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    Hey friends! Nature night is starting in about an hour and ten minutes!

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    MSM, i get the same complaints. At 60 WPM... it's a difficult task, though.

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    Need some dat Roman engineering.

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    Maybe I could play if I had an ultra silent keyboard that didnt wake the whole family up when typing

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    Dropped in to check out the new design yesterday. Really good stuff.

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    The Yasmyn here dodge gah So nuch fun on a questy with the Raven dude this eve. All the fun was had and it was awesome. heart

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    Actually Scratch has the right of it. You start dropping gold at 5, exp penalties at 10.

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    Up to lvl 10 I have had no penalty on death. No gold loss and no death clock.

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    I think the gold loss starts at level 5, and the xp penalty starts at level 10 .. but I an not sure.

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Une Belle Histoire

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Ramana Jala
11:01:09 pm GMT 08/09/07
Ramana Jala Registered Member #1033 Joined: 12:18:42 am GMT 04/25/07
Posts: 1106
// This thread links from this one // // On A Cloudy Day // Krin and Jalla's friendship had been growing slowly and pleasantly. They were getting to know each other, finding their temperaments harmonious, and also finding that they had a lot in common. From being both half-elves speaking Elven better than Common, to their love of the wild woodlands and the wolves.... Krin: *smiling* I have never met a druid quite like you, you know? Jalla: *leans head* What do you mean, like me? Krin: *he whispers gently, so that only they can hear* You're stronger than you think, yet as gentle as a songbird. Most druids have a somewhat bleak view of life... yet, you seem to view life as a wonderful adventure.... Jalla: *smiles broadly* Well, life is full of life and life is for living... so if other druids are like that, maybe it's good that I've had to find my own way *curt nod*. Krin: *laughing softly, he flashes her a smile* I'm glad of that, then. Jalla: *she takes his hand and traces the veins with her delicate finger* Don't you think life is alive and for living? How can one be bleak when you can feel the rush of your own blood in your veins? Krin: *looking down at her soft hand upon his, he gazes up at her* Yes, yes I do. That's why I'm here really, to help those who can't help themselves, so they can enjoy life.... Jalla: Yes... *she closes her eyes for a moment* You are a servant of the Source.... Krin: Others call it the Light.... I guess it has many names, and many aspects, but it all comes down to the same thing. We must take advantage of what time we are given. Jalla: We are all one with the Source, we are Its body... and It wants all of its parts to exist in Joy. *smiles like a sunbeam* Krin: *he smiles again, his eyes gazing at the lovely features of her face* I dont think I've ever heard it put in such a lovely way. Jalla: But if there is one thing I am very serious about, *instant change to serious druid look* is that I am a Servant of the Source, myself. Krin: *he nods* Indeed, and that's what makes you... well... you. Jalla: *serious moment gone in a flash, she smiles and leans back* Little did they know that this exchange was a presage to an event-- nay, a series of events-- that would change their lives forever… [ Edited ]
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Ramana Jala
9:46:40 pm GMT 01/16/08
Ramana Jala Registered Member #1033 Joined: 12:18:42 am GMT 04/25/07
Posts: 1106
// Moment of Oneness //

Jalla is kneeling in her cubbyhole in the cliff face, meditating. Only a little while before, she had come from being with Krin, and the incredible experience that they had shared was still very present with her. She thinks of how subtly and gently it had crept upon them, just as they were becoming close ...

Jalla: I look so good as a panther *smiling toothily*
Krin: *nods* Yes you do!
Krin: Although your normal shape is quite attractive too you know! For different reasons...
Jalla: Oh *tremble* thank you...
Krin: *grins*
Jalla: *sweet little smile, gazing dreamily into his blue eyes*
Krin: *returning her gaze, a smile playing on his lips*
Jalla: *content to just look at him, wide-eyed and straightforwardly, smiling*
Krin: *he places his hand on her cheek, smiling wider at the feel of her soft skin against his palm*
Jalla *snuzzles his hand like a panther*
Krin: *gently caresses her cheek, his other arm reaching to pull her close, enfolding her in his cloak*
Jalla: *feeling lightly lifted off of her feet as she is swept into his arms*
Krin: *holding her close, the two of them wrapped in his cloak, like in their own little world where no one can intrude, he inhales her sweet scent, smiling gently at feeling her close near him*
Jalla: *she snuggles to him with great joy, scenting him, feeling his warmth*
Krin: *softly he whispers* Thank you for sharing these moments with me... *he looks down to her lovely face, her eyes drawing him in further*
Jalla: *smiling, gazing into his lovely blue eyes* Thank you....
Krin: *leaning closer, he places a gentle kiss on her cheek, his lips barely fluttering on her smooth skin*
Jalla: *a quiver travels up her backbone*
Krin: You're so lovely, so gentle... it is a rare gift you give me *he whispers, his lips almost touching her ear*
Jalla: *his whisper tickles and sends another thrill through her. Her hand ever so slightly tightens on his arm and she is breathing a little harder*
Krin: *his eyes half closed, he holds her close against himself, lost in the moment, and content to let the troubles of the world wash away in her presence*
Jalla: *she stands feeling his body against her, warm and muscular. She continues to inhale his pleasant natural manly scent, and is aware of everything about him*
Krin: You know, *he whispers* ...I could get used to this. *a slight chuckle escapes his lips as he gently squeezes her, a feeling of euphoria washing over him at her warmth and softness*
Jala: *whisper* Yes, I am enjoying this very much myself. *smiles and leans into him a little more*
Krin: *still holding her, his hand moves up to her silky hair, his fingers running through it slowly* Nature does indeed do things well...
Jalla: *moves her head under his hand like a kitty* Mmm...
Krin: *feeling her so close, so soft and willing, his mind and body relax for the first time in a long while. Slowly he pulls her down to sit on the leafy ground, still holding her close*
Jalla: *she glides down to the ground with him in a graceful choreography, to settle in the leaves.*
Krin: *closing his eyes, he listens to the sounds around them. The gentle wind, the singing of the birds, the smaller animals skittering about on the forest floor, all of these soothe him, but not as much as feeling her next to him, hearing her soft breath and feeling it on him*
Jalla: *she is smiling happily in his embrace, aware of the whole symphony of life around and within them, feeling him so alive touching her skin*
Krin: *his ears pick up other sounds as well... Shade and Navarre moving through the forest nearby, no doubt playing and trying to outdo each other. His smile returns, and he leans in closer, his cheek now pressed against hers*
Jalla: *she is aware of his heartbeat, and of his pulse where he is touching her. She feels her heart seeking to match his heartbeat...*
Krin: *he feels this as well, her breathing matching his, her heartbeat synchronizing with his... the two of them uniting into one, making his own heart beat stronger*
Jalla: *she feels a rushing sensation as their vibrations harmonize in a most natural way, and they contact the Source in each other*
Krin: *his voice barely a whisper, as if afraid to break the moment* I feel as one with nature... and with you....
Jalla: *she nods only very slightly, similarly transfixed*
Krin: *motionless, his cheek against hers, their bodies radiating to each other in unison, he savors the moment, as if time itself had stopped*

(to be continued)
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Ramana Jala
9:48:56 pm GMT 01/16/08
Ramana Jala Registered Member #1033 Joined: 12:18:42 am GMT 04/25/07
Posts: 1106
// Moment of Oneness // continued //

Jalla had felt her senses, mind, and emotions flooding with an inrush of information. She was intensely aware of everything, especially of Krin. Heightened senses continued to expand into an awareness of subtle and internal sensations. Her attention moved from the outside world to inside, where she seemed to be 'hearing' Krin. She narrowed her attention to this, and desired to go nearer to him. The communication clarified as she was pulled into a whirlpool of images and feelings sweeping by like a great liquid current. Then she seemed to be looking out from Krin's mind, and seeing herself. Then she was herself again, seeing him. Her point of view flipped like this a multitude of times, like two mirrors facing each other, until she chose to let go of herself. At that moment a great stillness came, and there was no longer Jalla, or Krin, or Nature separate from themselves. There was only the living, pulsing Source, as it has always been, behind and prior to the variety of creatures.

An unknown amount of time passed, before the experience abated and she felt herself coalescing back into her separate self. She was able to see through her eyes in the usual way again, but everything was bright, and looked lovelier, like a friend who has become more known, dearer and closer. Krin's noble face, eyes still closed, was relaxed and blissful. He is so very beautiful, she thought...

And another long moment passed in each other's arms, blissful and content. The wind sighing through the trees, the birds singing, and the animal rustlings were like music in the background. The air was cool and luscious, the sun low and the light soft.

Jalla: Well, that was something... thank you for sharing such a real moment with me.... I had only experienced something like that once before...*smiles and softly strokes his face with her hand*
Krin: The pleasure was all mine *smiling and leaning into her hand* In my time here, I have never had such tenderness offered to me.
Jalla: No? Kind sir, you deserve better *laughs*
Krin: *chuckling softly, he tilts his head and glances at her* Well, when duty calls, I'm always there. Such moments were thought lost to me.
Jalla: One should never let go of life, Nature's greater good would never require it.
Krin: True... but I was not ready. Now, my heart is free, and my life has begun anew.
Jalla: *she gazes at him serenely and blissfully, empathizing with his feelings*
Krin: *his eyes meet hers again, locking onto them as if they were the only source of light for leagues* I dont know what life holds for me, but I do know this... I will savor each moment from now on....
Jalla: *her eyes transfixed on his azure eyes, she feels like she is falling up into a blue sky* Yes, every moment is very full....
Krin: And who knows where life will lead the both of us... *leaning in, as if to kiss her...*
Jalla: *she looks at him receptively and smiles more broadly, wondering what the next moment may bring*
Krin: *his gaze locked to hers, he leans in, and gently kisses her-- feeling her soft lips forming to his for the very first time, his blood rushing through his veins and the sound of his heartbeat drowning out the surrounding woods*
Jalla: *she welcomes him into her warm embrace, and her breathing quickens. She feels his heartbeat, and hers leaps out to resonate with his*
Krin: *his eyes close as their lips lock together, once again feeling her heart beating with his. He holds the kiss for a long time, reluctant to be apart from her softness*
Jalla: *luxuriating in his lips and his breath upon her, arms wrapped around his strong warm body*
Krin: *after a long, tender kiss, his lips part from hers, and he lets out a small sigh, his head leaning forward, his forehead touching hers*

Not long after that they parted, still not having really mentioned what had just happened. Such an ineffable experience, meeting his mind like that... then... the kiss. The first time that it meant more than just friends.... She hadn't known what to say, it had all been so overwhelming.

Her own experience had been intense-- the only other time she felt such identification with the Source was her first scrying, for father. She had at that time flown across the land between the Great Waters in identification with the Source to see through the eyes of an insect, then a bird, and then of her father himself.

She had felt that Krin had had the same expansive experience. But she was still in a bit of shock and couldn't find any words that could define what had happened. So when she left him a little while after that, she briefly wondered if she had been rude to leave without talking about it. But perhaps he was also silenced by the magnitude of it.

She relaxes her mind and drops thought. She feels that she is still vibrating, and puts her concentration on it. It is like a song, and she listens to it for a long time...

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Ramana Jala
9:50:00 pm GMT 01/16/08
Ramana Jala Registered Member #1033 Joined: 12:18:42 am GMT 04/25/07
Posts: 1106
Close [ image disabled ] [ 1033_ubh03_close.jpg ]
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12:01:27 pm GMT 01/17/08
Krin Registered Member #742 Joined: 4:17:12 pm GMT 04/16/06
Posts: 538
// Adumbral Musings //

Moving quietly under the canopy of branches in the Adumbral woods, with Shade at his side, Krin kept his bow at hand, ready to take down any spiders he came across. But his mind was elsewhere.

Stopping a moment, he sat down on the mossy ground, leaning back against an old oak. Shade gave him a quizzical look, asking in the language of wolves if he tired of the hunt. Krin gave him a lopsided smile, answering that no, he was not tired, but needed to think. Shade tilted his head, then simply plopped down next to Krin, his powerful jaws opening in a yawn, as he declared that this was a good place to do so.

Shade lay his head down on his paws, his eyes turning to his two-legged pack brother. Again he spoke " You think of the she-wolf " …more a statement than a question. Krin simply nodded, thinking back to what had happened earlier. There had suddenly dawned on him that strange new sensation, the feeling of oneness, the images seen through her eyes, the thoughts not entirely his own echoing in his mind....

Even afterwards, and now, he could still feel something... like a link.... Something similar to his already remarkable bond with Shade, as part of pack Far-runner.

It was like the lightest feather’s touch, just on the edge of his consciousness. Nothing definite could be gleaned from this, but it was present, and he knew she was out there… somewhere.

Then of course, there had been the kiss. Smiling to himself, he remembered how it had felt. The soft feel of her skin under his hand, the honeyed taste of her lips, and the goosebumps it had sent rippling over his skin....

From where he lay, Shade snorted lightly, clearly amused by this, and not quite understanding what the two-legged found interesting in such a thing. Blinking several times, Krin stretched his arms, then rose from the ground, ruffling Shade’s fur in passing with a smile.

Jalla was as beautiful as she was gentle. She was the whispered breeze through the branches, the gentle murmur of a forest dream. He hoped to spend more time with her....

But for now, the spiders awaited. Stringing his bow, he moved furtively once again, Shade following off on his right, hunting with a precise pattern and the well practiced ease as they always had. Those spiders wouldn’t stand a chance....
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Ramana Jala
8:38:13 pm GMT 01/21/08
Ramana Jala Registered Member #1033 Joined: 12:18:42 am GMT 04/25/07
Posts: 1106
// Jalla's Feelings //

Jalla made her way to Drakamyre Pass. It was a long way from home, and there was a possibility of getting lost as she did not know the way well. But right now she needed to feel the wind in her face, that rarified mountain air. Maybe it would clear her mind. But she halfway hoped it would be storming, to match the raging feelings she had inside.

She hadn't expected to be involved with two men at once, and then when it happened, she still hadn't expected it to be a problem. The main issue was that they occupied all of her thoughts and emotions, making her constantly distracted while trying to attend to important matters. Both men were magnificent and handsome, yet they aroused different feelings in her.

The one she had become involved with first was exciting, and very complex, perhaps even dangerous. She admitted to herself that she barely knew him-- but maybe it added to his mystery that she really didn't know him that well. Every time she thought about him, or heard his name casually mentioned, her heart would skip a beat and she would feel a warm flush permeate up her spine.

Occasionally, in revealing moments, she could feel that he was scarred in his soul, and he seemed like a hurt animal-- and Jalla had sympathy for him. But most of the time he hid that, and Jalla was willing to just get lost in his emerald eyes.

She at long last reached Drakamyre Pass, and stood there on the very edge of the cliff, face into the wind. It wasn't precipitating, but the clouds above were dark and threatening. The wind was sharp and moist.

Arrna... -He- understood the passion of the storm, he understood the storm inside her... The emotional intensity she felt because of him was teaching her things....

She looked at the sky, reaching her arms up. She felt that she could be a lightning rod, and channel the energies of the sky. She concentrated her will, and lightning sprung from her fingers. It arced up and then returned to sink into the ground. The power of it thrilled her.

She thought, this I do from passion. She had been blessed with the instinct to connect with the power of the elements, but it was growing, fostered by her growing connection to her raw emotional power.

Then there was Krin... like a strong but easy river flowing through her mind, a strong yet gentle glow in her heart. Whenever she was with him, she was put into a state of joy and peace. In his own way, through his beautiful soul, he stirred deep feelings in her, warm wonderful happy blissful expansive feelings. These feelings... felt like... maybe... the beginning of... love....

And just Krin's presence was also teaching her things-- a deeper empathy with all living creatures. Ever since their mutual spiritual experience, she was more in tune, could feel the thoughts of creatures better. Even her communication with her old friend Navarre had changed in tenor.

She did feel that Krin was holding her off just a bit, until he felt the way to her heart be clear. She had been honest with him about her other involvement, although he didn't ask for a name. She -wanted- to be completely honest with him. And now, with this new empathy, he could feel what she was feeling. And that was just fine.... She knew already that he was someone -- the only one -- that she could totally trust.

She spread her arms into the mountain wind and became a bird. She caught the wind with her wings, heedless of its strength, and was lifted into the air. Let it buffet her, she wished to test her own will against it..... she will survive... and learn how to ride the raw power of the forces of Nature... she will always survive.... she -willed- it. She rose higher into the sky, and for a while, all was forgotten in the thrill of soaring on the cool streams, free in the great expanse. She did not know her own self, and her own power, completely yet... but she knew she would... in time....
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8:48:13 pm GMT 01/21/08
Krin Registered Member #742 Joined: 4:17:12 pm GMT 04/16/06
Posts: 538
// Greenwood //

Krin strode down the hills near Greenvale, and into the nearby woods. Night was falling, and the last of the sun’s rays danced through the branches, warming his face as he looked about. He knew the dangers to be found here, so he measured his steps carefully, making no sound as he passed.

His mind wandered again, distracted. This had been happening a lot of late, but it was not unpleasant. For years now, his thoughts, his duty had been for Thain. First, as a way to escape his own past, to forget the pain and sorrow he had felt; then lately, simply as a way to keep in focus, to start his life anew in the only way he knew how.

In the woods, he found a large oak, which he deftly climbed. High in the branches, he settled into a comfortable position, looking up through the sparse canopy at the darkening sky, and the first stars of the evening.

Lately… lately, his thoughts had focused on one in particular, as they did so now....

Jalla, Seima Lasse, Gentle Leaf....

She had learned how to be stealthy... and indeed, Krin had not seen her coming, creeping into his consciousness, and unmistakably into his heart. The link they now shared made this stronger, amplifying what his heart already knew, radiating these nascent feelings to each other, like a mirror.

Simply thinking of her gave him joy... and being close to her brought forth feelings he thought long buried, a stirring he had not felt in a long time.

Through her, he had also renewed his bond with nature, and his old mentor’s teachings. Gaining a greater understanding of what surrounded him, from the chirp of insects, to the deadly focus of a wolf’s mind during the hunt. He knew deep down she could bring out the animal within him, the primal feelings of running, and the hunt; of bonding, and desire-- and at the same time a shared, higher consciousness, and what could be... love.

Yet he knew she was not ready. She was still exploring her own nature, this she had told him, and he had felt it. He didn’t want to rush into it either, wishing instead to savor each moment, to let the Source, and their bond, guide them both... to whatever fate awaited them.

He would not let her go....

In time, he hoped their bond would grow stronger, that she would find herself, her focus, and that she would know he was there, waiting for her.

His gaze still upward, he lay back, and looked at the stars as they twinkled, like tiny beating hearts made of light....
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9:03:21 pm GMT 01/21/08
Krin Registered Member #742 Joined: 4:17:12 pm GMT 04/16/06
Posts: 538
// Wedding //

Krin was walking back from Davenshire.

Just the night before, he had attended Tarien and Sholah’s wedding. Strangely enough, this had been the first time he had witnessed such an event.

He had decided to go, as a representative of the Keepers, and also as a friend of the couple, who, although they tended to get into trouble time and time again, had shown their good intentions. Along the way to the ceremony, which was to be held at the Davenshire fountain, he had met up with others who were traveling there for the same reason.

There had been many people there, all friends come to offer their good wishes to the happy couple. Elwin, another half-elven druid of his acquaintance, had approached him and asked him to be her escort for the event. Apparently it was customary to be accompanied to such functions.

He stood beside her throughout the ceremony, quietly asking questions, or making small talk. But every time he looked at Elwin, he saw another in her place. He couldn’t put away the image of Jalla. He knew she was somewhere out there, no doubt on one of her missions, or following a clue to the fate of her father. Watching the unfolding ceremony, hearing Lomi’s words and the couple’s vows, made him miss her all that much more.

Unconsciously, he had closed his eyes during the ceremony, and had concentrated on sending her these warm feelings. He knew not if she would receive this, and even doubted she would. But the act of sending was enough....

As he returned North, he kept walking until he reached the Feywood. Krin headed directly to the ancient Oak. Jalla was not there, but he sat down and wrote a short note on a parchment. Carefully rolling the note, he tied it with a small bright green ribbon, and placed it in the cubbyhole where he knew Jalla liked to sleep.

The note contained the following message:

[ image disabled ]

* Amin naa ilyamenie now-ad en’ lle
I am always thinking of you

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Ramana Jala
10:12:19 pm GMT 01/21/08
Ramana Jala Registered Member #1033 Joined: 12:18:42 am GMT 04/25/07
Posts: 1106
// Moments in Jalla's Days //

Roaming about the countryside around the Feywoods monitoring the animals, Jalla suddenly feels warm feelings growing in her heart, and she knows it is Krin. It is a subtle and imageless feeling, and partly because of this, Jalla feels that he must be very far away and deliberately projecting to her specifically. She wonders briefly what the situation of the sending was. Their Link continues to surprise her, and she looks forward to learning more of it.

The next day she goes out again on the same mission, and when she returns in the evening to her camp, she finds there a little note, tied with a green ribbon. She opens it, and finds the words: 'Amin naa ilyamenie now-ad en’ lle.....Krin'. Her heart starts to glow and she melts a little, thinking of how sweet he is.

She sits down, and decides to try sending him something. Going into a meditative state and focusing her mind on the image of his beautiful noble face, she fans her feelings about Krin --all of them, from spiritual to affectionate to desirous-- into a ball of intensity in her heart. Gathering her will around it, she directs it to Krin, wherever he might be. She feels it shoot forth from her, seeking its target. She smiles to herself, hoping that he will receive it, and know of the depth of her feelings for him.

Amin naa ilyamenie now-ad en’ lle.... she could say the same.....
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3:24:06 am GMT 01/22/08
Krin Registered Member #742 Joined: 4:17:12 pm GMT 04/16/06
Posts: 538
// In Response //

He was sitting at the fire when it happened....

A sudden wave of warmth, a burst of tenderness, mixed with desire, hit him all at once. He immediately realized that it was Jalla was sending to him, and apparently concentrating very hard to do so, as he had done not long ago while attending the wedding.

He opened his mind, his heart, and took it all in, smiling gently as the flames of the fire in front of him acted as a focus. He remained this way for a time, until someone passing by called to him in greeting, breaking his dream-like state.

Blinking, he noticed the sending had had an unusual effect this time; he felt… flushed.... He felt a hunger rise within him, in response to it. His mind reeled with images of her: the sound of her voice, the sweet scent of her skin, the feel of her lips on his....

These were feelings he had not had in a long time; feelings denied by duty, by necessity. Feelings that were rapidly growing, his blood beginning to boil with previously hidden desires....

Gathering his pack, Krin walked away from the fire, heading North. A bit of hunting might clear his mind....

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