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09:18:18 AM 06/24/19

Nothing to see here Chatbox

Warlord Kro
02:50:13 AM 06/24/19
Well done Scratch!

10:36:49 PM 06/23/19
Hey Wraitheus. Loading is being a bit slow for me tonight to get in. Apologies. Will keep trying.

07:15:39 PM 06/23/19
For the first time in forever.. I am caught up on the Stories of the Groves posts !

12:03:44 PM 06/23/19
Nature Night begins in about 2 hours from the time of this post. That will be 2pm CDT (GMT -5).
Please check page 1 of the Nature Night: Phase 4 thread to see the map to the Wild Grove where we meet !

I will be on as Rubok Baxtrapple. Please shoot me a tell if you have questions !

08:57:55 PM 06/22/19

A post for you in the Feywars thread.

07:57:25 PM 06/22/19
PLEASE.....send me a PM or a Discord message!!!

07:57:00 PM 06/22/19
HELLO Thain!! How is everyone!?

10:50:15 AM 06/22/19
Well...we did chop down one tree. you know, Circle of Life and such.

And then there was the time that we almost burned down our own grove.

That one was not really planned.

10:51:58 PM 06/21/19

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The Official Going Away Thread - XV
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Author Post
06:09:02 PM 07/06/18
*lurks from behind the screen*

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I will be gone July 8-15. Going camping and will be off the grid.

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04:38:51 PM 07/07/18

Registered Member #345
Joined: 08:28:49 PM 11/24/04
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This seems to be a popular weekend to be away. Iím traveling this weekend as well and then packing up the old place for the move. Iíll be back on Thursday. Until then Iíll be posting some stuff that Iíve been wanting to get to. Have fun!


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10:45:34 PM 07/08/18

Registered Member #1356
Joined: 11:19:08 AM 09/24/08
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Heading out of town with my boys to go camping for the week. I wont be back in town until Sat the 14th. Game on.

"It will stop hurting when the pain goes away"
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03:09:25 AM 07/13/18

Registered Member #4409
Joined: 05:10:27 AM 02/03/13
Location: NC
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Going LARPing for the weekend. Back monday

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10:00:23 AM 07/27/18

Registered Member #23930
Joined: 06:30:55 AM 04/26/15
Posts: 46
Going on holiday tomorrow so i will be away till the 11th August have a great 2 weeks see you when I'm home.
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03:19:17 PM 07/27/18

Registered Member #24078
Joined: 10:40:59 PM 05/13/17
Location: East Coast, USA
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Out for most of the weekend, have fun!

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02:27:16 PM 07/28/18

Registered Member #613
Joined: 04:18:34 PM 09/09/05
Location: Great White North eh...
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Had enough, Iím leaving

For a week into the mountains starting Monday to Friday

Make sure Thain burns without me

Corlupi's muse since 2015.
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04:50:52 PM 07/28/18
Up to no good

Registered Member #20
Joined: 02:30:40 AM 02/25/04
Location: Portland, OR
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Payne wrote ...
Make sure Thain burns without me

On it!

Kallista D'Mora

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03:00:17 AM 07/30/18

Registered Member #267
Joined: 12:31:12 AM 09/21/04
Location: Sweden
Posts: 1195
I busted my back yesterday so I'm currently resting in bed and hitting some morphine pills to even be able to walk with help. Suspecting it's a slipped disk and I'll try to get to the hospital today to get it looked up. Don't think I'll be sitting at the computer anytime soon.

Contrary to Payne, don't burn too much, leave some for Etrich.

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04:01:03 AM 07/30/18

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Glognar wrote ...

I busted my back yesterday so I'm currently resting in bed and hitting some morphine pills to even be able to walk with help. Suspecting it's a slipped disk and I'll try to get to the hospital today to get it looked up. Don't think I'll be sitting at the computer anytime soon.

Contrary to Payne, don't burn too much, leave some for Etrich.

Get better!

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