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09:20:06 AM 07/18/19
I hope they don't screw it up.

06:10:35 PM 07/17/19
Well, that's some news, Jandari.

03:46:49 PM 07/17/19

03:09:14 PM 07/17/19
Its part of why so many dont post much. I am 10-12 hours behind on posts.

02:48:12 PM 07/17/19
Good to see you back, Zhymm !

01:02:18 PM 07/17/19
I feel your pain, Zhymm.

11:39:30 AM 07/17/19
Decided to drop in, started going through all the forum posts, mainly IC stuff, since my last visit. Whew, that was a lot of reading. Well, more like 'skimming' than reading. I think I'm caught up on events since my last visit months ago. How do you folks generate so much content so quickly? It takes my hours just to create and compose a 'short' IC post.

09:45:30 PM 07/15/19
hey all been a long time since I poked my head in, still haven't gotten round to getting the remaster of nwn, but I miss this place terribly. one day I'll get the upgrade xD hope you all are having fun and are still making some awesome stories together

02:04:51 PM 07/15/19
-Clickedy- Thain Patreon is up, for those who would like to help us with the server costs.

10:51:59 AM 07/15/19

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We ought to really discuss this......
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08:28:11 PM 06/06/18

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I was RPing the other night and the subject of Andras came up. I broke completely down.....I cried, uncontrollably. We NEED to memorialize him somehow. I would volunteer the Keepers to do it. Whomever does it, it needs to be done. Can we get some closure on this?

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09:10:33 PM 06/06/18

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Losing a friend sucks. I think we can all agree there.

One of the main reasons why the staff hasn't made any decisions about the fate of Katana's characters or memorialized him in-game is because we have yet to hear from Myridean, regarding her wishes and what she would like to do. There's no time limit on grieving, and she can take as long to consider it as she would like. The staff will hold off on any module changes or formal memorial efforts until we hear from her.

With that in mind, I would ask that everyone respect Myridian's silence on the matter, and not seek her out to ask her personally about this. She knows that our thoughts are with her, and she knows she can reach out whenever she's ready, no matter how long that may take.

Remember Katana fondly. Think often about the stories you've told with him, and the ways he brought joy into your life. Closure won't come from a placeable, it will come from happy memories.

[ Edited 09:12:54 PM 06/06/18 ]


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05:34:35 AM 06/07/18

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The best way, IMHO, to honour and remember Katana by is by cultivating the sort of IG culture that makes Thain what it is: respect, togetherness and inclusion. As Tucker has pointed out, closure will not come from a placeable, nor is it a proper way to pay our respects. We do that best by holding on to the Vision that makes Thain so special to so many of us.

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04:56:17 PM 06/14/18
FEAR the Moorhen of Death (tm).

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Katana was one of the people on Thain I RP'd most closely with. We played Lia and Andras closely together for over 2 years when the server was still relatively young. When I logged onto the forums a couple of weeks ago I was and still am brokenhearted to hear the news.

I think Lupi has it absolutely right. Katana always played his characters IC but always with warmth and respect for others. The best way to remember him is to do the same.

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11:57:41 AM 06/19/18

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I am so sad. I don't even know what to say.

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03:09:41 PM 06/21/18
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So, uh, for those of us who were away..

What happened? I mean, not the details or anything.. .just...

Accident, illness, other? Seems... awfully sudden.

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06:04:22 PM 06/21/18

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I, honestly, don't know.

"In Valor there is Hope" - Tacitus

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Ramana Jala
07:02:13 PM 06/21/18

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Just suddenly, that's all I read: Somber News - A Farewell to Katana3DG

He was such a great guy and friend, I certainly miss him.

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07:29:23 PM 06/21/18

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His family has not shared any further details at this time, and we are respecting their silence in this time of sorrow for them.

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04:51:10 PM 08/11/18

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Katana aka Tom had died of a brain aneurysm on the evening of May 7, 2018. He was to turn 50 this coming December. I had found him the following early morning when I had woken up, collapsed on the floor. I called 9-1-1 but when the paramedics came to examine him, it was much too late. As per his wishes, he wanted no visitation nor did he want a service. When I'm emotionally stronger, I'll probably arrange a family get together on his birthday in December.

Thank you so much for respecting my wishes to endure these first few months. As I've learned the hard way, a loss is not something to get over, it is to be carried. You'll always have the pain of grief with you but it's with time that you learn how to better manage that suffering. Katana had played with me in several games since Thain, including CoX (City of Heroes/City of Villains) where his main, Novapulse, will have a statue (This was planned when I had become a backer of City of Titans, still in development at this time). It was to be a tribute to a living character but I don't mind it being a memorial now. He also played with me and was planning eventually to return to play LOTRO and he was for the past five years into Star Citizen. I had just bought a pledge account to join him weeks before he had suddenly passed away. He also spent five years on and off playing The Secret World as my main character's team mate, Sven.

As for a memorial, I've asked Am to contact the DMs and I'll be discussing with them if they wish to include something in the module to honour Katana's legacy. He played so many beloved characters on Thain. I think my favourite was Gronn, the half-orc who loved strawberry pies but was terribly allergic to them, breaking out in hives whenever he did but still ate them anyway. I know however that most of us including myself probably have a connection to his main character, Andras D'arkkon. For Jur'ni, living under his epic shadow, it did create some wonderful storylines for us.


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