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09:18:18 AM 06/24/19

Nothing to see here Chatbox

Warlord Kro
02:50:13 AM 06/24/19
Well done Scratch!

10:36:49 PM 06/23/19
Hey Wraitheus. Loading is being a bit slow for me tonight to get in. Apologies. Will keep trying.

07:15:39 PM 06/23/19
For the first time in forever.. I am caught up on the Stories of the Groves posts !

12:03:44 PM 06/23/19
Nature Night begins in about 2 hours from the time of this post. That will be 2pm CDT (GMT -5).
Please check page 1 of the Nature Night: Phase 4 thread to see the map to the Wild Grove where we meet !

I will be on as Rubok Baxtrapple. Please shoot me a tell if you have questions !

08:57:55 PM 06/22/19

A post for you in the Feywars thread.

07:57:25 PM 06/22/19
PLEASE.....send me a PM or a Discord message!!!

07:57:00 PM 06/22/19
HELLO Thain!! How is everyone!?

10:50:15 AM 06/22/19
Well...we did chop down one tree. you know, Circle of Life and such.

And then there was the time that we almost burned down our own grove.

That one was not really planned.

10:51:58 PM 06/21/19

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Terrible News
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Author Post
11:45:19 AM 07/02/18
Up to no good

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I received this PM in my inbox this morning from Ogreman's account, with a request to share it to the forums.

wrote ...

My name is Scott, I am Ross's younger brother by 3 years. I saw that you were an active admin of the Thain community and so thought that I should inform you that Ross (Ogreman007) unfortunately passed away in the early hours of Saturday the 30th of June. As of yet we do not know exactly what happened but it looks as if he went to bed that Friday night and passed peacefully in his sleep.

I think the people of this forum should be informed as I know he spent a great many years on here and greatly enjoyed his time spent with you all. I realise this may come as quite a shock but would it be possible for you to post about this on the forum to let others know. Ross is survived by his lovely wife Claire and his beautiful daughter Erin.

I am unlikely to be able to log in to Ross' account once I am away from his computer, but please feel free to contact me via email at (Email removed for privacy, contact us for it) I would like to keep you all informed of what we know.


Scott Taylor

I have no words.

[ Edited 11:50:03 AM 07/02/18 ]

Kallista D'Mora

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11:49:52 AM 07/02/18

Registered Member #787
Joined: 03:48:31 AM 05/30/06
Posts: 1722
Holy shit.

Dwent was Anders' arch-enemy. Always figured we'd have a huge dust-up one day to settle it all proper.

[ Edited 12:00:16 PM 07/02/18 ]

Anders: Silver for the Knight
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The implacable steel hero
Stands against all evil.
-As told by Fade.
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11:54:04 AM 07/02/18

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Location: Arkansas
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I JUST talked to him the other day!!!! This is horrible. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. I'll miss you, Ogre.


"In Valor there is Hope" - Tacitus

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11:54:25 AM 07/02/18

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11:56:48 AM 07/02/18

Registered Member #673
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Words cannot express how shocked I am.

Such an amazing person to have known.

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12:01:05 PM 07/02/18

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Wow. What a shame. He was a good guy and will be missed greatly.

Chaska Bellator - Celestial Knight, Truth. - Lightbringer

-5 EST
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12:08:15 PM 07/02/18

Registered Member #223
Joined: 10:05:42 PM 08/25/04
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My thoughts are with his family, a good (lawful-evil?) guy gone way before his time.

Ralzok Snagason - Trophy Hunter, Chieftain of the Bloodstar, Lord of Fight Party
Gaylon - Cursed Ranger, Rift Host
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12:20:42 PM 07/02/18

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This is really heartbreaking.

Cuchuwyn: Improbably Dwarven Druid
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12:23:00 PM 07/02/18

Registered Member #1356
Joined: 11:19:08 AM 09/24/08
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He was a good man. I will miss him. He will be in my families prayers and all those that mourn his loss.

"It will stop hurting when the pain goes away"
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12:26:54 PM 07/02/18

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I wish I had better words to say. This is devastating.

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