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  • Crayzee4dnd
    Crayzee4dnd  14 hours ago

    Orc Night will be at 5:00 PST. Meet at the crossroads fire if you would like to join.

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  3 days ago

    Necro Night will begin in a little over two hours from this post (7 PM PST/10PM EST)

  • Alanonas
    Alanonas  5 days ago

    Nature Night begins in about 1 hour from this post! See you there!

  • saadow
    saadow  6 days ago

    Finale of "Rescuing Sam" in just shy of 20 minutes, Perrin can be found by the entrance to Crossroads West, just behind the Fast Travel platform

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  1 week ago

    Necro Night will be happening tonight at 7 PM PST!

  • FlowerGolem
    FlowerGolem  1 week ago

    I'm really sorry, I have to cancel Nature's Night. Server crashed twice in the row, everytime after everything was set up. And no, it was not me! wink

  • Tamaraith
    Tamaraith  1 week ago

    Server broke?

  • FlowerGolem
    FlowerGolem  1 week ago

    Nature's Night in 3 hours. Meet us in the groove.

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  2 weeks ago

    Looks like it. It's rebooting now.

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  2 weeks ago

    I got booted

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Setting the Standard

LAN_402 LAN_403
9:20:11 pm GMT 04/19/09
Doorman Merchant Auditor
Registered Member #95 Joined: 11:18:15 pm GMT 04/11/04
Posts: 2668
Across the island, hundreds of forgotten, mundane blank flyers had been taken down, but the signature they had left with their imprinting still lay dormant, awaiting orders from their master. However, in the depths of the solid stone C.D.F Command, a starmetal thumb pressed down on an iron trigger, sending up an arcane spark through the night that began to dance across the island. The old flyers came to life, surging into white light for an instant, before displaying a wealth of crisp black letters upon their parchment surface.

[ image disabled ]

The Circle Defense Forces need you!

People of Thain, through the twin Shadow Wars, the March of the False Helmites, the Rise of the Mechanist, the Fall of Syann, the Betrayal of Aristides, the Rampage of the Talons, and other countless trials we have fought and endured. In the face of the Dawn of Shadows, Syann's Order, Azuul, Gorrath, Fhelkhorn, and the gods themselves, we, the people, have stood.

What has made us endure? Heroes. Thain endures crippling blows, but the blows are never fatal for there are heroes to bear the shield. Thain is darkened by the shadows of dread enemies, but the enemies shall always fall for there are heroes to bear the bow, axe, sword, and hammer. Thain has been driven to fear and disarray, but always we have returned to the light for there are heroes with shining pennants.

The Circle Defense Forces recognize that the heroes of Thain are not just singular champions of immaculate purity who immortally fight our foes. Thain has, time and time again, relied on adventurers who against all odds have found it home, and then found the will to carry weapons, to wear armor, and fight without fear in the face of certain death for this land we have come to love. We call to our banner those very people, those who have even a single skill they will devote to keeping this island going a little longer in the face of matchless odds.


Our Mission
Thain's defense and well-being are the first and foremost interests of the Defense Forces. The protection and freedom of the people, as well as the safety of the entire isle is our charge. While this is a difficult judgement to place upon the shoulders of mere mortals, we are blessed with a wealth of experience belonging to some of Thain's most ancient veterans. The charge of Thain's defense rests on our shoulders as an entire organization, so each of us, from the courier to the Infantry, from the steward to the Lord Marshal himself, are responsible for upholding Thain's well-being first and foremost.

To this end, we also arm and equip ourselves with the best equipment Thain can offer, enhanced by our Arcanist Corps and constructed by our crafters. It is our aim to be prepared for any threat by expanding our network of contacts and the expanse of our resources. Funding is provided as needed and, if it is lacking, it is the right of any Circle Defense Forces operative to gather their comrades and engage the enemies of Thain in an attempt to seize valuable resources.


Supporting the Forces
Do not be misled; the Circle Defense Forces are not a private army. We are a unified force of well-intentioned citizens guided by veterans of Thain's wars.

It is not only strength of arms we call for. We call upon arcanists to foresee the coming of our enemies and drive them back when force cannot be applied. We call upon scouts and rangers to track the darkest corners of Thain and uncover information to bring our enemies to light. We call upon craftsmen and craftswomen to construct homes, to build shields and weapons, to repair that which is broken. We call upon healers to tend to the sick and dying, to give us the strength to march on against any eventuality.

Bear you the mark of a different organization? Fear not. The Forces welcome you as emmissary and concerned citizen, to share in our resources and benefit from our camraderie. This includes honored members of the clergy, whose counsel from the heavens is welcomed to the guiding disciplines of the Circle Defense Forces. This also includes members of differing defensive guilds who wish to represent within our halls.

Do you wish to aid the Circle Defense Forces, but fear you are unsuited for direct combat? Are you unsure of what skills you can lend to the Circle Defense Forces? Fear not! Be it day laborers, stewards, bookkeepers, couriers, hunters, cobblers, or farmers, the C.D.F. welcomes your aid! In exchange for services or goods, we offer coin siezed from Thain's enemies to fill YOUR purse, citizen!

The Circle Defense Forces is also accepting new recruits who wish to learn the art of war, so that they may join us in the field when they are ready. Thain's future lies with the soldiers and specialists trained today, to carry on its defense when the foremost generation has passed. Is there a skill you wish to hone? We are prepared to teach and train you.

No matter your skills or profession, we welcome you, all races and all ages, to the Defense Forces, if you would choose to join us.


Signing Up
Joining the Circle Defense Forces is easily accomplished by contacting any one of the existing members. They will bear any requests for consideration of rank to the Officers. Should you wish to contact the Officers directly, Infantry General Edgar Arnand or the Lord Marshal Jeri Theed Orman both make their homes in easily accessible areas of the island, and can also be reached through written correspondence care of the honorable Master Bence Trade, owner of the Trade and Tackel.


Uniform and Directives
The Circle Defense Forces are all identified by a badge depicting a gear upon a shield, representing our technological offerings for Thain's betterment and our dedication to its defense. Operatives are also encouraged to take a uniform white cloak to make them stand out to the people of Thain, so all members of the C.D.F. can be mustered for duty without the need for names or introductions (some exceptions to this uniform cloak apply, mostly among scouts who require subtlety for their tasks).

Our directives are clear and plainly stated within our Archives, which are made available to any recruit in their entirety. The most important, however, is our Prime Directive, "the protection of Thain and its peoples".


We offer you a chance to defend the homeland beside us. One of us.

Lord Marshal Jeri Theed Orman
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2:33:44 pm GMT 04/24/09
Lefse Kamel
Registered Member #460 Joined: 8:56:43 pm GMT 03/06/05
Posts: 2312
*The poster has been edited and a few extra lines has been added.*

Are you some kind of a spellslinger?
What about crafting? Are you a blacksmith or a tinker?
Combine these two professions and become an Engineer of the C.D.F!
Create golems, armours and weapons for your comrades. Serve side by side with the infantry.

Even if you only have experience with one of these professions or perhaps none of them, this should not be a problem.
We can teach you.
We have the knowledge.
We have the will.
We have some of the best crafters on Thain.

Serve as an Engineer of the C.D.F

Contact the Chief Engineer: Murin Kvistir or the Lord Marshal: Jeri Theed Orman for more information.
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11:10:39 pm GMT 04/24/09
Ivy Registered Member #578 Joined: 6:16:29 am GMT 07/21/05
Posts: 1454
A tall Kara-Turan woman passing a poster takes it in with a glance and a quiet "hmph" escapes from her vicinity.

Drusilla tucks a letter she had been carrying back into her sleeve, approaches the counter, and smiles. "Be-ence. Anything for me today?"
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4:12:40 pm GMT 07/16/09
Elric Registered Member #1190 Joined: 11:04:54 pm GMT 10/25/07
Posts: 907
Across the island young people who have been well paid have rehung the original poster in bars, shops, inns and other gathering places.
The posters have also been placed at the waterfronts and on road signs.

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6:42:24 pm GMT 07/16/09
Plopp123 Registered Member #816 Joined: 2:25:15 am GMT 07/20/06
Posts: 416
As he walks into the merchantile establishment of Bence, Uriel notices the imprinted text and composes a respone to be sent to the source to the C.D.F

My greetings,

My name is Uriel Amraphen, a paladin in the service of the mighty Tyr and i am willing to have a word with any commanding individual to prove myself worthy if the C.D.F are as glorious as the words heralding it.

Uriel Amraphen, paladin of Tyr
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12:10:14 pm GMT 07/17/09
Elric Registered Member #1190 Joined: 11:04:54 pm GMT 10/25/07
Posts: 907
A missive is left with Bence to be passed on should the Paladin return.

Good sir,
At your convenience it would be my honor to discuss the Circle Defense Force with you and get you better acquainted with our mission and our purpose.
If the first meeting goes well I would take you on a few patrol's to see how you handle yourself and, conversely, you can observe the Forces in action as well.
If this is agreeable to you just leave a letter here with Bence with a place and time, if you so choose, and we'll have a chat.

Thank you for your interest in the Forces,

Sergeant Brian Faraun
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