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Rodgr Thunderguts
01:45:44 PM 12/10/19
No, just normal fighting, two of the abilities work and two don't. Thanks Squidget

01:09:55 PM 12/10/19
I have seen that bug with cooldown-based abilities before, but I thought I squashed it. Anything in particular you were doing when you activated the abilities?

Rodgr Thunderguts
11:21:33 AM 12/10/19
Yeah it's weird it is just two of the skills, I tried resting, re-logging etc etc, it is still the same the other skills reset after about 30 seconds

11:02:28 AM 12/10/19
@Rodgr: That sounds like way too long - even for a low level monk.

Rodgr Thunderguts
10:40:15 AM 12/10/19
Anyone ever had the monk skills take 8000+ seconds before you can re use it, only happening to two of them, never played a monk before so I wasn't sure if that is -normal- ? Thanks !!

07:43:47 PM 12/09/19

06:17:10 PM 12/09/19
Can you post a screenshot of the error you are seeing? Or are you seeing one?

06:15:31 PM 12/09/19
Hi if you have a chance ,icant get into Beamdog,thanks

03:54:58 AM 12/09/19

12:34:51 PM 12/08/19
Nature Night begins in about 1.5 hours from the time of this post. That will be 2pm CST (GMT -6).

(Be aware of the Daylight Saving Time Voodoo that changed recently ! )

Please check page 1 of the Nature Night: Phase 4 thread to see the map to the Wild Grove where we meet !

I will be missing the event today as I attend a work event. Cuchuwyn, the great Druid of Water and The South will be leading The Calling today !

(Many thanks, Cuch ! )

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08:44:42 PM 11/28/19

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Greetings fellow Thainites,

Just wanted to take a moment to make a sappy post about this time of year. For 11+ years I have played this game on this server. I have played on many...but this one is SO far and above the rest I cannot begin to explain it. Our people are what make the difference. We are a family of dedicated storytellers who seek only to enhance the experience of each other. And for that... I am grateful. Each and every one of you are SO important to me. You are all some of the very best friends that I have ever had. I am thankful for you all....each and every one of you. Thank you for you time....your creativity.....your loyalty......and your companionship. Please...keep going and lets keep this community alive for years to come.

-My Sincerest Regards-


~ "In Valor there is Hope" - Tacitus ~

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03:50:13 AM 11/29/19
Jungle Law Enforcerer

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Glad to be! Many adventures still to tell with Sollis, Dace, Kellendill and many others to come!

Raven - Weaveborn. Dead and feasted upon by Razorfangs.
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02:15:31 AM 12/02/19

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P P H, you bring lightness to Thain with your humour (the gifs!!) and I spend much of the time smiling behind the scenes when we are roleplaying and chatting.

It took me a while to get used to Thain, so much friggen history to work out and lots of lessons from you Jandari and others as to elven history and then dragon kin history and so much more. You guys have built such an amazing group of stories together over the years, but I felt so welcome from the beginning. The role play high standard hit me straight away, initially I was really quite daunted by it. But I also got entranced by Cathalya's beautiful story telling and plotting and Rita's fantastic commitment to her story (she had me scared s***less for quite a while there) and the depth of these characters and so many others and got hooked more and more as the months rolled past. Incredibly supportive place. Cudos to you all.

[ Edited 02:33:16 AM 12/02/19 ]

Dele Ondre Blackle - elf, a bleeding heart.
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