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08:03:27 AM 03/25/19
Kallista to Lauren: No tears, just dreams. *locks door*

12:57:54 PM 03/24/19
Nature Night begins in about 1 hour from the time of this post . That will be at 2pm CDT. (Yup that is CDT. Daylight Saving Time Voodoo began recently ! ) Please check page 5 of the " Nature Night - Phase 2 " thread for a map to the location of the Wild Grove where we meet !

04:14:38 PM 03/23/19

Thranduil Greenleaf
04:11:54 PM 03/23/19
Vaeltava.... PM sent your way..

11:21:59 AM 03/23/19
The Necro Night special event will be starting in about 2.5 hours from the time of this post!

03:47:46 AM 03/23/19
I really want to play! Every time I log in and see other PCs my brain freezes. It's been like this for over a year. I think I have PTSD, playing-thain-shyness-disorder.

Anyway, happy weekend playaz x

05:04:17 PM 03/22/19
GV peeps: Just got home (work took longer than expected to escape from). Give me about 10 minutes to set up and we'll get started!

04:00:09 PM 03/22/19
No idea when that is, but I won't be able to make it.

11:56:41 AM 03/22/19
There will be a Greenvale Night today starting at 3PM PST. Hope to see folks there!

11:39:27 AM 03/22/19

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Terrible News
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Author Post
11:20:54 PM 07/02/18

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Sad day. Thoughts and love to family and friends.

Edd x

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02:18:18 AM 07/03/18
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Oh wow... I am absolutely floored... I really don't know what else to say other than my thoughts are with his family and friends. Rest in peace Ogreman you will be sorely missed.

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08:12:50 AM 07/03/18

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Damn. This is hard news to take. My thoughts and prayers go out to Ogre's family and RL friends. Once again, RL trumps Thain life.


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09:10:44 AM 07/03/18
capesh*t, bro
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Bye Ogreman. I'll raise a horn to your memory and hope to see you in the afterlife.

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10:04:27 AM 07/03/18
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Words fall short of expressing the sorrow felt by this loss. It is no small thing when such a sweet soul graces our lives. Thoughts and love to family and friends.
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11:57:02 AM 07/03/18
Up to no good

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I am posting this for Claire, as she's unable to log in currently:

wrote ...

I know that you have been informed by my brother in law about the awful passing of my husband Ross (Ogreman007) on Saturday. I have been shown all the posts from the forum announcements and I just wanted to let everyone know how incredibly touched I was to read them.

Ross had been playing on Thain since I met him, possibly a little bit longer, and it was always his little escape of an evening. He would always sit on his computer with a beer, and I would hear his furiously tapping away on the keyboard, often in fits of laughter at the chat that was going on.

He was also responsible for introducing me to the gaming world, the first game he patiently tried to teach me was NWN. He gave up trying to teach me about attack/defence/spells etc, when he realised I just wanted to run around and pick up sweet looking swords etc. This eventually moved onto other games like the Witcher or Skyrim and we would chat about the storylines. He also spoke about Dwent, and his plan for the Thayan community.

Thank you everyone for making Ross a valued member of your community.



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01:21:18 PM 07/03/18
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Ogreman was the very first player that I met on Thain. He was playing an half-orc, and so was my character. That was over 14 years ago and I still remember it to this day.

It's a hard thing to imagine happening and my thoughts have been with him and his family since I heard the news.

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02:33:51 PM 07/03/18

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With Claire's words added, I will be closing this thread and stickying it as per our usual grieving policy.

It's hard to lose anyone, and even more difficult to lose an active storyteller in our community.

I'd ask everyone to reflect as much as they can on the man behind the characters and events. Remember all of the stories he's told and concluded, and maybe give some of the Tales of Dwentiness threads a read over. Keep well, everyone. We (the staff) love you all.


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