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09:49:51 PM 02/24/20

08:08:33 PM 02/24/20

11:07:32 PM 02/23/20
Wedding was awesome guys. I am still chuckling when I think of the reception afterwards.

05:25:05 PM 02/23/20
Thank you all for attending the wedding. It was an adventure!

02:03:45 PM 02/23/20
Nature Night will start one hour from now, to give folks more time for post-wedding festivities.

12:26:57 PM 02/23/20
Nature Night begins in about 2 hours from the time of this post. That will be 2:30pm CST (GMT -6).

I'm gonna start it 30 minutes later than usual to give folks time to go to Sage and Conrad's Wedding. If it runs later, we can always slaw the start of Nature Night some more.

Please check page 1 of the Nature Night: Phase 4 thread to see the map to the Wild Grove where we meet !

I will be on as Malam. Please shoot a tell to me with any questions.

04:59:59 AM 02/23/20
Sage's and Conrad's wedding will begin in Lumenshire in about 7 hours from the time of this post about 18.00 GMT (10.00 PT) Feel free to use Jiztroyir's portal in the Crossroads. Bring your own knives!

04:11:39 AM 02/23/20
Hey, Bee, I apologize for not answering you faster as you were asking about the Harpers. IU got distracted with some RP. Feel free to hit me up as Evendithus on the Discord or here on the forum.

01:15:09 AM 02/23/20
I can see the rest of the sentence now, but before the second half was blank.

11:11:25 PM 02/22/20
It looks fine to me! Is the page not loading fully or something?

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Bug Reports XVIII
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Author Post
02:37:25 PM 01/06/20

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Joined: 04:02:38 PM 01/31/14
Posts: 145
The command /self, does not work, nor does trying to change your description, Not sure why but comes up with a error...command not reconized
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03:12:05 PM 01/06/20
Code Breaker

Registered Member #17124
Joined: 03:46:41 PM 05/13/13
Posts: 449
I'm not aware of /self ever being a command. Have you tried any of the following:

wrote ...

/newdesc - Set your character description
/appenddesc - Add text to your character description
/newlinedesc - Add a newline to your character description

Garrik "Bear" Brennan
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05:34:33 PM 01/06/20

Registered Member #23774
Joined: 04:02:38 PM 01/31/14
Posts: 145
Yes they do not work either

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05:41:13 PM 01/06/20

Registered Member #23932
Joined: 08:14:58 PM 05/11/15
Posts: 408
Each of those commands should work. I just tested them. Not /self, which as CD mentioned, was never a command here that I'm aware of.

[ Edited 05:41:44 PM 01/06/20 ]


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06:06:24 PM 01/06/20

Registered Member #23774
Joined: 04:02:38 PM 01/31/14
Posts: 145
Yep I was using it wrong, it works now thank you~~
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12:08:42 PM 01/08/20
Registered Member #24916
Joined: 08:58:00 AM 01/23/19
Posts: 98
Main crossroads area, in the corner behind the caravan, both area transitions are missing.

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10:48:03 PM 01/08/20
Registered Member #24000
Joined: 09:03:37 AM 05/05/16
Posts: 10
Maker's Charm Bugs/Issues

1) Maker's Charm crafted scrolls do not appear to be using higher caster level for increases in spell's power

I tested this today and got the following results:

CL 4 Divine Favor scroll crafted with Maker's Charm to increase to CL 9 -> Gives +1 attack and damage
CL 6 casted Divine Favor -> Gives +2 attack and damage (so the spell itself works fine)

CL 9 crafted scroll should be giving +3 attack and damage.

2) Maker's Charm when used at max caster level creates scroll that you can fail to read

If I make a CL 20+ caster level scroll of haste, I have to roll a caster level check to use it

Ryleena Windstrom - "Paladin of Freedom"
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09:37:02 AM 01/09/20

Registered Member #613
Joined: 04:18:34 PM 09/09/05
Location: Great White North eh...
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*Stands on podium and shakes finger at the crowd*

Sorry to ruin your fun casters, I really am!

*The crowd knows he is not and begin to boo*

But upon crashing, and testing numerous times to repeat...

*The crowd also knows, by this he means used it to his own advantage, and boo all the harder*

....casters get their spells 'refilled' when they log back in.

*Someone from the crowd throws rotten fruit, it was likely a caster*

Edit by Falkala: Fixed.

[ Edited 10:07:18 PM 01/09/20 ]

Corlupi's muse since 2015.
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03:57:52 PM 01/09/20

Registered Member #1318
Joined: 11:57:57 PM 06/16/08
Location: Canada!
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So, uh...this happened.

[ image disabled ]

Edit by Falkala: This is likely a visual issue on your side, but let me know if others see the same thing. Did relogging fix it?

[ Edited 10:07:45 PM 01/09/20 ]

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