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09:20:06 AM 07/18/19
I hope they don't screw it up.

06:10:35 PM 07/17/19
Well, that's some news, Jandari.

03:46:49 PM 07/17/19

03:09:14 PM 07/17/19
Its part of why so many dont post much. I am 10-12 hours behind on posts.

02:48:12 PM 07/17/19
Good to see you back, Zhymm !

01:02:18 PM 07/17/19
I feel your pain, Zhymm.

11:39:30 AM 07/17/19
Decided to drop in, started going through all the forum posts, mainly IC stuff, since my last visit. Whew, that was a lot of reading. Well, more like 'skimming' than reading. I think I'm caught up on events since my last visit months ago. How do you folks generate so much content so quickly? It takes my hours just to create and compose a 'short' IC post.

09:45:30 PM 07/15/19
hey all been a long time since I poked my head in, still haven't gotten round to getting the remaster of nwn, but I miss this place terribly. one day I'll get the upgrade xD hope you all are having fun and are still making some awesome stories together

02:04:51 PM 07/15/19
-Clickedy- Thain Patreon is up, for those who would like to help us with the server costs.

10:51:59 AM 07/15/19

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By Demons Be Drunken // Nine(9)ty-Nine Bottles of Rum
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09:14:48 PM 06/14/16

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By Demons Be Drunken // Nine(9)ty-Nine Bottles of Rum

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“Avast! So ye want to know why I have all these nine-ty nine bottles of rum stock-piled behind me all lined up straighter than a marlin’s beak?” he thumbs back over his shoulder to an open cabinet with rows of bottled liquids of various colors. “Well I’ll tell ye, but ye best not be fishin’ fer a story of love and flowers. No, I’ll tell ye ‘bout them bottles, an’ how they can keep a man’s demon’s at bay!”

“Where to begin? Well, for starters lez jes’ say I ain’ any ord’nary land-dwellin’, nose-pickin’, horse-ridin’, pooper-scoopin’ boy. No, I’m not any o’ that at all. I was born sea-worthy, with calloused hands and a crew at my command! I ain’ never had no woman b’fore, well ‘less you count those sea-wenches or gypsy-like tramps lookin’ fer a quick escape, the type that’ll do anythin’ jes’ to hitch a free ride half-way ‘cross th’ globe. No, my heart ne’er had such desires, but not ‘cause I’m a Nancy-fella or ‘cause I had a debilitatin’ consternation’ ‘er noth’n, but only ‘cause my heart b’longs to th’ sea. Always has, ‘n always will. Matter’fact, when I’s born they said it wasn’t blood pumpin’ through these here veins o’ mine, but salt water! I ain’t no doctor or nothin’, but I guess I proved them wrong when I lost my leg, for it sure as hell bled like a stuck pig. Still, I like t’think about salt water runnin’ through my veins, ‘cause, ye know the sayin’, ‘No Cap’n worth his weight in salt nevar been drowned b’fore.’”

“Ye see, where I come from we gotta drink ever’ time we lose somebody in our crew. Now, I ain’t got no family, but I sure’s Hell have had plenn’y o’crew members. They’s ‘bout the closest thing to family I ever had. An’, well, I been at sea prob’ly a hun’erd times longer than I been ashore. I been sailin’, wadin’, rowin’, scuttlin’, floatin’, scimmin’, treadin’, swimmin’, and hell, even sinkin’ through the deepest waters all my life. That bein’ said, you can guess how many men I’ve had at my employ. I seen men crushed, broken, bitten, stabbed, burned, frozen, drowned, forked, flogged, smacked, kicked, and smothered. I seen others shredded to pieces and some blown to bits. It’s one Hell’u’va life out at sea, I tell ye, and, per our custom, I gotta drink one bottle, down t’ the bottom, fer every mate I done seen buried to a watery grave!”

“Ye might ask, ‘why’re them bottles all full, then, if yer supposed to drink fer yer lost mates?’ Well, I’ll tell ye the story, an’ how it all began.”

[ Edited 07:52:08 PM 07/02/16 ]

Crauser: (Unexpected Acquaintances) Along for the Ride; (Preferred Customers) What happens in the alley...; Women and Children, First; The Things We Do...
Lao Sho Quan: Enter: The Demon
Ahab Blackwell: By Demons Be Drunken // Nine(9)ty-Nine Bottles of Rum
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04:08:12 PM 07/02/16

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Joined: 09:15:58 PM 02/14/10
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The Marooned Marauder

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“All hands on deck!,” I hollered. We were drivin’ straight into a maelstrom. My crew blamed th’woman. Said it was her bad juju. Truth betold I suspected her t’be involved with some sort o’ black magick, an’ I ain’t denying heedin’ her council. But I mus’ admit whatever juju she had guided me ship true, until this trip grew partic’larly rough. We hadn’t seen th’sun in days. But this lass, one of our passengars down below, she’d hum some kind o’ song. Funneh as it may seem, it was soothin’ and no matter how many times we narrly capsized, hearin’ tha’ tune gave me the assurance we needed ta’ weather th’storm!

Me mates on th’othar hand… Despite all th’surroundin’ water, word spreads like wild-fire especially at sea. Suppertime rumour ‘round me mates’ tables ‘bout a dark-tanned passenger hummin’ tunes, cloudin’ th’Capn’s judgment. ‘Course I ate privately in me captain’s chambers, havin’ fool-confidence in me crew ta handle th’ day-t’-day stuff. I nay heard what word spread at th’dinnar table, but I know mut’ny when I smell it. A ruckus upstairs drew me from my chambers, and what do I see?

‘ey be stringing her up on the mast itself!

“We gotta burn her,” said one o’ me mates. “She’s a witch, we gotta burn her” as others chimed in.

Wildfire, indeed. No stoppin’ it.

They strung ‘er up b’fore I could stop’m until the storm relented. Her humming didn’t stop, but only changed its tune, an’ the men howled victoriously while the skies cleared. I’ll never ferget that moment. I swar she looked me straight in the eye until her hummin’ stopped. When her body went limp, some super’nat’ral act o’ righteousness struck down upon me ship! Tentacles, each o’er a hunnerd fathoms long crawled out from underneath us. Me ship splintered under the weight o’ just one swipe. Gun powder an’ rum did what they always do when stored so close t’gethar. Sails imploded, an’ one mutilated me leg and took me down into th’lower levels of me rig. I sealed th’ hatch an’ began my slow descent to meet Davy Jones.

I’s bringing me own locker this time, har!

As I sank an’ bled out I could see out th’ small ovular window. What a sight to behold: The monstrous Krakken itself! The black ghost o’ th’ sea had come personalleh fer me ship and me crew, at this moment! I was ponderin’ how it looked like a leathery, black hand demolishin’ me ship when a bottle o’ rum rolled into me lap. Funneh thin’ was, I don’t remember keepin’ anythin’ so fanceh an’,well, miraculous on me ship. E’en in the blackenin’ o’th’waters, it shone bright, an’ the rum glistened within.

Wildfire I thought, and rose a toast.

Crauser: (Unexpected Acquaintances) Along for the Ride; (Preferred Customers) What happens in the alley...; Women and Children, First; The Things We Do...
Lao Sho Quan: Enter: The Demon
Ahab Blackwell: By Demons Be Drunken // Nine(9)ty-Nine Bottles of Rum
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