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  • Ellisandro
    Ellisandro  18 mins ago

    But you can only know FOIG doesn’t exist by FOIG thus proving its existence.

  • Thranduil Greenleaf
    Thranduil Greenleaf  28 mins ago

    FOIG is a lie.

  • Ellisandro
    Ellisandro  47 mins ago

    I'd like to say FOIG!

  • Dizzy-D2
    Dizzy-D2  5 hours ago

    Anyone else having issue with Trusty storage?

  • FlowerGolem
    FlowerGolem  16 hours ago

    Please someone casts "Raise dead" on the server. wink

  • wisdombeyondages
    wisdombeyondages  17 hours ago

    Unfortunately due to some unexpected RL events I won't be able to host Loreseekers tonight! We will be getting together again next Sunday after NN

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  21 hours ago

    There will be a nature night in a little over 3 hours from this post! Hope to see you there!

  • Kat
    Kat  1 day ago

    Since the rework I am finding forums are very slow to load pages.

  • TheSiteMaster
    TheSiteMaster  1 day ago

    Given the many other fixes and features we need that one is pretty low priority. I've gotten a lot of feedback that the hours ago is useful for event alerts.

    Not saying we won't do it, but other things come first since formatting the chatbox easily is already difficult.

  • wisdombeyondages
    wisdombeyondages  1 day ago

    could we get a date stamp for chatbox? not just an "hours ago"?

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12:14:56 pm GMT 01/16/15
Level 7
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Joined: 7:24:15 am GMT 02/20/14
: Philippines
Posts: 197
This is as far back as I can remember, before I became a soldier... I was five... maybe six—I'm not sure.

I was a child, among the many children that run around on the streets of Steinkreis. In the mornings, silent hours would be spent learning the intricacies of speaking, reading and writing. I never quite understood why I was praised on quickly getting a grasp of it. I thought it was like that for everyone. There was nothing special about it, I mean, I just did it.

Mid-days were my favorites. I would get to go outside-- where it was bright, breezy and bustling with all kinds of activities. The people in the market square. The children that I would play with. I remember playing different kinds of games in the market square with them. I remember I was good at those games, not the best, but I was good. I won some and lost some, but in the end of it, I always seemed to have won the most. I suppose I could say I had fun. Especially in the more competitive games, where the mechanics were more than the simple "tag, you're it." I remember them saying I was too in to the games. But that didn't really stop me from playing with them.

Afternoons and evenings came. Dull and tedious was all it was, but it was better than gathering dust while reading or writing. These hours were all about chores. Sweeping what needed sweeping. Preparing the fireplace. Shooing that damned cat, always serenading this other cat that did nothing but hiss back at it. It was dull, with supper being the only good part about it. Then came bed time. My parents, I remember they would put me into bed, and tell me to go to sleep, even when I was still wide awake. Oh, those were long nights.

This was day in and day out for me. Until...

You are now soldiers of our city, Steinkreis. May you all live long and serve well.

I was barely into my childhood, and yet I was already called: A soldier.
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4:15:39 pm GMT 01/18/15
Level 7
Registered Member #23785
Joined: 7:24:15 am GMT 02/20/14
: Philippines
Posts: 197
"You are now soldiers of our city, Steinkreis. May you all live long and serve well."

These were the words me and twenty-nine other individuals woke up to. I didn't know where we were, none of us did. I was scared, confused and ready to cry out loud. I looked to the others with me. I didn't recognize any of them. None of them were anyone I had ever played with on the city streets. They must have been from the different quarters of the city, or maybe from the outlying farms. They had it as bad as I did, that's for sure.

“Where's my mama?” A girl cried.

“I wanna go home!” I yelled.

“What's happening?” One asked, with a hand rubbing his eye, still hazy from the abrupt awakening.

The questions and the pleads, were left unanswered. Quiet sobbing filled the air.

Armored men directed us to seats as the booming voice that woke us up kept talking about the city's dire need of strong defenders from all the threats said to be looming over it. I kept my head low, listening. Others tried to stand and leave but were quickly held in place by the armored men.

“You. All of you. Are going to be those defenders.” The booming voice said.

I raised my brow, “What?”, I thought. Odd as it may seem, but I was actually interested in the notion. In fact, whispers with hints of interest and intrigue circulated among us. There were others who didn't want to be a part of it of course, but none of us really had a choice.

The voice sounded satisfied, given our reaction. “Let us begin.” His voice boomed in the room again. They led us out. Through various corridors, we followed the armored men. To our amazement, the entire complex was actually built underground.


On the surface, we were greeted by the rising sun, clear blue skies and the morning breeze. We exited through a hatch at the foot of a hill, and into a clearing in the middle of a forest just in front of it. A man clad in a leafy-green ranger garb, suddenly emerged from out of nowhere, and approached the man with the booming voice. He stood in attention, saluted and was dismissed. Before we even realized it, the man in green melded into the grass and into the trees.

“I am Captain Sargon Zemeckis,” The booming voice introduced himself. “Today, we will be conducting a thorough evaluation of your current physical abilities.” He explained with clarity. He made sure that all of us understood what he just said.

“You will all perform exercises.” He commanded. “Fail to do so, and you will have to start hunting your own food now.” Hunt? Our own food? How were we supposed to do that? He made sure we were completely driven to perform the exercises.”Form up! Six columns by five rows. One meter apart!” We stumbled and bumped into each other, slowly getting into line. We did what felt like a thousand, but actually it was only a hundred squats, a hundred crunches, and a hundred push-ups. I never felt my body ache so much before. I noticed some of us in the group puked mid-exercise. I couldn't let that stop me though, I had to continue... we had to continue. Before we realized it, we finished the exercises and the sun was directly above us.


“Rest!” The Captain ordered. Men emerged from the hatch that we came from and brought canteens full of water for each and every one of us. Water never tasted so good in my mouth before. We rested for a while. My body ached and trembled and I laid flat on my back. I wanted to sleep.... but before I could even close my eyes..

“Rest is over. Let's continue” Slowly and sloppily, we stood back up.

“Do you see that hill?” The Captain pointed at a distant hill, beyond the woods. From our vantage point, it was barely visible, but its outlines could at least be seen through the gap between the trees. It had to be at least three miles away. And if you do not make the run. You'll remain here and continue our exercises. Double the repetitions."

“The Ranger in green will be waiting for you at the top. There is a clear path laid out for you on the way and only one path. Proceeding elsewhere is not advised-- Wild animals, and dangerous traps dot the grounds outside the path.” He made sure to clarify that deterrent, to avoid having anyone run off. It's not like we could survive out there on our own anyway. “You will go there and The Ranger will give you one of these.” The Captain produced a token from his pocket, and showed it for everyone to see. “This will earn you your meal.”

The Captain stood aside, out of our way and made a gesture, indicating us to go.

We ran the distance, slow and steady. Some of the more agile children in our group ran ahead with a clear speed gap from the rest of us. It wasn't a race, but it sure felt like one. I felt the urge to compete, like in those games I played back home. I picked up my pace, and tried to catch up. My breathing was fast and hard. I could even hear my heart pounding in my chest. I managed to keep up with them for a time. In the end, it wasn't a race. Everyone made the run, we had to.

Afternoon and Evening

“Good. You all made it.” He said that almost as if he didn't expect any of us to actually make the run. Well, whatever he expected, he didn't make it known to us. “As promised, the token for your meal.”

We made our way back down the hill, and to our relief, five large carts, with water canteens inside, arrived to fetch us. We approached and got off the carts at the clearing near the hatch. The armored men stood there, waiting for us. “Form up!” One of them ordered. We were hesitant, but we did so anyway. From what we went through, it almost felt like we were about to go through another exercise. “Keep in formation and follow.” Back into the underground complex, we went.

They directed us to the bath where we were cooled down with soapy water and clothed us afterwards. In the mess hall, the promise of food was met. It was practically a feast. We cheered at the sight of roasted meats, warm potatoes, and freshly baked bread. Fruits sweet and tangy in all kinds of colors were presented in baskets. Large cups of milk to down the food.

We were well-fed.

Sundown, after the meal.

“This is your sleeping quarters.” A man in armor said. "Your days will start here." He walked to the end of the room, and turned to look at us. "And end here. Dismissed." The man left the room as soon as he dismissed us.

Everyone took a pause to look at each other, but said no words. We were all so tired, the food prior, and the beds now are a welcomed sight. We put ourselves under our own sheets. I looked to the others. Most of them were already asleep. I felt myself slowly dozing off as well. My eyes were closed, and silence took over.

However, before completely falling asleep, I heard something. Soft sobbing from a girl to the right. I tried to ignore her by closing my eyes, but I just couldn't. I sat upright and turned to her."Hey. Why are you crying?" I asked. She didn't respond right away, but hearing me ask her seemed to let her compose herself.I'm scared. I'm all alone here. She was right. For a long moment there, I nearly forgot everyone in that place was a stranger to me."I'm Gustav." I introduced myself."If you like, we can be friends. You know, so you don't have to be alone anymore."

Finally, she stopped crying. She looked at me with a renewed light in her eyes. "I'm Amelia." She wiped her tears and cleared her face of hair stuck to her cheeks. Revealing shoulder-length sandy hair and brown eyes. "Friends" She said softly, and nodded.

"I'm Dierk." A whisper from the top bunk of my bed. "I want to be friends with you too."The dark-haired boy with equally dark-colored eyes introduced himself rather happily. He startled. I panicked for a moment, and not too soon, footsteps could be heard from outside the room. Someone was headed our way. We must have been whispering a little louder than I thought.

With only introductions made, the conversation was cut short. Sleep caught up on us and we joined the rest in slumber.

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4:24:02 pm GMT 12/13/17
Level 7
Registered Member #23785
Joined: 7:24:15 am GMT 02/20/14
: Philippines
Posts: 197
"Even dragons bleed ; what bleeds can die."
A short episode

It was routine for me. Battle had been a natural occurence in my life now. Many would look upon my badge without noticing my scars. The grief of losing the lives of those who stand beside you. I have witnessed countless deaths of fellow Knights and Knaves that have served with me but I have never seen them wasted. I will not allow them to be a waste.

The sun shone high. Yet no matter how bright it shone, a storm brewed and raged. Sparks of flame and electricity engulfed the air, and at the eye of this storm was a blur of swords and shields. I swung my sword only to hit an unyielding shield, and took blows that corroded my own defenses. I knew there would be little chance of victory. I knew my foe is not so easily bested in single combat. Despite that, I did not falter. I refused, for Steinkreis' sake, for the Captain's sake, for my sake.

The threat I faced was the very threat I believe that I was trained to fight. What I believe I was chosen for. I've faced various forms of monstrosities before. One enemy after another, I had always had the luck of having some magical enchantment from adventurers or the aid of my comrades where a well-timed blow incapacitates the enemy. This time, I was alone.

There were a few things I lacked at that moment, things that I would prefer to have at all times. What I did have that tipped the scales however was no more than a small trinket wrapped in cloth. It had been thrown out of my pack, but I wasn't about to let It realize for what it was. My foe, was superior in strength and speed would not be aware of what he was up to. I sacrificed the opportunity to strike so I could reach for the trinket. At this point, my shield had been severely corroded, and could no longer protect me. I abandoned proper footing, ducked and reached out for the trinket. I quickly pivoted, and lodged the trinket onto Its armor. The trinket adhered, magically, turning my winged enemy's armor slowly to solid gold. It could not move. Nothing can move when joints are locked in place. It could no longer defend itself and I followed with a clean swing, shattering its gold-turned-armor and cutting deeply.

"Lucky I had that magic trinket." I thought.


That's not something I should ever rely on --- it might not be on my side next time. Zemeckis would have reprimanded me for even considering that as a factor. I know I would. Hopefully this small victory would make them less brazen.

Our purpose was made clear long ago, and I know I cannot fail it.
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