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11:34:45 PM 08/23/19

11:27:05 PM 08/23/19
I'd be mad, but animating the corpse of your one daughter to kill your other daughter is about as drow as it gets.

11:21:26 PM 08/23/19

Warlord Kro
11:09:21 PM 08/23/19

11:06:06 PM 08/23/19

04:16:39 PM 08/23/19

03:55:03 PM 08/23/19

05:38:05 PM 08/22/19
After getting behind on Nature Night posts again, I have just finished the write-ups on the last three that I ran.

08:49:40 PM 08/20/19
@Eijji I now like both of those songs better. This should be a wedding song.

03:57:43 PM 08/20/19
@Eijji that is genius but I will probably have that song in my head all day at work and for that you may have to pay..

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Let The Raven Fly
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05:20:17 AM 05/05/19

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"The whips! The sea is dying!"

A kuo-toan scout gurgled those words before. Now, they've graced Rita's ears anew when a poisonwood druid brought her news of the recent encounters with the crazed fishfolk.

The dark-robed knight caressed her sharp jawline and mused upon the gravity of it all. Her doctrine of faith required her to know all deities, yet concepts of many still eluded her mind.

The kuo-toa surely worship a deity of their own - A potential veneration of one of Umberlee's aspects?
She revisited the stories shared when tidal waves and sea monsters washed over Thain during the kinswar. Stories of surfacers being ensnarled and captured by whip-wielding abominations just to be drowned and sacrificed within the ocean's depths to some foreboding, aggressive entity.
What could such an entity crave but to enslave all, through hatred of the surface and all its dwellers, then reign undisputed beneath the lazarous waves of the sea?

Blurry lore of a monstrous sea creature known as the 'Sea Mother' springed to mind, with the 'Whips' acting as the creature's fanatical priests.

"A potential struggle with a deity may be afoot. Lovely... Lovely..." she felt the envigorating pulsation of a rising cause surging through her veins. Her eyes captured a sight of clawed hands emerging from the sea, bent on stealing some of the spire's jagged crystals.
"... and it seems to have caught the bait."

Are the 'Whips' jealous of what Fate has accomplished upon this shore? Jealous, or perhaps worried...

The afflicted kuo toa seem to reach out to Dark Fate, clinging to the possibility of safety and salvation. Something the Sea Mother cannot give them no more. May be that her influence over them became corrupted with time, as the Rift's crimson veins reach far beneath the soil and spread across the sea itself.

The elf's eyes were keen to observe the acts of desperation from the kuo toa. The icy irides smiled.

"If the 'Whips' are vanquished, or at least brought to heel, the fishfolk will see a new Mistress. They'll come to bathe under Her spell and fight for me, die for me, in turn. Such small price for them to pay to have their desperate minds soothed. One tyrant's end is another's bloom..."

The site will no longer be harassed by the sea. It will be opened for the people of Raven's Watch to settle. Alas it feels that an incoming tidal wave of corrupted faith needed to be stopped first. A welcomed challenge indeed.
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11:43:48 AM 05/16/19

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The elf frowned deeply.

Her shining eyes paled.

Seeing the Effigy confined to the interiors of a Thayan enclave was not as rich a vision as she's once dreamt. But her own desires and premonitions are of secondary importance. Regardless of how they pierce through her anxious mind and entice her towards illustrous power, she was a knight and will do what must be done. Preservation of this site is of primary importance. May well be the whole shirine would've crumbled and succumbed to the writhing, craving torments trapped within it had it not been for the arrival of the Red Wizards and loyalists of the Watch.

She shan't hastily violate the reality that -is- for sake of one that could've been.

As she looks across the hallways, her eyes met those of Thayan soldiers. She's knew some of the warriors of Thay to be rather dismissive of Beshaba, yet alone any faith. Spiteful, racist minds that can cause turmoil within the effigy and force this begining to become the end.
But then there are the Red Wizards. They know how this faith works. They are clever enough, willing enough, to go through with it. If Rita would not be able to break the wills of their inferiors, however disgruntling that may be, the Red Wizards will.

Still, there's plenty cause to believe that something, or someone, will come to dance with doom and spoil this growth. Amusing as it would be to watch the worthy meet their dramatic end, those who were meant to be protected from it shouldn't be equally blessed. Bad things come. Will come, if she wills it. Shouldn't, if she can help it.

Focusing on her dark blessings to turn them into temporary strength, the elf moved a large, dark brazier to its designated spot before the Spire. A brazier oft used for a variety of rituals, yet ever so keen to drink the deadly sacrifices in honour of Beshaba.

[ image disabled ]

A wonder if the Watch and the Thayans would go this far. A wonder if they'll try to extend ther wishes to Black Bess for something more than protection. Time will tell.

She filled the brazier's goblet with wine, spices and recently-acquired blood of some celestial guard. She encircled it with jewels and mused, looking through the rising, scented smoke upon the crystaline structure of the Spire.

"Still delicate, still unfished." she sighed, tracing the fissures upon it with her gaze.
"Before long, a storm may return. Afterwards, a devastating flood. If our dealings with the maddened Kuo Toa go awry, the slippery fishfolk may try their damned luck at usurping this shrine. They'll pray to the Sea Mother for strength to make it so. They still won't have it, they'll suffer for trying, but that may make matters worse for our cause."

She paused, rubbed her sharp jawline and slowly grinned as she envisioned all manner of misfortune that would come to those who'd dare to strike this marvelous work down. If not the Kuo Toa, then perhaps someone else will try.
"The worthy be damned, but to see this beauty fall and waste its entire charm over some mad fishmen - It cannot be. More has to be done to ensure that it stays here."

Opening a portable storage, Rita's hands reached for a piece of weird, reflective metal. She could instantly feel a stroke of weakness forcing its way into her veins. She remembered a spectacle of misty, purple miasma being unleashed through this metal. It forced a foe's bones to be as brittle as glass.

[ image disabled ]
[ image disabled ]

What if an antlered crown were to be fashioned from this alloy? Nestled atop the spire, merged with the Power within, punishing anyone who'd dare to strike at it? Perhaps this alloy could be melted and trailed over the effigy, forming steams of scintillating, destructive veins?
Whichever goes, it's a way to ensure that people won't mess with it too much. If they do, they'll become to weak to continue. The Effigy will remain.

Armed with this idea, Rita presented it to the Red Wizards and their smiths. If need be, she'll cover the expanses of working with this rare and difficult material.

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