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09:49:51 PM 02/24/20

08:08:33 PM 02/24/20

11:07:32 PM 02/23/20
Wedding was awesome guys. I am still chuckling when I think of the reception afterwards.

05:25:05 PM 02/23/20
Thank you all for attending the wedding. It was an adventure!

02:03:45 PM 02/23/20
Nature Night will start one hour from now, to give folks more time for post-wedding festivities.

12:26:57 PM 02/23/20
Nature Night begins in about 2 hours from the time of this post. That will be 2:30pm CST (GMT -6).

I'm gonna start it 30 minutes later than usual to give folks time to go to Sage and Conrad's Wedding. If it runs later, we can always slaw the start of Nature Night some more.

Please check page 1 of the Nature Night: Phase 4 thread to see the map to the Wild Grove where we meet !

I will be on as Malam. Please shoot a tell to me with any questions.

04:59:59 AM 02/23/20
Sage's and Conrad's wedding will begin in Lumenshire in about 7 hours from the time of this post about 18.00 GMT (10.00 PT) Feel free to use Jiztroyir's portal in the Crossroads. Bring your own knives!

04:11:39 AM 02/23/20
Hey, Bee, I apologize for not answering you faster as you were asking about the Harpers. IU got distracted with some RP. Feel free to hit me up as Evendithus on the Discord or here on the forum.

01:15:09 AM 02/23/20
I can see the rest of the sentence now, but before the second half was blank.

11:11:25 PM 02/22/20
It looks fine to me! Is the page not loading fully or something?

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Author Post
07:03:23 PM 11/09/19

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Shoutout to Torg, Roman, Xulinn, and Ra'xor for an Iron City adventure!

Cuchuwyn: Improbably Dwarven Druid
Melphaecto: Erinyes with a Grudge
Agni: Arcane Smith
Mors: Tombsinger
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08:05:40 PM 11/09/19

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Cuchuwyn wrote ...

Shoutout to Torg, Roman, Xulinn, and Ra'xor for an Iron City adventure!

Thank -you- cuch!. I have a feeling that there are a lot of more scars from blood letting coming our way.

Dele Ondre Blackle - elf, a bleeding heart.
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Rodgr Thunderguts
01:45:51 AM 11/10/19
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I know I have / will forget some, Massive thx to Jizt (the big Kahuna) Orn (my unwilling drinking buddy) Dele (dinner lol) and I apologize Brazit (I know it's spelled wrong.. but it's late and also to Pip for being involved OOC

IG - Rodgr Thunderguts
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12:31:23 PM 11/10/19
Up to no good

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Shoutouts to Vaurin, Melphaecto, Rhandum, Garagnavagh, Seryn, Elissril, Undead Pip and Torg for a betrayal-heavy raid on the House De'thr raid last night, as well as [DM]Warlord Kro for running it!

I had a blast! I never know what to expect from you guys.

~Thain Technical Lead/Script Witch~
Always open to questions!

Kallista D'Mora

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09:41:39 AM 11/11/19

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Shoutout to Warbro's Arcicis for being just as crazy as Cassia. We were so close!

Renneleth: Huntmaster.
Malarahc: Voidcaller.
Sye'synn: Night-Sister.
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10:58:05 PM 11/11/19

Registered Member #1761
Joined: 05:05:21 PM 10/13/11
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Shoutout to Elissril and Felicity for an excellent homicide/burglary! For the cause of Good!

Acanthus Aranneus Garanthes- Wizard. Doing His Best
Garagnavagh- Voracious Gnoll Chieftain
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Warlord Kro
12:31:42 AM 11/12/19

Registered Member #1272
Joined: 05:59:54 AM 03/18/08
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Corlupi wrote ...

Shoutout to Warbro's Arcicis for being just as crazy as Cassia. We were so close!

We were! We'll have to have a rematch.

"Imagine a ruin so strange it must never have happened. First, picture the forest. I want you to be its conscience, the eyes in the trees. The trees are columns of thick, brindled bark like muscular animals overgrown beyond all reason. Every space is filled with life: delicate, poisonous frogs, war-painted like skeletons, clutched in copulation, secreting their precious eggs onto dripping leaves. Vines strangling their own kin, in the everlasting wrestle for sunlight... A glide of snake belly on branch. A single-file army of ants biting a mammoth tree into uniform grains and hauling it down to the dark for their ravenous queen. And, in reply, a choir of seedlings, arching their necks out of rotted tree stumps, sucking life out of death. This forest eats itself and lives forever."

The PoisonWood Bible - Barbara Kingsolve
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02:21:42 PM 11/13/19

Registered Member #24064
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Kudos to Elohiir for being the 'first line of defense' against the cursed cold! And belated shoutout to Dace and Lily for similar undead shenanigans ; )
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03:03:15 PM 11/13/19
Registered Member #24916
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Alathos wrote ...

Kudos to Elohiir for being the 'first line of defense' against the cursed cold! And belated shoutout to Dace and Lily for similar undead shenanigans ; )

But Lily didn't do anything! Hehe. It was a nice little sidequest.

Shade, the great and forgetful. You know who I am.
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