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  • Jandari
    Jandari  11 hours ago

    Nexus did it!!!!!!

  • Naerwen
    Naerwen  3 days ago

    Ahhh. That's what I did. I didn't know how to transfer characters over so I just created Naerwen again. OOps! Thanks, David!

  • DavidtheGreat
    DavidtheGreat  3 days ago

    Hey! Give them some time, old characters can be brought over from pre EE most of the time! What is actually linked database wise is names, so if you made a new character with the same name, you will not be able to complete any old quests you did!

  • Naerwen
    Naerwen  3 days ago

    I would love to play, but my characters are messed up and can't take any quests. Are the databases from the old game and EE linked?

  • Wraitheus
    Wraitheus  6 days ago

    People do not game here ~~These are not the gamers you are looking for~~

  • Blue_
    Blue_  1 week ago

    hello gamers

  • DavidtheGreat
    DavidtheGreat  1 week ago

    It has wrapped up I'm afraid! Though Felicity has a comission box still open at her stand she will check later!

  • Dogbert
    Dogbert  1 week ago

    I forgot to ask when I got on my computer about an hour and a half ago, but is the craft fair still on?

  • Crayzee4dnd
    Crayzee4dnd  1 week ago

    Hellshire craft fair in about 2 hours!! Come and enjoy the festivities!

  • saadow
    saadow  2 weeks ago

    Hey guys, we don't have a traditional outing for nature night planned, we're looking to gather and talk about what was found and experienced with ashwood and see what we want to do about it. It'll be 4 pm EST (two hours from this posting)

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Agglomeration of Blight

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Cleric of Mystra
2:08:30 am GMT 08/13/08
Cleric of Mystra Registered Member #1083 Joined: 7:29:11 pm GMT 06/25/07
Posts: 1519
Slowly, the green liquid was poured into three vials. At his feet, a dead wyvern and his own human blood. Strange it was to find such a creature so close to a place like the Hammersong Halls, he thought. Still, seeing how it dropped a bear with a single sting of its tail, he was more than interested. It flew away and he followed as a red wyrm. After a while in the cold sky, he arrived at a forest where wyvern eggs were spread on the ledges. Ashan walked to one nest, only to be corned by an adult lizard. The ravine watched menacing from below. The stinger was waved in the air, venom dripping to the ground in a threatening gesture. However, no fear could be seen in the human’s helmed face; it was more like he was lost in thought, eyes darting as the wyvern’s tail cut the air around it. He had to have it, no matter what. Back at Hammersong… Bandages now cover the gashes from the creatures’ attacks; they almost had him, but he was back on his feet again. He could not care less about defeat to such creatures if the reward was good enough. And it was. Wyvern poison and vials of their blood. Maybe Ars would like to work on something for him if he showed him these. [ Edited 12:00:10 AM 08/14/08 ]
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Cleric of Mystra
4:06:50 am GMT 08/15/08
Cleric of Mystra Registered Member #1083 Joined: 7:29:11 pm GMT 06/25/07
Posts: 1519
He opened his eyes and stared at his room's ceiling. It had not been a good night: he was tired from the last day but couldn't get a decent sleep. No dreams either.

He buttoned his shirt slowly, glancing around the room. His eyes reached the spot on the wooden floor where his clothes had been moments ago. There, a piece of parchment slightly burned on the edges, portraying some kind of winged female.

It had been drawn hastily, he could see. The wings looked like they were wrapped in some kind of leather, but he couldn’t be sure due to the unclear traces.
Whatever it was, he had not placed it there. Someone had been in his room.

[ image disabled ]

When he asked, people talked about succubus and erinyes, both from the lower planes. Creatures that liked to... which were Nishka's words? Do naughty things.
Still, he could not remember anything, he didn't feel anything strange.
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Cleric of Mystra
8:38:50 pm GMT 08/26/08
Cleric of Mystra Registered Member #1083 Joined: 7:29:11 pm GMT 06/25/07
Posts: 1519
The vials were gathering dust in his pack. He looked in it, lost in thought, and pondered what could possibly be done with them.
He had decided before that the only one he knew that worked with components like these was Ars, so a trip to Arsinica was his first choice.
Using stealth so as not to disturb the elves, he made his way into the green-lit store.

[ image disabled ]

[ image disabled ]

Ashan stood waiting for an answer, the green light and the suffocating smoke engulfing the two men and their surroundings.
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Cleric of Mystra
6:14:15 pm GMT 09/06/08
Cleric of Mystra Registered Member #1083 Joined: 7:29:11 pm GMT 06/25/07
Posts: 1519
Razon, his apprentice, his friend. A fellow mercenary, as well, and an interesting enough chat that Ashan didn’t want to leave a few moments after their first words. Not that the student was much of a talker, but the prospect of gaining insight into his mind gave Ashan a good reason to stay, most of the times. He couldn’t quite remember where they had met first, but after seeing some kind of hidden power in him, Ashan offered to help him out in whatever he needed. A place in the Silent Hand was offered, as well, and was taken. Razon’s power grew at impressive rates, quickly catching up with Ashan in terms of connection with the Source. Over time, they had witnessed how each shape came to him, as he slowly became accustomed to the feeling. Of course, Razon had a good teacher from where to learn, even if this was sometimes reduced to watching Ashan shift back and forth effortlessly. A few normal reactions to the shapechanging were present, but nothing out of the ordinary that demanded a serious concern from either of them. And which would be the best way to test a student? [ image disabled ] Inside the elven city, they planned. “What was this, three birds with one stone?”, Ashan thought. He would assess the power of his apprentice, get rid of a few of his enemies and then give Mormegil a new suit of plate. How annoying that skeleton was. Ashan only kept him because he could swing a sword better than most of the living he had met in all his life. Even after the pile of bones got demanding and asked for a new suit of armor, something “…that fits my size, of course; forget about Kreis Knight armor…”, Ashan agreed. Maybe he would regret it, maybe not. At any rate, two other birds flew over Greenvale, waiting to be taken down. They waited for day to come, if only to avoid having Razorfang knives up their backs. It was made sure that only them and the guards posted at the gates were there, making use of dragon’s sight, and they proceeded. Ashan took point in the form of a dark elf, the undead to his side. Razon, instead, waited a few feet away for the perfect opportunity to strike. The elves were formidable opponents and the fight was long, but eventually, the combined effort of teacher and student prevailed. [ image disabled ] The deed was done. Later, hidden from the world, the last thread of life left in one of the elves was offered to Talona, as Ashan had promised time and time again. A poisoned, wickedly sharp blade was driven home, and a final breath escaped the frail elven body. All that was left was ashes to be blown by the wind. [ Edited 06:15:17 PM 09/06/08 ]
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Cleric of Mystra
10:46:21 pm GMT 09/22/08
Cleric of Mystra Registered Member #1083 Joined: 7:29:11 pm GMT 06/25/07
Posts: 1519
The gates burst open, the mighty rage of the demonic construct pouring out towards the elven city. Behind came the artificers of the assault; sword and spell aiding the evil entity in laying destruction.

Elf after elf fell to their reckless march. Reinforcements were brought in and cut down accordingly.

A pause. The invaders caught their breath.

And they charged in once again, and they reached the tower for the first time, blood flowing down the elven stone.
Until the celestial made its appearance and all went black


“No matter, we did what we were sent to do. The distraction was created… we had a bloody dragon against us, even;”, he said to her, “if the others could not manage to complete their task, it is up to them to pay for their mistake”

Ashan retreated to his new home. A good place, even if there was no bed. He had slept in worse places, he thought.
His things were placed in a corner, while an old and tattered bedroll was set on the wooden floor. The human picked up his staff from the desk and began pacing the room, looking for anything interesting or useful.
Where was she when he needed her?
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Cleric of Mystra
12:06:45 am GMT 09/28/08
Cleric of Mystra Registered Member #1083 Joined: 7:29:11 pm GMT 06/25/07
Posts: 1519
((Some blood and gore, be warned))

In the westernmost part of the Feywood...

He carefully took out a branch of the poisontree from his pack and set it on the ground. Then, a bloody bag was placed next to it as he started to dig a hole in the soil with his own bare hands.
That done, he placed a leaf in it and fished out a creature’s heart from the bag: the Guardian’s heart, precisely. Then, he kneeled in prayer.

“This is my way to teach the world, my Lady. I will show them.”

The poisoned blade was slipped out of its scabbard as he held the heart over the leaf, a faint smile in his face. The scimitar cut the air, making its way to the target, until the cold metal was thrust through the heart and blood bathed the spot. Finally, She offered her blessing.

[ image disabled ]

He stepped back and silently admired his work. Ashan was satisfied.

((If anyone was there spying or thinks their character would've seen it and want to post, feel free to do so or send a PM smile))
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Cleric of Mystra
4:54:38 pm GMT 10/09/08
Cleric of Mystra Registered Member #1083 Joined: 7:29:11 pm GMT 06/25/07
Posts: 1519
Blood penetrated the earth just above the vile leaf. The animal laid down, throat brutally gnawed. The second one stood on top, looking much more feral than he had looked in decades.

He retreated and watched. After what seemed like hours, he returned to the spot and sat next to the dead mammal, slowly running a red finger along the disturbed soil.

Another deer closed in, probably curious to see what was going on.
Thoughts raced: “Izzy…”. The human lunged towards the approaching creature and caught it by the neck. Craaack! It was gone.

Ashan had betrayed her. Or had he? No. He was performing his duty; there is no betrayal in duty. At any rate, she was the one to neglect her role.
He kept trying to convince himself that he was not to blame. Even when the half-drow started to understand that one of those she trusted had handed her over to almost certain death, his mind worked to hide the guilt.
It was not his doing, no. “She did this herself.”

But he had failed. Or had he? He did what he was instructed to do; Izzy stood before The Lady. If they couldn’t block a door properly, did he have to take the blame? No matter, he was not about to discuss it with The Lady.

It was dark and all that could be heard was his slow, paused breathing. His thoughts were clear now. That place had the power to soothe him.

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3:05:47 pm GMT 10/18/08
Lefse Kamel
Registered Member #460 Joined: 8:56:43 pm GMT 03/06/05
Posts: 2312
Razon sat alone at the fire outside of Raven’s Watch. Just thinking of completing what he once had considered impossible gave him a strange feeling, shifting into a different shape was one thing, but now he had a whole lot of options. With the right focus he could take the shape of a wyrmling, basilisk, orc, drow, dwarf, lizards, harpy, bear, elf, badger, kobold, what ever and when ever he wanted…

Razon picked up a book from his bag and flipped trough the pages, nothing, nothing, nothing… all pages blank. He dug in a pocket and took up a vial of ink and a quill. He opened the book on the first page and began writing.

Razon wrote ...

It’s a strange feeling, looking in a mirror, not seeing your self. It’s impossible to describe. I consider this ability a great gift and this might sound strange, but I feel more complete than ever. I am not sure when I was granted this gift; I may have carried it with me all my life without knowing. But it was not until I met my good friend and now teacher, that I discovered it. Ashan is his name. He is a great friend, good teacher, a powerful ally and one of the few people I can really trust. He also introduced me to the deity Talona. He serves her well, and I have witnessed him do rites to please her. Without Ashan, I would not have been able to develop my abilities, and I am grateful that I met him.
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Cleric of Mystra
3:43:52 am GMT 11/05/08
Cleric of Mystra Registered Member #1083 Joined: 7:29:11 pm GMT 06/25/07
Posts: 1519
The candle burned. Smoke rose to the ceiling and clouded the room. A pleasant scent. His bare back against the wooden planks, Ashan stared into the ceiling.

“So much to do.”

The Poisonwood’s enemies had been dealt with, except one. The Lady desired to have one last conversation and Ashan was sure she would obtain it.

Ars never made up his mind. Well, damn him, he was losing a decent opportunity. Ashan still had the materials himself and was quite sure someone would be interested in working with them at some point. It was a matter of time.

Jivanna. Damn her as well. The erinyes kept appearing whenever she decided to, oftentimes when less desired. She even paraded around the Crossroads fire, winking to all the males present, until the guards demanded she left. Yes, damn her.
Ashan had some associates working on a way to bind her to his will. Draico and Eswyn. The magic in the spellgem would hopefully hold for long with the help of the enhanced ring, thus keeping her under control.

Razon appeared to have reached his limit. He felt he could not progress further, he said. Ashan’s job in that area was over, then, but there was still much to teach. Razon would learn of battle tactics and faith in the months to come.

He often returned to the Feywood to protect his creation, his poisontree. Obviously, no progress could be seen, but he was very much willing to wait for years and years if he could at list catch a glimpse of it.

Finally, Ace. Behind bars. What a joy. He wasn’t sure what he was to do about her or her situation other than offer support. He saw some potential in the girl, he supposed, but still couldn’t quite find out why he visited her.
However, all that potential was now caged and Ashan thought it was another man’s fault. Maybe putting the girl against his “da” would be enough of a punishment for Caliban.

He sighed and closed his eyes. "Time will tell."
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Cleric of Mystra
2:35:08 am GMT 12/29/08
Cleric of Mystra Registered Member #1083 Joined: 7:29:11 pm GMT 06/25/07
Posts: 1519
((Soundtrack to this post)) The Chaos Curse, pt. 1 Ashan sat on the hard wooden floor with his back on the wall. Staff in hand and eyes closed, he tried not to focus too much on anything in particular, trying to relax. The last few weeks had been tiring, taxing: there’s only so much the human body could take, even one trained to endure pain, like his. He had been almost an hour there when he heard something scuttling. Ashan opened an eye, yet saw nothing evident and dismissed it as insects. After all, he was staying inside a hollow tree in a forest... ... LouderLouderLouder. ... Both eyes were opened and he caught sight of a gaunt rat. Probably ill, the emaciated vermin stared at him with blank eyes, while standing to his side. He returned the look, extended his left arm towards the animal and gently stroke its back. It did not avert its eyes from Ashan, neither did it move from its place. [ image disabled ] “Why are you here?”, he said softly. A moment passed in silence, before he heard it in his head. “She requires something of you. A last test, maybe? I do not know, I am but a messenger. He shook his head slightly before the rat continued: “Tuanta Quiro Miancay, The Most Fatal Horror. Find it, create it, what you will; I will only say it is not on this island. That is all I know and what I was sent to tell you. Ask Her, if you desire” Ashan nodded and looked to the door. He took but a moment to consider everything and stood up, dusting himself off. He did not own much, so the act of packing everything lasted a few minutes. He looked back: the vermin was still there, motionless as ever. There was no way it could have gotten into his room, but he had no time to think how it had happened. He stepped out and walked through the tunnels on the border of the woods to the Cobblewall. There, he paid another to write notes for him, all identical but for their recipient. A few more coins were placed on Faran’s counter next to the stack of parchment, so that he would ensure they would reach each of the Poisonguard members.
I have to leave the island for personal reasons. Though I do not know how long it will take, I will try to return as soon as possible. Good luck to you all, Ashan PS. Should you wish to elect another Sergeant while I am not here, do so.
He continued to the north, until Webster’s Landing. [ image disabled ] There was, indeed, no way for a rat to get into his room without him noticing it. Illusions, maybe. [ Edited 03:32:30 PM 01/19/09 ]
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