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  • saadow
    saadow  1 day ago

    Hey friends! Nature night is starting in about an hour and ten minutes!

  • Jandari
    Jandari  2 days ago

    MSM, i get the same complaints. At 60 WPM... it's a difficult task, though.

  • GearsOfMadness
    GearsOfMadness  2 days ago

    Need some dat Roman engineering.

  • MadskillsMike
    MadskillsMike  2 days ago

    Maybe I could play if I had an ultra silent keyboard that didnt wake the whole family up when typing

  • MadskillsMike
    MadskillsMike  2 days ago

    Dropped in to check out the new design yesterday. Really good stuff.

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    Raven1210  2 weeks ago


  • Yasmyn
    Yasmyn  2 weeks ago

    The Yasmyn here dodge gah So nuch fun on a questy with the Raven dude this eve. All the fun was had and it was awesome. heart

  • DavidtheGreat
    DavidtheGreat  2 weeks ago

    Actually Scratch has the right of it. You start dropping gold at 5, exp penalties at 10.

  • Glognar
    Glognar  2 weeks ago

    Up to lvl 10 I have had no penalty on death. No gold loss and no death clock.

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  2 weeks ago

    I think the gold loss starts at level 5, and the xp penalty starts at level 10 .. but I an not sure.

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Friends in Need

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10:52:24 pm GMT 03/25/08
Krin Registered Member #742 Joined: 4:17:12 pm GMT 04/16/06
Posts: 538
For the longest time, Krin and Jalla had felt sadness whenever they thought of the wolves near the Crossroads, and those found on the road to Feywood. They had been displaced by the goblin hordes, forced out of the forest by the sickness of the riftstone, and driven near mad at being hunted.

As far as they knew, they had no Alpha... or if they did, he remained silent, in the background. Regardless, this left them vulnerable, and exposed... something no wolf should have to suffer. Wolves were dignified hunters, knowing instinctively when to hunt, and what to hunt. Krin had long hoped he could help them in some way. Over time, he had become somewhat disillusioned, knowing he could not possibly convince all the wolves to follow him, to listen to him. However, if he could not save all, he could at least save some.

Krin pondered this, and discussed it with Jalla - they both came to the conclusion that what could be done, should be done. The balance was tilted against the wolves for the moment - they could seek to bring the balance back, helping to maintain the careful and delicate system in place. The first task was finding the right place, or places....suitable hunting grounds for those who would follow. This would need to be off the roads, somewhere in the wild where there was game to hunt, and where the wolves could remain more or less undisturbed, allowing them to regain some measure of strength, and composure. Perhaps in time, the wolves would avoid humans altogether, as was their nature, and both wolves and two-leggeds could live harmoniously, in relative seclusion from each other.

To this end, Krin had enlisted some help. Merryn and Lomyrn, both friends of nature had offered their skills to him. Krin had readily accepted, and tasked each with finding suitable habitats for the wolves. Krin himself had taken to looking over the various packs, selecting likely candidates for such an exodus and making his presence known as Carad Draug.

Time would tell if they succeeded, but one thing was certain... pack Far-Runner would not abandon their brethren to their fate.

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12:48:10 pm GMT 04/22/08
Krin Registered Member #742 Joined: 4:17:12 pm GMT 04/16/06
Posts: 538
It had been an odd day, traveling with Ramen and several others, trying to prevent the dwarven mage from being erased from time. On the evening of their return, in Webster's Landing, the small group stood talking about the events that had transpired. All at once, several howls were heard in the distance, to the North. Howls of dismay, calls for aid....

Immediately, Krin took his leave and headed towards the woods, calling out himself, letting the wolves know he was on his way. As he crested a hill near the goblin warrens, he saw an apparition - the ghostly form of a wolf calling to him, beckoning him to follow. This was an all too familiar sight - once before, Lord Jomarg, Alpha of pack Iceshard had appeared to him in this fashion and sought the aid of Carad Draug and pack Far-Runner.

The wolf spirit was silent, apart from several growls of anguish and frustration. It led Krin to Feywood, looking back to make sure he was following. On the way, Krin met with Merta, in wolf form, and indicated she should follow and stay close. This was pack business, and Krin was glad to have one of his pack with him. Jalla was in the swamp, too far to intervene, but he could feel her supportive presence, a constant warm glow within him. She too, would be part of this, as she always was....

On the road near the woods, they saw a tragic sight - dead wolves were scattered around. Krin could easily see that they had been killed by another, larger creature - their throats ripped out by powerful jaws in most cases. From the trees emerged a grotesque creature, a werewolf. Krin howled in defiance to the abomination, determined to stop the slaughter.

The spirit wolf looked to Krin with great sadness, and its form rippled, and vanished. The werewolf took off towards the woods, and as the sun came up, its form changed...but much to Krin's surprise, it was not a man, but a dire wolf - and a rather large one at that. Taken aback, Krin paused a moment to consider what was happening. Merta looked at him expectantly, wondering what was going on herself.

The large dire wolf stopped and looked back. From a distance, Krin could see there was something wrong with it - its eyes were sunken, and it looked vicious, much more than would be normal. It even seemed to be goading them, wanting them to follow. They obliged, certainly not wanting to let this wolf continue on its unnatural rampage....
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12:49:46 pm GMT 04/22/08
Krin Registered Member #742 Joined: 4:17:12 pm GMT 04/16/06
Posts: 538
As they approached pack Storm-Wind's territory, the mad wolf immediately darted toward a young female dire wolf scouting nearby. It looked back at Krin, then turned to the female and lunged at her, ripping her throat out as Krin cried out. This was enough... if Krin could not stop this, Carad Draug would. He closed his eyes in concentration and his form shimmered, becoming the Red Wolf once again....

He approached the other wolf cautiously, staying low to the ground and snarling, warning the other wolf he would not be trifled with. The mad wolf responded, circling around him and Merta menacingly, a clear indication of aggression. Krin kept his eyes squarely on his opponent, stamping his large paw on the leafy ground, teeth bared in defiance. At once, the mad wolf lunged at Merta, taking a swipe with its large paw at the young wolf. Carad Draug leapt, bowling into the mad wolf, trying to push it off balance. The mad wolf turned his full attention on Carad Draug, biting and pushing, trying to get the upper hand on the Alpha of Far-Runner. Back and forth they fought, Carad Draug trying to force the mad wolf into submission, hoping something could be done to help him....

As the battle raged, the Spirit wolf appeared once again, looking upon them. As the mad wolf and Carad Draug circled each other, the Alpha of Far-Runner could see that the spirit was actually the mad wolf itself, a manifestation of its once proud life as one of the packs - indeed, a pack leader - Carad Draug could feel it, sense it....

The mad wolf circled, slobbering and snarling, small cuts and bruises apparent on its fur. Carad Draug himself had some scratches and bite marks, but nothing serious yet, as both wolves had been merely testing each other so far. Carad Draug barked at the mad wolf, and threw himself at him, grappling with his jaw and forcing the mad wolf on his side. Quickly, Carad Draug eased himself over the other and tried to clamp his jaw over the mad wolf's throat, commanding him to submit.... but he could see it was not to be. The mad wolf was beyond reason; he would not listen, and in desperation, clawed and forced his way out from under the Red Wolf.

Looking to the spirit, he could feel the sadness, the lost honor and pain that radiated from the wolf's essence. It was clear now, what had to be done. Carad Draug advanced, hackles raised and teeth bared, answering the true challenge issued to him... a challenge to the death. Carad Draug had been holding back before....but no longer. With his full might, he launched himself at the mad wolf, attacking with a fury rarely seen by most.... The mad wolf fell, and the woods once again became silent....

One of the Feywood druid happened upon the scene, as Krin stood mournfully over the mad wolf's corpse, pawing at something stuck in the wolf's flank, from an exposed wound... a riftstone fragment. This was the reason for the madness... as it once before happened with pack Iceshard, so again it had been repeated. The druid approached cautiously, looking on and soon seeing the riftstone fragment as well. Frowning, he called upon the Source, and in a blinding flash, the fragment was gone, destroyed.

Carad Draug shifted again, becoming Krin. He thanked the druid for his aid, and they all turned their attention to the wolf spirit. Merta had a look of sadness, close to tears as she gently stroked the dead wolf's fur. Even though she knew this had been a necessity, she too felt the loss. Krin spoke softly, telling the spirit it was now free, and would not be forgotten. As before with pack Iceshard, this too would become part of the Song, and the wolf would go beyond the veil, to join in the endless hunt....

The spirit approached, nuzzling Krin in recognition, emanating a sense of peace now, and thankfulness. It shimmered and started to fade, as a bright light surrounded Krin, whose cloak became infused with some of the wolf's essence, as well as a blessing from what he guessed could only be the Source itself and the Wolf-Child of Valorien....

The spirit now gone, Krin headed back to camp, knowing Jalla would be there now, waiting for him. She would comfort him for some time, soothing him as only she knew how, knowing his duty was sometimes a difficult one, but all in the name of the pack, for balance and the greater good....

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9:00:50 pm GMT 11/17/09
Krin Registered Member #742 Joined: 4:17:12 pm GMT 04/16/06
Posts: 538
Enough was enough....

For a long time now he had watched, helpless as his brethren were slaughtered and hunted, living in fear and hunger.
They had lost the Ways - true wolves did not behave as such. The pack was one, the pack was all. Two-legged were to be avoided, unless to protect the hunting grounds and the young.
This went far beyond now. Wolves acting alone, ravenous and sick...attacking travellers at random and rushing to their own deaths.

He would stand for it no more. He could not blame the two-legged. They protected themselves and could not understand what was truly happening.
It ate at him constantly, despite all the troubles of the land, all the great threats and wild magic and plagues...it was always there. He was but an Alpha, of one pack. The others listened, but not for long. Some even defied him, which was expected...some remnant of the Ways showing in those lupine eyes.

Something more was needed. Something rarely seen, and only hinted at in the Song. A Wolf Lord. Only one such as this could assert himself over all the packs, without question, and bring back order and the Ways to those lost.

Krin leaned against a tree, lost in thought as the breeze played through the branches and made the sunlight shining through dance like wildfire.
He had heard of such a wolf, a white one appearing on the hill near Steinkreis. Kendall had told him of this, and had been intrigued by the great wolf's presence. Krin rubbed his bearded chin. Perhaps he could find this wolf, and persuade him to aid the packs of Thain.

Krin closed his eyes, his form shimmering as he once again became Carad Draug, the Red Wolf. Bright reddish fur glistened in the sun as his massive head tilted back and he let out a powerful howl. He would do what he could for those lost wolves while he sought his answers.
With surprising grace and little sound other than the echoing of his howl, he bounded through the trees into the deeper woods...seeking those that needed guidance.
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Ramana Jala
7:16:54 pm GMT 04/14/10
Ramana Jala Registered Member #1033 Joined: 12:18:42 am GMT 04/25/07
Posts: 1106
After the destruction of the Thayan enclave, Jalla had left the ongoing relief missions in the capable care of her Greenvale friends and Diego, and Krin and she had retreated back to the woods to refresh their souls and give attention to those wilderness matters that had gone so long unattended.

This included moving to a new camp in southeast Feywood. Jalla had found a way through thick forest past the ravines that kept the mad animals in the riftstone-cursed area from roaming to a secluded coastal section of the eastern bog, well south of the gnolls barricaded by the Feywood militia. It would be a place to retreat to, and a place for the Pack to roam freely.

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Ramana Jala
7:17:39 pm GMT 04/14/10
Ramana Jala Registered Member #1033 Joined: 12:18:42 am GMT 04/25/07
Posts: 1106
Already the younglings had come for a visit. The males Alakar and Antha had left the Grauer to come see, and the females Tyelka and Tessara had taken leave of their adopted pack in west Feywood to come visit the peaceful area.

Krin and Jalla, and silver-backed Shade and the other wolves of Pack Far-Runner, discussed how this secluded area could possibly be used to take in and foster a wild pack, and teach them the Ways, as Krin and she had long sought, to repair the damage that the riftstones had done by killing off so many elders and leaving the wolves with little pack structure and few surviving wise Alphas. Perhaps they could gradually rehabiliate wolves in this protected area, then once their therapy was complete, transplant them to other areas of the Island where they could flourish by living by the Ways. Then they might start again with a new pack, and teach them. This was important work which had been too long neglected and interrupted by Island events.

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