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05:11:28 AM 01/18/20
Oh, and Payne, I was 15 the first time I logged in here. I'm now 32.

So old.

05:00:42 AM 01/18/20
Hiiii! <3

You're beautiful. You're all beautiful.

03:38:54 AM 01/18/20

03:02:23 AM 01/18/20
o and squidget who even are you anymore

02:53:04 AM 01/18/20
what even is going on

01:56:46 AM 01/18/20
Not to mention the time it takes to walk trough a city. Pretty sure you couldn't walk from one end from The watch to the other in 30 seconds.

Just Miggen
10:00:42 PM 01/17/20
Characters age at the speed of their story too. It isn't always perfect, I remember when Miggen had only aged like a couple years and met with a friend who went from ~30s to full blown "it's been 84 years..." old woman, so it was awkward navigating that RP but nothing that ruined my fun or character.

07:08:09 PM 01/17/20
"Dauken flew away quickly to avoid any work."

LMAO! Perfect !

04:53:37 PM 01/17/20
I started here in my 30's, I am approaching my 50's, I am reminded of time slipping away enough as it is.

I dont really want to have it in my make believe world.

04:50:32 PM 01/17/20
Another reason I REALLY don't like anything beyond real-time.

If we followed in-game time, every NPC you like died long ago from old age, and any non-elves that are more than a year or two old are on their way to retirement.

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08:56:20 PM 01/14/20

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11:52:06 PM 01/14/20

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07:44:52 AM 01/15/20
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Vaeltava wrote ...

Shoutout to Elissril, Felicity, and Lily for tonight's latest developments!

Right back, and thanks for summoning Lily!

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