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  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  11 hours ago

    The IC posts over the Crater Lake events for Nature Night are finally finished!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  11 hours ago


    It really was something..a bit like a can..that the Sandworms went into !

    Magic and Gnomish Technology to the rescue!

  • Vaedryan
    Vaedryan  12 hours ago

    *chuckles* Love the name of the most recent NN, Scratch!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  18 hours ago

    Nature Night will start in about 2 hours!

    Please join us in the Wild Grove in Grauer Suden.

    I will be IG as Dauken. Feel free to shoot me a tell with any questions. smile

  • AmberOfDzu
    AmberOfDzu  1 day ago

    Hi Scratch!

  • scratch_flannigan
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  • AmberOfDzu
    AmberOfDzu  2 days ago

    *wave* @Vaerdryan grin

  • Vaedryan
    Vaedryan  3 days ago

    Omg! I spy an Avarith!!! grin

  • Jandari
    Jandari  3 days ago

    DORF night has kicked off with epic bouts of arm wrestling!

  • archgrendel
    archgrendel  3 days ago

    Payne is just jealous wink

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Denri Duskival - Harp of Shadows

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5:35:51 pm GMT 03/07/07
Izral Registered Member #408 Joined: 2:50:36 am GMT 01/20/05
Posts: 1445
The sun began to rise on the horizon. The Harper made his way to his quarters after another wonderful night with Celia. He trusted her, he trusted her enough to show her his remarkable ability. The campfire was quiet this night. Celia watched eagerly as he raised a fire from the logs. He produced his pipes before her and put them to his lips. A note erupted from the wooden pipes and he kicked off a tune. It wasn't the most enchanting sound, for the Harper has always had his flaws in his playing from lack of practice, but the magic worked the same despite the sound. The shadows around the fire seemed to dance to the song. Nerves began to stir within Denri, for such an ability always seemed to make him uneasy. However, he seemed to make a discovery this night, something he hadn't noticed before. The song ended and he returned the pipes to it's designated pouch. He looked to Celia who bore a look of amazement though, Denri was sure she hadn't seen what he saw. The thought dwelled on his mind until he returned to his quarters. Denri flared up a candle within his room. The shadows appears on the walls from the furniture. It occurred to Denri that it wasn't the music that had made them dance but it was his thoughts. It seemed what he saw others could see... or could not see. Quietly, Denri produced his pipes once again. He played another song and the shadows began their dance once again around the room. This time he aburptly stopped the song. Unblinking he continued the tune within is head, thinking the same thoughts he would when he played. The shadows continued to move. The Harper focused on the shadows, he focused on the dance. Slowly the shadows creeped into the light towards Denri. They touched his feet and began to ascend up his to his ankles, then up to his knees. Finally they ascended to his waist. Denri looked down to his feet. He saw nothing but the ground. It was if the shadows began swallow him. He staggered and lost his focus. Lower parts were visible once again. It occurred what he was truely capable of. Denri blew out the candle and once again the shadows swallowed him. [ Edited ] [ Edited ]
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2:24:58 pm GMT 03/09/07
Izral Registered Member #408 Joined: 2:50:36 am GMT 01/20/05
Posts: 1445
Itarilde had left his room. He was alone. A single candle was all that illuminated the room. He was about to reveal his abilities to her, but the talk of shadows was her discomfort. She explained that darkness can be dangerous, but it's blanket was so comforting. It made the very blood in his body pulse through his body, Denri knew it was the magic in his blood. It wanted to reach out to the shadows and draw them in. The Harper wanted to harness this power, and use it against evil... he would let it take him in the darkness of his room.

Though he would have to keep this secret from Itarilde for some time... he would tell Celia not to tell her. She seemed mistrusting of it all. Denri wanted to find out why.
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2:09:47 am GMT 03/13/07
Izral Registered Member #408 Joined: 2:50:36 am GMT 01/20/05
Posts: 1445
Written by Denri, in the tongue of Sembian. It is well written and neat.

This was an intresting few days for me. I was in my good humor and called for a double date with the lovely Celia, Itarilde, and Xerous.... but damn those two, Itarilde and Xerous. I found it quite disapointing upon revealing that neither of them were drinkers.

I suppose we had our chit chat, and I enjoyed my drinks. Until Itarilde made me start from square one by sobering me up with magic. Damn her. I don't drink much but when I do, I want to be hallucinating.

It's pretty much a blur from there. The night was mostly a haze.... but there was one moment I remember very well.
I had asked Celia to help me to my room. Of course, she agreed to help. Though at that point we arrived in my room, I realized that I was really falling for her. Yeah, Rovei! You would be suprised! Big D falling for a woman! It might sound outrageous but there is something about this girl that makes her special. Some people think she's crazy, they think I'm crazy for my intrest in her.

I can explain what it is.... those pretty blue eyes. They are what attracted me to her in the first place. Whenever I find myself gazing into them, I lose all care of everything... I just want to be there, with her.

However, the main reason I think I like this woman is the way she cares about me.

Anyway, I'm getting carried away here.

The main reason I write in here today is by what I experienced. Kelvon's prediction was correct in my power of the shadows. I can control them around me.

At thought they will stretch for me, bend for me, shrink for me, or move for me. They will even become part of me.

I was plundering for some booty (Yes, In my past life I was a pirate) when one of those shelled hook horrors spotted me.... yikes! The thing closed in on me and so did other creatures in the dark. At that moment, I thought I was done for all I could think about is just fading into the darkess around me.... and I did.

It was like the shadows swallowed me. The creatures stopped looking around. I vanished before their eyes! Ha!

I managed walking away without a scratch...

Though there is something I should add.

Strange thoughts begin to fill my head... I think I'm growing an obsession with this power. Though, I cannot get carried away. I will use this ability to do good and maintain the balance.


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2:01:45 pm GMT 03/20/07
Izral Registered Member #408 Joined: 2:50:36 am GMT 01/20/05
Posts: 1445
Memories Pt 1 "Boy wake up!" His eyes fluttered open, it was still dark. His body still felt the exhaustion from the day earlier. The boy looked up at his speaker. It was his father, clad in his shining elven chainmail. He was armed, he held a rapier in his opposite hand as he shook the boy with his other. "Come on, boy! We must leave tonight!" The child was confused. Nothing was mentioned of a trip previously. Why was this so immediate? A scream was audible out side the khreima, it was so terrifying it chilled the boy's soul. It was obvious. Shouts were heard all through out the camp. Something was very wrong. "Hells boy! WE MUST GO NOW!" His father tugged his arm. "Come, your brother and mother await." The boy didn't resist the pull of his fathers strong arm and was hurried outside. Many lights of torches were visible throughout the camp. He saw the rest of his family mounted on a camel, another was vacant for him and his father. "Do we have enough supplies for the desert, Makkius?" The boy's mother asked. His father nodded. "We must go." Makkius lifted the boy on the camel's back and climbed up himself. Quickly, the family moved to the perimeter of the camp. "Damn!" Makkius cursed as he slowed the mount. "We have company, I'll be right back." The boy's father hopped off the camel and narrowed his eyes with a hand on his hilt. He walked off into the darkness. Three shapes were visible in the distance. Though the boy could not see the events happening ahead. Suddenly, a clink of blades was heard and a couple of shouts. Quickly, Makkius returned to his family holds a black glove in his hand. Makkius spit, "Zhentarim!" He threw the glove to the sands. "Their fingers bare the markings. The ends are cut." The boy's mother gasped, and the boy and his brother looked at their mother with fear both were still confused of the current events. The boy's father hopped back up on the camel and began the march again. They came across the corpses of the fallen Zhentarim. One with his throat cut out, another with a deep wound in his gut and chest, and the third fallen on his face with blood flowing from his back. The boy looked at the sight with distaste. He knew his father killed these men, but why? His father sighed. "I'm sorry you had to see that, Denri," he said softly. "You will understand when your older." The thoughts of the sight lingered on young Denri's mind as they made their way into the night of the vast desert. [ Edited 02:02:15 PM 03/20/07 ]
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5:02:59 pm GMT 03/29/07
Izral Registered Member #408 Joined: 2:50:36 am GMT 01/20/05
Posts: 1445
Memories Pt 2

The sunlight faded as the elven figure closed the door behind him. He had short blonde hair and wore a circlet around his head. He wore blue and white leathers and a rapier hung from his belt. He pulled down the hood of his blue cloak and smiled. Denri remembered his name.... it was one of his mentors.... his name was Vander Elmerta.

"Vedui' Denri," the elf said with a melodic voice. "I got a letter from your father." He waved a piece of parchment in front of him.

"I hope you have been doing well," Vander said in elvish tongue. Vander had been teaching Denri and Rovei elvish a few years back. At their young age they were quite to grasp it. "You are turning into quite the young man. It seems like yesterday you were still a child. I hope you don't mind but Odun won't be watching over you in your parents stead. That is why I'm here."

A giant grin spread across Denri's face. He very much disliked the half-orc, Odun. "What does the letter say," Denri asked, it had been a few months since he had seen either of his parents.

"They made it to Berdusk and will be back in Saerloon within a few months." the elf explained. "Your parents are in good health and they miss you and Rovei." Vander walked over to a table pulled a candle from his pocket. He grabbed the wick between his thumb and index and murmered a word. Suddenly, a small flame burned atop the candle. "You care to play for me, Denri?"

The teenage boy frowned, he loved to play but the results would nerve him. They scared him. . . but Denri went over to his chest anyways and produced his wooden pipes and held thim within his hands. He walked over to Vander at the table.

"Go ahead, Denri."

Denri put the pipes to his lips and began his song. The shadows around the room danced to the tune, and around Denri. He shivered, it bothered him immensly. As soon as he stopped playing, the shadows stopped dancing. He put his pipes away quickly.

"Denri, I've seen that ability travel right through your blood line. You know your father is capable of this as well," Vander explained. "I have learned a few things of the years about the shadows... and about them."

Denri hopped on a nearby chair to listen.

"The creatures in the shadows are an undead essence of former beings. They hate the living and only wish to feed on any living being. If one is touched by one, their body becomes feeble... and if one is killed by one, they become one," Vander explained. "However, you have a power over them, to control them. You can perhaps use them to do good."

The boy wondered if it was true, what Vander said.

"This may pass through you on to your children in the future. It is a rare talent, but it isn't an evil one. Many make the mistake of believing anything to do with the shadows is an evil one, this is not your case. You have a good heart," Vander commented with a smile. "Come on, let's go find your brother he should know about the letter."

Denri agreed and Vander opened the door to leave. Sunlight filled the room with a bright glow, almost blinding.

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5:31:00 pm GMT 03/29/07
Izral Registered Member #408 Joined: 2:50:36 am GMT 01/20/05
Posts: 1445
Memories Pt 3

A rough push woke Denri from his sleep. It was Rovei, tears filled his eyes. Vander stood behind him shaking his head. What was wrong?

Denri grunted in elvish. "What's this about?"
"A... A messanger came... it was Telvannia. H-he said he received a message through the weave," Rovei cried. Vander put his hands on his shoulders to comfort him.

Denri quieted his voice, "What did it say?"
Rovei shook his head in response, he was to overwhelmed to say.
"Your parents are dead, Denri," Vanders said softly. "They were killed by Thayan Knights. They were caught spying on a Red Wizard."

"What?!" Denri shouted. "This cannot be? Why would they be in Thay?!" The tears began to flood his eyes, though he could hardly believe what was happening. Fresh streams of tears filled Rovei's eyes.

"I'm sorry, Denri. They had kept this a secret from you since you were born, and I have too," Vander confessed, he flipped up the folds of his cloak to reveal a Harp and Moon pin. Denri shook his head, he didn't understand. "They were Harpers, they were sent on a mission from the High Harpers of Twilight Hall."
"Why would they do that?" Denri shouted in anger and sorrow.
"The Harpers are a secret organization dedicated to fighting against evil and maintaining the balance of the wilderness and civilization. They were fighting against an evil organization and goverment."
Denri shook his head, he still didn't understand. Why were they working with them.
"Denri. Rovei. We cannot stay here. With your parents dead, I am bringing you both to Berdusk in custody of the Harpers until we figure out what to do with you," Vander explained. "I'm sorry, both of you. We will leave first thing in the morning."

Rovei climbed into Denri's bed. They were all that remained... and now they needed each other more then ever.

Denri fell asleep, the shock from the events left him numb and unable to think.

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11:25:26 am GMT 04/27/07
Izral Registered Member #408 Joined: 2:50:36 am GMT 01/20/05
Posts: 1445
The Harper walked in the caves of Hammersong with torch in hand. The group he had traveled with to the foresaken Underdark was tired, sweaty and blood soaked. Denri's green and white leathers now showed a temporary stain of red. Those leathers were punctured and covered wtih bandages now damp with his own blood. However the bleeding long ceased. Hammersong was just ahead. Denri snuffed out his torch and sheathed his blade, however his sight did not fade. In fact, his eyes pierced the shadows around him like the eyes of an elf. The Harper blinked a few times but his vision did not fade. He could literally see in the dark. Denri wan't sure what triggered it. It continued through the trek through the 'Song and on the mountain trail. Once Denri stepped out of the shadow of the mountain he went blind. The sunlight was painfully bright. However soon it settled and he contiued to the trade to spend a night with Celia.
In the darkness of his room. Celia slept. Denri rose from his bed to look into a mirror. He was correct in his guessing. For Denri looked back at him in the darkness. His eyes were as black as any shadow. It was obvious now, he was on the path to be coming a shadow master. There was no turning back. It was in his blood. [ Edited 11:25:42 AM 04/27/07 ]
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4:42:48 pm GMT 06/21/07
Izral Registered Member #408 Joined: 2:50:36 am GMT 01/20/05
Posts: 1445
*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* A knock on Denri's door in the Trade woke him from his sleep. He wouldn't answer it. A brief moment later he heard something slide under the door. Reluctantly, Denri rose from his bed to see what it was. It was a letter. Denri got up and retrieved the letter and opened it. It wasn't from one of the agents. It wrote.
letter wrote ...
Denri, You are requested to come home to Sembia. It is urgent. Your brother, Rovei Duskival
He would be gone for sometime, he didn't know for how long. The question was whether or not to leave word with the Harpers. He sent out two letters.... one to his beloved Celia and one to Itarilde.
note wrote ...
Celia, I'm afraid I have not had much time to write but I am in haste to leave the island. I will be leaving the island for some time. I will be returning, but I am not sure when. Please remain safe, I will see you when I return. Yours truly, Denri Duskival
Quickly he writes one for Itarilde.
note 2 wrote ...
Itarilde, I will be leaving again in absense. I should be back in in a few months... but Belhaur my have some extra work in store for me as I pass through. Continue watching over the Harpers... [signed] Denri
Denri envelops both the notes and delivers then to Bence on the way out the door. Quickly, Denri tucked the letter away and gathered his belongings and made for Webster's Landing and got on a late boat to the mainland. [hr] *added portion* A few months later.... Denri arrived at the docks of Saerloon, his home city. He knew of the gamble on the ride there... Rovei would either be better or worse when he arrived. However, Denri was afraid to go to his brother... a part of him did not want to know of Rovei's fate. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-* [ Edited 03:15:10 PM 08/20/07 ]
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5:12:01 pm GMT 06/21/07
Izral Registered Member #408 Joined: 2:50:36 am GMT 01/20/05
Posts: 1445
Denri made his way through the streets of Saerloon. It hadn't changed much to Denri's eyes. He remembered the city well. It wasn't long till he found his home. Denri approached the door to knock until it opened before him. It was Vander, still looking as he did when Denri was young. Though Vander looked sad and defeated. The spirit around Denri's home began to become sullen. Vander didn't say anything but embrace Denri in a hug. After a moment, Vander whispered, "He's gone, Denri. There isn't a body that remains." The news had come so suddenly, his spirits suddenly dampered. His whole world seem to have crumbles before him. "How did he die, Vander?" Denri asked. Vander smirked. "Your brother was in possession of some idol. We thought he was crazy. He believed it spoke to him. It told him to free whatever was inside from the idol... it promised him power, "Vander explained. "He wasn't so crazy, In fact. It was a way for that gnarly wizard, Fyron to get back at him for Rovei stealing from him time after time." "Why did he send me a letter?" Denri asked. "He knew he wouldn't survive his encounter with Fyron. I suppose he saw it coming," Vander said. He produced a pommel of a longsword. "Denri, this was from his sword. I'm sure you know what that thing was capable of. Fyron has the hilt and blade of the sword." Denri graciously took the pommel and tucked it away. Denri was not going to put himself in danger over a dead brother though. He knew he had a more important purpose. Denri stayed a week before departing Saerloon for his trip home to Thain. [ Edited 03:15:55 PM 08/20/07 ]
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5:13:16 pm GMT 08/21/07
Izral Registered Member #408 Joined: 2:50:36 am GMT 01/20/05
Posts: 1445
3 months earlier...

Night had fallen over the sea where Denri's ship had been sailing. The breeze was cool and Denri had just finished speaking to Valas below deck. They were sailing toward Luskan.
From Luskan, Denri was to catch another ride to Thain and part ways with Vander and a few other companions who accompanied Denri this day.

The Harper looked out over the black waters, everything seemed to be so quiet, despite the shouts among the working crew. However, something seemed to catch his eye. He had noticed a few hours back they were being followed.
Two ships sailed behind quickly catching up to their vessel. His concern crew to an extent to go give word to the captain.

The captain walked the deck this night shouting giving out orders to his crew. Denri approached him. He saw Denri coming and greeted him on his arrival.

"Yes, Denri. What can I do for you?" he asked, looking Denri over.

"We are being followed, Captain. Two ships, they seem to be moving at in incredible pace." He replied.

The Captain nodded. "They are Zhentarim vessels, they have been in pursuit for a few hours. We have been moving as quick as the winds will take us, however they are using man-power to catch up... they will be upon us soon," the captain explained. "I suggest you prepare yourself for battle. I cannot be sure of what it is they want from us."

Denri nodded and went below deck to equip his leathers and weapons.

Upon exiting his quarters he noted the crew had retreated below deck to prepare for the coming battle.

There was a knock at Denri's door and he looked to see who it was.

It was Valas.

Vander nodded and entered the room closing the door behind him

"What is it? You should be getting ready, my friend." Denri said to him with concern.

Vander pointed to Denri's bed. "Sit down, there is something I should tell you."

Denri took a seat and nodded to Vander to continue.

"The wizard your brother tried to assassinate was a Zhent. His apprentice had learned of his relation to your parents. The Zhentarim fear the name Duskival.
Your brother, Rovei learned this. He assassinated the apprentice, and attempted Fyron's assassination. Your brother faield but not before he got the information from Rovei he wanted.
He learned of your existance and apparently expected your coming. Now he has sent these ships probably to come pick you up and murder any other Harpers on board. They want you, Denri."

Denri shot up from the bed and brushed by Vander.

"Denri, what are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm getting in a man boat and handing myself over. I'm not putting everyone's life in jepordy," Denri replied. "Please get word to Celia Lane and Itarilde Eldurain on Thain. I will not be returning."

Vander shook his head and watched Denri leave.
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