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    Orc night in a little under 3 hours! Event is open to everyone!

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    Player event will kick off in about two hours from now! Everyone welcome. Poke me in game if you want in. Everyone welcome.

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    tristan this is for you...https://discord.gg/wU9eEC

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    I won't believe he's back until i see him in game..Soon please..

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    Necro Night will be starting in about 2 hours from this post!

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    He's back! *waves*

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    G'day Thain!

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    Nature Night will start in about 1 hour and 40 minutes . We will meet up in the Wild Grove of Grauer Suden.

    I will be IG as Dauken. Please shoot me a tell with any questions! smile

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    Orc night in 40 mins from time of this post. Anyone is welcome!

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The Transformation

LAN_402 LAN_403
7:34:37 pm GMT 06/23/15
Zhymm Registered Member #191 Joined: 2:06:27 pm GMT 07/31/04
Posts: 389
Part I - Taken


"Robbo! Wake up! Wake up!"

More shaking.

Eyes open. Bright, flickering orange and red light plays on the ceiling through the nearby window. Then a bright, white explosion of light followed by an ear numbing boom punctuated with screams.

"Robbo! Come! Hurry!"

Stumble from bed to foot. "Yes, Mama .... "

"Robbo! Hurry, run!" A grabbing hand, pulling, feet barely able to keep up ...

Outside. Dark sky overhead. Screams. Flames leap and twist. Thunderous explosions of light and sound. Small figures silouetted by the flames, running helter-skelter. Taller ones moving forward with resolute purpose, flashes of bladed steel from some, rays of sparks from others.

"ROBBO!! RU ......." Mama's voice abruptly falls silent.

"Mama!" No answer comes through the turbulent cacophony of screams, shouts and earth shaking blasts.

Sudden darkness. Rough cloth covers my face. "Mama!" Large, rough hands grabbing, holding. A strange voice, speaking Common "Take this young one!"

More rough cloth, swathing my body, arms immobilized. A sudden, sharp pain on the side of my head, bright lights flashing in my eyes. Then darkness.


Slow rocking.

Strange voices. Common, not hin "Tha wind's ashiftin'!" "Tha fores'l, belay tha halyard!" "Steady!"

Ooooh, my head hurts.

I try to raise my hand to touch my sore temple. It's bound to my side.

Eyes open. Rough cloth covers my face. Painful sparks of sunlight poke through the cloth. Clamp my eyes shut.

The sound of water splashing as the floor tips up then down.

Ooooh, my stomach hurts. Roll over. Retch.

A louder voice "Trim tha' topsail proper or ye'll get tha lash!"

Ooooh, my head hurts.

Dizzyness. Darkness.
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9:28:11 pm GMT 06/23/15
Zhymm Registered Member #191 Joined: 2:06:27 pm GMT 07/31/04
Posts: 389
Part II - The Journey


"Wake up!"

The cloth is pulled from my head.

"Ow!" Bright sun. Squint. Hands to cover eyes. My hands are unbound!

Peek out between dirty fingers. Sit up.

A ship. I'm on a ship! Crewmen shout to each other, going about their tasks. Sails slap and snap in the breeze. The rigging and the ship itself groans and creaks with each passing wave.

I try to stand, but my feet and knees are bound together. Lean my head back against the side and watch. Across the deck I see two other hin, girls. Bound like myself. They look older than me. Too far away to talk. One looks up, back at me. Her eyes are dull, dark. Then she looks away, back down. Her shoulders begin to shake, sobbing.

A man, human, comes by. Unceremoniously sets a steaming bowl near my feet. "Yer gruel ... eat it quick afore tha gulls get it." I take a mouthful and spit it back into the bowl. Mama didn't fix this. The gulls can have it. I lie down. Sleep comes.

Days pass. I sleep or lay still, watching. Hard bread with the gruel. I can eat the bread.

Shaking. "Wake up!" My hands are bound.

It's dark, night. The air smells different. Land? I can not see over the side. The ship slows, gliding forward. Through the darkness a cliff appears ahead. We're going to crash! The cliff arches high overhead, swallowing the ship. We still glide forward, no crash. I hear a crewman mouth "Skullport."

The cloth bag returns. I cannot see. The ship jerks and bumps, men shouting "Easy!" "Drop the fenders!" "Haul tha stern line tight, now!" "Pull in tha bow!" The ship settles. "Drop tha gangway!"

Footsteps come and go. Sounds of crates and sacks being slid across the deck, men grunting. Someone speaks "Take tha hin inside." I'm picked up and carried over a bony shoulder like a sack of beans. The sounds change, we're in a room. I'm set on the floor. A door closes and it gets quiet. After awhile I fall asleep.
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1:36:57 am GMT 06/24/15
Zhymm Registered Member #191 Joined: 2:06:27 pm GMT 07/31/04
Posts: 389
Part III - Assignment

Shaking. "Wake up, hin!"

More shaking. I roll over, sit up. The cloth bag comes off. Blinking, I look around. The room is bare except for a wooden chair. The far wall has a closed door. A human man stands before me. We are alone.

"Let's get you up and ready before Orgin gets here." The man unbinds my legs and motions for me to get up into the chair. With bound hands I struggle to clamber into the seat. Once seated the man motions me to inch forward until my lower legs dangle free. Reusing the rope, he spreads my legs and binds them to the chair at the ankles and just below the knees. I notice the arms of the chair are scratched and gouged at their forward ends. One has a broken fingernail caught in a crack. Dark red stains color some of the deeper gouges.

"Now your hands." He grabs my bound hands, firmly holding one forearm while he looses the rope free with his other hand. Then binds that limb, wrist and elbow, to the arm of the chair. I glance at my free hand. "Don't even think it, hin" the man growls. My other forearm is quickly bound in the same manner, wrist and elbow, flat to the chair's arm.

The man steps to the side of the door, opening it enough for him to look out. "Slavemaster Orgin. Sir. The boy is ready."

A harsh voice "Good." The voice seems to turn away "Tekmar, continue the procedure with the girl." A third voice "Yes sir, slavemaster." Another door closes. The door to this room swings wide revealing a large man, rough, hair worn unkempt with a few loose braids. Each braid has a fang-like tooth threaded to the end. He steps into the room. "Get the cart." 'My' man leaves the room.

Harsh Voice steps towards me, leans to grasp the arms of the chair, pressing down on my wrists. I let out a little squeak of pain, trying to squirm back away. His head drops in close, so close our noses nearly touch. "I am Orgin Ulmokina, Slavemaster for the Enclave. You, hin, will learn to fear that name. Cringe at the sound of my footstep. Mewl at my feet for mercy when I deal with you." A noise from the hall. Orgin straightens and turns to the door.

'My' man returns, pushing a small, wheeled table before him. He closes the door. The far end of the table holds small vials in a rack. The vials look to contain a dark, syrupy fluid. On the near end sets a metal tray. The tray displays some malicious looking tools, some with sharp hooks, others hinged with serrated edges on the inner part, and some long, needle-like rods. Orgin turns and lightly taps the tray. "Pray I don't need to use these."

"Count yourself lucky, hin boy. I have clients that relish young boys. And a young hin boy like you, almost infantile to humans, untainted, would fetch a high price." Orgin moved his hand back to the chair, pressing once more on my wrist, painfully. "But Sendel asked for boy servant, one to tidy his room, iron his robes, clip his toenails." Orgin waves a hand in the air, as if to say 'so be it'. "Ambassador Anszim said 'Sendel ... take the hin boy, the new one.'" Orgin sighs. "Count yourself lucky, hin. You may live a few years yet, washing Sendel's undergarments."

Orgin turns to the man. "Let's get this done. I don't want Sendel giving the Ambassador a poor report."
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3:48:14 am GMT 06/24/15
Zhymm Registered Member #191 Joined: 2:06:27 pm GMT 07/31/04
Posts: 389
Part IV - The First Lesson

"Alright. Hin boy, what's your name?"


SMACK! That slap across my mouth and cheeks hurt. Tears begin to rim my eyes.

"What's your name, boy?"

"Robbo, sir?"

SMACK!! The second slap was worse. The salty, metallic taste of fresh blood graces my tongue. Tears began to flow in earnest.

"I ... I ... why?"

Orgin grabs the chair and shakes it.

"Listen, boy. You have no name. As long as you're in the Enclave, you answer to 'hin' ... or 'boy'. Got it?"

Orgin shakes the chair, and me, again.

"You have no name until you're given one. By your master. I rule the slaves down here. Me. Orgin. Slavemaster. I am your master, for now. And I don't give names."

"Once more, what is your name?"

"Ro ... uh ... sir?"

SMACK!!! Lights spark through my eyes, my head spins, darkness closing in.

The man "Sir, the serum ... don't we always ..."

Orgin "Shut up! That was the appetizer, a little pre-teaching. Hand me the vial."

The slap leaves me groggy, barely aware. Dizzyness, darkness swirls my vision.

Glass clinks. My chin is pushed back, head facing the ceiling. Something is forced between my lips. Glass rattles against my teeth. A thick, viscous liquid fills my mouth, vile of taste. A hand clamps over my mouth. Chin held back, nose pinched shut.

I can't breath! Try to inhale through clenched teeth. Choking, straining for air.

I have to swallow.

I HAVE to swallow.


Hands release. Deep inhale.

A strange warmth spreads outward from my stomach. Skin tingles. Hair tingles.

Everything tingles.

Zoom, I'm in the clouds.

Zoom, I'm home ... in the kitchen ... at the table ... this chair is nice ... its arms so warm.

Mama calls me "Robbo, here's your dinner."

Mama's hair swirls as she turns. So beautiful, its color ... its color ... what is its color?

Mama! Your hair? What is it? MAMA!

"Boy, here's your dinner."

No, Mama! You always call me ... call me ... what do you call me, Mama??


Nooo! My name is ... my name is ... Mama! Please, what is my name?!?!


NOOOO! MAMA! MAMA! MY NAME! MY NAME IS .... my NAME is ... my name is ...

Mama, what is my name?


All is gray, kitchen gone ... clouds gone ... chair gone ... all gone. Just grayness.

I ... I ... who am I ... who AM I ... WHO am I ... WHO AM I?

The grayness swirls. My arms, a chair. My arms are tied to a chair.

Harsh voice "What's your name?"

My name? I'm ... I'm ... I ... I ... I don't know.

A man comes into focus before me. Large. Teeth in his hair.

"What's your name?"

I don't know. I don't know.


Yes! That's it! Boy!

The room forms around me. Two men stand there. My fingers, they HURT! My arms, they HURT! I look down. The ropes have cut into my arms. My fingers are curled, claw like, nails cracked and bleeding. Blood coats the ends of the chair's arms.

A rough hand grabs me by the chin, forcing me to look up. Black eyes look into mine.

Harsh voice "I am Orgin. I am you Master. Who am I?"

"You are my master, Orgin."

Orgin "Who are you?"

"I am .... boy."

Orgin "Good."

Orgin turns to the man "Take him, get him cleaned up and fed. Then put him with the others. We'll repeat this tomorrow."
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1:37:21 pm GMT 06/24/15
Zhymm Registered Member #191 Joined: 2:06:27 pm GMT 07/31/04
Posts: 389
Part V - The Next Lesson

The Training Continues

Master Orgin leaves. The Man lifts a bucket from under the table, steps to me. Leans forward, unbinds my arms.

"Give me your hands."

I try to lift my arms, but they do not respond, just lay there like two dead fish.

"Bah." The Man sets the edge of the bucket between my legs. Is that water?

He grabs one hand and dunks it in the bucket. OWW!! That STINGS!!! My arm twitches.

"Heh, it's coming back." He pulls my hand up. A cloth appears, wipes away the last of the blood.

"The other one. Now" I try to lift that arm. It barely moves. Grab. Dunk. OWW!!

The bucket is set aside, cloth draped over its edge.

A cup is lifted to my lips. "Here, drink this." Water? I'm so thirsty. The cup tips towards me. I gulp.

Ugh. Not water. A new warmth spreads. Not like the first. No flying. No visions.

I look at my arms, my hands. The cuts are gone. My fingers feel fine. I wiggle them.

The Man unbinds my legs. "Get down. Let's get you fed." I follow. A different room.

"Sit here." A bench, against the wall. I climb up and sit.

A different man stands next to a high table, across the room, back towards us.

"You. Feed the boy." The Man turns and leaves the room.

You slices a hunk from the end of a loaf on the high table. Then ladles something from a pot into a bowl.

You brings the bowl and bread to me. The bowl contains a thin broth. A few bits of potato, carrot, something green float near the bottom.

You "Eat it quick now, boy. Before the others get here."

As I eat, You looks over his shoulder, leans close to my ear, whispers.

"Best forget who you are, where you're from. If you do know, pretend you don't. To Orgin. To Tekmar. And especially to the wizards. Don't even look in their eyes. They can SEE."

A sound, steps. You abrupty straightens, goes back to the high table.

The Man enters the room. "Hurry up, finish that. Time for sleep. Let's go."

A different room. Straw mats on the floor. "Sleep there."



"Wake up! Wake up, boy!"

Eyes open. Someone stands over me. "Mama?"

"Shut that!" It's the Man. "Get up! Follow me."

We go to the food room. Master Orgin is there. Beside him is another. Tall, greasy black hair. The Man leaves.

Master Orgin "This is Tekmar, my second. He will give you your duties. Listen to him."

Tekmar "Boy, you will keep the hallway and this dining room swept clean. Help Cook in the kitchen. Clean the pots and bowls. Understand?"

"Yes, sir"

Tekmar nods "Good." He points to the corner. "Get broom and dust pan, Robbo."

"Yes, sir"

Orgin steps to block my path. SMACK! Stunned, I step back.

"What's your name?"

"Ro ... uh ... bo- " SMACK!! I fall to the floor.

"Once is never enough." Orgin shakes his head. "Take him, Tekmar."

Tekmar grabs my arm, pulls me to my feet, drags me toward the door. Stumbling, I try to keep up.

No! The room with the Chair. NO! Ropes bind. That vile liquid. NOOO!! Choking. Tingling. Floating.

This time I float in the clouds. No home. No warm kitchen. Mama calls. "Boy" She's far away, faint. "Boy, come here." I can't find her. Too many clouds.

The clouds become gray, flat. Orgin's face swirls from the gray.

"What's your name?"

" ... I ... I don't know. Who ... what am I?"


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1:48:52 am GMT 06/26/15
Zhymm Registered Member #191 Joined: 2:06:27 pm GMT 07/31/04
Posts: 389
Part VI - Servitude


I am learning. Call my Name and I do not respond. Here, that word to me is no more than the buzzing of the flies in Cook's waste bin.

But I know my Name. It is Robbo. I am learning to keep it hidden. Orgin may think my Name is gone from memory. Tekmar may think it as well.

But I know my Name. Orgin knows this not. Tekmar knows this not. None of them know. Not even You, who first told me what to do. None of them know.

I have seen the others. Some learned quick. Maybe they are like me. Orgin calls them with 'Cook', 'Server', 'Maid', 'Man', 'Woman', 'You' ... If they know their Name they must also keep it hidden. Like me. I know my Name.

Others did not learn quick. They were sent to the chair many times. Now their eyes are dull. They only respond to Orgin's lash. Or 'Slave'.

Me, I answer to 'Boy'. But that is not my Name. I keep That hidden.

I am learning. I know my name. I remember. My name is Robbo.


The days pass. Each the same. Help Cook. Clean the pots. Sweep. Each day again.

But this day is different. The pots are clean. Cook says "Go." I get the broom, go out to sweep the hall. Orgin calls from a doorway "Boy, come here."

This room is different. No chair. No tables. The far wall has an archway. The space inside the archway shimmers, plays of light and color dancing within it.

Another is here, a man. Clean shaven, even his head. Intricate red tatoos arch the curve of his scalp. His robes are scarlet, trimmed with ribbon the color of dried blood. I do not look at his eyes, but at the floor by his feet.

Orgin stares at me "This is Secretary Sendel. He is a wizard. He answers only to the Ambassador." That word, wizard, causes me fear. I notice Orgin does not look at the Secretary. "He will be your new Master. Do what he says."

"Boy, follow me." The Secretary walks to the archway and enters, the shimmering light closing behind him as he vanishes. I start toward the archway, then stop short of it, hesitant. A wizard! 'You' said a wizard can SEE. He will know what I keep hidden!

"If you value your existance, GO!" Orgin pushes me into the archway.

I'm in another room, the archway behind me. This room has a carpet, tapestries on the walls. There's a door opposite the archway. Secretary Sendel stands there. "Come with me. I'll show you your quarters, give you your duties."

Fearful, at first, I follow the Secretary. We're in a long hallway. There are windows! Daylight!! I have not seen daylight since the ship! Daylight!! I hurry to follow Sendel, snatching a glance through one window as I run to catch up. Buildings. Tall buildings. Row upon row. We're in a city!. I am awestruck, following the Secretary in a daze. We come to the Secretary's chamber. He turns to look at me. With all this newness, I forget and look at his eyes. Then freeze, trying not to show my terror. Can he SEE? Will he know what I hide? But he looks away. Maybe 'You' is wrong ...

I learn my duties. Keep the Secretary's sleeping chamber clean, the linens changed, the pots emptied, fresh candles in the sticks and sconces. Mend his robes, fetch his meals from Cook in the Enclave. Sweep the Secretary's study. Those are just a few. I have many duties, so the Secretary can concentrate on his work. Sometimes I just sit in the hallway by his study, awaiting his call. I do not think the Secretary can SEE. He does not know what I keep hidden. Or he does not care. I think 'You' is wrong.

Life with the Secretary as my Master is not bad. I do my duties, listen for his call. Otherwise he ignores me. And Orgin does not come here. Orgin stays in the Enclave. Here, I can see the daylight. And a glimpse of the city now and then. I have learned that the Secretary is important. So is the Ambassador. The Ambassador is very important, he gives the Secretary 'things' to do. All the red robes, the wizards listen to the Ambassador. Many of the wizards listen to the Secretary, as well.

Days pass, then weeks, months, years. My duties occupy most of my time. I watch, listen, learn. The Embassy is a busy place. Visitors petition for help. Travelling wizards stay for a while to study. The Secretary helps the Ambassador take care of all this.

I have grown, too. The Secretary says I am near my full grown height. But I am still only as tall as the Secretary's belt.

The Secretary has taught me letters so I can help him sort his papers. I can even read some of the words. And write them. The Secretary says soon I'll be able to scribe, help him with what he calls 'correspondence' and 'bookkeeping'.

Life with the Secretary is not bad. I think it is good. Better than the Enclave.

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6:42:35 pm GMT 07/12/15
Zhymm Registered Member #191 Joined: 2:06:27 pm GMT 07/31/04
Posts: 389
Part VII - A Glimmering

Interlude (continued)

I am learning. Call my Name and I do not respond.

But I know my Name. It is Buns. Orgin may think my Name is gone from memory. The Secretary may think it as well.

But I know my Name. None of them know. Only Cook knows. He calls me Buns.

Me, I answer to 'Boy'. The Secretary calls 'Boy' when he needs me. Orgin sneers it if he sees me when I go to the Enclave to get the meals.

But that is not my Name. I keep That hidden.

I am learning. I know my name. I remember. My name is Buns.


The unsettling dreams are less frequent. The ones with flames under a dark sky. The ones with a strange woman calling to me. The ones that leave me with broken nails, torn and bloodied sheets when I wake.

The Secretary has taught me how to join Letters to write Words. Words to use in the 'correspondence' and 'bookkeeping'. "Remit At Once", "Final Warning", "Total", "Profit", many others.

"Glory to Thay", those I write often. At the top and bottom of every parchment. The Secretary, the other wizards, the men in the hallway by the Ambassador's rooms all say those Words. Even the Ambassador. I wonder who Thay might be. He does not live in the Embassy. Or the Enclave.

And Numbers. The Secretary has shown me how to work Numbers. Sums. Differences. Page after page with Numbers I work. This seems to please the Secretary. I am glad he is pleased. I like the Letters, Words and Numbers.

Sometimes my dreams are filled with writing Words and working Numbers.

I practice writing the Words I hear when I have no duties. The Secretary saw me doing this once and took my parchment. I was afraid he was going to send me to the Chair, but he did not. He gave me an object he called a Slate and some white sticks he called Chalk. The Chalk would make marks on the Slate which I could wipe off. The Secretary said to practice with the Slate. At times he would say some Words and I would try to write them. The Secretary would look at the Words I wrote on the slate. Sometimes he would nod. Other times he would shake his head and show me the correct Letters for the Words. The Secretary said if I can learn Dictation, that would help him do more things. After a few days with the Slate the Secretary seemed pleased. The Secretary would say Words and I could write them. Even on parchment.

I continued to practice writing other Words I would hear. One day the Secretary saw a parchment upon which I had written some Words. He asked where I got the parchment. I told him I wrote those Words on the parchment. Then the Secretary wanted to know where I heard those Words. They were Words I heard the Secretary say when it was too dark in his quarters to see well and he did not wait for me to replace the candle stub with a new candle. A small ball of light would appear near by, floating in the air.

I tried to explain to the Secretary what I'd seen him say and do, repeating the Words "Ortano Fortigula", even making the same hand gesture. To my surprise, a small ball of light appeared near me. I became frightened, fearing a trip to the Chair. The Secretary's eyes narrowed. He said "Do that again." "Ortano Fortigula", simultaneous hand gesture. A second ball of light appeared. I began to shake, nearly soiling my trousers. The Secretary said "Interesting. You have some arcane talent."
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7:21:09 pm GMT 09/07/15
Zhymm Registered Member #191 Joined: 2:06:27 pm GMT 07/31/04
Posts: 389
Part VIII - Schooling

Interlude (continued)

I am learning. Call my Name and I respond. Here, my name is Boy.

The Secretary calls 'Boy' when he needs me.

I am learning. I know my name. I remember. My name is Boy.


A Conversation elsewhere:

Ambassador Ethur - "The hin shows talent, you say? We may have a use for him beyond emptying your chamber pots and keeping your candle wicks trimmed."

Secretary Sendel - "With proper training I believe his talent could be enhanced, yes. What use could you have for him? His treatments are nearly complete. He has no past other than the Embassy. His mind is a blank slate, his loyalty is ours. But, he is still just a slave. What would you do with that?"

The Ambassador - "There is an island. The Enclave there tried to do much as we did years ago to your halfling's home village in the Moonshaes. But they failed and lost their gains. From what I've learned their Enclave is in disarray. It's Khazark is fading. And it has too few wizards to effect a quick recovery. It will take them years to recoup their former status. So, this may present us with an opportunity. The hin could be sent to gather information without arousing suspicion. He could present himself to their Enclave as a token of aid from our Embassy. And the others on that isle could hardly suspect a halfling to be Thayan."

The Secretary - "So, school the hin in the arcane arts? That also may take years!"

The Ambassador - "Just see to it. If not yourself, then your best subordinate. Enough to make his position believable."


The unsettling dreams are gone. My dreams are filled with writing scrolls, practicing the hand gestures and phrases that they detail.

The Secretary began my schooling. Most days he sends me to learn from one of the others, the one named Luthir. I master what Luthir calls "The Cantrips" quickly. They present me with more complex exercises. Those come to me almost as quickly. The Secretary is pleased with my progress. Luthir says I will be "Fourth Level" soon ... whatever that means.

The Secretary says I must appear more like a student than a slave. At least here within the Embassy. They have my hair shaved from my head. It actually feels better that way.

Many months have passed. I am very busy. Between tending to the Secretary's needs and my schooling I have little time to myself. Duties, schooling, sleep make my day.

When I have mastered a new exercise Luthir often exclaims "Glory to Thay". One day I finally work up the courage to ask him "Who is Thay? I have never seen him in the Embassy or the Enclave." Luthir laughs, "Silly hin. Thay is a place, not a person. The Ambassador, the Secretary, many of us here are from Thay. You owe your very life to Thay. Never forget that!"

One day the Secretary calls me in to his chambers. He says "You need a proper name. 'Boy' will not do for a wizard or for your next task. I will give you a proper name. Henceforth, you will answer to Dulenti. Dulenti Sendel."

"But Master, Sendel is your name!"

"That will be a reminder that you still belong to me!"
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11:43:26 pm GMT 12/21/15
Zhymm Registered Member #191 Joined: 2:06:27 pm GMT 07/31/04
Posts: 389
Part IX - Desire

Interlude (continued)

I am learning. Call my Name and I respond. Here, my Name is Dulenti.

The Secretary gave me this name. He says it is a fitting name for a Red Wizard.

I am learning. I know my Name. It is Dulenti. Dulenti the Red Robed one.

Glory to Thay.


A Second Conversation elsewhere:

Secretary Sendel - "The hin's training is advancing quickly, much quicker than I first thought possible. He shows surprising talent. He will make a potent wizard."

Ambassador Ethur- "What of his loyalty? Might he revert to his former conciousness?"

The Secretary - "He is devoted to the Embassy. The treatments erased the memory of his life before his capture. He believes his life began here. I have encourged that belief."

The Ambassador - "How soon can he be sent to the island?"

The Secretary - "Soon. A few more months. He has mastered spells of the Sixth Circle. The hin craves to learn more. I can see the desire burning in his eyes. He wants to become a Red Wizard, a true Thayan. Though that is not possible, I have not disabused him of the notion."

The Ambassador - "That is amusing, hin slave becomes Red Wizard. Keep me apprised of his progress."


My dreams are of the Weave. Tapping its power and channeling it to my aims. My waking thoughts often dwell on this.

My training continues. Luthir tells me I may become a powerful wizard yet. I've learned much, but I want more. This gift I have has captured my mind. My every waking moment bears thoughts of my desire, even as I do my duties for the Secretary.

I want to become a true wizard like the others. Wear the Red robes. Luthir chuckles and says "You are hin, you can never become Thayan." But I will prove him wrong. When I tell the Secretary I wish to become a Red Wizard he stares into my eyes and nods. Luthir will learn he is wrong when he sees me in Red like the others.

Dulenti will be a name spoken with awe and fear. I can feel it.
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5. Joan
6. Vroshnak Haun
7. Hugdish Lurgink
8. Strovel Stonebreaker
9. Orn Shashti'ternock
10. Merin Sorn
11. Orikken Steelbrand
12. Bruna Usko
13. Darkania Dracswell
14. Avaggdu
15. Yuggorath
16. Nataleena Dian
17. Jiztroyir Miqrohorj
18. Ban De-Bar
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