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09:20:06 AM 07/18/19
I hope they don't screw it up.

06:10:35 PM 07/17/19
Well, that's some news, Jandari.

03:46:49 PM 07/17/19

03:09:14 PM 07/17/19
Its part of why so many dont post much. I am 10-12 hours behind on posts.

02:48:12 PM 07/17/19
Good to see you back, Zhymm !

01:02:18 PM 07/17/19
I feel your pain, Zhymm.

11:39:30 AM 07/17/19
Decided to drop in, started going through all the forum posts, mainly IC stuff, since my last visit. Whew, that was a lot of reading. Well, more like 'skimming' than reading. I think I'm caught up on events since my last visit months ago. How do you folks generate so much content so quickly? It takes my hours just to create and compose a 'short' IC post.

09:45:30 PM 07/15/19
hey all been a long time since I poked my head in, still haven't gotten round to getting the remaster of nwn, but I miss this place terribly. one day I'll get the upgrade xD hope you all are having fun and are still making some awesome stories together

02:04:51 PM 07/15/19
-Clickedy- Thain Patreon is up, for those who would like to help us with the server costs.

10:51:59 AM 07/15/19

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09:54:10 PM 07/11/15
The Notorious I.N.G.

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So I'm fanboying hard over the new Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad trailers.

I agree with bits of some theories and I'm hoping this is the case. Batman is retired and Joker is in jail and in the Suicide Squad for killing Jason Todd (DC also said that the Titans show on TNT is canon to the movies They confirmed that an 18 year old Nightwing who is Dick Grayson aka the first Robin is the leader of the show which is the correct timeline for Jason Todd to be dead. Also Robin is confirmed for the Titans show so Tim Drake is there to also help this theory). This is more believable due to the collapsed bird wing tattoo on Joker's body and the "Jokes on you" graffiti on the batsuit display which alludes to the Killing Joke storyline, which paralyzed Barbara Gordon. Meaning they are digging way into the past.

Superman is intentionally trying to bring Batman back out and his accidental destruction is helping him. Lex Luthor is the reason. And Joker references everywhere tell me he has a bigger part to play. Marvel using Thanos makes DC using Darkseid too predictable. They're using the Injustice League as the main villains and that's why the standalones are back story and link to each other. DC is pulling off a masterpiece. Again this is what I want and my opinion on what information I saw.

Man I'm so hyped. Also I have lots of sugar and booze in me and needed to rant about this. So thanks for listening and hope you can u derstand my typing!!!

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11:35:23 PM 07/11/15

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Abed is Batman now -Clickedy-


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04:00:12 PM 07/12/15

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I saw the new trailer too: Batman V. Superman ... it looks pretty good! (For a comic book movie.)
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