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09:18:18 AM 06/24/19

Nothing to see here Chatbox

Warlord Kro
02:50:13 AM 06/24/19
Well done Scratch!

10:36:49 PM 06/23/19
Hey Wraitheus. Loading is being a bit slow for me tonight to get in. Apologies. Will keep trying.

07:15:39 PM 06/23/19
For the first time in forever.. I am caught up on the Stories of the Groves posts !

12:03:44 PM 06/23/19
Nature Night begins in about 2 hours from the time of this post. That will be 2pm CDT (GMT -5).
Please check page 1 of the Nature Night: Phase 4 thread to see the map to the Wild Grove where we meet !

I will be on as Rubok Baxtrapple. Please shoot me a tell if you have questions !

08:57:55 PM 06/22/19

A post for you in the Feywars thread.

07:57:25 PM 06/22/19
PLEASE.....send me a PM or a Discord message!!!

07:57:00 PM 06/22/19
HELLO Thain!! How is everyone!?

10:50:15 AM 06/22/19
Well...we did chop down one tree. you know, Circle of Life and such.

And then there was the time that we almost burned down our own grove.

That one was not really planned.

10:51:58 PM 06/21/19

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Year's end thread.... please read....
Moderators: The Site Master, Squidget, Bonesly, Cuchuwyn, Ogreman007, Vaedryan, Dogbert, Inq_Damocles, Falkala, Payne, jewwe, scratch_flannigan, Tuckerr99, Warlord Kro, ChaoticDrow, Alanonas
Author Post
09:59:41 PM 12/30/18

Registered Member #1320
Joined: 05:38:49 PM 06/23/08
Location: Arkansas
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Year's end on Thain:

My, what a year 2018 has been. Ups and downs.... GREAT moments of RP, and gutwrenching moments as well. I've lived, and learned here. I've grown, both as an RPer and as a person. And i continue to grow. Many lessons learned here. I will share what I've got:

1. Flow. Let the story "flow over you"....(from KRO). Do NOT get caught up in PVP stuff.... it doesn't matter, in the long run. Just do it, and get over it. Move on. As hard as this is.... do NOT take it personally (a personal struggle of mine!!!!).

2. Friendship matters. Period. Thain is full of GREAT friends.... NEVER lose sight of that. Both IC, and, more importantly, OOC! In fact... it's ALL that matters. Remember that.

3. Let the story lead you. Let it... submit to it.... REJOICE in it. Thain is full of MASTERFULL storytellers... let them DO THEIR THING! I promise you, YOU will be more than adequately enhanced and surprised. I always am!

4. Perspective... sometimes... it is necessary to change your perspective and see events and the server in a different light. sometimes, you need to do this in order to make yourself see things in a different light. This may change your outlook, or your opinion. Go with this strategy. Try it out, and enjoy what it brings. Change toons... change alignments.... change factions... see the server from ALL sides. Trust me on this.

As always, boys and girls, Thain is here for the players. All the staff... ALL of us "old farts"... WE are ALL here for YOU new folks and you regular players. This is the PREimenent RP server on ALL of the EE/STEAM.... rest assured.... nobody else can come close.

AND...THANK YOU to all of the new players.... we enjoy you. AND, we NEED you. Seriously. YOU are our lifeblood here. Sincerely... thank you.

So, get in here, learn the lore, be a part of the story. We would love to have you. AND to all of my friends.... I appreciate you.... I love you... and I look forward to more stories coming up.

-kindest regards-

Jandari of Thain

"In Valor there is Hope" - Tacitus

Dace Sontan - Keeper of Thain and Priest of Torm
Sollis Lott -Celestial Knight of Thain (occupying the seat of Valour), Torm-tar

2016 People's Choice- Best Hero (Dace Sontan), Most Newbie Friendly Veteran of Thain, and Best Group (Team Keepers).

2017 People's Choice- Tied: Most Newbie Friendly Veteran of Thain.

2018 People's Choice - Tied: Most Newbie Friendly Veteran of Thain.

Dace's Song: -Clickedy-
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03:22:19 AM 12/31/18

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Preceding Payne since 2015.

Renneleth Margaladhon - Tel'Mordere Huntmaster, Hand of Horro
Malarahc Tarthe - Wildmage, Scion of House Tarthe of Mora'chel
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06:08:53 AM 12/31/18

Registered Member #267
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At times it may be difficult to see the wisdom in the lessons above, but remember the key lies in co-operation, especially when different groups "compete" over the same story. Remember that OOC dialog an collaboration across borders will bring so much more fun for all in the story, a story that can be told together.

Much love to you Jandari, to me, you as many others, are among the greatest RPers here and an inspiration to the commitment you make to your characters.

I know this as I've been there myself, loosing can put you off and at times feel personal. It is hard, but try to remember, Thain and RP is not about winning, it is about telling a story together with your friends. Send a tell, tell how you feel and I am sure many would make slight changes to the RP to include and/or create chances where all can enjoy the story.

Much love to my Thain family

[ Edited 06:10:36 AM 12/31/18 ]

“If your enemy defies you, serve him steel and fire. But if he bends the knee, you must help him back to his feet, else no man will ever kneel to you.” —Tywin Lannister, A Song of Ice and Fire

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Thranduil Greenleaf
06:25:53 AM 12/31/18

Registered Member #1145
Joined: 03:28:45 PM 08/30/07
Location: GMT -5
Posts: 779

Gonna miss you, buddy. Hope to catch you IG on the occasions you may be able to pop in.

I also hope your new job works out as well as you want it to, and that you and yours prosper and stay safe in all your future endeavors.


Styvn-elf, Tel'Varataurie. -Clickedy- (player loggin = Thranduil Greenleaf) -Clickedy-

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08:01:49 AM 12/31/18

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Cheers to the mighty Jandari for showing me the ropes around the realm ever since I started half a year back and I'm more than grateful for all the help you've provided over the journey so far. Also thanks for having some of the most laid back and enjoyable rp moments thus far with Sollis and Conrad. (Not to forget Arstan as well) Hope to still see ya on the realm whenever possible regardless of the new occupation!

Peace bro and let's hope for a wonderful year 2019!

Conrad Gilles - Brutish Mercenary of the Bloody Blades. Unleash the Battle Fury! - Theme
Arstan Suncrest - Bearded Justice of Torm.
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08:47:20 AM 12/31/18

Registered Member #2942
Joined: 10:48:33 AM 11/27/12
Location: Denmark
Posts: 2611
A year or so after I had found Thain (which, incidentally, was my first and so far only NwN online experience), I made a character most of you know. RED. I set out to create and tell many stories with RED, but it took a long while to figure out how. I had initially intended the character to be a wandering minstrel, but these were times when dangerous lawmen like Klaudius Korvallis, Mialee Galanodel and Gideon Carter (and a young Dace Sontan!) walked the roads of Thain, and RED would often get stabbed or shot before I had the time to type an emote. That is when I decided to make the tiefling jester into a big bad villain, seeing how he was often at the epicenter of conflict without even trying. I thought I wanted to capitalise on that and use that opportunity to tell stories. And that is when I got my first taste of genuine frustration.

We were always outnumbered. Always. You think Team Evil has the upper hand these days? Try RED, Sorrath, Richo Darkscales and Halla vs Korvallis, Gideon, Rishkin, Garrik, Lomir, Galberk, Mialee, Amadom, Dace, Styvn, Iduna, Kellenri, Cildir, Kayden and all of Team Thay who had turned on us. I think we lost pretty much every fight. I was this close to just quitting until I had a long chat with Thimns who felt the same. And that is when it dawned on us. So what if we lost? Did it really matter? What we wanted was to tell a story, and you can tell just as many and just as engrossing stories through defeat as you can through victory. We started building "stages" with placeables (it was weird back then ecause you only had signs, combat dummies and some few other props), spicing these up with summons and spell props. We had an especially great time with Team Elf who even invited us to their forums so we could coordinate and ensure that no-one felt frustrated at any point OOC. Like Glognar pointed out above, open and consistent dialogue is imperative if you want to do collaborative storytelling. And yes, at the end of the day we would lose and get killed, but that did not matter. We had so much fun that winning or losing was no longer the premise. And it should not ever be. I recall a thread where the original poster asked how one imagined Thain as a story, and Cuchuwyn, I think, mentioned it was akin to a book of neverending tales. That is exactly what Thain is. A story, but, most importantly, a story we tell together. It would be naive to pretend that there are not bumps or hurdles along the way, twists and turns in the story arcs that we do not appreciate for a number of reasons, but fortunately no one has a final say in how the stories should be told, and we are all of us good enough friends to care to make adjustments to our stories if that means we are more accomodating of our fellow RPers.

A concrete example, last night Team Good suffered a major defeat. Kallista was rescued just a day after we managed to seize and "convert" her. I totally understand how this can seem unfair and frustrating in the spur of the moment, but it need not be. It is not important that we lost. What is important is the wonderful RP we had with Squidget the day before. And maybe we would have wished that lasted a while longer, but that is never farther out of reach than texting Payne or Squidget or someone else and kindly asking if Team Evil could give us an extra day or two so we could prepare or/and RP with Kallista some more. I am certain they would have been more than happy to accommodate that wish.

[ Edited 08:51:40 AM 12/31/18 ]

Preceding Payne since 2015.

Renneleth Margaladhon - Tel'Mordere Huntmaster, Hand of Horro
Malarahc Tarthe - Wildmage, Scion of House Tarthe of Mora'chel
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10:07:00 AM 12/31/18

Registered Member #24214
Joined: 08:14:24 AM 04/01/18
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Stay cool Jandari and keep those spanking shoes on whatever you find yourself doing next year!

I just joined Thain this year, around summer..Or whenever EE released and ever since then there has always been this fun place and a great community to sink hours and hours into and when I look back I wouldn't take any of those hours back, everyone here has been fantastic! So shoutout to Thain and happy new year to us all, there will be so many more fun hours to come I'm certain!

I also wanted to talk about last night and I agree with Corlupi, cause obviously there would have been no trouble leaving Kallista there for a week or more! (And I really really hoped Kallista would start keeping princess diaries on the forums) Some of us were thinking about leaving her there for good! (They know who they are!) And yes I felt bad for the numbers team evil managed to rally...But that at the same time was beautiful, I think..How they all came together to save one of their own so fast, I think team evil has more team good in them than they think!<3

Corlupi your battle story was an amazing read, I love that kind of stuff it makes me emotional, haha! Seeing Cassia hold so strong against all of us last night was so powerful! It was a fun time and I truly hope I can read future stories such as that one from you or the rest of goodies!

Lots of love to all!


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07:52:52 PM 12/31/18

Registered Member #24041
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Since we're telling our Thain stories of this year, I'll add mine:

It's been an odd year for me on Thain, but in a good way. Alanonas and I started here almost two years ago (at the start of 2016) on a day where we were both bored and decided to try out this whole Neverwinter thing that a mutual friend of ours had mentioned he enjoyed. The first day we tried out probably four or five servers, but with each one there was some reason we didn't stick. Sometimes it was that we were too impatient to figure out the 10000 haks we needed to enjoy it; sometimes it was a player on one of the servers who just gave off an odd vibe (usually by being aggressive to us n00bs), but whatever the reason, Thain was the last one we tried that day. I genuinely don't know why we stuck around to be honest. I think it was because we could actually fight things pretty quickly with the badger quest and so we got to sink our teeth into the combat system right away and see some level progression.

We spent the first probably 6-8 months on the server mostly hanging out together running through various areas with different builds and characters (the whole -cuchuwynson/-cuchuwyndottir thing was started because I've always been terrible at coming up with names). Eventually I started to find a few folks that I didn't feel awkward talking to OOCly: Jandari, Scratch, Evendithus, etc., and just as importantly, around that time the Kinswar was starting up, which gave both Alanonas and I a way to feel like we could be a part of something bigger. It was also our first real introduction to "team evil" and the wonderful people/characters there. Before we had mostly been off on our own, vaguely doing evil things, but without feeling like we had any impact on anything. I remember having a few conversations with Alan around this time about that very frustration- there was the sense that things were going on but we felt like we didn't have an "in" to be able to contribute. The kinswar changed that for us, and Corlupi deserves a lot of credit for putting that all together. And even though team evil was getting stomped pretty much every fight, it felt fun to be able to plot with people, to grumble and grouse and interact, and so it was great!

I promise there are some lessons in here, by the way!

Flash forward another month or two. Alan has established Rhandum as a more "traditional" villain and I decide to try my hand at something like that as well, though with a different spin. And so, in March of this year, Melphaecto was born.

Melph has by far been my favorite character to play on the server, but looking back I start to see some threads as to why that is.

1: In my opinion, characters that stand for some faction are far easier to develop a story around.

Thain at the moment is pretty welcoming to all playstyles, and so even characters that come from "off-island" can pretty easily find a faction they're interested in. One lesson I have learned is that having stake in something inherently makes those characters easier to play, at least for me. Having a place you care about helps you to get involved in plots around that place. You're not going to want your home to be destroyed after all, and there are no end to the threats for both good and evil settlements on Thain!

This leads me to the second lesson that I learned this year. Melphaecto had/has a story that easily lent itself to more traditional storytelling. Her forum posts and her IG actions are all helping her to achieve a very concrete goal. But on the other hand, Cuchuwyn, my druid, felt lost. He vaguely wanted to do nature-y things, but there wasn't really an outlet for that.


2: If the kind of RP you want isn't happening on the server, make it.

I was and am fortunate to have had the amazing scratch_flannigan, warlord_kro, and archgrendel to work with on what became Nature Nights., and the inimitable alanonas to work with on Necro Nights. We are all fortunate to have had squidget's build work on the props/placeables/summons commands to help make scenes and encounters. Even so, when Nature Nights started we just had a shared Google Doc (which is somewhere in one of my many accounts still) and we'd just suggest a basic "plot hook" and go from there. These were often just things like "get an item blessed at the shrine of water" or "try to figure out what to do about the adumbral spiders". Each of us offered suggestions as needed, and we were all able to sign up for a date if we wanted to lead for that week. Nowadays Nature Night has more plots than we know what do do with and there's no shortage of things we could pursue in a given week, but at the time we were genuinely worried that nobody would show up but us.

Which leads me to,

3: Stick with it.

There were weeks when Nature Night was only two or three people. You can go look through the shoutouts if you don't believe me. I remember once Malam and Cuchuwyn walked up to the Crystal valley and chatted for a bit and that was Nature Night. We've had some weeks where there just weren't people there for various IRL reasons (looking at you, Super Bowl Sunday!). It can be easy to get discouraged, especially at first, but things in the module can't and shouldn't change overnight, and sometimes it takes a while for things to build momentum with players and for more characters to get involved. However, if you pursue something for a sustained amount of time, and involve others as much as you can, sooner or later someone is going to notice, even if you don't know they noticed. Nature Night found this out rather unexpectedly when 'lupi dropped a sword in our laps one afternoon! That sword, and the stories that spawned from it, led me to another lesson I've been thinking about for a while now as well.

4. Involve other people, even if it sometimes means feeling less "competent"

Thain is full of awesome people playing awesome characters. However, those characters can only work with the material given them. If Nature Night had been "competent", we would have focused on finding a way to hide the sword that was dropped on Malam until it could be destroyed, and that would have been the end of the story, barring 'lupi stepping in. But how boring would that have been?! How many cool scenes would have been lost because of that, scenes that have given many characters new RP avenues.

By the same token, any time a good/evil character is captured, the "competent" thing to do might well be to just cut off their heads and be done with it. But again, how much do we lose in those kinds of scenarios? The sever would never have seen Cassia the Black, Garrik the Angry, or Kallista the Disney Princess if we were all doing the most logical thing at every turn. It's harder to do this, it requires thinking creatively about what you want to do if your plan succeeds, and it can certainly feel like you're giving up an easy victory in a lot of ways, but I can't say I've ever regretted giving the player on the other end of a conflict a chance to do something cool, win or lose.

This post is already longer than I've intended, but a few months ago I was invited to join staff and I just wanted to share one other lesson I've learned since that time.

5. It is, in my experience, much easier to get things started as a player than as a DM

As a player, if one of my characters wants to tell a story, I can always come up with an excuse to go to location x and start an encounter that way, picking up help at the Crossroads or Long Road North fire, using placeables and props to tell a story along the way. At their core, that is all Nature and Necro nights are. As a DM, short of sticking a giant glowing path to the area I want people to explore or shouting something at the entire server, it can be difficult to let people know that there might be a story going on in a certain place. This surprised me when I first started working DMside- I had (and have) a bunch of ideas for stories to run, but I don't want them all to have to start from the Crossroads or the Long Road North.

The real lesson here I suppose is that, players, not DMs, make the server feel alive. After all, if a DM runs an event and nobody is around to see it, does it really matter? So if there's one lesson I'm going to try to keep in mind going into 2019, it's that player stories are how Thain has kept itself alive for lo these many years, and how it will stay alive for hopefully many more to come. The more you put yourself out there, the more people will flock to you.

See you all soon!

Cuchuwyn: Improbably Dwarven Druid
Melphaecto: Erinyes with a Grudge
Agni: Arcane Smith
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11:48:58 PM 12/31/18
Sqauwk !

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In the IC,
We bicker and we fight.
In the IC,
We plot away the night.

In the IC,
Our beloved homes can fall.
In the IC,
The need for revenge calls.

In the IC,
We crusade and smite and kill,
In the IC,
We use cruel acts to break wills.

In the IC,
We're lost in our own night,
In the IC,
We are blinded by our light.

But in the OOC,
We all just love a game.
In the OOC,
Our hopes are much the same.

In the OOC,
It sucks to lose a fight.
But in the OOC,
A tell can make things right.

In the OOC,
A game is our escape.
But in the OOC,
The friendship makes it great.

Thanks to all of you for all the memories, friendships, and stories.

Happy New Year Thain.

Rubok "Baxter" Baxtrapple - Old and gruff gnome ranger.
Malam Itny - Halfling Druid- Currently off of the Island
Dauken - Shape-shifting, vision-having, seagull - Currently off of the Island
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