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  • Thimns
    Thimns  6 hours ago

    He uses the buckler as a pick, duh.

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  8 hours ago

    @Corlupi- Protip: Being dead means your buckler doesn't block your fingers! Renn should try it sometime >:)

  • Squidget
    Squidget  15 hours ago

    Good stuff! I'm always amazed how much people continue to do with these systems. heart

  • Corlupi
    Corlupi  16 hours ago

    Great video, Cuch! I think a lot of our players will find it very instructive. Even I picked up a tip or two. smile

    ...but, come on, lute *and* buckler? No wonder Mors' music wakes the dead, what with him playing the strings with his teeth. tongue

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  22 hours ago

    There is also a permanent link to the Thain discord in the "New Player? Click here first!" thread, just in case anyone ever needs it.

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  22 hours ago

    Invite link below!

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  22 hours ago


  • Payne
    Payne  22 hours ago

    Yup, but still missing

  • C_McG
    C_McG  22 hours ago

    did you lose it?


  • Payne
    Payne  23 hours ago

    Looking for a discord link, we really need one on the main page somewhere

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Interior Design

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Cleric of Mystra
5:33:23 am GMT 03/21/09
Cleric of Mystra Registered Member #1083 Joined: 7:29:11 pm GMT 06/25/07
Posts: 1519
"This tastes horrible."

How long had he been staying there? He didn't remember. But then again, he hardly ever remembered much of anything.

Ashan never found anyone inside the tree either. Well, mostly, except that one time when he almost ran Razon through because he decided walking in unnoticed was some kind of neat trick. Bah.

For all intents and purposes, he considered the tree his property. He knew too well the door had no lock, but he didn't care much. After sleeping in a damp jungle for the best part of one's childhood, what was sleeping with an unlocked door?

"I'm sorry...", the succubus replied. Ashan sighed. Food at the inns was never good enough, and Sax'sylia evidently didn't attend her cooking lessons. That, or cuisine in Hell is vastly different from cuisine in the Prime Material. Who knows?

The man stood up and glanced towards the fireplace. No fire. No wood. Fantastic. He did remember there were some planks upstairs he never put there. Of course, why they were there was hardly interesting. Ashan sighed again. He hated sighing.

He stood up and walked upstairs. The stairs creaked when he put his weight on them. He cursed. He did like cursing.

Ashan looked to his side and saw the flower pot. The agonizing flowers struggled to live one more day, but it was clear they would not resist much longer. Of course, he didn't mind that fact, but he decided he might as well start with something. Watering plants is a good beginning, isn't it?

He shook his head. No water. He considered cursing again but decided against it (the reasons for this decision are unclear). Instead, he had a good idea. They were not many, but when they did make their appearance, they were usually good. Usually.

What sounded like bones cracking filled the room as Ashan took the form of a white wyrmling. He flew up to the ceiling and breathed ice on the wood, just above the pot. Then, almost with no effort, his white scales turned a fiery red and he breathed fire near the ice. Of course, he was aware the whole place was made out of wood, so he was careful.

[ image disabled ]

Ashan shapeshifted again, this time to the usual human. The ice was melting, and the flowers were being watered. A smile of satisfaction crossed his face and he walked up the stairs once more.
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Cleric of Mystra
5:59:38 am GMT 03/21/09
Cleric of Mystra Registered Member #1083 Joined: 7:29:11 pm GMT 06/25/07
Posts: 1519
Ashan liked the room upstairs. He slept there, even if there was no bed to be found. He tested most of his new brews there, in the cauldron. The room was very 'him'.

The pile of wood rested against the back wall. He walked there and kneeled, examining it. It was clear that whoever put them there had to be very dead already, judging from the age of the wood. Or maybe it was an elf. He tapped his chin, considering why he was even wasting time thinking of such things. He couldn't readily find an answer. Oh, well.

He picked up some wood and the insects previously hidden in the pile scurried away to find better shelter, now that their cozy home was no more. The wood was strangely light, yet he couldn't find out why.

[ image disabled ]

Ashan turned and walked towards the stairs. To his left, a stand with a book could be found. It had been open since the day he arrived, yet he never read a single word of it. There were no actual words in it, only unintelligible drawings made with coal. A madman, maybe. He didn't care.

He placed the stack of wood on the floor and made his way to the nearby desk. It was covered with thousands of small notes and larger scrolls, half finished reports and evaluations of possible recruits. Of course, most of them would only make sense to him.

He picked up a book from among them all, which he opened in a specific page. Ashan threw the previous one to the floor and placed the new one on the stand, smiling as he did so.

[ image disabled ]

The stairs creaked again when he walked down, yet he didn't curse this time. Ashan placed the wood next to the fireplace and sat on the stool. He considered giving himself a pat on the back.
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Cleric of Mystra
4:16:36 pm GMT 03/21/09
Cleric of Mystra Registered Member #1083 Joined: 7:29:11 pm GMT 06/25/07
Posts: 1519
He looked around the room. It was too dark for his own liking. The fact that finding a candle maker inside Poisonwood must be a near impossible task certainly didn't help the situation. But life was smiling to the human that day, and he had another idea. It was not as good as the other one, though.

Outside, the night was damp and cold. Ashan opened the door and stepped outside, nodding to the scouts found outside. He liked thinking they were guarding his tree, though it was absolutely obvious they were not. He continued to the east, past the first warriors and into the eastern side of the woods.

The bloody pixies were only some feet away. He fondly remembered that time a pixie got into the Poisonguard command, and that he then crushed under the might of his rusty heavy flail. It was quite a pathetic sight, but he thought it was about right.

Ashan tilted his head and muttered a few words. His form changed to one of a basilisk, a green glow bathing his near surroundings. The fey caught sight of it and flew towards him, thirsty for blood. The basilisk stared at them as they hurried across the gorge, until their wings suddenly stopped fluttering in front of him and they fell to the ground, hard as stone.

[ image disabled ]

The excruciatingly annoying sound stopped, as well. He smiled and picked them up; they still gave off a faint glow. He smiled again. He hoped smiling didn't turn into a habit.

Back inside the tree, he pinned the pixies to the candlestick. There was still an expression of terror on their faces that made him feel good about himself.
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Cleric of Mystra
1:13:04 pm GMT 03/27/09
Cleric of Mystra Registered Member #1083 Joined: 7:29:11 pm GMT 06/25/07
Posts: 1519
After all that work, he was starting to get hungry again. He eyed the plate on the table, trying to discern what was on it. Ashan concluded it was best to forget he had eaten that a few hours prior.

He picked up a shirt from the corner. It was neatly folded and had a suspiciously pleasant perfume. He shrugged and put it on as we he walked outside and into the woods; maybe the Cobblewall had some food. Yet, it was too early for lunch and too late for breakfast, so there was nothing. He cursed his luck as he continued north, when the idea struck him.

The rest of the walk to Steinkreis was less than eventful. He strangled a few kobolds and smashed some other kobold heads against rocks, maybe even kicked some wolves, but nothing else.
When he reached the gates, the sun was rising above the city's walls. A knight opened and greeted Ashan, while he nodded back. He always thought those gates were too small for a city of the size of Steinkreis. In fact, he always complained about that after going through them.

He reached the library and pushed open the doors. Thomas was taking some notes, possibly of the books Ashan had borrowed in the past and never brought back. He stopped for a moment, trying to remember where the books were, but it was a fruitless task.

And so began his tedious search. Ashan had some faith in that the succubus could learn to create something mildly eatable with the proper cooking implements and some knowledge. He was here to find the knowledge.

[ image disabled ]

His sight wasn't getting any better with the years, and neither was his patience. Finding the appropiate information was an amusing exercise in anger management, which he had experienced too many times. But he persevered. 'Cooking for Dummies'. He couldn't help but smirk at the name. And yet, it was so damn appropiate.

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Cleric of Mystra
6:29:09 pm GMT 04/11/09
Cleric of Mystra Registered Member #1083 Joined: 7:29:11 pm GMT 06/25/07
Posts: 1519
"I wanted to see how things were down here, really. With all this time out, I'm half expecting to find someone in the tree"
"Well, actually..."

Ashan didn't mind if Eswyn stayed in the tree, as long as he didn't disturb him in his work and didn't touch anything of importance. A warning would be even better. Unfortunately, this was not the case at all.

"Jasmine had nowhere to stay, so I told her she could stay in the tree.", Eswyn continued. Jasmine... that was a completely different story. She was one of his own and he even considered her a friend, but 'friend' never equated 'trust' in Ashan's mind, nor will it ever. More worrying was the fact that Jasmine felt the need to be followed by a band of misfits she called her 'entourage' and that she intended to make them live in the woods. What the hell?

The real irony, though, was that Jasmine had exactly the same right as him to stay there. Sure, he had been staying there for a long time, but he never formally mentioned it to the Lady and he never bothered to find a locksmith. Even so, it irked him that another was making use of his original lighting idea. The nerve of that gnome!

The two walked into the tree. Everything seemed normal, if lacking a little care. It had been weeks since he left to the north to attend to other matters and the pixies' light was starting to fade, as well as the flowers needing water. Ashan sighed and walked upstairs, where everything looked mostly normal.

There was not much else to do about it, so he returned to the north. Eswyn was left with a message for the gnome, however. Ashan was not going to stay with Jasmine and her entourage inside his tree.

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