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  • Shade
    Shade  35 mins ago

    Don't make me go Lily on you.

  • Jandari
    Jandari  1 hour ago

    Your face is weird.

  • Shade
    Shade  2 hours ago

    Playing a down-scaled character feels weird..

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  3 hours ago

    Necro Night will begin in about 50 minutes form the time of this post!

  • Avatar6666
    Avatar6666  11 hours ago

    dizzy-d2 your sword is done, please see Corrinn at crossroads when you have time.

  • ChaoticDrow
    ChaoticDrow  12 hours ago

    There were issues a few updates ago relating to I think a Beamdog update and the local server database that handled persistent storage. I think it's all fixed now (unless your recently placed it in storage), but if you lost something I'm sure a staff member could help for replacement.

  • Dizzy-D2
    Dizzy-D2  22 hours ago

    Missing a set of armor, but instead it has a duplicate of the armor my toon is wearing

  • FlowerGolem
    FlowerGolem  1 day ago

    The most reliable storage is your own character inventory *nods*

  • Payne
    Payne  1 day ago

    I sure hope there isnt a Trusty issue! egad!

  • ChaoticDrow
    ChaoticDrow  1 day ago

    What kind of issues are you seeing Dizzy?

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The Official Going Away Thread - XV

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LAN_402 LAN_403
8:25:37 pm GMT 06/18/19
Vaedryan Registered Member #345 Joined: 2:28:49 am GMT 11/25/04
Posts: 1893
Vaedryan wrote ...

I will be travelling to France for work beginning this coming weekend and will be there until the end of June. I'll still have time to get in-game, a good bit more time over the first couple of weeks that I am there, but I'll have that timezone thing shifting on me.

May 12-June 1: Lots of extra time, will be based out of GMT+1
June 1-June 18: Basically same amount of time as now, still GMT+1
June 18-June 28: Vacation... no time to get IG (I would be summarily executed for trying! grin)

Now beginning the last leg of this trip. Off to London (writing from the chunnel---woot!) for a few days and then the Canary Islands for much needed R&R. I'll have very limited access to forums---though I'm dreaming of trying to get a post or two up---and very little chance to get in-game until we return to the States on June 28-29. I'll pop in on Discord from time to time, so can be reached by messages there (just not quickly).

Have fun!

Edit to add: One caveat to getting in game: I'm going to try to pop in briefly in the next day or two to finish up the "Handbook of Summons". And apologies for not being super-interactive while in-game this past week---most of that time was spent tucked away and madly summoning critters to scribble down their details... that or wrestling with prop item descriptions. Looking forward to getting some solid RP time when I get back home! grin
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8:47:27 pm GMT 06/24/19
Omedoom Registered Member #24486 Joined: 11:40:46 am GMT 06/28/18
Posts: 75
Heading off to Austria for a week starting tomorrow and won't be able to play during that. Should be back ingame around 2nd or 3rd of July. Haven't been able to play recently nearly as much as I'd like to due to busy summer season at work and other rl stuff keeping busy. Peace out until next week regardless!
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9:08:29 pm GMT 06/24/19
Destinysdesire Registered Member #25297 Joined: 12:50:53 am GMT 05/27/19
Posts: 64
Away from today till late Thurs/early Friday
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10:31:32 pm GMT 07/01/19
Alathos Registered Member #24064 Joined: 6:33:55 pm GMT 03/29/17
Posts: 131
July is a bit of a time-off for me, either touring or holidays. Definitely won't be on from 2-7th and 16-26th.
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1:29:08 pm GMT 07/09/19
Squidget Up to no good
Registered Member #20 Joined: 8:30:40 am GMT 02/25/04
Posts: 6665
I will be flying out to Europe for vacation on the 12th-13th, so mostly unavailable this weekend. The two weeks after I'll be on European times, and possibly available less often! I will still come on to torment you guys as time permits though.
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7:54:09 pm GMT 07/16/19
Vaeltava Registered Member #1761 Joined: 10:05:21 pm GMT 10/13/11
Posts: 421
I will be on vacation with the family this weekend, starting Friday the 19th and on to Monday the 22nd. I won't be spending much time on the computer, if any, so I won't see you kind folks during that time.
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7:04:46 am GMT 07/19/19
o_chadon_o Registered Member #1763 Joined: 2:09:42 am GMT 10/24/11
Posts: 49
I'm going on a family vacation myself for the weekend and won't have much time on the computer! Hope you all have a good time! ^^
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