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  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  3 days ago

    Thanks Akivaria! And thanks for joining us! smile

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  3 days ago

    Zhymm! Section Six misses you!

  • Akivaria
    Akivaria  3 days ago

    For whoever runs the Section Six quests, thanks! Had fun!

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  3 days ago

    That will be 7pm CDT (GMT - 5).

  • scratch_flannigan
    scratch_flannigan  3 days ago

    Section Six will start in about 2 hours from the time of this post.

    Good(ish) characters of LEVEL 8 or below.

    We will meet in the Iron Minogon in Webster's Landing.

    Just assume that your character received a mysterious invitation.

    I will be IG as Taran if you have any questions! smile

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  5 days ago

    Zhymm, tell her we have to send you back and try again! But the server seems to be stable and working as normal now!

  • Jandari
    Jandari  6 days ago

    HEY VIC!!!!

  • Zhymm
    Zhymm  6 days ago

    Cuch, my wife will be glad to hear this. She's said I need 'fixing' for years.

  • Cuchuwyn
    Cuchuwyn  6 days ago

    As a general announcement, we are aware that factions at the moment are behaving in a less than ideal manner, with many characters being hostile to, or friendly to, random factions. We are looking into the cause of this, and have reset the server several times to try to fix it, but nothing has worked thus far. If you see a DM on, feel free to ask one of us to manually fix you in the meantime. Thanks!

  • Glognar
    Glognar  6 days ago

    Hey Vic! Lot of people remember you. I hope life is treating you and yours well.

 FAQ #18
Does Thain have its own gods? If so, how can I learn about them?
Thain does have its own gods, however as your character will likely to have come from the mainland, they will not have heard of them. Information on them is deliberately left to be found out in game. Because the gods have not been heard of outside of Thain (find out why in game!), it is not possible for characters to come to Thain from outside the island following one of them. Characters from Thain originally, of course, can start off worshipping one of the island-specific gods. You may find that your actions attract the attention of the Thain gods and they or their followers may approach you. You may also read about them in books, item descriptions, or various descriptive placeables in-game.

Last Updated: 15-Jun-2008.
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