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02:19:10 PM 04/19/19
Greenvale night will be starting in a little under three hours from the time of this post! (That's 3pm PST/6PM EST).

01:10:21 PM 04/17/19
Happy birthday!!!!

08:32:10 AM 04/17/19
Happy Birthday Bonesly !

09:06:33 PM 04/16/19
Miss you too, Am!

09:06:22 PM 04/16/19
Happy Bday Bonesly! Miss seeing you around!

03:40:52 PM 04/16/19
Tomorrow (04/17) is Bonesly's Birthday, everyone! I know it is a day early, but I wanted everyone to know. Happy Birthday, Bonesly!

Thranduil Greenleaf
10:21:49 AM 04/16/19
PM's sent to Vaeltava and Madhattan. :^)

03:31:30 PM 04/15/19
'lo Squidget!

03:25:01 PM 04/15/19
waves to Bill!

12:49:03 PM 04/14/19
Nature Night begins in about 1 hour and 10 minutes from the time of this post . That will be at 2pm CDT. (Yup that is CDT. Daylight Saving Time Voodoo began recently ! ) Please check page 5 of the " Nature Night - Phase 2 " thread for a map to the location of the Wild Grove where we meet !

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Kingdom on Netflix
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10:07:48 AM 01/27/19

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I gotta say this show has me hooked. It's a South Korean drama so you'll have to watch with subtitles if you don't speak Korean but the palace intrigue story against the backdrop of a zombie virus outbreak is just amazing. The characters are memorable, the cruelty of the Queen and her family is chilling and the King is something to behold.

Definite must watch if you're looking for something to ease boredom.

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