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09:08:16 AM 02/17/20
Mattews, Thain dicord here: -Clickedy-

12:34:56 PM 02/16/20
Nature Night begins in about 1.5 hours from the time of this post. That will be 2pm CST (GMT -6).

Please check page 1 of the Nature Night: Phase 4 thread to see the map to the Wild Grove where we meet !

I will be on as Malam. Please shoot a tell to me with any questions.

07:21:59 AM 02/16/20
We seem to have a bit of a faction problem with some shop keepers in the city being somewhat less than customer friendly.

10:28:15 AM 02/15/20
T minus 2 hours.

06:32:18 AM 02/15/20
Tonight's Darkfey Prison event begins 6 hours from this message. Remember to bring your favourite goodly elf or disguised neer-do-well.

Rodgr Thunderguts
12:23:56 PM 02/14/20
That's awesome Jewwe, thanks !

11:38:10 AM 02/14/20
Thank you for keeping our little world alive, Jewwe. You rock!

02:52:50 AM 02/14/20
Hey guys! In 4-5 hours time, I'll be taking the server offline for a couple of hours to do the following:

Change the powersupply, as it sounds like it's dying.

Remove a harddrive, so that I have nothing personal stored on the server anymore.

Move the server into its new home, in the utility room.

The process should be done in a couple of hours. I'm also setting up a new router, which should be relatively painless, but you never know!
Anyway, I'm aiming for a couple of hours. Thanks!

06:53:34 PM 02/11/20
will be a few minutes late for necro night

06:19:44 PM 02/11/20
Necro Night will begin in about 45 minutes at Jerrit’s tomb. See you there!

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Who is who on Thain
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04:57:29 AM 12/22/04
capesh*t, bro
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Zhoram of Zhentil Keep (Zhoram Gast)

Physical: Zhoram is well trained and pyiscally fit. However his muscles are not only strong and endurable, but he was built them to look as good as possible, and there are not many unnecessary ounces of fat on his body. He has light brown hair and light blue eyes. Zhoram wears the heaviest armors and shields, and uses a bastard sword. Since he came to Thain he has changed a bit, and the dark aura that was only appearent after a bit of concentration is his presence is now quite strong and noticeable to people with keen senses. Zhoram has reasonably good looks, and can act commandingly as well as in a persuasive way.

Mental: Zhoram is violent, and has once angered, a very time difficult calming down. He can use his charisma and personality to gain what he wants, but uses violence if it's required, as he likes it and feels good when he's fighting and killing. Zhoram is above averagly intelligent, but does not posess any greater dose of common sense. Zhoram behaves in a rather pleasant and civilized manner unless something annoys him.

Fighting: In battles he either aims for the kneecaps to disable his enemies or simply knocks them on their backs before gutting them up, or fights defelsively, taking advantage of his tacitcal sense and letting others kill the enemies with magic or range weapons.

Background: Zhoram grew up in Zhentil Keep, with a quite allround soldier training. He grew tired of the Bane faith with it's strict rules and regulations, controlling the society to a great degree, and left to forge his own fate. He is impressed by Cyric, and it is from the former adventurer he has taken the title "of Zhentil Keep". After diverse travels in the west with limited success he left for Thain, an island largely unknown on the mainland. Zhoram has been chosen by a demonic force to serve as Blackguard, and recently he recieved the Dark Blessing.

[Player] SonofMars

Gharos (Thay) Telborea Banites
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Harley BA
05:12:14 PM 12/27/04
Registered Member #381
Joined: 03:07:11 PM 12/27/04
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Garbag Skulix is a half orc/ half human barbarian. He is not very bright, but uses his brute strength to overtake his foes. He appears to be very good hearted, thou he does have a bad temper when provoked. His mother is orc and father human. His father had been eaten by his mother after making her angry. He is very anxious to go adventuring thou he does not like to do so much on his own. (( Being new, i will add more about him as he grows with the server))
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Zen Dragoon
01:49:32 PM 01/02/05

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Siril Queran: Half-elven fighter,
raven hair,
well muscled,

He has a dark aura. . .
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04:02:07 PM 01/04/05
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Name: Vandrak Dir'ehate
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Weight: 196
Height: 6'0"


Vendrak seems to be quite handsome, well to the right person anyway. His black hair, brown eyes and chiselled jaw make him seem rather handsome, until you notice the white tone to his skin.

Around his finger is a ring that is made from a tinny skull. On the inside a short engraving says “Yours always; Love Keli”

He generally seems very cold hearted to everyone except for Keli.

He is almost always seen with his love, Keli. He has followed her to Thain to search for her missing father. Despite their different background (Keli is a Noble while Vandrak is just a commoner) he is trying to help find her father in hope that he would accept him for who he is.
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11:40:13 AM 01/06/05
Master of All Wickedly Evil

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Name: Keli Nec'oce Des'morté
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Weight: 119lbs
Race: Human
Height: 5'5"


Built for a human female, but nothing to make her seem square or masculine. Her features hold a gothic charm to them, relaxing to the eyes, yet soft and sophisticated. Her raven black hair is normally up in a bundle with ornate trimmings, that or long and lacy hanging freely with black silken lace. Her skin is light, very light. Though her skin being light does not make her sickly, for other then the light tone in skin pigment she seems quite healthy. She carries herself with an aura of wisdom and nobility with clear determination in her gray-blue eyes.

On her finger is a ring that seems to be made of bone, and it reads "Yours always; Love Vandrak"

Reason on Thain:
Keli comes from the noble family, Des'morté, who worship the lich god, Velsharoon. She is a devout follower of her lord, and preaches his will. She has come with swift haste to the island of Thain with her lover, Vandrak. The reasoning behind her quick comings is just a month or so before arriving, word came back that her fathers Merchant vessel, La Mortìs, had wrecked somewhere off the coast of Thain.

Her father and her were very close, and she will stop at nothing to get him back, Alive. . . Or even dead. It's not in her Lords will to lose to death, so she hopes that if her father has passed on, that she might grant him the undeath. She can only hope if that is the case, that his body is not too badly decomposed.
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"Wonder if holy water comes in sixpacks." ~Balmung!

"Yes. It's official. I am a grumpy old man." - Am <3

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Codex - . . .Codex. . .

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01:08:48 PM 01/06/05

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Name: Tethasilinas (Tethas)
Age: 307
Gender: Male
Weight: 200 lbs
Race: Elven
Height: 5'7"


This leanly muscled elf has fairly tanned skin, and deep, amber eyes. He radiates a cheerful aura, and is usually grinning or laughing at some small thing. Around his throat lies a copper medallion, of a dragon flying over the sea.

Ralzok Snagason - Trophy Hunter, Chieftain of the Bloodstar, Lord of Fight Party
Gaylon - Cursed Ranger, Rift Host
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Eldar Stiel
06:01:35 PM 01/06/05
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Name: Mord Fetteel
Age: 21 or so
Apperance: Just examine him in game dammit
Alignment: As if i tell, feel free to change it if its warranted.


Mord comes from a nomadic tribe of barbarians around ten towns, but has due to his calling wandered long and far from his home.

He was gifted at birth with some magic ability not unlike that of druids and as such he can talk to animals and perform some healing. He was early discovered to be a fierce fighter that showed no mercy and he and his tribe often raided smaller settlements when food was scarce. However the older he got the more he felt an urge to leave and see more of the world, something calling, making him restless.

Lately he has dreams of hunting so vivid he can taste the blood when he wakes up.

Although he speaks like he was slow he is more intelligent than he appears and is quite amused about peoples judgement of him because of the way he talks.

When he gets in a fight he cant win he sees no shame in coming back another day, but will show no mercy against those who do him wrong in any way, even going as far as to murder in cold blood.

Every man or woman for himself is his view.


Might be added on later
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05:18:44 PM 01/12/05

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Aeryth Elowyn
A curious and persistant Elven Songstress, Enchantress, and Lore-yer

Aeryth moves with a light, fluid gait and possesses ears that rise into a point, clearly marking her as an elf. Her skin is pale olive, and her shoulder-length hair is the color of fresh moss, suggesting that she is an elf of the woodland variety. But this may not be the case, for her eyes are white-blue, a trait more commonly associated with moon elves than their woodland relatives.

Wrapped loosely about her, she wears a traveling cloak dyed a light green-grey, similar in color to the needles of a blue spruce. A wooden brooch, carved into the form of a harp, clasps the cloak at the collar. Though simple in appearance, there is an elusive quality about the brooch that lends it far more richness and grace than its material or design would suggest. Aside from this brooch, the only decoration you notice is a small symbol pinned to the left breast of the cloak; a bronze half-circle resting on an undulating line enameled a sapphire blue; perhaps a sun setting over the sea.

Along with the standard pack and pouches common among wanderers, the woman bears a finely crafted, thin blade strapped to her right hip. You assume from its condition, that the weapon is either well cared for, little used, or both. In her left hand, she carries a lyre that she occasionally plucks at or strums distractedly, filling the air with the serenity of lofting chords.

(for OOC reading... heck Aeryth didn't even know some of this until recently. )

Aeryth's mother, Yvonna, is a Wood Elf and a scholar. She is a member of Labelas Enoreth's clergy – the Sage at Sunset, Lord of the Continuum, and Keeper of Histories. Aeryth inherited a respect and devotion to Labelas from her mother, and this is the spark that has led her to develop her knowledge of lore, spellcraft and ability to tinker with various magical trinkets in order to better learn their nature and their story. Yvonna gave Aeryth the pin she now wears as a gift when Aeryth prepared to leave the Moonshae, the archipelago that had been her home for the first 123 years of her life. The pin is a bronze semi-circle that rests on an undulating line that has been enameled a brilliant sapphire blue. This is the symbol of Labelas Enoreth, which many take to be an image of the sun setting over the sea. But to Aeryth, as she had been taught by her mother, it is in fact both a setting and a rising sun. For there are both endings and beginnings, and the role of those devoted to Lebalas is to insure that knowledge survives those transitions.

Aeryth's father, Llevaris Elowyn, is a Moon Elf and a "fletcher," and his business frequently took him on trips from the Moonshae isles to the mainland. In reality, he is a Harper, and leaves to go perform duties for that organization from time to time, and his fletching business only provides the means to do so without raising too many eyebrows. He is the one that encouraged Aeryth to leave the Moonshae for a time to gain a greater exposure to the cultures of the world, and he arranged for her apprenticeship to Oryllian, an elderly gnome craftsmaster of harps and lyres in Waterdeep. As Aeryth prepared to leave the Moonshae isles, Llevaris gave her the brooch she now wears – a simple wooden harp. Nominally this gift was given because it symbolized Aeryth's love for music, but, unknown to Aeryth, it was also a symbol to any of the Harper's organization to keep a watchful eye on her as she ventured to the mainland for the first time. Llevaris wanted her to be observed as a potential candidate for inclusion into the Harper's organization, but he knew, as her father, he could not sponsor her himself.

Oryllian was not selected at random by Llevaris as a mentor to Aeryth, for Oryllian is not just one of the finest craftsmen of harps and lyres in all the land, he is also a scout for the Harpers. Oryllian's clients include the court minstrels that play for the rulers of many of the kingdoms throughout the mainland, and these minstrels are often present for social events where these rulers entertain other nobles and often discuss treaties, agreements and the like. Oryllian uses deliveries of his instruments, and conversations with these minstrels as opportunities to gather information for the society.

Aeryth viewed Oryllian as something of a father-figure, and cherished the warm smile he shared so frequently, as it provided a respite from the city life that seemed much colder than life in the Wood she had left. While working with Oryllian, Aeryth tuned and tested the harps and lyres he produced, while he told her tales of the kingdoms his clients hailed from, and conveyed information on the major figures that resided within each, all the while weighing Aeryth's potential as a scout for the Harpers. Finally the day arrived where Oryllian felt Aeryth was prepared to aid the society. He needed a set of eyes and ears in the Kingdom of Tethyr, just south of Amn, and had arranged for Aeryth to travel there as an apprentice to Tethyr's court minstrel, a man by the name of Jarem Al'Kali. Oryllian intended to divulge his role in the Harper's to Aeryth once she had become acclimated as an apprentice to Jarem, and grew familiar with the members of the court. He intended to ask her to join the society as a scout, and assign her to gather and report information on activities within Tethyr. But Aeryth never arrived at court. The ship she had boarded to take her on the first leg of her jouney - the leg from Waterdeep to Murann - abandoned her along with its other passengers at the port of Webster's Landing on Thain. So Aeryth's path was changed, and Oryllian's plans had to change along with it.

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Aeryth Elowyn: Celestial Knight of Andarus. Empathetic and determined pursuer of lore and keeper of the Light.

Her portrait. Her origin...ish. Her tune… or maybe it’s this one.

Primary threads: Restore All Things to the Light, An Echo of Light, The Book of Unfinished Tales, Where the Shores Sing

Seran: A survivor. Veteran sell sword and tactician whose moral fiber has been forged in different fires than most.
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11:31:12 AM 02/01/05

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Account name BarkerCounty182

Ekka Caaryduil- a wood elf from Amn. His parents are long forgotten but his homeland haunts his memory each and every day. He was working with the druids until they "grew sick of him and decided to send him packing. After that Ekka was a wanderer until he arrived in Calimshan. There he was asked to join a few adventurers on infilitrating an orcish strong hold (Ekka has a great hatred for orcs and wont even show Half-Orcs any respect!).
Ekka and his party arrived at the stronghold and they seperated into two groups. He was supposed to sneak in along with others while the other group made a distraction. Ekka slew many orcs and made his way down to the cell block (but didnt make it) of the strong hold and found that the other group had been captured. During their escape the cell block was torched and the a great fire had started. Ekka and his party made their way to the tallest tower in the strong hold and came upon the treasure a powerful ring that the orcs had been gaurding. At this point all the floors bellow were burning and they only way out was the tower window. A mage named "It" cast a many Tenser's Floating Disk. Everyone had a way down except Ekka and another, Maccius. Meanwhile the rest of the party who managed to escape decided that Maccius would get the last disk out (by vote) and Ekka was doomed to die in the tower...

Ther rest of the party escaped. Ekka was literally breathing smoke at this point and he was dying. He has already lost his eye sight due to the flames.... but a miracle. Ekka cries out for help and a hippogriff flies into through the window and Ekka barely manages to climb on. He was saved.

After this Ekka had no vision. He was blind and had to overcome his disability. He spent years living in the wilderness until he mastered his senses. He felt as if he was a part of nature, he was one with his surroundings. One day the hippogriff came back to him and Ekka (now trained with a spear and bow) flew off a helped defend Faerun from many dangers. He would save traveling merchants from attacks, he would rid of bandits, and more...
Ekka after falling the bandit leader decided it was time for something else. He decided to leave the continent and go wherever his instinct told him...and so he ended up in Thain...

He walked off the ship and instantly smelled trouble...there was smoke in the air. A nearby farm house was on fire... Ekka helped put out the fire along with the commoners. He walked to Hamley and found kind folk there who welcomed him with open arms...he found his home.

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06:51:45 AM 03/02/05
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Nate Granite

A former up and coming swordsman of the sword coast. An expert with the blade who sparred for coin and who's career was cut short when a rival took spite against him. A gang of thugs paid a meagre sum, not to kill Nate but, to ensure he could no longer fight at his best - harming him more than death could.

Nate was a naturally gifted sword, full of flair and with a personality to match. Never short of company he toured the lands to challenge his skills against all those who wished to prove themself as he bidded to do the same. His talent seemed to be receiving a great deal of recognition and he loved the aclaim as much as the other benefits it brought - such as the women.

Since he was maimed, his right arm no longer full of the strength and accuracy it once knew - only able to crudely hold a club or a bottle, Nate fell to the ruins of drink. The coin he had earned was splashed around as he earned it and he knew no different now that he was earning none. The gold was quickly wittled down as he sought to take his conscious thoughts away from the thing that brought him so much success and joy and now brought only memories and regret.

Drink was not the only pit into which his money fell. Clerics saw the flash of gold as he tried in vain to have the damage repaired. Many were willing to take his offerings and promised much but were only successful in keeping him hanging onto the faint hope of success and relieving him of the weight of his earnings.

His naivety hit him at his lowest point, when he lay penniless in the gutter, a broken man. Squandering his youth, never paying much heed to education his options now very limited.

Begging on the streets he remained for a time until a pivotal occurence when the one who arranged for his fall from grace encountered him as he pleaded for spare copper. The man did not recognise him straight away but as Nate's face showed recognition a similar expression dawned on the other. He threw Nate a small bag of gold with a deep laugh, the female companions on either side mimicing him with a fit of giggles. Nate hung his head looking at the gold a fire sparking in him as determination gripped his expression. He looked up to see the man disappearing down the street. Snatching up the gold Nate strode in the opposite direction passing without recognition the saloon and the brothel he didn't even notice as the heavy object impacted with his skull.

Awaking in the cabin of a boat, he finds a bottle of ale fixed in the grip of his right hand.
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