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  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  17 hours ago

    Necro Night tomorrow (1/26) will start at 8 PM PST (so 3 hours later than usual).

  • FlowerGolem
    FlowerGolem  2 days ago

    Nature's Night starts in less than a hour now. Meet us at the Grove, in Grauer Süden. Send a tell to Lola Brown if you have difficulty to find the place.

  • FlowerGolem
    FlowerGolem  2 days ago

    I will prepare something for Nature's Night today (in 3 hour and a half from now). Kat will continue her plot next Sunday. smile

  • Squidget
    Squidget  2 days ago

    Hey Lily! I've restarted the server, which might help. If you DM me on Discord too I can set up a manual download for you!

  • Kat
    Kat  2 days ago

    I am an idiot. I was going to run Natures Night Sun afternoon but i realise i can't. It's my son's birthday and family tradition is birthday breakfast in bed which totally clashes with the start of natures night. I have let Flower Golem know and fingers crossed she might have something for you. I will do next week!

  • dontyouknow
    dontyouknow  2 days ago

    And welcome!

  • warspingle
    warspingle  2 days ago

    Bummer! Come join the discord, people here might have the answer you're looking for:


  • LilyDew
    LilyDew  2 days ago

    Hi, I'm trying to join this server but I've been trying to download the bits and pieces for a few hours but it keeps disconnecting me, other servers haven't done this. Is there something I need to manually download? Thanks. :3

  • archgrendel
    archgrendel  4 days ago

    No dwarf night tonight! Still getting a handle on my scheduling.

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  6 days ago

    No Necro Night tonight! We may end up needing to adjust the start time back a few hours to reflect our new jobs/time zones in future weeks, so stay tuned!

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Centuries of ash.

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2:28:38 pm GMT 11/13/10
ajken Registered Member #1313 Joined: 4:36:48 pm GMT 06/06/08
Posts: 175
Centuries of ash.

The march of an empire.

The battle at K'andar.

The earth trembled as legion upon legion of infantry marched towards the Barbarians of K'andar.
Darkness has swallowed the sky and as the gods cried out in grief the first wave of arrows descended upon the barbarians.
The legions marched on towards the screaming barbarians. The thunder overhead was almost deafening and lightning filled the sky.
This will end in an ocean of blood.

Ragnar Theeslen. Captain in The Imperial Order of Telborea, Stood upon a hill watching the arrows disappear into the wall of flesh.
He was in command over the Elite Cavarly. This was not war. This was slaughter. The barbarians was outnumbered three to one. And their undisciplined horde would not stand long.
He looked at the first row of his legion. Everyone of them was young and filled with thirst for glory. Himself was one of the few Veterans left from the old days.
And this would be his last Battle. Before they marched out he was told he is gonna join the Scouting and Recruitment army.
The only reason it was now and not earlier was becouse his friendship with the Commander.
"They need men like you".
Getting rid of the old Command. Leaving the slot to a younger person.
Ragnar's Cavarly would only be used if the infantry is being overwhelmed. And that is not likley.
If it was up to him he would ride down from the hill like a spear and slay their flank.
The archers stopped shooting. The infantry marched on.

If this was his last battle. He might aswell make something special out of it.
"Let's get these bastards before the infantry have their fun".
"For the Empire. And it's ruler Emperor Tauros!"
The soldiers shouted their warcry. They would .
The cavarly moved forward and quickly picked up to a canter. They lowered their lance and galloped down the hill towards the horde.

Commander Kartac cursed as he saw his left cavarly ride towards the enemy.
"Damn that man! Signal for the infantry to pick up pace and attack."

Ragnar laughed as he saw the infantry picking up pace. Kartac can hang him for this. But he wont.
The barbarians fired a hail of arrows towards the infantry then they rushed forward.
The two sides met in a clash of iron. Lighting struck the ground sending stones flying. The earth was bleeding.

Ragnar's cavarly crashed into the horde.

The Landing

After six months sailing from island to island they found the continent. The scouting ships ahead has reported that civilization has been spotted.
They would land on a island thats pretty far from mainland. They could get knowledge about the continent from there.
Ragnar climbed into the rowboat and they set out for the harbor. The ship would drop anchor at the south coast of the island. Waiting for a report after a week.
They left Ragnar at the dock and went back to the ship. The guards greeted him and gave him directions towards the trade and tackel.
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12:20:12 am GMT 11/21/10
ajken Registered Member #1313 Joined: 4:36:48 pm GMT 06/06/08
Posts: 175
The Tainted Sword

Alus and Ragnar stood over the glowing sword. It had been used by a slave owned by Dwent Chambers. They had seen the sword and its wielder at Ravens Watch. The slave had no idea what the sword did to her. It was tainted by the foul blood of lycans, and the innocent blood of butchered children. The power of the blood slipped into the mind of the weakwilled and whispered poisonous words. The black magic controlled her mind. She would not give up the sword. Both Alus and Ragnar knew the sword's power but the rest did not. Alus and Ragnar knew that if they let the girl go she would be stuck on the path of darkness forever. They agreed that something had to be done. They demanded the sword from the girl but the crowd around the fire didn't understand. They saw this action as robbery, theft. For the safety of the Island, they had no other option than to slay those who tried to save the tainted sword from the grasp of the paladins.

Captain Ragnar Theeslen of The Imperial Order of Telborea stood over the corpse. A foolish man and a halfling had try to protect the sword. While Alus Saturninus of the same Order pointed north. The girl had fled. Bodvar Bjarki; a warrior in the same Order quickly found the tracks and they were in pursuit. The tracks led into the woods, but were finally followed back to Ravens Watch where the girl was found. The man previously cut down was brought back from the dead and stood anew ready to protect the girl. Once again he went against The Imperial Order and once again he was slain. The slave was taken to an open and quiet place where the purifiction was going to take place.

The flames of Saturnus danced infront of the four. Bodvar held the slave in place as Alus spoke to her with the power from his god. The redhot sword was pushed against her thighs. At her weak moment Alus brought her back from darkness. They had repelled the black magic. She now walked the path of truth. But the sword was the core of evil. As it was pushed into the flames the blood boiled and the fire turned red. It withstood the purifiction. They wrapped the sword into blessed clothing for a stronger ritual at a time when they would be better prepared.
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12:49:17 pm GMT 11/23/10
MadskillsMike capesh*t, bro
Registered Member #143 Joined: 7:06:07 pm GMT 06/17/04
Posts: 4731
Preparation for the ritual

The iron glowed in brilliant yellow, almost white, as Alus made his preparations. The material must be resistant to the overwhelming divine radiance they would channel during the ritual. The iron started to melt, and he slowly filed the finest grains of coal into the melting pot. The materials would bind together into a strong, resistant alloy that could withstand the intervention of the gods.

With the alloying complete he lowered the temperature until the alloy faded into a yellow shine, then poured the material into a cast made in the shape of a rectangular bowl. He muttered a prayer and spilled a few drops of his own blood over the cooling material, completing the creation that would help the Order purify the sword that had bathed in the blood of the innocent.
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9:39:17 pm GMT 11/29/10
ajken Registered Member #1313 Joined: 4:36:48 pm GMT 06/06/08
Posts: 175
The ritual will happen...

2010-12-05. This Sunday. 22:00 UTC+1

For those involved who wanna change the time. Send a PM.

Edit: Time has changed
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3:59:01 pm GMT 12/03/10
Registered Member #613 Joined: 9:18:34 pm GMT 09/09/05
Posts: 6847
Enter the Juggernaut

A trinket, a tool, the Sword itself meant little to the Master Wizard. It was act that spurred his anger, she was their property. The Sword being her's, by definition, was their's. This was theft, to not act was to show weakness. These Paladins would have to be made an example of.

So it could be said it was Fate that brought the behemoth to him. The Loyalty of the beast was without question, and it was this Loyalty that the Wizard called upon now. The Juggernaut is now hunting the Paladins, an unstoppable force directed at returning the Thayans property.

And the ground shall shake, as this Titan seeks these followers of the Gods.
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12:34:31 am GMT 12/11/10
MadskillsMike capesh*t, bro
Registered Member #143 Joined: 7:06:07 pm GMT 06/17/04
Posts: 4731
The bitter taste of sour wine fresh in his mouth, Alus Saturninus watched the crossroads. He had slain one draconic beast in single combat, and another had fallen before him and Ragnar. The capacity for bloodlust and destruction in these monsters was matched by their strength and skill in battle. Unless the people were made aware of the threat and taught to act instead of debate, the tide of dragon spawn would wash over the province, treading on the defiled remains of adventurers and commoners alike. The Imperial Order had their quest set out for them. They must instill discipline and merciless determination in anyone with the capacity to fight the monsters back. Alus wiped the reptilian blood from his blade, still keeping an eye on the surroundings.
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12:37:54 pm GMT 12/12/10
MadskillsMike capesh*t, bro
Registered Member #143 Joined: 7:06:07 pm GMT 06/17/04
Posts: 4731
They had called upon the gods, who had let their sacred flame scorch the ground upon which the mortals walked. The enchantment of black blood magic evaporated under their purifying fire. The two officers from the Imperial Order conveyed some hope that the corruption of Zinnia's soul would start to evaporate as well; or at least that purifying the sword would keep it from spreading to others.

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6:02:18 pm GMT 12/12/10
Ogreman007 'Lupi made me do it
Registered Member #175 Joined: 5:49:41 pm GMT 07/23/04
Posts: 4286
The work of the holy warriors may well have successfully removed the taint of evil from the blade which they usurped. Their influence on the slave girl? That would yet be seen. And the Colonel whom they had encountered? Likely they thought little of him, for he had not managed much of a fight against the three of them. He was of little significance, likely, the threat of the Wizards being a much larger concern: perhaps they would be the next targets? Only the Paladins knew of their ultimate goals.

But, far from where the Colonel had met his defeat, the work of the Paladins had brought about what might be seen as 'unforseen side-effects'. Had they known of the nature of the things the Colonel himself owned, they may only have left him after relieving him of a few of his own belongings. Truely though not even the Colonel knew of the origin of such items. His blade, his armour. . . a dawn of change was about to begin.

For the time being however the Colonel would know better than to fight the Paladins again. At least, all three at once.
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9:33:21 pm GMT 12/16/10
MadskillsMike capesh*t, bro
Registered Member #143 Joined: 7:06:07 pm GMT 06/17/04
Posts: 4731
For the third time, Varrent stood in opposition to the Imperial Order. For the third time, he was cut down. The two officers left the body at the gates of Raven's Watch, declaring that he was an ally of Thay, and that they were responsible for the remains. Soon thereafter, a letter was sent to Sir Rittermark of Steinkreis.

Alus wrote ...

Sir Rittermark

A man dressed in your colors named Varrent attacked myself and Captain Theeslen at the crossroads. We ended his life for the offense as the situation warrented. He has previously fought us, taking the side of a Thayan who we sought to bring to justice. We did not think much of it at the time, but we have decided to make it an official matter. I am certain that he is no true knight of yours considering his past actions. We have always found only men of the finest standard in your forces, so I believe it would be right to bring this exception to your attention.

High Judge Alus Geminus Saturninus
Imperial Order of Telbora
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12:42:13 pm GMT 01/08/11
MadskillsMike capesh*t, bro
Registered Member #143 Joined: 7:06:07 pm GMT 06/17/04
Posts: 4731
Alus wanted nothing more than to sweep in over the fire from concealment and hack his enemies to pieces before they could reach for the swords, but Saturn had spoken. Victory itself was not enough, it must be claimed with honor. He approached with his Captain, still healing, clearly visible.

As the duel began, Alus faded from sight and called upon the gods. His prayer was nearly finished when the Thayan officer pierced his cloak of invisibility, and the fight began. The Thayan was the better swordsman, but Alus' physical form was shielded by the hand of Saturn, and his sword brimmed with his primeval power.

The Telboreans left the campfire to the remaining Thayans. They had tasted defeat not long ago, but the gods had returned to their side. The war could continue.
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