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  • saadow
    saadow  1 day ago

    Hey friends! Nature night is starting in about an hour and ten minutes!

  • Jandari
    Jandari  2 days ago

    MSM, i get the same complaints. At 60 WPM... it's a difficult task, though.

  • GearsOfMadness
    GearsOfMadness  2 days ago

    Need some dat Roman engineering.

  • MadskillsMike
    MadskillsMike  2 days ago

    Maybe I could play if I had an ultra silent keyboard that didnt wake the whole family up when typing

  • MadskillsMike
    MadskillsMike  2 days ago

    Dropped in to check out the new design yesterday. Really good stuff.

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    Raven1210  2 weeks ago


  • Yasmyn
    Yasmyn  2 weeks ago

    The Yasmyn here dodge gah So nuch fun on a questy with the Raven dude this eve. All the fun was had and it was awesome. heart

  • DavidtheGreat
    DavidtheGreat  2 weeks ago

    Actually Scratch has the right of it. You start dropping gold at 5, exp penalties at 10.

  • Glognar
    Glognar  2 weeks ago

    Up to lvl 10 I have had no penalty on death. No gold loss and no death clock.

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  2 weeks ago

    I think the gold loss starts at level 5, and the xp penalty starts at level 10 .. but I an not sure.

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Wolf Puppies

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Ramana Jala
1:17:18 am GMT 02/27/08
Ramana Jala Registered Member #1033 Joined: 12:18:42 am GMT 04/25/07
Posts: 1106
Tacked on the bulletin boards at the Trade and Tackel and Wild Wants:

Wolf Puppies for Honorable Companions

Krin and Jalla Desat would like to announce the pending birth of a litter of wolf cubs to their packmates Navarre and Sola.

It has been decided that after weaning some may want to become companions of rangers and druids and other honorable folk.

The cubs come from large, sturdy, intelligent stock and would certainly be valuable and strong companions to any.

At weaning our Pack Far-Runner will be holding interviews with prospective two-legged companions.

For all those who have been considering making such a friend, we invite all those interested to give us their names and watch for the birth notice.

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1:43:30 am GMT 02/27/08
D_and_D Registered Member #1193 Joined: 11:35:12 pm GMT 11/01/07
Posts: 471
Nishka attempts to read the letter then her eyes widen in surprise. She quickly pens a response.
Mr.Krin and Ms.Jala, I would like to have a puppy friend. So would Eluna, she is very lonely sometimes and unable to have puppies of her own. Both of us would love to take care of one... Nishka
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Ramana Jala
5:03:34 am GMT 03/23/08
Ramana Jala Registered Member #1033 Joined: 12:18:42 am GMT 04/25/07
Posts: 1106
The first notices having been taken down at the Trade and Tackel, and at Wild Wants, they have been replaced with the following:

Wolf Puppies for Honorable Companions

Krin and Jalla Desat would like to announce the birth of a litter of wolf cubs to their packmates Navarre and Sola.

They are four strapping healthy younglings, two males and two females.

For those who are considering a companion, and would like to meet the new arrivals, please contact Krin or Jalla.

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Just Miggen
2:30:19 pm GMT 03/23/08
Just Miggen 💅
Registered Member #463 Joined: 1:37:12 am GMT 03/10/05
Posts: 7846
A letter arrives for Krin and Jalla at Bence's desk.

Letter wrote ...

i tuk note of your note wile north on a jurnee. i was needing a good hound as of late and hopped that i culd see the litter you have four sail. i am quite busy lately but i will seek you out when i go north once more, so if you culd kindly hold one of the hounds i would be most honored.

--Grifnar Irontooth
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Ramana Jala
5:42:28 pm GMT 03/26/08
Ramana Jala Registered Member #1033 Joined: 12:18:42 am GMT 04/25/07
Posts: 1106
Jalla leaves a note with Bence in reply to Mr. Grifnar Irontooth:

Dear Mr. Irontooth,

Thank you for your interest. The puppies have not been weaned yet, so there will be plenty of time for you to see them.

I would like to clear up a couple of points, so that there will be no misunderstanding.

First, they are not small 'hounds', these puppies will likely grow into very large dire wolves of four to five feet tall at the shoulder.

And also, they are not 'for sale'. They and their parents will decide whom is suitable for them to be a companion to. There is no guarantee that any applicant will walk away with one, as the applicant must pass an interview with the Pack, as to their own honorability and suitability.

If you are still interested in applying, please stop by the Feywood and find us in the next few weeks, to meet the pups.

Jalla Desat
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7:05:51 pm GMT 05/01/08
Krin Registered Member #742 Joined: 4:17:12 pm GMT 04/16/06
Posts: 538
Heart beats faster... blood quickens...
The trees rush by in a blur....
She is getting away... she is old, but still agile....

He must catch her, stop her....
It is what must be done...
She was pointed out to him... she must die.
No sound other than breathing, clear in the forest night...

[ image disabled ]

His sisters, two of them, run on each side...
They ensure the one they chase follows along the path of their choosing.
They too are quick, they too have been told to kill....

Over a rock, jumping-- running faster and ever closer to her. He will not fail this time...
She stumbles slightly, gaining him an advantage. He hooks left, cutting her path, forcing her in another direction...
His brother is waiting ahead in ambush. The trap is sprung....
There is nowhere to run now, they are too close...

His brother lunges, and in a tumble she falls, crying out. She is too tired...
He jumps on her as well. A clamp of jaws and her death comes quickly, mercifully....

From behind, trotting up easily, Carad Draug the red-furred Alpha,
Shade the Silverbacked, and Navarre the sire
look on with satisfaction as the juveniles of pack Far-Runner have made their first successful kill in the hunt.
The deer was old, and could no longer bear young... she is to be honored for her life, and the precious gift of it she gave....
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Ramana Jala
3:50:55 pm GMT 05/12/08
Ramana Jala Registered Member #1033 Joined: 12:18:42 am GMT 04/25/07
Posts: 1106
The puppies were now fully weaned and capable of taking care of themselves... for the most part. The dominant male was a bit impetuous and reckless like his father, and the pack was still having to bring up all of the young wolves in the finer points of surviving the wilds.

Jalla had asked Nishka and AJ whether they still were considering seeing if one of the pups would take to them as companions, but AJ had adopted a dog, and Nishka was now frequently on boats searching for lost relatives. So Jalla tacked one last notice on the bulletin boards.

Young Wolf Companions for Honorable Persons

The four young wolves of Pack Far-Runner are now fully weaned. If any person has interest in approaching them to see if they would be inclined to be their companions, please contact Krin or Jalla Desat in Feywood. A message can be left with Master Glendel of Wild Wants, or Bence of the Trade and Tackel.

The two females are quite willing to consider becoming companions. The two males seem to want to strike out on their own, but still might be convinced if the right two-legged comes along.

But if there were no further interest, it looked like the younglings would be staying with the Pack a while longer. The two males were eager to get out on their own and make their own way in the wilderness, but the two females were content to stay at home for now.

The adolescent wolves were growing fast. They had been already showing their individual temperaments for a while, and as was customary, especially since it seemed they all would be staying with their birth-pack a while longer, their parents Navarre and Sola and the rest of the Pack were trying to settle on names for the four, as befitting their personalities.
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12:30:32 am GMT 07/31/08
Krin Registered Member #742 Joined: 4:17:12 pm GMT 04/16/06
Posts: 538
Evening fell on Feywood, the shadows lengthening and the day's light replaced by the cool glow of the moon. Pack Far-Runner was assembled, Krin and Jalla in wolf form as Carad Draug and Seima Lasse, for the occasion. Tonight would be the Naming-- the ancient tradition, as told by the Ways, of giving proper names to those born of the pack. Also, in the tradition of the Wolf-Packs of Wendar, each youngling would answer to two names, one wolven and one for the two-leggeds, as no throat not wolven could ever hope to pronounce the former in its subtlety. The two-legged names for the younglings would be in Elven, for Elven was Krin and Jalla's native tongue, and also the most similar to the spirit of the names of the wolven language.

The four younglings sat in front of their elders, calmly waiting, as their father Navarre paced back and forth in front of them, looking at each of his offspring in turn with a mixture of pride and appraisal. Their mother Sola stood nearby, quietly and also proudly looking on in support of her mate, with Seima Lasse at her side. Bristlefang was circling the den, making certain none would disturb the pack in this solemn moment. Merta in her shifted form as Little Wolf, and her two companions Willow and Leena, were nearby, on either side of her. They all observed with keen interest and solemn pride.

Shade and Carad Draug sat just behind Navarre, eyes fixed on the younglings. The names to be given had been decided upon, Sola and Seima Lasse contributing their observations to their mates, and the males studying the behavior of the younglings in the hunt, matching their personalities to an appropriate name. Names were pulled from the souls of the wolves, and whispered upon the wind to those who would listen. The pack would listen this night, and call out what they learned.

Navarre stopped in front of the largest and firstborn male, their gazes locking. The young one did not flinch, his eyes blazing with intensity as he regarded his sire. There was fire in this one, eagerness and energy, even an impetuousness that often needed balancing, much like Navarre himself. The Rusher, Alakar in Elven... that was to be his name, which the youngling took, bowing his head slightly as he knew it to sound true.

Next, Navarre moved to the other male, the quieter one. While there was calm in this one, he still had proven efficient in the hunt, analyzing the attack strategy for the pack, and then placing himself in the best position to ambush the prey that Alakar would run into him. The Watchful, Antha, would be this one's name. As the name was given him, he stood characteristically silent and noble, accepting it with only a slight nod of his head.

Navarre moved in front of the firstborn female, a beautiful and lean wolf with a lustrous coat. This one had proven quite fast and agile, running through the woods with the grace of the wind that her mother was named after. The Agile, Tyelka, would be her name. As she heard her name she shook her ruff and smiled.

Lastly, the second female looked to her sire as he approached. Also graceful and sturdily built, this one had proven adept in the hunt, almost rivaling Alakar in her determination. Once the hunt began, she saw it through to the end, and often would hold the kill until it was all over. The Tenacious, Tessara-- this she would be known as. Her eyes gleamed as she also smiled.

All four younglings gathered around Navarre and Sola, and the rest of the pack moved to surround them all. Carad Draug, Seima Lasse, Shade, and then the proud parents, began to howl-- then Bristlefang, Little Wolf, Willow, Leena, and finally the younglings themselves joined in, their voices rising into the night. Far-Runner's part in the Song now had new melody as the younglings' names were proclaimed, one by one into the wind, announcing them as adults in their own rights. Long into the night, the Song floated, picked up by the other packs, who in turn responded, adding their own touches to the haunting melody that was the history of the Packs....

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