywood docks. From there they would start their search for this recipe. As they traveled conversation was light and they discussed only simple topics not wanting to distract too much from the search. They made it through the Feywood docks without incident and now found themselves in the Feywood north. This area was always a maze to Hugdish. She did remember that she was told there were clues to finding the hermit. If you just looked for beehives and followed them you would find her. After looking around for a moment she spotted one beehive and then another. They knew they were on the right track. After walking for a little bit they came upon this guard standing in the middle of one of the paths.

[ image disabled ]

"Halt! No one is allowed in these parts except by invitation. Where is your invitation?" the guard stated loudly.

Hugdish looked at the Kralshaman and then at Sam unsure what to say but she focused back on the guard and stated, "We are here to see a hermit about some mead. We have it on good authority that she is in this area and that she might be able to help us with our problem."

The guard had his hand on his sword and was ready to draw it. He turned his head only slightly still eyeing the trio and spoke to the guard behind him, "Go! Ask her if she wants to see these folks." The guard behind him fled into the forest and he focused his gaze back on Hugdish. "I am sure you have a reasonable request but we need to take precautions. I'm sure you were told as much from your informant?"

Hugdish looked at the guard and nodded. "I was told as much. I was told that she was very secretive and might not even see us."

Jiztroyir grunted at this not being told this by Hugdish. As they stood there waiting for the other guard to reappear Sam was sizing up the guard and kept his hand on the hilt of his sword just in case things did not go as planned.

The guard returned and standing behind the man with his eyes still focused on the trio whispered in the lead guard's ear. The lead guard nodded keeping his eyes on the three and eyeing Sam's hand. "She will speak with you but only for a moment." He turned on his heels and barked, "Follow me."

The three followed the guard through the Feywood deeper into the maze. They passed other guards along the way and Sam was vigilant at every turn making sure that none were following or that they would be attacked. At last, they came to a clearing with a few tents surrounding a cauldron placed over a fire. There were barrels of mead placed along the wall of this clearing seeming to have been just barreled and waiting for fermentation. The Hermit stopped stirring and looked up at the trio, "What can I do for you?

[ image disabled ]

Hugdish stepped forward as the spokesperson and the one interested in making this mead, "We are wanting to do what you do and make our own mead. We have the honey supply but we are at a loss as to how to make it. I was told that you were an expert at making mead and that you could help us with a recipe."

The hermit laughed at her at first and then looked at her and said, "I have not shared my recipe with anyone ever! Why would I share it with you now?"

Hugdish looked at the woman and stated plainly, "Because we can help you with your problems."

"What do you know of MY problems?" asked the hermit.

"Well, I know that you are very near a Gnoll camp. I have heard that you are having problems with them invading your camp because they love your mead." Hugdish was gentle but stated the facts as she had heard them.

"And who told you all this?" The hermit said with authority.

Hugdish smiled at the hermit and said, "Well, let's just say it was a very good source in Hamely."

The hermit nodded knowing who she spoke of. She stirred her pot and pondered the half-orc in front of her. She also glanced at her companions and then looked back at Hugdish. "You are correct," she stated plainly, "We have been taking attacks by the gnolls almost every day. My mead seems to be quite popular with them. But I wonder, How could you help me with that problem?"

Hugdish turns to the Kralshaman and pulls him out of earshot of the hermit. "I am sorry I did not fully brief you on the situation. I thought you might think it fruitless if you knew the real situation. I know we can help her."

The Kralshaman grunted not happy with the situation but seeing her point of view. Sam spoke up and suggested that we maybe help her out with some more guards as that might help with the gnolls. The Kralshaman nodded at this and Hugdish thought that might be a good plan.

"We cannot provide our own men as we have already taken a hit with the recent incident in the south. What we can do is pay her enough to hire more guards of her own." The Kralshaman said this through gritted teeth as he knew the pain of paying so much for a single recipe. It was decided that they would offer her $500,000 to acquire the recipe. They all returned to where the Hermit was and Hugdish let her know of the deal they were prepared to make.

The Hermit thought about this for a moment and then nodded slowly in reply, "Yes, I think that amount will do just perfectly to help me with this problem." She reached inside her cloak into a hidden pocket sewn deep inside and pulled out the recipe. "Here," she stated, "Take the recipe and make sure it is preserved and passed down. I have no others to take it so when I am gone it would be lost. With you holding on to it the recipe might survive."

[ image disabled ]

Hugdish stepped forward and handed the Hermit a bag of gold and then took the parchment in her hands feeling the ancientness of it. She cradled it as if it would explode and nodded her thanks to the Hermit. "I will take good care of this recipe. We give you our thanks." The three headed out of the Feywood passing by the guards as they went. Hugdish was very excited to sit down and read this recipe and make the best mead that she could. The Kralshaman took his leave to attend to other matters and Sam and Hugdish made the long trip south a new skip in her step as she went.
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Finding the Perfect Ingredient

[ image disabled ]

The meadery had been coming along quite nicely. Hugdish had found all the things they needed to get started on production except one ingredient. She wanted the Hellshire mead to be the mead that everyone preferred and so she researched and found out that there was a special mushroom that could aid one physically. She thought this would be an excellent way to enhance their mead and make it even more desirable. The problem was she did not know where these mushrooms were hidden but she had heard that there was a hermit living in the Nachlict that had been using them for some time and he might be able to point them in the right direction.

The day to find this hermit had arrived. Hugdish, Jiztroyir, Alma, Randal, Sahvet, Ty'lara and Vroshank set out from the Lumenshire in search of this final ingredient. They made their way back north to the southern crossroads. They entered into the Kobold cave and made their way down encountering many kobolds as they went. Randal was especially helpful in dispatching the Kobolds and keeping them out of their way. They went down two levels and finally found the Nachlict.

As they entered this second layer of the cavern they met with some beetles and other beasts that lived in these areas. They were looking for a hut. That is all that was told to her a hut inside the cave. Hugdish had never heard of such a thing but it must be true. They walked for a little bit and finally Ty'lara spoke up and said she found a door! A door inside a cave? How odd indeed! They thought that this must be the place so they entered.

[ image disabled ]

The place was warm from the cauldron that was bubbling in the center of the room. There were bookshelves along the walls and a table with notes and writtings on it. Next to the caulron were two beings. One was a human figure who was stirring the pot. The other was an imp who was adding ingredients and flying to and fro about the room gathering things for it's master. The human looked up from his stiring and inquired about what they were doing here. They replied that they were under the impression that he might know of where a special mushroom might be located in the caves further on. He scoffed and asked them why he should share such information with them. They had nothing he wanted and he needed those mushrooms for the potions he made. After several minutes of trying to persuade him he simply stated "Get Out!" and then proceeded to ingnore the intruders. The group reluctantly left and stood outside the door for a minute trying to figure out how to proceed. "I guess we can continue and try to find them oursleves." Hugdish suggested. The rest of the group agreed and they continued on while cursing the man in the hut.

[ image disabled ]

They continued on to the land of the Myconids. These living and walking mushrooms were an interesting bunch. Randal and Alma tried several times to ask a few where they might know of a special mushroom but they were not responding. The group continued to walk being bombarded by Cordycepts and other mushrooms along the way. At the end of a really big cavern they found a group of these Myconids grumbling and complaining about a certain man. The group instantly recognized that they were talking about the evil human from the hut. Randal and Alma asked them questions about him and why they did not like him. They explained that he was mean and that he kept coming through their lands to steal their mushrooms and always took too many mushrooms. He was also known to injure a few of them along the way. Alma asked them why they didn't just cut off the man's hands and they did not seem to understand why they would do that. Randal was excited now at the suggestion of cutting off someone's hands. The mushrooms told the group that if they took care of the human then they would be willing to show them where the special mushrooms were. The group agreed and went back the way they had come, Randall was practically skipping the whole way there.

They returned to the hut and confronted the man. They told him that he needed to stop hurting the Myconids and stop taking so many mushrooms without asking. He responded with a scoff and a wave of the hand. That sent Randall into a fury and he started punching the guy till he was no longer around. Then Randal grabbed the arm of the man and with his bare hands ripped it off of the body. He waved it around excitedly and said "Now we can show them what we did!" The rest of the group just smiled at Randal and turned and started back to the Myconids.

[ image disabled ]

The Myconids were still there when the group returned. Randal showed them the hand and said "See! We took care of him!" The Myconids were grateful and understood why it was suggested to take his hand. The Myconids led them through the next cavern where there were not very nice Myconids and walked them straight to the mushroom patch. It was hidden so well behind some rocks and tucked away under other mushrooms that it would have been hard for them to notice them if they had tried on their own. "May we take a couple bags full? Hugdish asked seeing that there were lots there and it would not deplenish the patch. The Myconid agreed and so Hugdish threw a bag to Randal and had him fill one as she filled the other. "Thank you so much for helping us Mr. Myconid." Said Hugdish with a smile. "You can call me Psybie for that is my name." The group all nodded at Psybie and thanked them. After filling the bags the group set out and headed back to the crossroads. The walk was nice after being in the cave for so long.

Hugdish took the bags back to camp and layed them out to dry so she could keep them for a long time. She smiled and checked another thing off her list. "Now, We just need to build a place to make the mead." She said to herself as she looked around the shire. "But where is the best place for a meadery?"
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