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  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  21 hours ago

    Necro Night will start in about 1.5 hours!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  2 days ago

    The IC posts over the Crater Lake events for Nature Night are finally finished!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  2 days ago


    It really was something..a bit like a can..that the Sandworms went into !

    Magic and Gnomish Technology to the rescue!

  • Vaedryan
    Vaedryan  2 days ago

    *chuckles* Love the name of the most recent NN, Scratch!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  3 days ago

    Nature Night will start in about 2 hours!

    Please join us in the Wild Grove in Grauer Suden.

    I will be IG as Dauken. Feel free to shoot me a tell with any questions. smile

  • AmberOfDzu
    AmberOfDzu  4 days ago

    Hi Scratch!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  4 days ago


  • AmberOfDzu
    AmberOfDzu  4 days ago

    *wave* @Vaerdryan grin

  • Vaedryan
    Vaedryan  5 days ago

    Omg! I spy an Avarith!!! grin

  • Jandari
    Jandari  5 days ago

    DORF night has kicked off with epic bouts of arm wrestling!

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The House Cahl

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8:18:12 am GMT 01/17/07
Eldurain Tempting as it was, I decided not to go round hitting people with a crowbar.
Registered Member #650 Joined: 1:17:12 pm GMT 11/20/05
Posts: 8758
((Continuation from Call of the Dead.)) Now that the business with the return of the Necromancer had been completed, Velve could focus on more important matters. A trip into the Night Below, that had led to the drow territories, proved insightful. During the last part of the trip, the Witch was seen and killed by a Lolth priestess. Velve had considered using the dead remains of her to gain entry to meet with the Matron, but she still needed her. Waiting until patrol had left, she revived Eliswathe and instructed her to hide. Velve strode back to the surface, past the male patrols with a superior air. No doubt the Witch would be close behind, carefully avoiding them. She made her way to a quiet location. There she watched the amulet she had acquired from a Drider. The new things she had gathered would be enough to reveal what lay behind it, or so she hoped. [ Edited ]
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10:09:42 am GMT 01/18/07
Eldurain Tempting as it was, I decided not to go round hitting people with a crowbar.
Registered Member #650 Joined: 1:17:12 pm GMT 11/20/05
Posts: 8758
Velve took hold of the corroded amulet and inspected it. Then she took out the oil she had recently aquired. Filling a small bowl with oil, she laid the amulet in it. Hoping to loosen the rust somewhat with the oil.

The oil soaked slowly through the surface layer of rust, the runes revealed slowly as the flakes were washed off, showing the name Simb'ss T'rabin, priestess of House Tarthe.

Velve took out the amulet from the bowl and wiped it further clean with a rag. She ran a finger over the runes. Ah… An amulet of a priestess. No doubt of the local House. She thought, This might just be my way inside… Although I will have to think about how I shall do this… The corrosion suggests that it has been down there a long time, with luck those that knew here are long dead.

She put the amulet safely away and set off to plan her next move.
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9:32:17 am GMT 01/27/07
Eldurain Tempting as it was, I decided not to go round hitting people with a crowbar.
Registered Member #650 Joined: 1:17:12 pm GMT 11/20/05
Posts: 8758
Extract from the journal of Velve Elg’Cahl

Watching these surfacers is often like watching a beast work out some complicated trick. A human male contacted me today, apparently on behalf of some wretched hafling. The male spoke of the half-breed, Izzy, how they first tried through her. Nevertheless it was amusing to watch him trying to get me to my breaking point. It was the only reason I did not cut out his tongue when tried to insult me.

He wished a blade of drow making. An odd request for a surfacer. He probably thinks there is some prestige in it or wishes to shift blame on the local Houses for what ever means he intends to use it. I told Dretsch I will consider his request. Perhaps I will humour it, after I have completed with my own plans.

Further more, plans for our admittance into the local House are forming. I must admit I find some pleasure in the idea of the Witch and her male playing my slave. I must remember to tell them they must submit to every verbal and physical offence I or any of the other drow will do to them, or all shall be for not. Slaves are nothing more then cattle after all.
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