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09:18:18 AM 06/24/19

Nothing to see here Chatbox

Warlord Kro
02:50:13 AM 06/24/19
Well done Scratch!

10:36:49 PM 06/23/19
Hey Wraitheus. Loading is being a bit slow for me tonight to get in. Apologies. Will keep trying.

07:15:39 PM 06/23/19
For the first time in forever.. I am caught up on the Stories of the Groves posts !

12:03:44 PM 06/23/19
Nature Night begins in about 2 hours from the time of this post. That will be 2pm CDT (GMT -5).
Please check page 1 of the Nature Night: Phase 4 thread to see the map to the Wild Grove where we meet !

I will be on as Rubok Baxtrapple. Please shoot me a tell if you have questions !

08:57:55 PM 06/22/19

A post for you in the Feywars thread.

07:57:25 PM 06/22/19
PLEASE.....send me a PM or a Discord message!!!

07:57:00 PM 06/22/19
HELLO Thain!! How is everyone!?

10:50:15 AM 06/22/19
Well...we did chop down one tree. you know, Circle of Life and such.

And then there was the time that we almost burned down our own grove.

That one was not really planned.

10:51:58 PM 06/21/19

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New player? Look here first!
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08:51:04 PM 04/03/18

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Hello and welcome to the Island of Thain!
This post is here to help brand new players get started in our world, armed with the information they need to thrive. One of Thain's primary goals is we want you to be able to jump in quickly to the roleplay. For this reason we have no long Out of Character tutorials, application process, or long rules to memorise.

How to get started on Thain.

  • In order to play on Thain you will need to purchase the game we run our world on, Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. If you previously owned the Classic version from Good Old Games you will need to purchase the new one from Beamdog.
  • Once you download and install the game, click on Multiplayer to connect. Click on Direct Connection and enter the following IP:
  • You will be prompted to create a character. Make sure you name your character a proper roleplay name.
  • When you are finished, hit 'done' and join in!
  • Make sure you review our rules. There is also a board right when you get in game where you can find them as well!
  • Download the Thain class 2DA Override (Optional but highly recommended. Required if you take ranger levels.)
  • Type /help in game to get a book that shows you our chat commands!

Recommended Reading and player Reference information.

Thain's Culture
Thain has been around for years, 14 of them, in fact. In that time we have never been offline. Weíve remained true to our initial vision of respect, inclusiveness, and helping new players get included. Still, like any server at our age, we have developed a strong server culture that I have done my best to distill down to a few main points. I wanted to make this post to help anyone new to the server better understand Thain as well as determine if they think weíre a good fit.

Thainís player base ranges broadly in age, but the majority are over 26.
Thain is a PG-13 server and our player base has grown and matured with the age of this game. Many of our members even had kids of their own, some of whom who play on the server as well. There is an expectation of calm and maturity from our players that goes hand in hand with our rule of respect.

It is common for Thainís player base to Ďmetaclass.í
Metaclassing is when you create a combination of classes or take one class and play it as another one not available in the Neverwinter Nights engine. For example, someone playing a knight might mix Paladin, Champion of Torm, and Purple Dragon Knight, they arenít expected to be a paladin of a god, a champion of Torm, and a Dragon Knight of Cormyr all at the same time. Those classes are only a means to the combination of abilities they want to have. We build our classes mechanically to fit who the characters are as people, rather than trying to fit the character to the class. In the same vein, many classes on Thain are edited to remove restrictions such as race or alignment to support this kind of play.

Alignment is a guideline, not a rule, for the standard PC races.
We don't police alignment, and encourage people to play their characters based upon their in character personalities and motivations.

Thain isnít deeply seated in Forgotten Realms Lore.
While we use FR lore as a base, and you may see fixtures of FR on Thain such as gods or organizations, your characters standing off island will rarely have an impact on island. Many things that might be established in Forgotten Realms may work differently on Thain, such as the Shadow Plane or Abyss. The 3.5 D&D manuals are a great place to get started, but they should by no means be taken as scripture here.

Thain is full of altaholics.
Thain has a lot of players who play a wide range of characters across all sides of conflict and alignments. There isnít much of an OOC divide between the player base based on faction or in character friends. We encourage people to make more than one character so they can see the server from a different perspective and broaden their role-play. Just make sure you arenít using one character to help the goals of another.

[ Edited 02:51:28 PM 05/24/18 ]

Current Characters:
Mira Dain - Madam Dain of Condor Imports.
Deidra - Bronze Blooded Warder of Bahamut.
Eleanor- Steinkreis Born Ashen Knight.
Florence - The bear and the maiden fair.
Iskaria - Clipped Huntress.
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10:21:06 AM 04/05/18

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Hope you don't mind me tacking this on, Falkala. Feel free to get rid if so

Your First Day
Immediately after stepping off the boat, there's an old guy you can talk to, and a nearby barn where a local farmer is having trouble with his cows. He'll ask you to go and see a local healer. While you're there, take a look behind his house; there's a magic fountain. Using the /craft command, you can buy water bottles and rags to dip in the fountain, which become healing potions and kits respectively. Healing kits are super useful, and any character with the ability to spend points in heal probably should. You can get 10 kits and potions here, and there's no limit to how many times you can use them. There's also more powerful fountains hidden all over the island!

If you're in Webster's during the day time, there's a little girl in the north that's lost her dog. This quest and the nearby cave dungeon should get you to level 2 and not be too hard, especially with your newfound healing supplies. After that, there's a crypt on the western side of Webster's, or you can head to The Crossroads, the main hub of the island. There's an inn there selling basic supplies and a fella with your first few quests. The campfire near the Trade and Tackel is where many of the players meet to RP or head out on adventures.

Good luck!

[ Edited 10:21:58 AM 04/05/18 ]

Jora Casvius - Cursed former paladin.
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