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09:08:16 AM 02/17/20
Mattews, Thain dicord here: -Clickedy-

12:34:56 PM 02/16/20
Nature Night begins in about 1.5 hours from the time of this post. That will be 2pm CST (GMT -6).

Please check page 1 of the Nature Night: Phase 4 thread to see the map to the Wild Grove where we meet !

I will be on as Malam. Please shoot a tell to me with any questions.

07:21:59 AM 02/16/20
We seem to have a bit of a faction problem with some shop keepers in the city being somewhat less than customer friendly.

10:28:15 AM 02/15/20
T minus 2 hours.

06:32:18 AM 02/15/20
Tonight's Darkfey Prison event begins 6 hours from this message. Remember to bring your favourite goodly elf or disguised neer-do-well.

Rodgr Thunderguts
12:23:56 PM 02/14/20
That's awesome Jewwe, thanks !

11:38:10 AM 02/14/20
Thank you for keeping our little world alive, Jewwe. You rock!

02:52:50 AM 02/14/20
Hey guys! In 4-5 hours time, I'll be taking the server offline for a couple of hours to do the following:

Change the powersupply, as it sounds like it's dying.

Remove a harddrive, so that I have nothing personal stored on the server anymore.

Move the server into its new home, in the utility room.

The process should be done in a couple of hours. I'm also setting up a new router, which should be relatively painless, but you never know!
Anyway, I'm aiming for a couple of hours. Thanks!

06:53:34 PM 02/11/20
will be a few minutes late for necro night

06:19:44 PM 02/11/20
Necro Night will begin in about 45 minutes at Jerrit’s tomb. See you there!

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Post here to get your characters moved from Classic Thain to Thain: EE
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Moderators: The Site Master, Squidget, Bonesly, Cuchuwyn, Ogreman007, Vaedryan, Inq_Damocles, Just Miggen, Falkala, jewwe, scratch_flannigan, Tuckerr99, Warlord Kro, Oberon, ChaoticDrow, Alanonas
Author Post
10:10:59 PM 03/29/18

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Location: Vancouver, BC
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In order to get yor character vault moved over to the new Thain Enhanced Edition server you will need to follow these instructions.

- Log into the Enchanced Edition server and when it asks your player name, use the one that you previously used on Thain.
- Make a character with the same name as your login name.
- If you have more than one account, you will need to make one character for each account name.
- Log off and post in this thread requesting your characters be transferred.

If you accidently used the wrong login name when logging into the server and clicked 'save as default', don't fret. Just find your nwnplayer.ini file in your documents (Usually under Documents/Neverwinter Nights) and open it in any text editing program. Find your player name and delete it. Save the file, and then log in again.

Your characters will be moved into your vault when Jewwe or another with access to the vault has a chance to do so. Until then, feel free to make a new character and have fun on Thain!

If you used multiple accounts you will need to make sure you log in with the proper account for each character. Otherwise their database entries will not load.

[ Edited 09:53:25 PM 04/05/18 ]

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10:19:03 PM 03/29/18

Registered Member #23696
Joined: 11:43:59 AM 11/25/13
Posts: 4
I got logged in and created my Bskald character. When someone has time, please move my charcters into EE.

Thanks loads
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10:24:09 PM 03/29/18
Registered Member #23874
Joined: 12:20:25 AM 08/20/14
Posts: 17
Created a character under the name FinleyM earlier today and logged in all of my characters the day before. If you guys could transfer everything over it would be greatly appreciated.

Really looking forward to what EE and Thain has in its future!

Merum Wricebough - Hin Scout, affectionately known to some as "Ferret"

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10:57:04 PM 03/29/18
Up to no good

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Yarr, I want in on this.

Kallista D'Mora

[ image disabled ]
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12:03:55 AM 03/30/18

Registered Member #1320
Joined: 05:38:49 PM 06/23/08
Location: Arkansas
Posts: 842
I made a Jandari character!!!!

~ "In Valor there is Hope" - Tacitus ~

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Isendir Navaar - Bloodguard

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01:48:50 AM 03/30/18
Registered Member #24212
Joined: 01:45:48 AM 03/30/18
Posts: 1

Needing my Paladin transferred please. Thorahk is the name.

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01:56:38 AM 03/30/18

Registered Member #1553
Joined: 04:14:34 AM 03/11/10
Location: GMT -8
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I made a Davenutninja character! This is exciting.

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02:29:39 AM 03/30/18

Registered Member #23968
Joined: 03:14:58 AM 09/15/15
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I made a Nihilistic Reaver character, thanks!
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03:48:58 AM 03/30/18
faywood gard

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Joined: 06:11:43 AM 02/06/08
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Everyone up to this point has been moved over.

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04:50:53 AM 03/30/18
Registered Member #24213
Joined: 04:20:52 AM 03/30/18
Posts: 3
Hi, needing my Rogue transferred.
Droido Shrell

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