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02:50:12 PM 02/20/20
I believe it is a blank space

02:33:15 PM 02/20/20
I'm gonna be at work til 6-7 PST, Am. I can take a look after that. Is the name a blank space or a question mark?

11:37:13 AM 02/20/20
Actually, nevermind.

11:23:43 AM 02/20/20
No real rush.

11:22:56 AM 02/20/20
@Falkala. I am still getting the "this character was created by someone else... log in with that player name to use this character" message.

04:33:54 AM 02/20/20
Lom = Evendithus.

04:33:40 AM 02/20/20
Darn, Lom beat me to my post. Could I ask a moderator to kindly move my latest post in Enter the Void to precede Lom's two.

09:39:35 PM 02/19/20
*waves to Am! *

08:59:28 PM 02/19/20
Hey Am! I'm at work at the moment, but are you getting kicked again? I thought our last fix stuck

07:13:47 PM 02/19/20
Falkala... if you see this... any chance you can help me get my doppelganger sorted in-game? Many thanks!

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11:39:34 AM 02/15/20

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Known bug: The northwesternmost transition from Crossroads South to the Crossroads doesn't have a return transition at the moment due to the snowy CR map being in effect. Please avoid using it for the moment.

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04:41:12 AM 02/19/20

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The magical crafter NPC in Cobblewall Inn is hostile to metallic dragonkin. Which is weird since he's supposed to be part of Greenvale, which ISN'T hostile to metallic kin.

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