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  • wisdombeyondages
    wisdombeyondages  5 hours ago

    Orc night in a little under 3 hours! Event is open to everyone!

  • Warlord Kro
    Warlord Kro  7 hours ago

    Player event will kick off in about two hours from now! Everyone welcome. Poke me in game if you want in. Everyone welcome.

  • Avatar6666
    Avatar6666  1 day ago

    tristan this is for you...https://discord.gg/wU9eEC

  • Kat
    Kat  1 day ago

    I won't believe he's back until i see him in game..Soon please..

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  3 days ago

    Necro Night will be starting in about 2 hours from this post!

  • Jandari
    Jandari  3 days ago


  • Warlord Kro
    Warlord Kro  3 days ago

    He's back! *waves*

  • EcoTec
    EcoTec  3 days ago

    G'day Thain!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  5 days ago

    Nature Night will start in about 1 hour and 40 minutes . We will meet up in the Wild Grove of Grauer Suden.

    I will be IG as Dauken. Please shoot me a tell with any questions! smile

  • wisdombeyondages
    wisdombeyondages  1 week ago

    Orc night in 40 mins from time of this post. Anyone is welcome!

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Hammersong Patrols

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LAN_402 LAN_403
10:48:46 am GMT 01/07/08
Stormkitten ...
Registered Member #118 Joined: 12:54:31 pm GMT 05/14/04
Posts: 4724
A small poster set up behind the bar is mostly ignored, but Surla passes the news to all who come to the Kings's Beard for a pint. "Yea, the Stewards are lookin' for volunteers to help keep the Halls safe. Meetin' up at the Gates, an' then I've got a free round set aside after for all the thirsty troops. Kimli's payin'." (( ooc: I'm hoping to have this as a weekly thing, Tuesdays, 9:30 - 11:30 GMT. Meet at the Hammersong Gates at 9:30, or at the Trade at 9pm, and make your way south )) [ Edited ]
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7:39:58 pm GMT 01/08/08
Moviemaker137 Registered Member #753 Joined: 1:37:02 am GMT 04/29/06
Posts: 2015
Manus pulls up to the bar, three pints of Hero staring him back in the face, and a large plate of fritters in one hand.

Hmm. Seems Kimli's bean keepin' tabs 'n things since I been 'way. Glad ter see it. Bout time we got some new blood runnin' in these Halls, and glad ter teach 'em I will. Now then let's see 'ere. Well right then *deep chuckle* Well ye can't very well have a meetin' o' that calibur without havin' another Steward there to 'xamine the prospects 'n all ay Surla?

He chugged back a pint and smiled at her. One the bottom of the note he scribbled down:

I'll be there to o'serve - Manus
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Galen Meytre
1:39:02 pm GMT 01/15/08
Galen Meytre TPK Insurance Specialist, call now for our low, low rates! 1-800-U KILL ME
Registered Member #552 Joined: 4:34:52 am GMT 06/13/05
Posts: 2601
Azel rose to his feet from his prayers, picking up his beloved double headed axe as he stood. He caught a glimpse of movement in the corner of his eye - Pelden, returning to his quarters, worry and fatigue etched deeply on his face. While he didn't know the details of what was happening, he was aware of what was at stake in the room deep in the Hall.

Watching the the priest's retreating back Azel nodded to himself. While he couldn't help with that task, there were many others to be done. It was time to ensure another full patrol went out.

((Bump for the Patrols, same again - leaving the Trade at about 2100GMT, leaving Hammersong gates at 2130. Who knows, Kimli might even get her round in this week wink ))
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8:33:41 pm GMT 01/22/08
vancello Registered Member #839 Joined: 4:02:06 pm GMT 08/23/06
Posts: 1066
Ras Tabula was not a regular patron of the King's Beard pub. The boisterous commotion that always met him whenever he entered its doors (regardless of the time of day) was rarely a pleasant experience. But he knew the dwarves of Hammersong to be good folk and even counted a few among them as his friends. He also knew of the great danger that lay below the magnificent dwarven halls and of the need to be ever vigilant.

So, on one of these rare visits to the King's Beard pub, Ras heard of the call to arms by the Stewards. As he considered the request, memories from his past came to him: of a stout hand, his own, hefting a giant axe with ease as his own long beard swung pendulously beneath his chin; of joining his voice with other dwarves in cheers of encouragement as they worked together to destroy their foes; of being put back onto his feet with a rough clap on his back by rough hands, confident in the knowledge that none would leave him behind so long as they could still swing an axe.

Boras, they called him when he joined them in such a form, and Ras decided that he would return to Hammersong at the appointed time to see if they would accept his aid once again.

(( I hope this is still going on. I'll be at the gates of Hammersong at 9:30pm GMT (4:30pm EST, 1:30pm PST). ))
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6:08:11 am GMT 01/23/08
Doorman Merchant Auditor
Registered Member #95 Joined: 11:18:15 pm GMT 04/11/04
Posts: 2668
A sealed package of maps and notes from the Circle Defense Forces after their recent foray into duergar territory is delivered to Surla and addressed to the Stewards.

The package also has the C.D.F. report provided by Overwatch Captain Drogo Burrows, and a note (written in Dwarven) from the Lord Marshal:

"Kimli, and other Stewards of Hammersong,

I hope this information can be of use to you on your patrols and raids.


It was a small gesture, Jeri knew, but hopefully one that could be appreciated by the dwarves he called brothers and sisters.
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10:45:22 pm GMT 01/29/08
Stormkitten ...
Registered Member #118 Joined: 12:54:31 pm GMT 05/14/04
Posts: 4724
A copy of the report is passed to the Prince and the Council: [ 118_cdf_report.jpg ]
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8:46:45 am GMT 01/30/08
Uthoroc Director of the Thain Department of Potential God Employment Program
Registered Member #76 Joined: 5:18:30 pm GMT 03/21/04
Posts: 2455
Prince Rugar takes the report and leafs throught he pages for a moment. Then he looks up sharply at Kimli.

"The CDF ye say? We have heard only rumors about this organization. Do ye know more about it? Is it trustworthy?"
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5:37:55 pm GMT 02/12/08
vancello Registered Member #839 Joined: 4:02:06 pm GMT 08/23/06
Posts: 1066
As the conversation between Prince Rugar and Kimli continues, Ras Tabula sits beneath the sheltering boughs of a tall elm tree within the Feywood, a gentle rain falling about him. He had been traveling extensively in the northern lands of the island but his thoughts often returned to the Stewards of Hammersong and their call for aid. Though they may not have fully accepted him as one of their own the last time he ventured with them, they did certainly appreciate what little aid he was able to offer as Ras struggled to swing his own dwarven axe as fluidly and naturally as those who fought beside him. Wondering if the patrols still took place but deciding it would be nice to stroll amongst the mountainous wilderness even if they were not, Ras takes up his pack and his walking staff and heads southward. (( I'll try to be at the gates of Hammersong today (Tuesday February 12) at 9:30pm GMT (4:30pm EST, 1:30pm PST) if anyone wants to join me. )) [ Edited 05:38:58 PM 02/12/08 ]
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11:50:57 am GMT 02/15/08
Uthoroc Director of the Thain Department of Potential God Employment Program
Registered Member #76 Joined: 5:18:30 pm GMT 03/21/04
Posts: 2455
After studying the CDF report closely, Prince Rugar meets with members of the Stewards on the shore of Black Glass Lake. [ 76_rk_meeting_lake.png ]
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Thranduil Greenleaf
12:57:17 pm GMT 02/18/08
Thranduil Greenleaf Registered Member #1145 Joined: 8:28:45 pm GMT 08/30/07
Posts: 808
Styvn walked up to Surla in the Kings Beard and handed over a note with a few gold coins, and left instructions for it to be delivered to Kimli only.
Styvn wrote ...
Kimli, As you are the only Steward of Hammersong I know personally, I'm writing this letter to you. I think it may be of interest to you. While traveling south along the main road between the Crossroads and Hammersong, myself and two companions were set upon by a band of kobolds. While that was not unusual, the weapons they used against us were. They had in their possession grenade like devices. One type exploded in a fine powder that formed a fog which caused such choking as to stun anyone caught in it for a period of time. The other dispersed many small sharp spikes over the ground causing injury even through heavy boots. After eliminating the kobolds, we decided it would be best to try to ascertain how the kobolds came into possession of these very dangerous devices. I followed their tracks back to a cave known to be inhabited by kobolds, where we again were engaged by several of them armed with the grenades. After eliminating them we discovered a Duergar fighter in the cave and killed him. I then followed his tracks back to a freshly opened tunnel that went down at a sharp angle for a long distance. After a brief discussion, my companions and I decided it best to investigate further and we entered the tunnel and followed it down to it's other end. It put us out into the warrens under the Hammersong mines, by the Duergar city. After a few small skirmishes with light Duergar patrols, we discovered a supply station near the gates to the city. The Duergar at this small station had a large supply of the grenades and were obviously supplying the kobolds with them. We dispatched all the Duergar in the supply area and confiscated all of the devices. At that point we discovered the tunnel had collapsed, barring our exit back to the surface. We discovered much larger and more frequent patrols of both Duergar and Drow as we fought our way out of the warrens back up to the mines. The fighting became so intense, and we were so severely injured, that we had to resort to stealth and potions of invisibility to escape with our lives. If you have any questions you can speak with myself or either of my companions. One was a female cleric named Celeste, and the other was a male warrior named Caliban. Sincerely, Styvn
[ Edited 01:01:22 PM 02/18/08 ]
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