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09:18:18 AM 06/24/19

Nothing to see here Chatbox

Warlord Kro
02:50:13 AM 06/24/19
Well done Scratch!

10:36:49 PM 06/23/19
Hey Wraitheus. Loading is being a bit slow for me tonight to get in. Apologies. Will keep trying.

07:15:39 PM 06/23/19
For the first time in forever.. I am caught up on the Stories of the Groves posts !

12:03:44 PM 06/23/19
Nature Night begins in about 2 hours from the time of this post. That will be 2pm CDT (GMT -5).
Please check page 1 of the Nature Night: Phase 4 thread to see the map to the Wild Grove where we meet !

I will be on as Rubok Baxtrapple. Please shoot me a tell if you have questions !

08:57:55 PM 06/22/19

A post for you in the Feywars thread.

07:57:25 PM 06/22/19
PLEASE.....send me a PM or a Discord message!!!

07:57:00 PM 06/22/19
HELLO Thain!! How is everyone!?

10:50:15 AM 06/22/19
Well...we did chop down one tree. you know, Circle of Life and such.

And then there was the time that we almost burned down our own grove.

That one was not really planned.

10:51:58 PM 06/21/19

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Feeling Courageous VII
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Author Post
09:40:32 AM 06/12/17

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Ritz wrote ...

I did a thing today. I'm the one gripping the harness.

[ image disabled ]

You became a plane? Good for you.

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Courage, might and flaming blade.
The implacable steel hero
Stands against all evil.
-As told by Fade.
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09:02:51 PM 08/04/17

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Was that yer lady freind takin the photo from below?

Also, that parachute guy looks insane (and I would know). I recommend not doing that again.

Just an android on the run.
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09:19:12 PM 08/04/17

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Hmm. Tail number visible. Internet beckons finding it. Must resist. I don't like heights.
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01:22:39 PM 07/02/18

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This always reminds me of my favorite saying:

If at first you don't succeed, then maybe skydiving isn't for you

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11:31:32 PM 07/03/18

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It's been almost 9 years since I found Thain, so I thought I'd at least post a picture.
[ image disabled ]

[ Edited 11:32:26 PM 07/03/18 ]

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07:01:17 AM 07/24/18

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With Vaeltava's superb addition above, I'm starting to think we need a separate glorious beards thread...

I played at a local music thing this weekend, it was good and I was happy.
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07:57:22 AM 07/24/18

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PFWG wrote ...

With Vaeltava's superb addition above, I'm starting to think we need a separate glorious beards thread...

I played at a local music thing this weekend, it was good and I was happy.
L-R: Ross Dransfield, Lewis Marrow of Republic of Trees fame, me, Max Kynman, and Si Heaton the legend photographer.
[ image disabled ]


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01:53:53 PM 05/02/19

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About 10 years ago I posted a similar pic. Gained a few pounds, cut my hair and grew more beard since then and got a new car.

[ image disabled ]

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06:29:59 PM 05/02/19

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Love it, Glog! Great pic!!!


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09:58:13 AM 05/03/19

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Thain selfie before the looming pollen apocalypse paints everything/everyone yellow here.

[ image disabled ]

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