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04:34:32 AM 01/16/19
Doh I crashed!

07:01:53 PM 01/15/19
I gotcha, thanks for the heads up fellas.

10:19:09 PM 01/13/19
"Eijji on Sunday 13 January 2019 - 12:45:36
In case no one gets my Davenshire greenery title reference: -Clickedy-"

Fyi - Pinesol is mostly alkylonium chloride.

And why is Zhymme so happy?

Also, I know what De Nero is thinking during this entire show whilst trying to pay attention to the lads...

hint: A.H.


09:26:44 PM 01/13/19
plus caturday is lit

09:07:45 PM 01/13/19
Imgur is gonna be the best bet for image hosting as a general rule. It's free, easy to use, no data restrictions, links are pretty unobtrusive.

08:58:44 PM 01/13/19
Evendithus: I use Imgur

08:29:12 PM 01/13/19
I totally like the idea of an orc like that on Thain !

07:50:30 PM 01/13/19
anybody got a recommendation for photo sharing these days? Once used photobucket, but not enjoying the watermark

01:19:12 PM 01/13/19
lets just hope a demon hunter doesnt crush his skull and absorb his power...twice

01:17:43 PM 01/13/19
Not the IG pic of him though. It's more the goal of his ambitions.

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Staff Changes
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03:43:33 PM 06/23/18

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Hello Thanites!

There have been some staffing changes to Thain that we thought we should let you guys know about.

First Gerbo is stepping down from staff as our Head DM, as he gears up to move and prepares for some big things in his life. There’s no words to describe how thankful we’ve been for his direction and care to the server over the years after he took over for Lightfoot.

As he rides away into the sunset, we are making changes to better reflect how Thain is already run, rather than changing what is already working.

We are eliminating the Head DM position. This is because the term ‘head DM’ isn’t really reflective of what’s going on. We don’t really control one another’s narratives or have one person calling all the story shots. Instead, Falkala and Dogbert are taking on the role of Admins to keep things running smoothly. All other staff will be ‘staff.’

This isn’t really going to change anything about Thain as you know it, there’s no big changes coming on the horizon. As said, this is reflective of how things are already being done, and not something where we’re assigning anyone a role they aren’t already going. In this case, we just wanted to be sure everyone knew who to contact for admin-related issues.

Have fun and game on!

[ Edited 03:44:51 PM 06/23/18 ]

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04:09:02 PM 06/23/18

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I, for one, welcome our new evil-detecting overlords.


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03:45:21 AM 06/25/18

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It's a coup!


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