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  • Forgiver
    Forgiver  15 hours ago

    Yeah - both of those are just byproducts of my old-man eyes not seeing well from the toolset and thinking there was a path down from those ledges that there turned out to not be. There's also a bug with a pitfall in one part of the dungeon Blue told me about that is a similar "Stuck" point. I got one fixed last night, but never heard of or saw the second one until now. I'll get it fixed when I get home tonight!

  • Dogbert
    Dogbert  16 hours ago

    Forgiver, my dude. Falling into the gap on the way TO the dungeon is AWFUL. One good change today, not requiring a jump or a portal to even enter the zone, A+. But now if you fall (even if roped, because it doesn't actually work), you get stuck in an area you can't leave without a jump or portal.

  • C_McG
    C_McG  2 days ago


    After years of saying I wanted to get a telescope my wife made the "mistake" of buying me a 102 f/12.7 Orion Maksutov-Cassegrain. Love it for planetary and brighter deep-sky viewing so far.

    Of course that just made the bug worse and want to get a larger scope for viewing fainter objects.

    So I am curious what other use.

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  2 days ago

    Working telescopes (atm): old Celestron C8 SCT I purchased back in 1979, new Celestron OmniXLT 150 6" f/5 Newtonian, cheapo Meade 90mm f/8.8 refractor sniped off of eBay for $30 (these three I use on a Celestron AVX mount). Also a homebuilt 10" Dobsonian put together in 2010 and a homebuilt 6" Newtonian I made in H.S. c. 1966. Main imaging camera (atm) is a Canon 60D DSLR. The new camera is the SVBony SV305 Pro - plan to use it as a guide camera and for moon/planetary imaging.

  • C_McG
    C_McG  4 days ago

    What telescopes do you have? And camera?

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  4 days ago

    I'll likely miss Section Six tonight. Got a new camera for my telescopes and it looks like the sky will be clear. So, I'll be outside doing astrophotography stuff.

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  4 days ago

    Oh! I will be IG as Tarok tonight instead of Sol!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  4 days ago

    Section Six will take place at 7pm CDT (-5GMT) tonight, which is an hour later than last week.

    We will meet in the Iron Minogon. Good(ish) type characters of level SEVEN or below ! Just assume your character got a mysterious letter inviting them there !

  • Squidget
    Squidget  1 week ago

    They receive the DC benefit from items, but not from spell foci, since alchemist gas clouds are not spells. They also don't receive the bonus from the wild magic robe specifically since gas clouds can't wild magic.

  • Dogbert
    Dogbert  1 week ago

    Are alchemists' clouds affected by spell focus/GSF or items/enchants that increase spell save DCs?

 FAQ #42
What's on the Technical Notes Board In-Game?
In-game at the Webster's Landing dock, there is a rules board, which restates "The Rules FAQ" entries, and there is also a technical notes board, which identifies tailored features of Thain relative to the original campaign.

I) Thain is primarily a Role Playing (RP) Server. Roleplaying is encouraged and rewarded here. If you are not fond of RP then we would simply ask that you be respectful of the RPers, and try to stay In Character (IC) around others who want to roleplay so as not to disrupt their experience.

II) Out Of Character (OOC) chat - basically any comment on real-life, game mechanics, or anything else your character wouldn't have any idea about - is a no-no. If you really need to make an OOC comment, please mark it as such using /ooc (e.g., "/ooc AFK 5, getting food"), or keep it to tells.

III) If you need help from a DM or want to summon one for RP reasons and don't want to break character, you can "pray" on the DM channel, otherwise just state your question/concern OOC.

IV) Epic levels: The effective level cap on Thain is 20. However, as rewards for exceptional roleplay and character development over a lengthy time, DMs may choose to reward a character with an epic token which allows them into the epic levels. This is a *very* rare occurrence and happens at the discretion of the DMs. A sure-fire way *not* to get one, *ever*, is to ask for one!

Technical Notes:

1) Resting: Rest restrictions are set to 3 per 12 hours. The timer starts with the first rest. Any unused rests are lost at the end of the 12 hour period and you are refreshed with the base 3.

2) Raising from Death: Lifestones can be bought in-game, that have a statistical chance of failure and are graduated to the level of the character to be raised. Raise Dead scrolls work only for divine classes (Druid, Paladin, Cleric and Ranger), although characters with skill in UMD might succeed too. Resurrection works as normal.

3) Respawning: There is a respawn penalty of approx. (10 x Level) minutes, during which you cannot earn XP from monster kills. That means a level 2 would suffer (10*2) = 20 minutes of earning no XP while for a level 10 it would be 100 minutes (just over 1.5 hours of in-game time). You can still earn XP from scripted quests and from DM-awarded RP bonuses--the penalty is only on killing monsters. At starting and at levels 5, 10, 15 and 20 every character has the option to use a chat command (/deathpen xploss or /deathpen clock) to alternate with an XP loss death penalty (this takes up to 50% of the XP required to gain your next level but will never delevel you).

Respawning will resurrect you at the last rune covered boulder you touched. HINT: The first/closest one is located in the crossroads grove just outside of town (aren't you glad you stopped to read this now?).

4) Character Saving: You can save your character at any time using the function on the emote wand or the /save chat command (type /help for a book of all chat commands). You need to play your character at least once every 3 months or it might be purged by periodic vault cleanup--send a PM to Jewwe if you need a purged character restored.

5) Modified Spells/Abilities: Many spells and abilities are modified on Thain. Please view this link for information: -Clickedy-

6) Spell VFX: Deliberately fades after a few seconds for most spells.

7) Duplicate Rings: In the interest of balance concerns, two copies of the same ring cannot both be equipped at the same time. They cannot be "doubled-up" to gain double the mechanical bonuses granted by them individually.

8 ) Temporary Weapon Enhancements: Most temporary weapon enhancements by spells (e.g. Magic Weapon, Greater Magic Weapon, Darkfire and Flame Weapon etc, but not Keen Edge) are mutually exclusive in their use.

9) Magical Crafting Additions: Possessors of at least one of the three magical crafting feats Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion and Craft Wand have the extra ability to enchant gems (these range from some of the mundane gems to 'attuned gems'). These enchanted gems can then be used as single use magical items by /any/ class. Variants of the base crafting items (magical bottle, bone wand and blank scroll) can also be found in game for use in conjunction with the magical crafting feats. Also crafting of potions, scrolls, wands, and gems is done at the caster's level if the spell scales in power or duration with caster-level. More details are here and for costs, here.

A more technical explanation of spell changes might be found here .
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