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  • Thimns
    Thimns  6 hours ago

    He uses the buckler as a pick, duh.

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  8 hours ago

    @Corlupi- Protip: Being dead means your buckler doesn't block your fingers! Renn should try it sometime >:)

  • Squidget
    Squidget  14 hours ago

    Good stuff! I'm always amazed how much people continue to do with these systems. heart

  • Corlupi
    Corlupi  16 hours ago

    Great video, Cuch! I think a lot of our players will find it very instructive. Even I picked up a tip or two. smile

    ...but, come on, lute *and* buckler? No wonder Mors' music wakes the dead, what with him playing the strings with his teeth. tongue

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  22 hours ago

    There is also a permanent link to the Thain discord in the "New Player? Click here first!" thread, just in case anyone ever needs it.

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  22 hours ago

    Invite link below!

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  22 hours ago


  • Payne
    Payne  22 hours ago

    Yup, but still missing

  • C_McG
    C_McG  22 hours ago

    did you lose it?


  • Payne
    Payne  23 hours ago

    Looking for a discord link, we really need one on the main page somewhere

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The Siege of the Ridgeshield

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LAN_402 LAN_403
11:00:25 am GMT 12/31/09
Eldurain Tempting as it was, I decided not to go round hitting people with a crowbar.
Registered Member #650 Joined: 1:17:12 pm GMT 11/20/05
Posts: 8758
This is the IC thread where players of both sides can post tales of their character while they partake in the Siege of the Enclave. Use of NPC will require the post to be approved by me. Use of other Characters will require the approval of the player of said characters.

An example would be the character's thoughts between two attacks. Or something like that.

If you join the Siege, please abide to these guidelines.
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12:05:33 pm GMT 12/31/09
Feai Registered Member #651 Joined: 10:40:45 am GMT 11/21/05
Posts: 4566
There was very little she remembered about Davenshire. Hell she'd only been there a handful of times (if that!). It wasn't as though it had ever been a journey she could manage on her own. Too many creatures that wished to mince her slight body and add her to the pools of rotting flesh and vegetation. Alessan wasn't best pleased by her comment but quite honestly she only could recall a couple of things about the place. A jewellers and an eccentric gnome whom wouldn't or couldn't understand her.

Luck was on her side this day. Set the task of finding out all she could about the motives behind the attack she was to head south. A Knight of the Circle Defence Fortunes was to accompany her as far as was possible before she had to disappear. CDF... that's what it stood for, right? Not important for the notes. Pictures. That's what she was good at these days. Drawing what meant something to herself. Perhaps it would also benefit others.

Sat back in the tent she'd made from the rugs, she finished off the drawing of Mr Grumpy's shop. Of course that wasn't his name but as he hadn't been around to clarify that, Mr Grumpy would do for now. The scene was very different to what she recalled from five years ago.
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12:06:59 pm GMT 12/31/09
Feai Registered Member #651 Joined: 10:40:45 am GMT 11/21/05
Posts: 4566
A page taken from Sparkle's blue leather bound book:-
[ image disabled ]
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12:14:27 pm GMT 12/31/09
Feai Registered Member #651 Joined: 10:40:45 am GMT 11/21/05
Posts: 4566
After a day and night exploring the ruined town, the stench was settling on her chest and she had to get out. Arriving back at the barracades near to the Enclave she watched the men and women fight, always alert for a time when she might have to use her meagre skills to assist. That was to be a last resort as it was not her assigned task to fight, she was to gather information. Not that she'd let someone die of course. So frustrating that her sketches couldn't convey the smell and sounds of the fights. Something to trial and study later perhaps. Horrific creatures came out of the darkness around the hills to attack the folk waiting. Not long after the debris were cleared, would more arrive. Sometimes it almost seemed pointless but in her mind it was more an issue of why. Why had this happenned? Why cause such suffering? Perhaps information overheard may provide such an answer in time. For now there was just the fighting... on and on.
[ image disabled ]
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1:38:03 pm GMT 12/31/09
Krin Registered Member #742 Joined: 4:17:12 pm GMT 04/16/06
Posts: 538
Up on the hills, not very far from where the siege was taking place, Krin, Shade and Bristlefang were resting. They had travelled to Davenshire to survey the damage done.
Never had they seen such devastation - it was beyond comprehension for the wolves; they simply could not fathom how some two-legged had done this, and neither could Krin himself. Even during the Shadow war, such power had not been used.

Shade remarked that this looked like another big hunt, like the Shadow war itself - prey was becoming scarce, and the two-legged were roaming all around once again in large groups, assaulting each other. Krin nodded; this was indeed so, and it weighed on his heart. he had hoped never again for war to come to Thain, but the Thayans had played their hand... whatever it was.

Bristlefang looked curiously to the elder and Alpha. He was young still, and did not know of the big hunt - it puzzled him and made him nervous. Krin leaned back, looking at the younger wolf... "Two-legged are not rational as a whole, brother. They do not follow the Ways. And when the two-legged packs' territories overlap or their Alphas disagree, the challenges they issue are not met according to our ways. All in the pack meet the challenge and fight, usually viciously and to the death". Bristlefang shaked his head vigourously, trying to understand such a thing.

Krin continued - "In days past, before you were born, there was another big hunt. We fought against creatures that were not part of the cycle and sought to bring darkness to all the packs". Shade rested his massive head on his paws, letting out a loud sigh and remembering those days. "But now.." Krin picked at the grass as if to reassure himself and touch nature itself. "Now...it is men fighting each other, over ideals that are beyond the pack. It doesnt make sense Bristlefang, but we must help those who understand our ways. All I do now is to protect the pack and make sure we can thrive still, in peace." Bristlefang met Krin's gaze, accepting this explanation and being reassured that his Alpha knew what to do.

Krin looked to Shade, whose eyes were closing slowly. Shade, pack Elder and veteran of a war that had not been his own. Krin knew that once again, he would follow and do what they must - but Shade was getting old. Still he hung on, his duty to the pack preventing him from passing on - but soon the time of the last hunt would come.

Krin just hoped that the last hunt would be a proper one, according to the Ways - not in a senseless battle of the two-legged....

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12:17:26 am GMT 01/01/10
Lightfoot Registered Member #157 Joined: 5:18:57 pm GMT 06/25/04
Posts: 15510
There would be no mid-winter Balls to dance in masquerade this year .. once again, thought Willow, the power of the arcane had shown itself to be unruly in it's use, unbound by wisdom. Stepping south from the sacred heart of the Ungue Orn, Willow's steps were methodical as he glanced at the green gemmed ring upon his middle finger. Within the central crowning gem, crafted from the Eye of Tel'shae, pulsed the pain of the land palpable to Willow as his steps took him unconsciously south knowing that death lay ahead. The twin gift and curse of it's connection to the living island, pale in comparison to the Heart of the Forest, still was strong enough to almost make him wish to simply close his eyes and die himself .. but such a choice was not his to make, his duty was to serve the Land. In Davenshire there would be no healing it seemed, for the explosion of magic had scoured the life from many of the Eldar of the South and there was no redemption. However, what might not be cured must be endured and in time there would always be the chance for regrowth. The main effort would seem to be to aid those harmed most acutely by the attack, then to stop it from occurring again elsewhere .. the latter perhaps being an impossible task, yet one to be attempted. It was to be a grim-faced Willow returned to the Feywood after surveying the damage to the south. Already survivors had been pulled from the smouldering heaps left in the wake of magic unleashed, the stench of flesh and burning wood turning the stomach in equal parts as the sap filled trees still smouldered in death. How the small folk would recover from this blow would be a matter of generations but within Willow's heart, and possibly half heard or sensed within the winds blowing through the forests of Thain, there was anger. Approaching the Council, Willow explained what he had seen and learned of the rumours to the south. It seemed that much was still to be learned of what had occurred.

[ image disabled ]
Learning of the plans Jalla and Krin had put into practise Willow extended an invitation to those of Forest that felt a wish to aid in the healing effort, before moving himself to the gardens tended in the Feywood. Once the village of Hamley had been the home of a similar patch of seedlings, easily overlooked, yet containing many of the varied and potent herbs that aided healing and strengthening of spirits and limbs alike. The Arcane Winter and the subsequent turning of the folk of Hamley from his advice had been the end of that boon to their healers, but within Feywood Willow did his best to aid them grow true and well for all the need there might be.

[ image disabled ]
Gently gathering what leaves, roots and stalks were the most potent, without harming the growth and reproduction of the plants Willow's long fingers gently bound the life-giving medicines in small cloth satchels, preparing them for the journey back south where their potency might be a boon.
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5:43:18 am GMT 01/01/10
Dontella Registered Member #1004 Joined: 12:54:02 pm GMT 03/16/07
Posts: 2499
Hmmm.. War.

The elf, and perhaps would be Bloodreaver, rested atop the hillside at the Monastery. She rested in a light crouch as she reflected over how the earlier course of the day had gone.

Her steps had travelled to the Ridgeshield.

Some rough barricades hastily assembled, and wayward motley crew of assorted adventuring types. She wondered if any of them even understood the importance of such a word as war and the implications it held. Likely not.

Those representatives of Thay present on the island had done a terrible thing, it was true. She'd not argue that point. Perhaps they would face the consequences of their actions and perhaps they would not. It did not mean she was giving up her armor or weapons just because they had been purchased at the shop previously. Anyone who wanted to argue that point was welcome to try and take them.. she wished them luck on that.

A slight smirk.

Earlier events flickered in her mind, a recollection.

Sqwar had called her a Demoness.. again. At least he had not tried to Implode her.. this time.

The wizard they'd caught outside the gates seemed like a mere apprentice, and certainly had no idea what was going on with the higher ups and those in authority. Still, she'd watched as the so called servants of good has stripped the man of his free will and robbed him of his own mind. Did they realize that the magic to dominate a mind turned the person into a mere puppet that danced on the strings of the caster's will?

Probably not.

She'd had it used on her once.. she knew it better than most.

Ruddy Wizards.

The dominated man, a man with no mind of his own.. gave no answer to satisfy their questions. Without ceremony or even without challenge, he was commanded to stand still and take no action while the massive gold dragon ripped him to pieces.

She was disgusted.

These so called defenders of right and justice were behaving no better than the Thayans they claimed to revile.

Combat.. was noble. There were rules of battle and rules of engagement, standards of behaviour and acceptable actions. You do not strike the innocent, you do not strike those too weak to fight back, you do not strike those unable to defend themselves.

She was not here to be a butcher of the hapless, and she'd not promote it.

When they were ready to do real battle, perhaps then she might be bothered. Until then, she was better than reducing herself to a level of savage ignorance that had infected the mindsets and hearts of those of the island.

Perhaps the one who waited for her, would be the lone man to understand.. regardless, she was going back to bed.
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9:36:25 pm GMT 01/05/10
TeraoftheNorth xmarksthespot
Registered Member #1158 Joined: 8:24:07 am GMT 09/14/07
Posts: 587
Proof of friendship

Sar'rel did not see what they had to offer, when they had came for a meeting with the Thayans. To establish some sort of trust between the Thayans and the group, they set off to start some disruption to effect the forces that opposed the Outpost. First would be a strike against the crops at Hamley, now that they were going to be called upon as the islands main source of provisions.

[ image disabled ]
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11:19:00 pm GMT 01/05/10
Katana3DG Registered Member #17 Joined: 1:33:47 am GMT 02/25/04
Posts: 1364
Andras was woken in the night by the sounds of yelling and screaming and the smell of smoke.

Dressing quickly he left the Keeper's Hall to see what latest disaster had befallen his home, the implications of what he saw were terrifying. All around Hamley the fields of crops were burning! Yelling to frightened townsfolk to grab buckets he quickly checked up the rise to see, thankfully, that the granaries and other crop storages were untouched by the flames.

Quickly he organized whatever Keepers and other villagers and Empyrean he could find and began to fight the fires that now threatened all of Thain with starvation.

It was a long night, but eventually the fires were put out ... all that was left was to assess the damage and try to determine how this tragedy began.
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5:38:43 pm GMT 01/06/10
Feai Registered Member #651 Joined: 10:40:45 am GMT 11/21/05
Posts: 4566
Day after day she watched and made notes of all the Thayan movements she managed to see. Doubtless many more passed her by when she slept under the trees, others likely were hidden by magics beyond her skill. Still, perhaps her notes and drawings would aide those in charge.
[ image disabled ]
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